Ambrosius, Marsha - Fuck N Get It Over With Lyrics

We both know we can't do this now,
So we may as well just fuck and get it over with.

I'm so over this!

Be careful what you ask for, cause you might get it
I wanted you so bad, I let ya
Have your way with me
Oh baby, oooh bae bay!

I knew that this would never last
And I may regret it
But I proceeded to go on, and you was going hard, eventually I fell, and you was just so gone baby.

Baby the promises (made), the love we make, between the sheets, and on the stairs, the kitchen floor.
I wanted more of you, yeah!

Starry nights, to the early morn, my cousin's couch, the college dorms, and we just can't do this no more. We gone regret it baby!

We both know it ain't gonna work out (oh no), so we may as well just fuck and get it over with, one last time and get it over with (get it over with)

We both know we can't do this now, so we may as well just fuck and get it over with, one last night, oh I'm so over this, just for now, just for now, just for now, till I'm ready baby (bay bay).

We both know we can't do this now, fuck and get it over with baby, I'm so over this, yeaah!

Be careful what you ask for, because it will happen, I needed you so bad I let it happen, and now I'm so mad at you for letting you back in baby (bay bay), I never meant to take it this far, but here we are now

You proceeded to go in, and I let down my guard down for these silly games, and I fell for you so hard baby, so many promises (made), loved we shared, out on the deck, and to the back W hotel, you knew me well, for sure.

Starry nights, to the break of down, my momma house, I wanted more and I just can't keep giving you my all, but I can't forget you baby.

We both know it ain't gonna work out (workout), so we may as well just fuck and get it ova with (get it over with), one last time and get it over with (get it over with) baby, We both know we can't do this now, so we may as well just fuck and get it over with, one last night, oh I'm so over this, just for now, just for now, so hard to let you go baby (good good), ooh your love is so good to me (so good, good, good, good, oh so good) said it's so hard, to let you go, and I can't stop, cause I love you soo

We both know it ain't gonna work out (but it ain't gonna work out baby), so we may as well just fuck and get it over with (fuck and get over with) one last time and get it over with (get it over with)
We both know we can't do this now (no we can't do this now baby), so we may as well just fuck and get over with (fuck n get it over it), one last night oh I'm so over it (one night n get it over with baby), just for now, just for now, ooooh mmmm said we both know we can't do this now, so we may as well just fuck and get it over with, one last night and get over with baby (bay bay!)

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Ambrosius, Marsha Fuck N Get It Over With Comments
  1. hectic0416

    This song never gets old 🔥 wish it was on iTunes

  2. cashout ballout

    Lmaoooo she not gay comments y’all this woman was testing the waters y’all not really listen to the lyrics she not lesbian just for now she like the experiment she had but she know they can’t do this now you can have sex with somebody and not be attracted like that . May just enjoy the physical intimacy but this thought had to come from somewhere I can tell Marsha had a go with a woman before so

  3. Levert Fairley

    this is my wife she just dont know it yet

  4. Toy Max

    I like the lyrics! I sent to a man I care for and I was saying basically listen to lyrics.. let’s just have sex man and get it over with lol! No more lies n games!💯

  5. Shaleah Askw


  6. Nick Nat


  7. Yolanda Hyche

    2019 loving still


    I just hearing this I love it

  9. Jon Dunmore

    When a pig this fat tell you to fuck n get it over with - run.

  10. Destiny !

    Why can’t I find this anywhere ?

  11. P Hi

    Where do I find this song at? It’s not on iTunes...

  12. dhatboi allbizness

    2019, and I just hearing this! Wheredafukhaveibeen??

  13. Christina Howard

    Too bad my fellow Leo Queen Isn't bi😎😎😎😎😋😋😋😋

  14. Alexa R.

    Not against it being a female opening the door but it caught me sooooo off guard omg😭love it tho

  15. Enyotta Watkins

    You can deny being direct. We're all adults.

  16. Kween Harlym

    I needed u so bad i let it happened

  17. Kween Harlym


  18. Lakeith Freeman

    Some people need to hear this instead of lying if all you wanna do is f.... just be upfront with that person 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. Paige McDonald

    Aye shes being straight up

  20. MrBlactye

    Marsha tell whoever how you really feel dang.

  21. datchocolatedude

    I got put onto this song bout 2-3yrs ago & was HELLA MAD I never knew anything of this masterpiece✊🏾💯 #hooked

  22. Black Power

    @ 0:50 what the fuck was that? That looked like a fucking man in the face

  23. Tonya Perfectly Flawed

    Tried to like this twice 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  24. Fix Me Jesus

    this make me want to divorce my wife just to Fuck and get it Over with :-)

  25. kaytii kaboom

    Why tf am I just hearing this 6 years later.. what is life😔🙄

  26. lougarcia78


  27. Paul Miles

    I think I just came in my shorts.... don't judge me...

  28. Erika S

    Ayeeeeeeeeeee...real life😁😁

  29. Kat ;-;

    That look she gave at 3:33 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱

  30. Kat ;-;

    Still banging this in 2018! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Ryan Groce

    the part when she came to the door fucked my head up didn't expect that damn

  32. The Scallywag Whisperer

    I dedicate this to all my ex’s I’m still cool with.

  33. jdgeibe

    Just a straight up REAL song that’s not P.C. Tell it like it is Marsha!

  34. Briana Kelley

    that voice!

  35. Kingwavy 84shellz

    Still banging this on repeat in 2018. I love you Marsha and I appreciate your artistry baby much love

  36. Ernest

    damn dick is going out of style fast EVERYBODY WANTS A PUSSY! DAMN!

