Amaranthe - Countdown Lyrics

You got the notion, a motion
Conclusion that will set us free
It takes us closer and closer
The human that we wanna be

Imperfection was a strife
We couldn't handle but we tried it all
Tried it all, I descend before the countdown
From the notion of emotion
I will wake up when I've learnt to fall
Breaking the spell, the appearance of perfection

It's time to open up the shell
Trace the hidden spell
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown
We gonna shoot out like a gun
Hit and then we run
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown

Give my injection, the poison
Let's believe that's all I need
I can't describe it, the picture was too sharp
We couldn't get it off - no!

A description, my prescription
I can't handle but I've tried it all
My reception a recession to the countdown
From the notion of the motion
I will wake up when I'm already gone
Breaking my shell, I initiate deception

It's time to open up the shell
Trace the hidden spell
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown
We gonna shoot out like a gun
Hit and then we run
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown

Vanity is my profession, follow my lead
Letting it free my seduction, I count down
Vice is my obsession (Cellar lobotomy, act as my remedy)
Sell me self-deception, my addiction

It's my obsession the pressure
To be a slave for what I trace
I force it higher and higher
The dose I need to inhale, oh yeah

I wanna swing around in hell
I'm gonna scream and shout it out in vain
Tried it all, I descend before the countdown
Be aware that I will wake up
If I'm not already dead
Breaking the spell, the appearance of perfection

It's time to open up the shell
Trace the hidden spell
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown

It's time to open up the shell
Trace the hidden spell
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown
We gonna shoot out like a gun
Hit and then we run
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown

It's time to open up the shell
Trace the hidden spell
Into my breakdown
It's my countdown
We gonna shoot out like a gun
Hit and then we run
Into my breakdown
Now I shut down
My countdown

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Amaranthe Countdown Comments
  1. Ryuiti

    Song fucking good! Elize has a perfect voice!

  2. un tal L

    Me da algo de pena que este tipo de bandas, pese a tener mucho talento e hacer cosas diferentes a las demas, no sea valorada por una buena parte de la comunidad Meta(Mierda)lera (sobretodo en Latinoamérica), solo por ser distinta a otras como Slayer, Iron Maiden e Arch Enemy.

    Y créeme que no son la única banda que le pasa eso.

  3. SuperSaltMine


  4. Hardcore

    0:06 - 0:08

  5. Lolo22013

    1:38 enjoy free nipple :D

  6. T0KY0 R4IN

    Elize & Alissa duet or porno I fine with either 😂

  7. Na Pole On

    Honestly, it's very strange that a band with such music nowhere near an Arch Enemy's popularity level.

  8. Екатерина Фарбак

    обожаю эту группу.. ТРИ РАЗНЫХ ГОЛОСА и такое СУПЕР ИХ СОЧЕТАНИЕ В ПЕСНЯХ!!

  9. Kim Bryant

    what is she wearing under the red shirt ???

    Schock TV [YTK]


  10. Chris Mash

    nothing new in music, but interesting music video

  11. Sami Pirttimäki


  12. christos papas

    i think its time to change the hard vocals? :|

  13. David Fernandez Alvarez

    Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! ExploXion...

  14. Пупсик Шиншилловый

    Ставь лайк, если ты тоже из России и любишь Amaranthe 😍😍😍

  15. Renato S. Rauber

    1:07 - Henrik sings "The Appearance of Perfection" then it shows Elize

  16. Jarno Kangasniemi

    Aikas Hyvää Mättöö !!!

  17. Matěj Kusnierz

    Wow, it was released on my Birthday :)

  18. fred -PIGBEARMAN-

    what a pieces of garbage....awful !!!

  19. Chris Hughes

    I won't lie, I miss the old crew quite a bit but starting with this song I feel a bit of hope for a return of the glory days.

  20. Samantha Daly

    Just herd of you today, love the sound. The trio of vocals are amazing havnt had a new metal sound in so long. Thank you all this hip hop wave crap nowa days. Diversity # white genocide. Ill def buy some of your music.

