Ambrosia - Make Us All Aware Lyrics

Pale to the mountains my existence seems
Sad as the cry of my unanswered dreams
Long have I waited for time to make clear
All of the reasons that I must be here

But I won't care
If you are there
Make us all aware

Drawn by the river we watch as it flows
Wanting to taste of the wisdom it holds
Knowing that somewhere our fortunes we'll find
But fortunes are something we hold in our minds

We could share
All that's there
Make us all aware

Seeking an answer yet harboring fear
That the day that it comes I'll no longer be here

But I won't care
If you are there I won't care
Make us all
Oh, I won't care
Make us all aware

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Ambrosia Make Us All Aware Comments
  1. Xero

    LOve Ambrosia


    What an underrated band!

  2. phepple

    Brilliant Prog Rock song from Ambrosia's classic debut album.

  3. "Fortunes are something we hold in our minds'...

  4. Realitycleans

    I love this album...

  5. mikey1829

    I still have 2 sealed copies Denny:) and a Japanese import....

  6. Denny Tidwell

    @mikey1829 i still have mine. still plays.

  7. leonakita

    Great debut album from 1975, created with the assistance of remarkable producer Alan Parsons! Makes one wonder what Ambrosia would have been like if DISCO didn't raise its ugly head a year after this release. Their 2nd album, " Somewhere I never traveled", was a fairly worthy successor... but things quickly came unraveled with the spotty 3rd, "Life beyond LA" which essentially marked the end of any 'prog' aspirations and IMO killed the band!


    leonakita Exactly. I think also the first 2 albums were released on the 20th Century Fox label, and the folks at Fox let them do what they wanted. As soon as they went to Warner Brothers Records, the sound of the band changed (which led to keyboard player Chris North quitting during the recording of the 3rd LP, even though he came back later on), possibly because they wanted to make money or there was pressure from WB to have hits or get dropped...

  8. 72Z15SS

    SWEET! Been a very long time since I heard this. Time to dig out the old cassette tapes...

  9. bassmanjoe


  10. Casey WeatherGleek Fields-Morrison

    This was the B side of the song "Holding On To Yesterday" released on the 20th Century Records label in 1975.

  11. mikey1829

    One of the most underrated albums in Rock history....I must have worn this thing down to the grooves around 10 times.And this is the SAME Ambrosia that put all those top ten songs on the charts...(produced by Alan Parsons)

  12. babyruth412

    LOVE this song!