Amber Pacific - Forever Lyrics

In my heart is where you are
It's where you'll always be
Staring out across the stars
A perfect memory
It brings me back to your arms,
I feel the warm embrace
Of everything that you were,
You're everything to me

And if I leave you here forever
Forever I would stay
Cause I've been feeling so much better
With every single day
And if I could control the weather,
The clouds and the rain
I know you're part of something deeper,
You're better off this way

You can predict you can't become
Lost in your ways
I miss you most now you're gone
I'll never be the same
I can't hold back when it shows
I'm breaking down to say
I won't forget who you were,
You're everything to me

And if I leave you here forever
Forever I would stay
Cause I've been feeling so much better
With every single day
And if I could control the weather
The clouds and the rain
I know you're part of something deeper
You're better off this way

And if I leave you here forever
Forever I would stay
Cause I've been feeling so much better
With every single day
And if I could control the weather
The clouds and the rain
I know you're part of something deeper
You're better off this way

And now you left me here forever
Forever I will wait
I know someday we'll be together

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Amber Pacific Forever Comments
  1. Mujin Maboroshi

    I wonder where the lyrics are

  2. Elton John Corpuz

    Still listening 😊

  3. dark blaze

    December 10, 2019 soon it'll be 2020. God bless to everyone who's still keep listening to this master piece. May your 2020 be a happy year and more surprising blessings receive it.

    Charice Animo

    Likewise. God be with you always. I hope you'll have a wondrous Christmas and bountiful another year. Keep listening amazing music.


    2019 sana all

  5. Lorj Videos

    its been 11 years we dont have official break up's but you die because of the other guys.. you know how i love you. and now i have my own family.. just enjoy where ever you are...

  6. roca claudia

    Robin, si d'aventure un jour, tu écoutes cette chanson, tu passes par là, sache que parfois je l'écoute encore, et lorsque je l'écoute, je pense un peu à toi, à nous deux... J'espère que tu es heureux dans ta vie à présent. Ps : je te pardonne.

  7. Mark Diokno


  8. Pan Bie

    A song for a dear friend of mine in heaven.

  9. Jerome Carbonell

    My forever tlaga

  10. Alex Seredy

    Brings back memories of my Highschool days. If only i could go back to the days. Damn how i wish my friends are still with me.

  11. Hororochan Misa

    2009-2019 hi love from they other side im still here waiting for you soon will be together jst wait me im still hangging a little bit this life i miss u😫😫😫

  12. Nold Baranquel

    2019 ??💪😁🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  13. Nikko Garcia

    2019 anyone?

  14. Manilyn Estrella Torres Coach Nice

    I do believe in forever! 😊

  15. Jah Coronacion

    Who's listening 2019 anyone?

  16. Gene Francis Canlas

    2019 motherfvcker

  17. flip flip

    2019 ?.. My wedding song

  18. Giepau Butac

    Walang forever 😕

  19. Kayla Jasmine Rayos


  20. ᴀᴋsᴀʟ ᴍʀ

    apa gua doang yang indo?

  21. Aksal Mr

    2018 :(

  22. Robbie Williams

    Maninikinig ako nito . Pero di ako naniniwala sa forever.. 2018 na more years to listen to this

  23. cctv yoh

    2018 here. fuck i missed this song so much. really pain healing song

  24. Sevenseven Oneseven

    still listening till 2019

  25. darksidefan 321

    this song hurts because i have strong feelings for a girl right now that i know will never be mine

    Victor Sandoval

    darksidefan 321 too many times.. too many times that stuff happens to us.

  26. I care Printing Services Employee

    2018 its Still The same

  27. Commander Ajef

    I know someday we'll be together :)

  28. Bryan Leduna

    2018 and still stuck to this music. I just can't forget her even if she don't love me anymore.

  29. Kai Lee Ezehkyel Ramirez

    Damn! I miss you so much AP! Please come back! Please make an album and great songs again :(

  30. Joderick Lucero

    2018 👋

  31. Hayley Kanakan

    I remember my highschool days with this song. 😢

    Robbie Williams

    Parehas tayo

  32. Kay Zhia

    People can make you fall, people will leave a foot steps on your heath and whenever you are all ready in them. They will fu*king leave you with shitty reason. If i can go back to the time that she's freaking flirting me. I will do and push her away. She's the only bitch i ever know.

