Amaranthe - Inferno Lyrics

Lighted up, spotted out
All the barriers denied
Trade it in, fade the spot
Tracked it down
To the hidden believers
At the start nobody saw
You didn't care at all
Can't get it out of me

All the senses are numb
On the spot, paralysed
I get 99 problems but your hate ain't one
All the traitors, invaders
With bitter accusations
They wait for my fate
You can try but you can't break me down

I never said I can sit in silence (in silence)
You cannot blame me for never trying (never trying)
See the inferno rise!

I am not scared of the things you do
When you go down I go down with you
We can go crazy inside and then we deny
We cannot get everything we need
The inferno is what we feed
When you give it to me, it's all that I need

All the hate and the lies
And the problems that you find
And the fights you make up, make you feel
Just a little bit better
Don't need to see at all
Pride before the fall
Strengthen inside of me

If the curtain goes down
And I reach the divide
I got 99 reasons why I won't back down
I won't fake it, to make it
No force will ever shake it
I wait for my fate
Because what goes around, comes around

You never thought I would sit in silence (silence)
But you commend me for even trying (trying)
See the inferno rise!

I am not scared of the things you do
When you go down I go down with you
We can go crazy inside and then we deny
We cannot get everything we need
The inferno is what we feed
When you give it to me, it's all that I need

Begin to climb, I see the pinnacle
I can suddenly feel that I was in denial
As I transform into the mythical
From the ashes I see the inferno rise

I never said I can sit in silence (in silence)
You cannot blame me for never trying
See the inferno rise!

I am not scared of the things you do
(I am not scared)
When you go down I go down with you
(Go down with you)
We can go crazy inside and then we deny
We cannot get everything we need
The inferno is what we feed
When you give it to me, it's all that I need

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Amaranthe Inferno Comments
  1. Angel of Destruction

    This band has been losing its inferno. Its more of a pyre after “nexus”

  2. Real high atm

    I'm in love with the shape of Elize Ryd.

  3. Trevor Fisher

    I wanna scream inferno too!



  5. Hubert Hoffman

    I see I'm not the only one who heard an Ed Sheeran song 😂😂

  6. Zachary Plante

    This song seems like ed sheerand «Im in love with the shape of you» hummmmmmmmm

  7. Ropi kala


  8. Richtofen Schneider

    Okay forget the whole Ed sheeran thing, this song still slaps.

  9. SkyLight Gameuse

    It's so epic my ears are on fire

  10. A.K Nightfall

    This would be one of my favorite song now😯👍

  11. I Am Back Better Than Ever

    Came here cause of Spotify recommendation.
    Loved it!

  12. Mr. Max

    Thanks for the lyrics! To understand what they are singing??? Fucking hell! Impossible!

  13. Ryuiti

    Anyway, the song is great. I love it

  14. Диана Лев

    Shape of you?

  15. Elemental fire

    the best song ever my new fave it's so good except the low pitched guy that was a little off. Amazing now do one on water

  16. Red Lord

    Sellout metal

  17. hesizati


  18. Sam Hoyle

    To all the people going on about the songs on this album sounding similar to other songs or even being covers of others such as Powerwolfs army of the night, the Album is called Helix... Figure the rest.

  19. Fenlander216

    I love the new album.

  20. Sven Ove Lofthus


  21. OutPot

    rs07 inferno

  22. Rogério Luís Kreischer
    Stop, I have shame on you. That's why I stoped hearing new metal band

  23. Guillaume Gauduchon

    I'm glad that I'll see you guys with Sabaton and Apocalyptica on february ! You guys rock !

  24. José

    Inferno = hell

  25. Anička Buldrová

    My favourite song and love

  26. Wild Side

    This is my favorite song everytime I workout and come to a red light and blast it every damn time

  27. Anička Buldrová

    I love song INFERNO

  28. Teddy White

    ed sheeran shape of you cover.

  29. BiGaBuG

    Amaranthe - Shape of u

  30. Nikola Pro

    God music 🤑

  31. Little Hayabusa

    I only heard this song in a pub, absolutely loved it! Will be buying this song soon!

  32. José Lopes

    mt bommmmmm brasil

  33. Sl33pyBear

    The combination of voices with the guitar and the change of tones of the song is incredible and well handed.

  34. Mat Mercer

    songs about angry sex are always way too catchy

  35. Lucas

    Good enough

  36. BellaPixieGirl Petersen

    This song is the shit! 🤘🎸🤘❤️❤️

  37. Zhoffa Zhoffa

    This isnt metal...This is fucking pop

  38. Roter Sand

    They really don't care :D

  39. Oddmund Frostesson

    Shape of You by Ed Sheeran...

  40. Brad Ballanger

    Yeah hi so this video has way too many Ed Sheeran fans

  41. Luizando

    This is Best Song of Amaranthe

  42. Дс Л

    Powerfull.txt :-D

  43. Bjorn Rudbeck

    Best Song so far. Love the lyrics, when you go down on me i go down on you.


    its "when you go down i go down with you"

    Bjorn Rudbeck

    @K1LLZ0NE that's the American version 😁

  44. Tobias Arvidsson

    This song got so much power and I just love it :)


    power metal brother

  45. みゆたん

    何回聴いてもshape of you…

  46. Joel Belanger


  47. Frank Perrin

    Hey this song sounds like Amaranthe's inferno.