  21. Jorge Suspenso

    Algunos movimientos de elize son re estúpidos.. en algunos videos mete coreografias media boludas. Se hubiera metido de bailarina de britney spears en vez de ser vocalist de metal. Q tenga un poco de respeto.


    Busca un dildo y trata de abrirte un poquito. Ridiculo

  22. K0Y0N

    одно и то же , неинтерсно

  23. Leon K

    1:38 nipples

  24. Codor Chrysanthemum

    Gets an AD for Amaranthe on an Amaranthe video on the song i just came from

  25. Zion Zix


  26. Milan Novák

    BOMBA .

  27. Marek _vole

    I was at your concert yesterday and it was one of the best moment in my life, so much energy, beautiful singer with brilliant voice and everything was perfect...thank you so much, love you ❤

  28. d k

    😁😊😊 nice song

  29. harry holley

    1:38 nip slip

  30. ShadowXgaming

    Did....did I just hear an Arch Enemy riff in the beginning?

    Edit: I did! I did hear an Arch Enemy riff! Check out 0:19 - 0:29 of this song and compare with the beginning of

    Trescarto Lerestindo

    Phahah Yeah they are friends of Arch Enemy and not only, Amaranthe is a unique band that crosses metal genres.


    @Trescarto Lerestindo Still a good crossover!

    Pal Paluch

    Extremely underrated band. They deserve no less popularity than Arch Enemy.


    @Pal Paluch Actually, Amaranthe has quite a bit more of a following than most metal bands (still less than Arch enemy of course), but I agree they are both wonderful bands!

  31. Kateřina Dvořáková

    It's my Best song ♥️🤗😊

  32. hesizati

    great music

  33. LJ7

    1:38 put it at 0.25 speed and you will see her nipple

  34. Thomson Hanse


  35. vivan 666


  36. Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

    Amaranthe is basically hair metal reinvented though I don't mind at all :))

  37. Capirli Puff

    Elize, a great singer, wasted in a mediocre band. A shame.

  38. Leviosaaa


  39. DoubleJuriy

    sick video! And cheap looking!

  40. Philip Ekberg

    Pause it at the right moment at 1:38. . .

  41. Mad9977 Productions

    great music, the video is meh....

  42. Galder Great

    r they hair model?

  43. Isaiah Welch

    Is it me, or is Amaranthe going for a Halestorm sound? Not sure if this style fits Amaranthe.

  44. Francois Masciopinto

    this is so weird....electro meets metal meets pop meets old school hard rock meets djent... so bizarre

  45. DFDvids

    I want a music video for GG6

  46. Котофей Барсикович

    что-то количество просмотров под клипом совсем не радует

  47. MaZeK Art

    L'Oreal ads aren't the same anymore

  48. Serch del Calabozo

    Who's more fabulous, him or her?

  49. Helene Sandvik

    what? On no my Swedish friends. Don`t use so mutch wind in the hair!!!

  50. usrnam128 !

    OMG sooooo nice😍😍😍😍

  51. Spinks

    was nailing all kinda COOL sounds with the Stealth them years back that thing was nerdy Power Metal thing lol...idk would have to talk to the Marshall man himself and that damn configuration....the tlo72s like something Mesa like...the Cathode Follower although still different operating points. That Partridge 800 like iron output on it lol...removed the diode clippers and had red Led's in it...some kinda damn Black Cat m150/ mustard clones too.

    Literally one hell of a conversion lol. then did kinda the same shit with the Voodoo lol...but that power transformer is burnt lol. junk lol

  52. Casey Eisenhour

    She had such beautiful hair!! So jealous!

  53. waisonline

    Looking forward to seeing these guys when they support Babymetal in London. It will be awesome.

  54. Jose Legaspi

    Daiyuuuuum, i actually liked the song and the new male singer is not bad (singing wise cause i'm not gay). But where are the solos????????????

  55. flumberfish

    the dude sounds like Ronnie James Dio

  56. usrnam128 !

