Ambrosia - I Just Can't Let Go Lyrics

Oh, what's the matter baby?
Is the truth too hard to hear
Well, I think you know I'm not the one who lied
And now it's all behind us
And we both play out our lives
But the years don't change the way I feel inside

So we play the game out
Though it feels the same now
Are you missin' me?

Well now, baby just be aware
Of how much I still care
Ohhhh, I need your love

I gave to you
My heart and soul
Now I just need
To let you know
You're part of me
That I just can't let go (go, go)
Go (go, go)

Well, tell me somethin' baby
Is there still some thing inside
To remind you of the way it used to be?
And how the years have rolled by
Still there's somethin' I must say
No one ever could have loved you more than me

So I'm passin' time now
Wishin' you were mine now
Are you missin' me?
(Are you missin' me?)

Well you know it's not too late
Oh, how long must I wait
Ohhhh, to hear you say

I gave to you
My heart and soul
Now I just need
To let you know
You're part of me
That I just can't let go (go, go)
Go (go, go)

(And I)
And I need your love
And I need your love
Everywhere I go there's a memory
If you can't decide on me
Well you gotta make up your mind
Someday you're gonna find
You just might need me

Ohhh, baby
Ah Oooh

Well now, baby just be aware
Of how much I still care
Ohhhh, I need your love

I gave to you (gave)
My heart and soul (heart and soul)
(heart and soul)
Now I just need
(I just need to let you know)
To let you know
You're part of me that
(Part of me, yeah)
I just can't let
(That I just)
Part of me that
(Part of me)
I just can't let
Part of me that
(I just can't let)
I just can't let go (go, go)
(Can't let go, babe, no)
Go (go, go)
(But I need you baby, so bad, baby)
Go (go, go)
(I just can't let go, no, baby)
(No matter how many years we're apart, I)
Go (go, go)
(I still hold you here in my heart, baby)
Go (go, go)
(Can't let go, babe, no, no)
Go (go, go)
(Ahhhh, just can't let go, just can't let go)


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Ambrosia I Just Can't Let Go Comments
  1. airwaybreathingcirculation heyheyareyouok?

    Dec 06,2019 anyone here :)
    Is there any available video with this collaboration..?
    Peace out

  2. B L’s okay, but kill the annoying drum slap

  3. Fiona Anderson


    Fiona Anderson


  4. Fiona Anderson

    This is one of the most most BEAUTIFUL songs with some of the all time GREATEST artists ....Thought they had gone forever BRAVO!!!!!

  5. Sandy Naylor


  6. Fiona Anderson

    I JUST CAN'T LET GO.......
    SO ELOQUENT SUNG........♥️♥️♥️😘😎

  7. Soila Cantu

    So many beautiful memories of the past. I give to you my heart and soul❤

  8. Kent Coffey

    Marble Mouth. Can't understand a damn thing Michael Mcdonald says (sings)...Oh well.

  9. Kitt Tenn

    ...will Always be a part...❤️😔😢

  10. Kenneth Rutledge

    Awesome song Mr. Ingram you will be truly miss R.I.P

  11. Obeth Flores Antonio

    Who’s here for November 2019? 🇵🇭🇦🇪❤️

    Jan Anton Reynoso

    am listening right now...what a great song, i missed my youthful life and my first love..😥😥😥

  12. Lady Day Eagle's Wings

    Don't go there posting this song!!! Don't! I am not the one who has worked so hard to be vindictive. My heart has been the same but I am protecting it from any negative shadows. Be free be happy but LEARN TO LET GO NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR IF IT BE MANY. So much time spent on nonsense. Growing comes when one realizes that they are responsible for their own lives and decisions they have made no matter who they are. "Straight from the hip"! Live be happy and go on with your lives. Peace.

  13. Jazzdeeva 661


  14. Rebecca Spangler - SOES

    Wishing there was a love button. Oh well, here you go. ❤️👍🏼🎉😻

  15. Laura Roberts

    Beautiful Song!!My best friend loved Ambrosia /David Pack and Michal McDonald.I love James Ingram.4got about this song!!RIP Lisa Lynn and James Ingram!!😪

  16. Debra Wright

    i don't know who thought to put all of these beautiful souls together with their amazingly powerful and smooth voice's was simply a brilliant idea thank because I'm listening in 2019 while cooking dinner with the husband and sipping on Sangria.

  17. Believer Mitchell


  18. Alejandro Herrera

    why Ambrosia? if this song came out (not this version , i'm talking about the original released as a single in 1986) when David Pack no longer belonged to the band

  19. AG Patterson

    One of my favorite songs.*

  20. Joe DiSantis

    Nice song. Never heard it till tonight .The words certainly take you back to other relationships in your life.Getting melancholy but the memories are distant now.

