Amber Rose - Fame Lyrics

[Verse 1: Amber Rose]
Scrutinize, being blind
Excited by all the lights
The question wasn’t made up
Like these rumors were made up
Can’t shop for clothes or buy some cigs
Without paparazzi waiting for a flick (I see you)
This is a new situation
Now you’re an overnight sensation

You’re not ready for the fame
Ooooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
You’re not ready for the fame
Ooooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 2: Amber Rose]
Can’t deny it’s just fly
Private jets flying high
Rockin’rockin’ things you won’t see
Tell ‘em made by Givenchy
Three years ago, just a girl
Now your name is known around the world
This is a new situation
Now you’re an overnight sensation

[Hook 2]
Now you’re ready for the fame
Ooooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Now you’re ready for the fame
Ooooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
And you made it this year
Coming up so they hate it
Fly first class so they could get mad
You heard what they have to say but you paid it
Now you’re busting out, doing your thing
In your face, cuss ‘em out
Brag cause you’re the one that they fuss about
You’s a bad little mother shut your mouth, cause…

Everything you say will
Will and can be used against you
Everything you say will
Will and can be used against you
Everything you say will
Will and can be used against you
Everything you say

It’s all because of the F-A-M-E (F-A-M-E…)
You’re not ready
You’re not ready for the fame
Now you’re ready for the fame


F-A-M-E, F-A-M-E, F-A-M-E, F-A-M-E
F-A-M-E, F-A-M-E
Are you ready for the fame?

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Amber Rose Fame Comments
  1. African Sisterhood Nokwazi Malaza

    Listening in 2019💓💓

  2. Harli Qu33n

    Y do they sleep on amber... she is multitalented

  3. Big Huge

    Laughing imagining how this would sound without the ample crutch of auto tune.

  4. wealth

    WTF , what kind of song is this?

  5. Cindy Mell

    Nice mix thanks

  6. Omarr Koroma

    First class

  7. Nick Voss

    Horrible, but I’d definitely smash

  8. Michael R. Vadi

    me think this music is nice

  9. JMartComedy

    Why all the comments about her voice being so good? It's all autotuned!

  10. Omarr Koroma

    Straight face

  11. Lil Durk

    Hook is cute, but the rest is tragic

  12. 413 Angel

    Wow. Is amazing how when I listen to it years ago I heard "you're not ready for the fame?" But now in 2018 I am hearing "YOU'RE NOW READY FOR THE FAME!"🔥🦋🌳🍾🌞

  13. john filani

    private jets

  14. ShiShi

    January 6th 2018

  15. TyelaTheCreator

    OHMIGOD I’ve been tryna find this song forever but i was searching teyana taylor for some reason lmao

  16. Andre Spring

    I kinda like it tbh

  17. oPaci

    still jammin to this in 2017

  18. Lopezontherun1

    Who's watching in 2017?

  19. Ivana Slepcikova

    love amber and wiz <3 <3



  21. kyara tyler

    I love this song amber rose is dope I love her girl power movement😊

  22. Lilian Idaeho

    the message is so important: everything you say can be use against you. It so true when your famous you have to be careful of what you say.

  23. adrenacrumb


  24. Raphy Rose

    Amber rose ur so sweet so does yur voice ...i bought Missguided dress just because she wore and advertised it

  25. H.J. Davis

    If you like the song, fan of Amber or not, doesn't mean you worship her or are the most grand of Amber Rose ass kissers, it means you like the song. Simple as that

  26. Rich Lux

    love thes song

  27. H.J. Davis

    I love this message in this beautiful song! I can find the message, who else can?


    H.J. Davis that she's a hoe?

    H.J. Davis

    @Lopezontherun1 no the message in the song is being able to get use to fame. I know she's a hoe, I just think she actually for once had a good message to say here. One of the few times she does

  28. oro

    I actually like this :)


    i'd love to stick my tongue right up her asshole and lick the shit out of her ass



    Shainah Perry


  30. Tabithia Martin

    really can't hear her that much. wiz khalifa. yea. sweet for him

  31. Sandie French

    nothing like this but I like her voice

  32. Jennifer Santos

    I love you!

    Karen Felipe

    love you tu

  33. Non Bizz


  34. Markus Tillman

    I agree its nicer than alot of people

  35. Faze WzKhalifa

    you made it when we fly first class

  36. me not you

    This song is shit

  37. A gal

    crap :D

    A gal

    Good job now go back to your miserable lives 😉

    A gal

    +hmeadb :D :D :D

    H.J. Davis

    @A gal my life is perfectly fine so please take your own advice :) 

    A gal

    maybe youre lifes are not so great when you get offended so easy from a 2 month old post so quit bitching around my post and go live your perfect ofended live

    H.J. Davis

    +A gal I don't know why I Responded because I'm not really offended. It takes much more than that to offend me so I apologize.

  38. Drew Lopez

    I only like wiz's part

  39. Stacey Williams

    She's not the best singer out there BUT I've always loved this song! 😍😭😍 it's catchy and she at least holds the notes and has lyrics that mean something which is what matters 🙌🏽☺️
    And a fun beat 👏🏽

  40. Tamoya Sinclair

    Amber ur amazing n beautiful inside n out honey muva

  41. Britney Bear

    Turn up

  42. Marilyn Jimenez

    Idgaf I've always loved this song. She's sounds great!! #TeamAmber 😘😘

  43. Shamar Coke

    wiz made this song go far !!!