  48. Couldn't think of a name

    Welcome to comments section where 99 comments are about how the first two lines of the chorus are very similar to Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You.

  49. Thay Pissaia

    I can't listen without remember Shape of You.


    I fu*king love this song

  51. Ken G.

    Party metal. This is definitely when I listen to this band. I like it.

  52. Karnage Fails

    OK USA!

  53. Rifleman Wilq

    Thanks to Powerwolf I gave an attention to this band, and I see its very familiar. Within Temptation vibe plus some melodic death.

  54. Росен Александров

    I am not scaried to like Elyze Ryd :)

  55. Seawolf Diving A. E.

    Bring Jake Back

  56. Meunier Portalis

    attention à ce qu'on dit sur cette video, normalement tout est clair :)

  57. Brian Weinberg

    Possibly the BEST Amaranthe song to date!

  58. Hadouken Hadouken

    Replace Inferno with "Hadouken" you got yourself a fight.

  59. Apo.G

    Wtf Is that a joke? It's literally Shape Of You ._.

  60. Игорь Стариков

    круто ребята, но жаль хоккеиста убрали у него голос по сочнее!!!!!

  61. Smitten in the heart Ukraine

    Its f*cking shape of you!!!

  62. Faithful Loyal Servant

    No matter how slice it is too much pop pretending to be metal....., just like 80’s band Winger. That guitar solo is shorter than a nipple

  63. fulanito fulanaso

    what a coincidence that between 1.6 minutes and 1.15 it seems a fragment of "nemesis" of arch enemy... but this band i like! its cool...

  64. Aeling_blyther 1205


  65. Campânula

    The real pop metal. Interpret as you want.

    But it's good

  66. José Augusto dos Santos

    É ÓTIMO"

  67. aline silva

    Já pensou se a cicada 3301 deixou uma pista nesta música?

  68. S. Mephisto

    J'aime bcp ce groupe car tout les protagonistes participent au chant et ca donne de la texture aux chansons

  69. Just_Coub

    Норм музончик!

  70. Bandhan Biswas

    Amaranthe doesn’t need a male clean vocalist!!!!!

    lizzy Q

    I think you're wrong but that's my opinion. Having three different singers with 3 different singing Styles added a lot of dimension to amaranthe and makes them sound different and therefore stand out from all the other bands.

  71. Elias

    Ed Sheeran going metal 🤣

  72. jennaz hall


  73. Semantic Samuel

    Bristol, January 2019 - can't wait to see you guys there! Few better ways to break in the new year!

  74. multiekstra

    i wont knew you go to poland too ;-;


    Shape Of You 🎸

  76. Ronnie Andrade

    It’s clear to see who was the melodic influence for this band. It has been a level below since Jake left.

  77. juste un fan

    Just underated

  78. Midnightwards666

    This is not a cover of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You, but it does sound like a heavily modified version. I like this version much better and these lyrics are much more exciting.

  79. AkroJulka

    I love ❤️

  80. Vitaliu Perviu


  81. Luigi Arbella

    que aburrido que muchos digan que esta cancion se parece a la asquerosa cancion de Edd Sheran o como se llama
    Esta cancion esta mucho mejor

    fulanito fulanaso

    la verdad esa cancion no la conoco(la de ed yiran) pero en 1.6 parece un pedaso de archenemy nemesis al 2.49 mas o menos fijate si en algun momento lees esto y tenes ganas jaja

    Luigi Arbella

    @fulanito fulanaso no tienen ninguna similitud

    fulanito fulanaso

    @Luigi Arbella entonces s para vos no tiene similitud vas a tener que hacerte ver la audicion por que si se parecen mucho...
    escucha el machaque la bateria el punto de arch enemy nemesis al 2.49 mas o menos y presta atencion

  82. Albertus Drost

    The nexxus blew me away. There isn't a single weak spot on the album. But this doesn't move me.... :(

  83. Chris Wilson

    Totally awesome!!!

  84. Dan CosPearlyTog

    Why is this chorus a lot like "Shape Of You?"

  85. Timur Yolshin

    this song amazing 😍

  86. Matthias Lang

    Friday in Geiselwind 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  87. marcos vinicius


  88. Bloodlord

    365 and countdown are better. Kinda meh song tbh.

  89. Dirk Wessels

    Saw the show in Ludwigsburg. Sound was desastrous. Just a big blob of noise. Powerwolf had all the good equipment.....

  90. Crmson117

    Sitting in silence one realizes that our desires are an inferno of endless empty hungers, quenched in meditation and understanding.

  91. ignacio MENDIETA

    Geniossss saludo de Argentina

  92. Alohuowero38

    The chorus of this song channels Ed Sheeran really hard. Love it.

  93. Trancecore Freak

    Circle Pit! Circle Pit!

  94. Matthew Holt

    Anyone else hear the rhythm from Ed Sheeran song the shape of you??

  95. Elvis Nongrum

    Nice song ...but most of the fan they expect Jake E voice and now without him 😓😓 event if it was a nice song but there's a little flop

  96. jacob hamburg

    I enjoy this new album but some helpful criticism I personally think this song and a couple of others would be better if it didnt have the title of the song being sang in the background of the main chorus

  97. Евгений Шибанов

    Русские по ходу стесняются комменты оставлять

  98. radioactive 128

    This is hands down their best Album !!! F*cking epic !!!!

  99. albakingification

    The song has no structure. It's like they just threw everything at a wall and this is what stuck