  21. Mary Trivilli

    First Time Hearing This , Love it , But OMG It Tugs At My Heart Strings

  22. bevera


  23. Rizvend Pecana

    Hayyyy. So nice.

  24. Tonya Lee

    I have never heard this song before but I love it. Nice why has this not been on the radio?

  25. orlandotj1

    This song has everybody in it

  26. Neisha Tate

    First time hearing this

  27. Dave Hamilton

    Top 5 all-time love song. Up there with "How 'bout us" and others.

  28. Marilyn Shamonsky


  29. will-i -am T

    now this is what great music legends are made of , music nowadays has gone to s--t. Everything is appearance, surgeries , fakeness. Chivalry is definitely dead . It takes me back to simpler times when true love meant something , and you were able to flatter a woman with a simple dedicated song . Now if your words don't match your wallet ain't nada happenin...oh mannnnn bring me back to those days !!!

  30. Georgianne Taylor

    I can't because I love you

  31. JACKIE

    Why have I just discovered this great song for the first time? 🎶🎼🎵🎙️🎶🎶2019♥️🙏

  32. Ana Cecília

    Eu agora.a noite.ovindo.linda adoro.😊😘

  33. donna br0wn

    ❤️🦋💋🌹💕Loving is a gift 💝 cherish it.😇2019

  34. princess LOVE.


  35. lymarie1974

    Gorgeous voices all are legends

  36. Tracey Easter

    It's rare hearing 2 men on love song duet

  37. okeithmartin /Badd kittin


  38. Jerriann Shepard


  39. TallRich Guy

    October 4,2019 anyone? 🙂❤️🇵🇭

    Suzanne Shaw

    12 Nov 2019

    Fiona Anderson

    Tall Rich Guy .....!! Wow that's a Really Rich statement to
    make and great taste for music....PORTUGAL!!! However Scottish 😊😎

  40. Cee N

    First time hearing this. Classic!!

  41. Virginia Quesada

    Had to say this song came to me today. How coincidental it's the first time I'm hearing it. I am looking for someone from 30 years ago. I hear or see things like movies about people searching for lost loves. This song is like a message he still thinks about me. Cross your fingers I succeed in our reunion.

  42. Joshua F

    You can let go. I will teach you. Class resumes at 6 pm.

  43. Carole Linstead

    where did all this beautiful music go gets right to ur heart gives me goosebumps nothing like it any more

  44. Andrea Kelly

    I can hear Michael McDonald's unmistakable tenor voice in the background.

  45. Do-b-do

    When you're alone late at night wishing the one you love was here beside you...we had the best music...heart felt emotion...beautiful 💜

  46. K. Pope

    Just not fair to the rest. Three magical voices in one song...

  47. lise adriansen

    one of the cutes song ever, love it

    lise adriansen

    want to be in love when I hear it

  48. Therone Dawson

    I can't believe I never heard this song until 2019. What a great song by great artists.

    Joanna Alcosiba

    Same here

    long island cereal killer

    I thought the same thing must been raising my kids at the time 🤔

    Francisco Feal

    I just found it myself


    Therone Dawson same here! Where has this gem been all these years? It’s a beautiful song. With 3 awesome artists. So glad I stumbled on it

    Peter D.

    @bubbacc522 ditto unbelievable song, so glad to have found it today. Thanks for posting!

  49. Polk Sound

    Such a great song.

  50. Linda L.D.S.

    Extreme, Superior Talent! Bravo!! ❤️ Rest in Peace James Ingram..we miss you!

  51. riesling semillon

    I just discovered this song.....Where have I been the whole time..... So beautiful

  52. Marco Antonio Rodrigues

    Bonita demais esss é minha. Música

  53. claudia armstrong

    The years don’t change the way I feel about you I just can’t let you go is there any way you still love me remember that I gave you my heart and soul and everything that I could do you still want to love me again I love you to much to ever let you go please let me know and come back to me S.G.M.

  54. Lisa Henry

    I wish David Pack still toured with favorite song of theirs

  55. Ming Ferrer

    Thank u SF for sharing me this song. Expression of our love...

