Amanda Palmer - Guitar Hero Lyrics

Can't get them up, I can't get them up
I can't get them up at all

(hey. ho. let. go.)

good morning killer king you're a star
that's gorgeous hold it right where you are
the weather's kinda lousy today
so what oh what oh what'll we play

stratocaster strapped to your back
it's a semi-automatic like dad's
he taught you how to pause and reset
but that's about as far as you get

so what's the use of going outside?
it's so depressing when people die in real life
I'd rather pick up right where we left
making out to faces of death
making out to faces of death

and i could save you, baby, but it isn't worth my time
and i could make you chase me for a little price is right

it's a hit but are you actually sure?
the targets in the crowd are a blur
the people screaming just like they should
but you don't even know if you're good
you don't even know if you're good

so tie them up and feed them the sand
ha nigga! try hard to tell us using your hands
a picture's worth a million words
and that way nobody gets hurt
and that way nobody gets hurt

and I could save you, baby, but it isn't worth my time
and I could make you chase me for a little price is right

woo-ah-oo - woo-ooh-ah-oo
woo-ah-ooh ah ohh ah oo

you're my guitar hero, you're my guitar hero
you're my guitar hero, you're my guitar hero

x marks the box in the hole in the ground that goes off at a breath
so careful don't make a sound
x marks the box in the hole in your head that you dug for yourself
now lie. in. it.

shut up about all of that negative shit
you wanted to make it and now that you're in
you're obviously not gonna to die
so why not take your chances and try
why not take your chances and try?

how do you get them to turn this thing off?
this isn't at all like the ones back at home
just shut your eyes and flip the cassette
and that's about the time that they hit
and that's about the time that they hit

what the fuck is up with this shit?
it's certainly not worth getting upset
his hands are gone and most of his head
and just when he was getting so good
just when he was getting so good...

and I could save you, baby, but it isn't worth my time
'cause even if I saved you there's a million more in line

woo-ah-oo - woo-ooh-ah-oo
woo-ah-ooh ah ohh ah oo

you're my guitar hero, you're my guitar hero
you're my guitar hero
you're my guitar hero

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Amanda Palmer Guitar Hero Comments
  1. Helen van der Merwe

    That one girl is wearing the same silver dress that Amanda wears in Oasis. Intentional or just a dress?

  2. AlphaTenchi

    Stand User: Amanda Palmer

    Stand:【G U I T A R H E R O】

  3. Jerhume Jerhume

    I love Amanda Palmer so much. Her music is just so energetic and happy, even when it is sad.

  4. cyanideenid

    Does anyone else think this sounds A LOT like London Calling?

  5. Hebi-chan

    There was another school shooting today

  6. Dylan Thibert


  7. YorkChangeling

    I looked up what the song was *meant* to mean recently but, for the longest time, I thought she was singing about a school shooting...honestly, that interpretation works scarily well.

    X X

    It isnt about a school schooting?


    everyone always says its about school shootings which made me wonder what the people dressed up as memebers of Iron Maiden, Janes Addiction, Guns and Roses etc would have to do with school shootings.

    X X

    I have never noticed this nuance. Thank you.

    Nathanaël François

    @KelsaRavenlock I just saw her in Paris in the Bataclan (yes, the same concert hall that was the target of a terrorist attack 4 years ago). She played this song immediately after "Strength through Music", which is definitely about a school shooting. She explained her process writing "Strength through Music", and why she was playing it here but not in other locations on her tour, she didn't explain anything about "Guitar Hero". The way she juxtaposed the song, and the way she played/sang it, made it really obvious that the double meaning was intended.

  8. Laurie Outlaw

    Her son is gonna be like this is my mom and his classmates are gonna be like dude you are the shit.

  9. Kilohe

    Good morning killer king you're a star.... Christ it gets more relevant each year.

  10. Majoofi

    Relevant again.

  11. powertrust1971

    I can hear the east bay ray guitar. ...jolly spicking stuff

  12. It is I, Your Lord and Douche Bag

    Love this song but really? The N word? I thought better of you


    Do you understand what this song is about and from whose perspective those words are meant to be? I'm sure you think your outrage is meaningful, but the song's lyrics are supposed to offend and upset you. It's supposed to make you angry. She IS after all talking about teenagers/young adults sent off to war and the brutal, senseless violence that takes place, including war crimes (such as burying someone alive while they're tied up).

