Amber Pacific - An Anthem For The Young At Heart Lyrics

I see the beauty in the scene
The pulsing hearts, the pounding beats
I'm holding everything inside and hope the stars align tonight
Don't close your eyes just stare in mine
Watch colors fade suspend in time
Our love at last just you and I.

Let's hide ourselves from everyone
Just take my hand and we can run
As moments freeze let's make believe
We'll always be forever young
Soon the night will come, our silhouettes in the setting sun

I feel the heat, the summer scene
Like standing in a living dream
Like flashing lights from movie screens
This feels so right I can't believe
We sit so still, so close, so near
These hearts will wave so loud and clear
Let's close our eyes and disappear.

Let's hide ourselves from everyone
Just take my hand and we can run
As moments freeze let's make believe
We'll always be forever young
Soon the night will come, our silhouettes in the setting sun

Let's hide ourselves from everyone
Just take my hand and we can run
As moments freeze let's make believe
We'll always be forever young
Soon the night will come.

Let's hide ourselves from everyone
Just take my hand and we can run
As moments freeze let's make believe
We'll always be forever young
Soon the night will come, two silhouettes in the setting sun.

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Amber Pacific An Anthem For The Young At Heart Comments
  1. Joy P

    Stealthrg 😨😨😨

    tyler jones

    Srinjoy Priya that's daddy

  2. Ivan Gomez

    cool :)

  3. HopeLikeFire

    I actually like this vocalist's voice

  4. Dylan Giallella

    I used to own that jacket, too bad they stopped making them /:

  5. FollowNRBH

    WPC, BTS, DOTA2. I love them all!

  6. MobiusCoin

    All things considered, of all music genres and all sounds, or even of all the chord progressions within this particular sub-genre, rhythms, time signatures, methods of vocals... It's not even that different.

  7. SparkSh0wer

    that's not the vocalist, it's the guitarist

  8. xxxstubiguyxxx

    why is thier vaocalist is an asian dude?

  9. BickingB

    i just heard about this band, and i gotta say i like jesse's voice more than matt's.

    Jeff Olsen

    BickingB so it is a different singer than the previous albums?

  10. IFeel Alive

    i know them the guy davy(left) was going to give me guitar lessons BUT someone was on a tour

    Joy P

    You mean you got a guitar lessons from Daddy chipz 😨

    Evil Potatoes

    no David is on the right

  11. NathanHuynh

    May I ask are you from California?
    : )


    yawn just like all the other songs out there right now
    bald guy is HAWT


    this's my fucking anthem,..yeahh!!

  14. DeveloperPaul123

    @MyFattybombom they didnt just kick matt out, he left to be a principle.....

  15. pokeyboy2002

    @rayh34 I kinda like how they're not well enough recognized, if they went mainstream it might make them worse but that's just my guess.

  16. Jonathan Lee

    i dont believe in bands that swap their bandmates every once in a while. fark that.. used to love them but not anymore. bunch of dicks..

  17. Daniella Ali

    i love amber pasific woooohhhhooo

  18. Ron Taylor

    @funallday1 good to know the kind of people that listen to this music.

  19. Alex Kamber

    @xtinmancamx no. okay, i will calm down, but still. what's the point of sitting there on the video page explaining why you hate it when you could be listening to music you like? and nobody likes someone bagging on their music, so we sorta hate you because you're bagging on the music. so if you don't like it, just get out please.

  20. Ron Taylor

    @alexkamber321 I was just explaining why. calm down.

  21. Alex Kamber

    @xtinmancamx if you don't like listening to it then stay off this video page dickshit.

  22. nk1986

    @kadesoor until you know what emo is, don't embarass yourself by commenting

  23. Ron Taylor

    generic guitar chords
    generic drum beat
    generic lyrics
    a voice I don't enjoy listening to.
    - For those of you who are curious as to why I thumbed down.

  24. VodkaRemedy

    Shut up. Listen to the music. Or get the fuck out. Simple as that.

