Ambrosius, Marsha - Anticipation (Intro) Lyrics

Come keep me warm tonight
Come on its cold Outside (bey)
Raindrops Fall as do I, For you
Baby I need you here, right by my side
I need love, love
I need your love
Oooh Love, love
I'll be here waiting for love
Sincerely Yours
Waiting for love
I'll be here waiting for....


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Ambrosius, Marsha Anticipation (Intro) Comments
  1. atlnikka

    Who else wish this was a whole song

  2. Rashonda Oliver

    Late nights early mornings anticipation I hope she cheats on you lose myself your hands sour times tears chasing clouds I want you to stay with you whole album got vibes 🥰🥰

  3. Rashonda Oliver

    Whole album full of gems 💎

  4. Reginald Williams

    This was a good album


    I'm singing this for an audition this weekend at the "Voice".... wish me luck family!!!!

    Tiffany Michelle

    How did it go? Did you record yourself?

    Cornelia N

    yesss how did it go? xx

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  7. Ronita Cole

    Love this intro with all my heart.. Gets me ready for greatness 👍

  8. loyalty counts

    This songs warms me up I love it one of my favorite

  9. GBody Rob

    my Cuzzin got me hooked on this girl lol

  10. KlassyKells

    I love Marsha <3

  11. Stephene Jones

    LOVE it

  12. BrittanyNicole5286

    Her voice gives me chills....this is beyond wonderful! "Sincerely Yours" #realmusic These lyrics are.....*speechless*

  13. Dana Carter

    This intro...up their with Panty Droppa

  14. Kingcoolkid2323

    dope ass cd!! love it good r&b

  15. Kingcoolkid2323

    dope ass song

  16. Kingcoolkid2323

    dope ass dong

    Nicole Greene

    Kingcoolkid2323 cthu i under dig

  17. Hey Xay No Play

    Patti LaBelle Love, Need and Want you, I know I'm not the only one who can hear it... I'm usually not too big on intro's, but this is beautiful.

  18. Latasha Belt

    I love this intro!

  19. Latasha Belt

    i love this intro!

  20. msstrawberries02

    I love this intro I set it as my ringtone I hear it in my sleep I m so hook on this song

  21. Nesha R

    "Rain drops fall as do I, for you"... genius!

  22. Qui JoLi


  23. kristina T

    i usually hate intros but i love this one