  44. Younggcorey

    Yass amber

  45. bananamarshmallow20

    You suck

  46. Ava Baudelaire

    Better than Kim K! You go Amber Rose 👏👏👏👏👏

  47. Cierdh mcgregor

    Fuck the haters who says this is shit. This song is great and real. Maybe slight auto tune but you can still here her voice. Everyone uses auto tune even the best. The minority of haters are probz kim fans 😂😂👊 her song is fucking horrible.

    Adrian Lopez

    ur clearly delusional... Kims song is way better than this Kim fan or not. the production & beat is even better this sounds nothing like Amber Rose kim is basically talking so what can be horrible about that?


    +Adrian Lopez lol calling someone delusional for their taste in music? And I think you're a minority here, you're the only person who liked kim's song better so.... I guess everyone is delusional or just you.

  48. eri ylor

    This song is good!!!!

  49. Mandel Samuel

    this song is actually pretty good 


    I agree

  50. lea yu

    Hope she n wiz can be together again


    I do too

  51. Kristian Sibum

    Wiz is better off without her, her singing is awful

    Katana Katz

    Better off without her because of her singing? Wow dude...

    H.J. Davis

    +Kristo Sibbo ? The hell? I would think she's better off without him

  52. Gena E

    To me it was meh. She has a good voice but this was bland and forgettable.

  53. user005

    this is beautiful

  54. Holy R

    Wiz !! :D

  55. Tony Toni

    People so used to auto tune, they think this is straight singing....WEEPPPPPPP...... 

  56. Taylor's World

    I used to love this song 😂

  57. Joanna Mendez

    Not bad I wouldn't buy it in iTunes but I would get it on frost wire

  58. Maria

    She sounds just as good as just about anyone else on radio. Besides it's only a handful of women today that can actually sing.

  59. Jojo xoxo

    She has got a great voice!!

  60. Rich Homie Wolf


  61. Mecca Dishmon

    She should make more this actually has meaning

    H.J. Davis

    Exactly what I'm thinking!

  62. T Berri


  63. Discover Sixtyz

    My songs are better than her part and chorus but she'll do better in time.

  64. Tata Fafa

    Yeezy thaught me 

  65. Leopahtra

    this is very impressive for her i never thought she would have done any music ever

  66. Marii bandxz

    Idgaf what they say shes pretty I see why wiz married her I would do the same

    Mickey Solano

    and nice

    Rebekah Tries

    Well they divorced. So what's that say? Lol

    Mickey Solano

    @Rebekah Thomson that's a lie

    Rebekah Tries

    Nope. It isn't. I wish it was cause they were super cute together. But they just recently split. she's been seen with gene Simmons son now.

    Rebekah Tries

    I with it Wasn't true*

  67. Yamileth Pagan

    Way better than kim Kardashians song !

    Mickey Solano

    kim k has a song??

    Caitlin Simerly

    @Mickey Solano if you could even call it that. Paris Hilton sings great compared to Kim. It's beyond awful.

    Mickey Solano

    @Caitlin Simerly lol I heard it I almost kill myself thank God I have bad memory and forgot it.

  68. Juju Jangled

    This song is good :D

  69. Angel Moreno

    It was poorly executed

  70. FrizzyWiz

    well... you can hear how heavily altered this is in postproduction... :/

  71. imason713

    i'm impressed. go Amber

  72. Marina rosales

    This sucks.

  73. katty beauty

    The song itself is actually really good and catchy it's a shame amber doesn't have a stronger voice it would of sounded better...

  74. MsCandystyle

    This is not good, I'm just honest without showing any hate.

  75. Nicole Irene

    her voice is as beautiful as she is as a person :)

    H.J. Davis

    So true!!

  76. TYBM

    shit.. this is my jamm!!

  77. Fredelinerose

    Love this song

  78. oscar gadea

    i love the song the cutest couple amber your beautiful love your voice

  79. Taylor Patrick-Black

    I actually really like this song. Wish it had gotten more popular.

  80. Leah G

    I love thiiiisssssssssssssss :D

  81. reneewilson

    she actually looks better bald to me she was in jeezy's put on video check it out

  82. kayonah

    I love this song

  83. brandon kotas

    Why so much hate lol tgod

  84. Leah G


  85. Ginger Sams

    I mean Idk how to judge this I guess I have to hear more kuz wiz on it makes sound much better but the other song loaded or whatever sucks like hell

  86. david Gonzalez

    Nice shit :)

  87. Jerry Gleason

    This song sucks dragon balls!

  88. Rebekka Lara

    Love this song, marry me Amber <3

  89. samin0712

    I really do not like it. I expected more. Interested in hearing more from her though.

  90. Malik Cobb

    i thought this was gonna be wack, but i actually like it

  91. oro

    honestly not bad:) i really like this!! the whole "i can't even say that with a straight face!" was funny lol

  92. Emma Jensen

    OMG! Love this song <3333

  93. stnmdel

    She is fuckin great at singing