Amber Pacific - Burdens Of The Past Lyrics

I never came to see this falling
There's a truth for every word
To be the one to take what's handed
At a loss I feel the worse,

Is yet to come as I hold back tonight
I've felt it for some time
To know that fear will find this space inside
A place I just can't hide

I swore I'd never change
I'd be the same
Here and now I'm stand with a choice
To take away everything
Somewhere, somehow I've lost my way...
What this means to me won't change a thing
Still believe in hope
That this life will bring to me everything
Somewhere, somehow I'll find my way...
I'll find my way...

I swear I've lived for every moment
I have bled for those who've tried
Don't say I've lost my sense to show them
What it takes to stay alive...


It's more than these walls
We've built up inside
We see it in images frozen in time
But we won't give this up tonight...
It's more that these walls
Have built up with time
We see that it's killing our will to try
But we can try to make this right...


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Amber Pacific Burdens Of The Past Comments
  1. David S.

    2019 still listening to this band!!

  2. norman rosantina

    Love this..really!!