  56. IrishnPNW

    Back when this was an album current...I played it...over and over...because I was going thru a dreadful time where I made the worst choices for men and am 67, I survived and came out way way way out and over all that nonsense AND IT WAS NONSENSE...SO YOUNG LADIES OF 20, 30, 40S....please stay tru to your convictions and be close to your families...but do not LET ANYONE CHANGE YOU FROM WHAT YOUR WERE BROUGHT UP TO BELIEVE!!! Be kind to yourselves and get over the disappointments but STAY STRONG AND STAY FIRM ON YOUR BELIEFS AND CONVICTIONS AND STAY VERY CLOSE TO YOUR DEAR FRIENDS... YOU WILL FIND LOVE AND SO MANY SMILES AND INCREDIBLY LOVELY YEARS...BELIEVE THAT...OK?????

  57. John Perry

    Three absolutely awesome vocalists.

  58. joannafaith888

    True love, pure, good, committed marriage.👫

  59. sandra Ferrington

    Wishing I new you were nee to love u

  60. song serenade

    Great singers giving their best in a most wonderful and loving way on this inspiring,thought provoking and endearing soft rock classic.!!!🎤🎧🥀🍸📸🌴🏝🗺📷

  61. eimesfood

    For some reason this sone pop in my head. Then im like i dont know the title. Thanks to youtube. Love this song!❤️

  62. Eva Biasca


  63. Faith McGee

    I just can't believe this song even exists. These are 3 of my favorite artists. This is the song of my dreams

  64. Mikha D

    What a great way to end my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Tom Jones

    This was our Song ......

  66. Tom Jones

    This is Music and Combined together with Absolutely Great Lyrics and Song.....
    This song makes me still cry as I lost my true love do to a car Accident that killed her Instantly..
    I cant even fathom what it could have been for us...

    karoline smith

    Tom I can't imagine your pain, treasure the memories xx

  67. mercy mallari

    Likewise here amor 😎😍😘😘😘❤❤❤

  68. ELLIE S

    Micheal (( Is. u. Babe ))💋💋💋

  69. Jane Woods

    Ronnie,if you let me go....I'll kill you TWICE!!!!! I love you.

  70. BC95

    This song is from David Pack, former leader and singer of ambrosia band, on his album Anywhere you Go.
    One of the best album of west coast music and AOR

    Warren Beatty

    BC95 This is a different version though.

  71. Jeffrey K

    Rip Mr James iNgram.
    really pity.....

  72. Cindy Jones

    I can’t let go of you ilu

  73. Cat Stevens

    I can’t let go either!

  74. Cindy Jones

    I can’t let go

  75. Davena Abron

    I Need Him Right Now In So Many Ways ,I Need To Be With Him Forever .❤

  76. Chuck Fuller

    Perfect song, by 3 VERY talented singers/songwriters/Muscians Amazing recording

  77. Musicanna Obieta

    Omg I love love this song way back and still love this it’s 2019 already♥️♥️♥️

  78. Susan Kiefer

    This is a go to song if I am feeling low. I don't want to look to the lyrics, but the blending of the performer's voices in harmony. It is a song to make the heart feel better.

  79. Eighties God

    The Eightiesgod has spoken...

  80. Gary Paschal


  81. groniel rivera

    Absolutely great music.

  82. Diana Bever

    What a great compilation of artists at one time ....

  83. jenny Jenny

    These some singing hammerknockers..just missing Kenny Loggins..but still so perfect..WOW!

  84. mercy triumps

    another James Ingram collaboration. nice!

  85. Robert Reyes

    this song captures my soul ,my spirit of love no matter what each of us has gone thru this song captures the love of two hearts

  86. New Era

    RIP James Ingram

  87. Kay Moon

    I always listen to old school, its more fulfilling!

  88. Richmond Gonzales

    RIP James Ingram

  89. Renáta Krajčovičová

    R.I.P. James Ingram 😢

  90. Angela Mercadel

    I love all 3 of these artists. I'm heart broken over the passing of James Ingram on yesterday 1-29-19. "Whatever we imagine" I listen to this one all the time because as the lyrics say, "Why should we wait...later on may be too late..... With love we can go where ever we imagine in our lives. Oh we can make it there... LOVE NOW RESIST HATE Rest in heaven 👼 🙏

  91. peter panzardi

    god sent voice James ingram! will be missed thank you!😇

    Maria Lopez

    Que canción más hermosa la amo 😘😘

  92. Susie C.

    I have not heard this song in forever! Ambrosia, Michael McDonald and the late great James Ingram? Does it get better than that? No. It does not.

    Tracy Lynn Kinman

    It's not [email protected] it's David Pack after he left the group

    Susie C.

    Tracy Lynn Kinman You could be right. I was just going by how iTunes has it credited. Most places have it as Ambrosia. It’s been so long since I’ve heard it that I wouldn’t remember and didn’t really investigate. I think I need to listen again because I really like it.😀

  93. Dick Alladin

    RIP James Ingram! You will always be remembered forever!