  33. Aaron Torres

    i love this song im gay

  34. The Misfit

    Beautiful song.

  35. Lyrics Outlaw

    Who's still listening to this masterpiece in 2017?


    I don't know what's worse, this song or He is We - Kiss it better

    Lyrics Outlaw

    Btw, we broke up 2 years ago. But I’ll still treasure our memories we made those past 6yrs forever. Last time I listened to this song I was happy back then.

    Enrique Riveral

    I think its so cool that you come back to this comment thread 2 years after you wrote it. That's deep 😊 hope all is well

  36. wshesmoh TTA

    well it's hurts i can't handle it

  37. Yrakob Lama

    I Dont believe in Forever But This Song IS One Of My Favorate

  38. RYAIN

    I love the band "Amber Pacific" but check this song guys "The Ambassadors - Forever"

  39. AaronT

    can someone help me here!!!!! i cant find @If I Fall---- by these guys no more!!! what happened!>??????

  40. creaky b

    First time I've heard this. What a beautiful song.

  41. chaabani atef


  42. Zeny Pajarin

    galina talaga na kuya and ate merong forevere. ilove you...💏💑👫👍 like you and god bless... po ate at kuya and po hello 😘😘😘😍😍😍😗😗😗😉😉😉😃😃☺☺😀😜😀😀😐😐 grils name jheramae t. pajarin po

    ronald Miguel

    Zeny Pajarin walang forever masasaktan ka Lang💪💪

  43. unk0wn 04

    Still listening this song. FOREVER

  44. Elmund Jun Arteta

    forever i will wait., i know we'll be together..

  45. Froilan de leon

    i will wait charmy loo morga.. in my heart is where you always be are and its u will always be

  46. Jasper Decena

    Meron talagang FOREVER :D

  47. Jerwin Aragon

    My forever <3<3

  48. Writer's Block

    may forever XD

  49. Kelly Rogue

    I had my first love when I was 3rd year high school and I thought he was the one for me but I was wrong, he only sees me as a younger sister and I was hurt big time. Up until now, I can't open my heart to other guys because I am afraid to fall and be hurt again.

    Paul Montilla

    Kelly Rogue fear is choice. 😊

    Carl Stephen Dumlao

    but falling in love is a change

    renn joseph aspa

    You shouldn't be afraid

    joshua waghmare

    Life is good

    jerald villar

    You have to gumble in order to be happy, life is always unfair and it will never turn into your favor unless u fight for it.

  50. John Noel Alcantara

    Walang forever. Hahahaha

  51. help

    Dude this hurts :/


    What is this song about? a break up or something? :/


    @AwesomeAwesomeness13 Either way.. It makes me sad in a way, reminiscing :(


    @TheOfficialFelony I get that...


    @AwesomeAwesomeness13 Life goes on i guess..

  52. cherry pie marañon


    Robbie Williams

    Makilmotan mo na ex mo. D2 ako

  53. ayel valdez

    supah like the song

  54. aix pax

    And now you left me here forever
    Forever I will wait
    I know someday we'll be together....

    i hope u read this...i always love you...

  55. luccamazza77

    that chorus just reminds me a lot of the chorus of "If I fall", just the exact same beginning… great tune though!

  56. SquishyTutorialsx

    Theme song for everyday by david levithan. Read it

    juno mascariñas

    Yeah, page 361 of that book, i plugged in my headphones and play this song on the loop. As i finish reading the book, i can't help myself but cry on that evening.

    I guess you are right, Amber Pacific's Forever is the perfect song for David Levithan's Everyday.