  25. Kimmo Kohonen

    Hyi perkele. Awful emo shit

  26. Kimmo Kohonen

    Hyi perkele.

  27. mokey0tsfp

    @SuperAwesomeSounds finnaly someone get it >.<

  28. Alex Kamber

    Here we go again with the fighting of which music genre is better. Really, can't you all just grow up and get along, like SuperAwesomeSounds suggests?

  29. Astiimemild TheSixty

    ชอบว่ะ ~!!!!! เจ๋งดี ^^

  30. pokeyboy2002

    @Lecherrycupcake Obviously you can't appreciate good vocals. Personally I loved the whole album and thought jesse cottam did a fantastic job however no one can replace matt young. Amber Pacific always puts out great music with a lot of energy and I have yet to see an album that isn't good. Anyone else who thinks the vocals suck too might as well go back to rebecca black and faggot beaver because I think you're all bullshit.

  31. Prettiee Emm

    the fool on this album sucks im glad matt is back

  32. treestumpsemily

    Matt Young is back!! :)!! (the original vocalist!)!!

  33. WhutThePhuq

    @Ziljdian55 lol... im not callin anyone a faggot for listening to this but someone sent me this through via message youtube.. lol and this sucks chode no doubt im suprised this is even music >_>

  34. Andy Kallick

    @WhutThePhuq oh ok haha

  35. WhutThePhuq

    @Ziljdian55 no i meant more towards the band is faggoty... there music sucks dick

  36. WhutThePhuq

    @AdAyToReMeMbErReR what the fuck does my videos have anything to do with what my taste in music or my opinion

  37. Dezpin234

    @edefictus28 This one is Jesse Cottam.
    It's one of the two different vocalists they had...I'm not sure if he's new in this or not >.< Hahah

  38. Fabio Marcobelli

    great drummer

  39. Foian

    who is the new vocalist of this band?
    the voice seems unfamiliar..

  40. daddysgirl490

    i like their old stuff better

  41. POK3Y2012

    this song reminds me of the summer 2010 :)

  42. theboywhoskates2

    freken love the little snare intro

  43. thexxauditionx3


    yesss!!! seriously. matt made amber pacific unique. they really need a new name. they are not the same band anymore. they're not necessarily bad now, but this is not "amber pacific"

  44. thexxauditionx3

    @chodemayne91 agreed!

  45. Victor Prosolow

    @chodemayne91 I agree with this totally.

  46. Cody James

    sounds like your average punk rock band without matt...
    he brought the creativity... im sticking to their old songs.

  47. AcousticCentral

    I mss the old singer : [
    But hes pretty good too

  48. liahkim22

    @jamiekierann nah if he sounds like billy joe it would be 10 star out of 5

  49. liahkim22

    @TragicHeroe a change of name would be great, cuz matt young's voice is engraved to my ears every time i heard amber pacific

  50. liahkim22

    @AguilarChinoGrande what? amber pacific is not a christian band, it's punk rock.
    i don't like the new amber pacific i prefer the old one even though dango still rocks and Will still make poetry i don't like it without matt young's voice

  51. Jess

    did anyone notice this was on degrassi??

  52. btf6010

    I bought this song on iTunes like 10 minutes ago and I've listened to it 5x already! :)

  53. Bouche Bantino

    @jamiekierann Not entirely but i can see how you would get that idea.

  54. Bouche Bantino

    @masterchinoosh How does that make him an idiot? He is making just as much as a musician as he would a principal.

  55. Bouche Bantino

    Amber Pacific is a great band but once matt left they no longer were Amber Pacific. They became a different band. Don't get me wrong, I like Virtues and the Amber Pacific EP.

  56. jamiekierann

    he sounds like billy joe armstrong, the singer from greenday. anyone agree?