    I Love tgat music

  57. Gavin... Nuff said

    Yo what if this is a crossover from the music video for gateways for dimmu Borgir and Elize is just the girl in the blood bath

  58. Pepe el Toro Es inocente

    Por Dios! Que clase de "metal" es esto?? Que alguien me explique porque bailan y cantan como si fuera canción de lady Gaga e intentan parecer metaleros!
    Que fea mezcla con todo y la it girl está que canta

  59. Steven DeMary

    Just when I think Amaranthe can't possibly outdo themselves, they make this epic masterpiece of an album, Helix. It sucks that the other clean male vocalist left because he was really good, but this new guy just makes it all the better.

  60. Ulrich Hartel

    it sounds like Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson had perform this song together.
    And it's disgusting

  61. Rick te Kronnie

    As a parttime Amaranthe fan, how the fuck did I miss this awesome song, I love the chorus!!

  62. ORION8291

    Bring some serious twisted hate ....Hail from The True North !

  63. Sanjib Chakraborty


  64. Bill Schneider

    It's sounds like Katy Perry with some dude growling along. This sucks. Listen to Slayer

  65. L3O

    0:19 World is Yours, arch enemy

  66. Dan Hoerle

    Good band good song but too much like drop dead cynical

  67. John K

    I hope you guys never change. Love you your tunes.

  68. Alberto Rodriguez Martinez

    Damn lights!!! 😠

  69. Dr. Wyvern


  70. Juho Hurttila

    Thus guitarist/lead singer needs to be somewhere else imo.

  71. Aleksandr Fedulov

    New guy's woice shite.

  72. thomas prout

    Never disappointed with their music. Such an array of badassery!!!🤘🤘🤘

  73. Jan Johnson

    Bathing in blood? Completely sold out? Still an awesome band...

  74. noly211

    Nils Molin sexy...💕💕💕💕

  75. キタカ


  76. Pedro Santos

    Glad to see they become Metal again. Maximize was simply bad.

  77. Dandy Prime

    So, is this song trying to condone the use of hard drugs? 'Cause that's not exactly a positive thing.

  78. Владимир Чагин


  79. Sean Michael

    Miss the old sound but this is ok music wise

  80. Bruce Coulda

    Pass on the new guy

  81. Olivia Halgreen


  82. luis marcelo morales maldonado

    This sounds like pop. It's not bad at all but it sounds like pop.

  83. FistUp MyAss

    I piss in the tub.

  84. прикольный челендж

    Amaranthe best!

  85. CTJAudio

    there is no way she didn't have her boobs taped to the inside of that dress.

  86. Gary Miller

    Bloody awful shoes

  87. lourdesmaria s

    Qual é o estilo musical dessa banda?

    Xonatas Querido

    É um espécie de metalcore com alternativo (por conta dos growls e partes eletrônicas)

    lourdesmaria s

    @Xonatas Querido valeu. Obrigada.

  88. Marko Radojković

    got drunk home, typed Amaranth thinking on Nightwish song, missclicked, instantly fall in love with ya.
    Too bad ya wont be in Belgrade(Serbia) on this tour, cya maybe on next one

  89. Ak-Devilseye

    Pop- metal🤔

  90. LiveMental

    Wtf is this shit

  91. Ζήσης Δούκας

    Well....listening to Amaranthe since their start ( sad face ) and they still haven't manage to make a proper music video...Each and every one is worse than the previous one

  92. Jones

    Now this era Of metal had handsome and beautiful vocalist but nothing metal 😕

  93. Marvious

    To be different is not bad. It's what people need to be happy in this world.

  94. Jarmo Hiironen


  95. Agent Arachnid

    Anyone else notice they changed the thumbnail?

  96. paul woodcock

    its like voices of asda meets some growly prick

  97. Dustin Sommerio

    this is better music, that I like better over soft love music like Bryan Adams, Bryan's old music is still cool but I come here for newer music.

  98. Gabriela Silva

    Pop metal?