    Both are such a perfect heartbreaking masterpiece :'(

  57. Peter Jhun Constantino

    dis song is one of my favorte song, it makes me imagne a good future :))

  58. Peter Jhun Constantino

    dis song s

  59. Sabrina Nicole

    beautiful song. love it so much probobly my favorite song so inspiring and full of love

  60. allan hicarte

    kyta lan!!!!
    ang lungkot!! =(

  61. brandon lopez

    no tengo a quiien dedicarle esta aun :'/

  62. Coleen Lim

    Perfect song :"|

  63. megaLOUmaniac

    That moment when you JUST WANT THIS. Not because you are in a relationship :p

  64. markgiLz guarin


    jeffthe killer

    im still with my mom

  65. Myold Ytchannel

    That Moment when you're here because of a fucking KPOP ship. DAMN YOU JONGKEY! ~

  66. MGC.TrixMarie TrixMarie


  67. Nelmie Galgao

    I LOVE THIS SONG... for u shou...

  68. Sky Nicole

    Everyone else is saying how that love there girlfriend/boyfriend and then theres me over here with a gallon of ice cream...

  69. kateredhartt

    let's just not get attacked about details :))

  70. Bambii

    348,118 darling

  71. kateredhartt

    only 3500 views?! really?!!

  72. jocelyn perong

    makahilak pag may rainymood :'( it really reminds of my special someone...i love u so much dear ko <3

  73. I Love The Way U lie

    lol yung rainy mood? har har :D

  74. Ann Pericas

    Pause before it start.
    Type "rainymood"
    click the first link

    then play this song.

  75. ardy cusyanto

    love you amber pacific

  76. shayne forro

    #this song will always remind me of someone...someone who's really nice and fun to be with. he'll always hold a place here in me...thank you for the memories..................imy

  77. Myke Perez

    I really likeit!

  78. noelinnah cajedoy

    forever kitang mahal innah adan11 i love you song for you ikaw lang ang love ko

  79. arqamtheman

    Dislike = gays

  80. kateredhartt

    and now you left me here forever...forever i will wait...i know someday we'll be together <3 :(((


    forver ill stay.leslie rosario.:)

  82. rhon mahusay

    para sa prinsesa q..!sobrang miss na poh kta..!

  83. Hans Lomotan

    I Love Frances Leigh <3
    10 likes and i will sing this to her.
    :) I love you Leigh :* Muahugs! :)

  84. xAluraa

    Too cute ^_^

  85. salz lucker

    peste eruh!!!

  86. Christian Leo Cabagnot

    she needs a breather. or maybe she wants to feel more special. go out of your way of your "too much like friends" routine. surprise her or anything.

  87. Andrew Casey

    i'm 22. it started as young love, but grew into something more than that. i gave her basically all i could offer. i gave her a love that no one else could give her. during the summer we both were working 40-50 hours a week and didn't have much time to do stuff for us. i should've tried harder and made some sacrifices for us. this is my fault for not making her feel "special" anymore. but how can you just throw away 5 years? we've been through way too much..

  88. Andrew Casey

    i can't believe i'm doing this.. but anyone out there, i need some help. my gf of 5 years told me last month that we need to take a break cause we are too much "like friends". she was my everything, my whole world. she was the only thing i had for certain in my future. i love her more than anything in this world. she is already hanging with another guy and staying at his place.. i've slipped into a severe depressive state and can't pull myself out of it. this is my cry for help. please anyone

  89. rom perez

    i love you for who you are :*

  90. rom perez

    i love you too! :* when i first heard this song, i've decided to make a vid, it's because of you, everytime i listen to this song, i remember you :*

  91. micahdax

    to the man who made this video: I LOVE YOU! :* after 2 yrs we're still together, thank you for loving me for who i am :) i do pray this will last forever :)

  92. Phiona M

    Lol instagram pictures!

  93. asd87

    it's called balls and as a dude you shuol have a pair, "i'm proud to say i cry a lot" come on, real dudes cries for many reasons but don't go randomly acepting that fact with totally strangers, as i say i do cry but i'm not telling on every song that touches me...

  94. Zander ATC

    I agree, more people need to let their emotions show. If people just hold it in then that creates a pie-up effect that will eventually make that person break down and lose their self. People need friends they can lean on and talk to. I apologize if this sounds cliche but everyone needs a best friend.