  57. nabvgate17

    the sound might seem very different from what we know but they still rock... ^_^

  58. missealexxe

    @masterchinoosh I just don'T feel like it's amber pacific anymore.. But don'T get me wrong.. it's still good... i just don't think we can still call this band Amber Pacifc. Like If I feel like listening to AP I will definitly not listen to the new songs. but if i feel like listening to anything else than the new songs are good.. but to appreciate them i have to forget it's supposed to be AP

  59. missealexxe

    I hate the new singer..! His voice just doesn't match..! I prefered the other one.... I just don'T understand bands that change their singer... each time it's a big fail..

  60. Eric

    The New Album's freakin' amazing :D

  61. Audi Erwinsyah


  62. zack

    HAHA, I'm playing with them :D

  63. Keith Flanagan

    I was originally nervous with a new vocalist but he's pretty good.

  64. FallenTALL

    HEY! I write songs play them on acoustic guitar and post them on youtube, It would mean the world to me if you checked them out! Thank You!

  65. Bastian Reif

    @hekary12 he quit after the second LP

  66. Dyne

    @nfgkid56 Agreed.

  67. Chris Hyland

    Where did they go? They used to be huge, then I lost them, and now they are great!

  68. FallenTALL

    EXCLUSIVE NEW SONGS Available at my page! check em out and let me know what you think! =)

  69. Bastian Reif

    i miss the old singer too

    but hell yeah ... the new one makes a really good job

  70. Andres Ortiz

    This remember me of my gold years...

  71. FallenTALL

    wow! love ap

  72. justthespecialguy

    no the billy talent singer is much more worse than he!

  73. justthespecialguy

    the only one thing who´s shit is YOU!

  74. Lawrence Rosinko

    From one shit singer to another.

  75. TheFxOwnage

    @TheFxOwnage well afterall his voice isn't that bad :)

  76. TheFxOwnage

    can someone tell me why the old one left ?

  77. TheFxOwnage

    Old singer was best :( this one can't sing sorry

  78. Brandon Lehman

    i didn't even know people still talked like that lol. it was a musical observation fella.

  79. Brandon Lehman

    the new guy anunciates in a way that kinda makes him sound a little like the singer of billy talent. anyone agree?

  80. Crim541

    i like the old singer better the new one is ok though

  81. Austin Arvon

    yeah he looks like a hardcore type drummer. but hes sick and a really cool guy actually. hes a strong christian and an amazing drummer

  82. ZammyIckler

    At first I was taken back due to the vocalist, the look just doesn't seem to match, but once you listen to the harmony of the instruments with his truly does match and create that true Amber Pacific sound. I'm excited for the new album!

  83. MennaFrenchPro

    sounds the same... looks WAY different

  84. Luis Franco

    Tu has de escuchar esas bandas, fijate bien en los tempos de la bateria, la voz ronca y el pitch que puede tener el nuevo vocal, la musica es exactamente lo mismo que ha sido AP, no opines nomas porque tienees boca.

  85. justthespecialguy

    It really sounds different to Matt, but it don´t sounds bad! In my opinion it´s a very cool song! And I hope on the new Album are more songs like this!

  86. justthespecialguy

    I know Matt was sounding different maybe a bit better, but I think the new singer fit´s really well in this, and this song really kick´s ass!

  87. mestuppunk

    The music is the same old amber pacific, which is awesome. I do miss matt and his unique voice, but the new guy seems to have a different voice as well. I will check out the new album for sureee.

  88. Charlie Lean

    The guy all the way to the left doesn't seem like he would be in a band like this.

  89. therealjulioh

    Q paso??? ahora parece una banda del monton!!!

  90. WatermarksCT

    They need that old singer again, and still Victory records is lacking in bands. COMON SOMTHING LIKE ATREYU

  91. SCREAMOguy413

    omg this is TERRRRIBLE!!

  92. Yuriofwind

    me too, i heard the singer became a school principle, nice to see they have a new singer though

  93. Dan Josef

    i thought this band broke up a long time ago