  37. misty the wolf

    Who still listening to this song with me in 2018! Still on repeat!

  38. Ericka Wilson

    I Hate This lollll

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    Ericka Wilson and God hates you

  39. T Martin

    She is Just Vivacious...

  40. Mariyah Dickerson

    What Album is this on??

  41. Louis Nelson

    Nothing to do with it when it's what u really want and desire !!

  42. Erica Allen

    I love this jam

  43. Michael Collins

    Great Music by a Great Artist! 💯

  44. Michael Collins

    Great Music by a Great Artist! 💯

  45. Michael Collins

    Great Music by a Great Artist! 💯

  46. Cynthia P

    Life story [email protected]# it!!!

  47. Maurice Young

    Another lesbian agenda video going nowhere

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    Reese The Ghost bitch you need to shut the fuck up and go somewhere

  48. FirstLady Anita

    Marsha Ambrosius, beautiful unique voice, I'm feelin this song especially right now.

  49. veronica johnson

    same here never heard until now. loved it.....

  50. Priscilla Seakhela

    The ""getting it over with" is the problem. Getting stuck in a situation that don't work simply cause the sheets too good.

  51. KG DA

    This song should have been the theme song for the whole 2nd season of Insecure....

  52. Nadzl118 Wilson

    Love this track like I have had it on repeat like no joke ! I need to find this mix tape


    Top musiqua beby one

  54. jay

    Love this chick. So sexy.

  55. Poetic KC1988


  56. Marie G

    🔥 #comeonblacklace #becarewhatUaskCauseitMighthappen 😲🤗😎🖤🔥

  57. Tawahna Green

    I love her

  58. Spencer Cohen

    dam she's direct.... well hell let's get it over wit 😁

  59. Sharon H

    marsha is bad" i love her voice of an angel)

  60. Tonya Perfectly Flawed


  61. Shon1483

    got damn that was hella sexy! Lawd Marsha!

  62. Tamarika Roberts

    love it....yassssssss hunnyyyyyy....need to find me 1 tho fr fr

  63. Amber Mercer

    so keke stole this idea with female at the door twist.

  64. M Swall

    this a bottle of liquor and some wide hips would be lit right now

  65. JanWynd

    Yo, somebody call da fire department. Dis shit FLAMEZ! ERRYTHING gettin burnt up! O_O

  66. Angela Whitmill

    I like this song man

  67. Bryant Walker

    For the record..... We (men) ain't offended by this concept!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂One love 4real!!!

  68. wanaya tynes

    what cd is this on?

  69. The SoulRyder

    great song but the finale was predictable

    Adrenea Josey

    soulrydaz , you gud, cuz I'm floored rite now...thought the side chic came to the door til they held hands and my face is still cracked. you reel gud to have predicted this closer...

  70. Jack Azz

    This is disgusting garbage.

  71. mymysharkable

    Smh what is this world coming to

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    mymysharkable bitch it's coming to you

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    mymysharkable catch

  72. Noel Walsh

    where's the music gone on YouTube ,utter crap

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    Noel Walsh bitch yo mama

  73. Anthony Simpson

    Marsha keeps that fire!

  74. James Wendell Gladden

    My heart is in melt mode!!!

  75. warlock hallow

    Very good song, two beautiful gorgeous ladies, but how the fuck they gonna fuck when neither one of them has a DICK!!?.STUPID!!

  76. Doc Brown

    DAMN!. Lmao.. Didn't see that comin'.

  77. NewWorldRob

    Theres a cold jam that was inside of this track and the melody... if you listen closely you can hear the song this could've been but they short-cut the writing process and it's a pity

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    NewWorldRob kiss my ass

  78. NewWorldRob

    Shes Amazing but i dont like the bluntness from her or almost any "singer". Just dislike when singers use rapper language

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    NewWorldRob bitch lay down stay down

  79. bfan82

    this is the first time in a loooooooong while that I actually put a "dislike" on a video

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    bfan82 bitch made we don't care we dislike you

  80. Daddy daughter

    why am i jus now seein this video. ..didnt expect the ending...caught me off guard. ..didnt see a women as many time i played this song...

  81. Shy Roc247

    Where can I cop this👀I NEED THIS SONG!!!!

  82. Rashida Nelms

    let's just fuck and get it over with.

  83. Shy Roc247

    Woah🔥🔥🔥🔥 I str8 got my wig snatched! Like fr fr I've never heard this record right here until now. I FUCKIN LOVE YOU Mz. Ambrosius💋

  84. El carp

    I love this song!!!!!!!

  85. Lee Blackwood

    I was expecting the guy to show up behind the girl at the door but she was coming to see her all along! The ending threw me for a loop!

  86. Gullah Negus

    Dope as vid

  87. Carl Watson


    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    Carl Watson yo mama is garbage

  88. kourtney Davis


  89. Leaders Of The Old School

    different mentality than the floetry days. Woman scorn

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    Boss of all Bosses you're so dumb

  90. Lawrence Barr


  91. Emily Hayes

    yes my song lol I wanna fuck my crush right now


    was a fan I'm disappointed in her

    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    kanye west fuck off bitch

  93. Ellis Freed


    Ms.IceCream Hillard

    Ellis Freed bitch yo mama is garbage and you're shit

  94. R. Russell

    Sounds like a Tank produced track

  95. Curtistine Miller


  96. geminiwilliams037

    Got everyone turning trix now huh?! Promoting their agenda!

  97. Michael Smith

    have you ever fig maybe she is having a 3 sum with a dude...

  98. dinnalja

    I'm been saying this same thing for years.

  99. Rhino Black

    Her weight lost did a body good...