Amaranthe - Exhale Lyrics

You sense there's a purpose
Of a higher life
A force in your heart
As if you were revived
Brand new grounds to explore
Before the night arrives

With unlimited options
It has just begun
I've done things that you won't
I wish I'd never done
As I look through the eyes of
What is my design

You're taken the

Shaking me, saving me
In the darkest hour
Fear was a part of me
Growing stronger
Breaking into my soul
Let me see eternity

A life is a dream
One way directional
It starts with a cell, to something magical
You've been handed the world
A new Identity

Compelling me
You're my relief

Turning me, burning me
In the darkest hour
Fear was part of me
Growing stronger
Breaking into my soul
Bringing me serenity

The day I exhale

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Amaranthe Exhale Comments
  1. Zanryu1337

    The beginning always remembers me of a song from the 90s, but I can't put my finger on the name.

  2. The Way

    I discovered this band so far and cannot stop listening it! It is very musical band in fact. Their compositions have highest level musical quality.

  3. Jade Avalon

    I miss Jake very much but im happy for him with Cyhra...but..Amaranthe will never be the same

    Bryan Lenihan


  4. Przemek Kędzierski

    Why not for smartphones?

  5. GN: Dainsleif

    Sound like Amaranthe from nightwish :O



  7. Raymond Huffman

    What version of the album is this on? I don't have this song.

  8. Albert Pedroza

    badass song

  9. bumbolee

    It song WAS beautiful until it was ruined by the vomit vocals. For the love of God, get rid of that guy and this band would be HUGE!!!!! Elize and Jake sound so good together, the music is spot on, but songs are destroyed by ARRR GRRRR ARRRRR GRRRR.

    The Mayan Warlock

    Be a man fucking bitch!!!

    Jade Avalon

    bumbolee don't agree i love the part

    paul dlugajczyk

    I prefer what bumbolee states.  Voices are so awesome without the unclean vocals.  So much more can be done without it.


    I'm not a fan of Henrik's vocals neither, so sign me up for bumbolee's camp. Granted, there are far, _far_ more grating vocalists out there than Henrik (yes, Cradle of Filth and Napalm Death, I'm looking right at _your_ screechers and screamers....), so credit where it's due, Henrik's not _too_ terrible to listen to. But all the same, listening to most Amaranthe songs is like sitting on your porch, listening to the two-dozen wind chimes hanging around your yard on a gusty summer day and feeling pretty good inside, and then some knucklehead on the other side of the fence fires up a goddamned _rider mower_ all of a sudden....

    So yeah...something like that. At least the "wind chime" parts are pretty sporkin' wonderful. It's why I keep coming back. :-)

    John Rowen

    Jake E left Amaranthe which is sad .

  10. Sean Michael

    this album is amazing so is the band straight from the heart.

  11. areazweiundfuenfzig

    awwwwww... This song is too good for me to even comprehend the supreme beauty lying within

  12. Paul Klasson

    Amaranthe is for sure one of the best upcoming bands!! For once something new :)

  13. Tomas Uhlir

    People are shtting on this band for no fucking reason

    Golem 2

    I feel ya. Honestly they are a good band.

    Golem 2

    How come? They are an awesome Band. To all who hate this band go fuck yourselves. Tbh the rest of society sucks for hating on this band. Who ever agrees with me gimme a like on this comment.

    Darrin Bistline

    @Blaze WarDog016
    I agree. This band is awesome.

  14. Morten Bakke

    2:10 - 2:38 is just superb. BTW: The only reason there is so few views here is that everyone listen to this on spotify instead. 


    @Morten Bakke Or maybe because we bought the album. ;)

    SnowWhiteQueen EV

    @Mixen9408 Obviously, those who know the band has bought the album, I hope, included me :D My aim is only to introduce the band to those who don't already know them and youtube is a very popular service so I thought it was a well done thing :D


    +SnowWhiteQueen EV Or are going to buy it because they got addicted (no pun intended with the title of the album :P )

    Donald Gibson

    You made the right choice, one of my favorite bands and I have a 10 year old son and amaranthe is one of his favorites. He will sing and scream out lyrics to supersonic, true, burn with me, and amaranthine


    I too am all for supporting bands by buying their albums. Elize has to eat and pay the bills like the rest of us! Give her some money, will you? She's worth it. :-)

  15. Grzegorz Bartnik

    Why is there 1 dislike?


    it was most likely justin bieber going around disliking music that's actually better then his.

    Anna Horváth

    +SparksFly2323 better than his :).

    Ruby Tennyson


    The Mayan Warlock

    Grzegorz Bartnik was one "true" lol

  16. Tonis Tauk

    This song is awesome, I like it very much. :) One of the best.