  13. Aelon Farkash

    I feel this song is about a vibrater ...

  14. Peter 69

    Love that cheeky smile!

  15. Raven Devino

    I just realized that this is a direct continuation of Strength through Music

  16. Nautika

    All of you people crying because Amanda said the "n" word: I doubt she gives a shit. She wasn't meaning to offend anyone, *_obviously,_* but so what if a few people get offended? She's too badass to let it get to her. People are going to be offended no matter what you do. Live a little.

  17. Allen Salyer

    This is the video that made me fall in love with her.

  18. fridge_party

    Feminists, take note

    Killer Ghost13

    About a song about Columbine?

    X X

    What the hell are you talking about. Text is about schoolshooting xD

  19. Voyages Starliner

    The songs confuse me so much but I love them and can't stop watching them XD

  20. Gid The Cook

    When I first listened to this I heard "Good morning killer keemstar."

  21. GRAF. videos

    Amanda, every time I listen to this I just want to play it so the whole street can hear. stay awesome ;)))

  22. Eyepatch guy

    Does someone knows the names of these guys with the guitar?

  23. sunnysea24

    Dig the song, not so keen on the use of the n word.


    It's just a word, don't make a big deal out of it, turn negatives into positives. Be happy, don't dwell on the past.

    Killer Ghost13

    Everyone dismissing the n word can't be POC. I can just see the mayonnaise dropped all over your keyboards.

    daddy dingleberry

    Tk O Yeah, I'm not dismissing it. It depends on context. I'm pretty sure this song does have something do with racism (and war I'm not sure though), and if not then she shouldn't have said it, but again I still enjoy the song and her work very much.

    Brandi Guess

    I think that It was meant to bring awareness to opression, no tbe be opressing, and in any context I think the only context this word is acceptable in is that in which you bring visablity to an opressed group of people. I am however white and cannot make that decision, but I do not think it was at all meant in any ways to be used to upset anyone.

    Krista Vaillancourt

    She is consciously using the n word to get our attention, to cause an emotional reaction. Isn't it sad that kids shooting eachother isn't effective enough on it's own?

  24. Armin Pröbstl

    Amanda Palmer,die englische Version von Nina Hagen!
    Sind beide sehr sehr gute Sängerinen!
    Hut ab vor beiden!!!!!
    Die trauen sich das,was sonst kaum einer sich traut,nämlich provokant in gesellschaftlichen Wunden rühren.Dafür gebührt ihnen eigendlich ein "AUSNAHME-OSKAR" für besondere Verdienste an der Gesellschaft.

  25. Punto de Yoga

    I love you amanda!!!! I love your songs, your style, you are an inspiration for the world!!!

    Armin Pröbstl

    Unfortunately, I can not speak the English language so much. In my "school-English lesson", and other circumstances from the past.Like, for example, I used to get to know an American soldier, who was with a woman dear to me at that time.In any case, and to get to the point:Amanda Palmer is more than pointed !!

  26. Mike Thompson

    I still love this song/video

  27. Immature Donkey Fetus

    this sucks

    Cookie Crumble

    you suck '<'

    P0RTAL Turret0001

    You don't know art. This is creative, it's different.. It's great!

  28. Basil Conlin

    "Making out to Faces of Death"

  29. Sher Peters


  30. PurpleKillJoy

    Every time I play guitar people fall asleep too.... :(

    X O Drahas

    At least they don't claw out their eardrums

  31. Tyler James Newton

    Long time fan of Amanda's, and this song is still always relevant to my playlist. I think we need a new original album from you dolls ;) ;)

    Tyler James Newton

    +Tyler James Newton BTW long live East Bay Ray, my own guitar hero

  32. ConstanceLangdon

    Am I crazy or is the album version way less polished? I miss the squeaks and breaks and wobbles. Still, insane. Gorgeous. Unmatched.


    I the same problem with Runs in the Family. I like the Youtube version better than the album version for some strange reason ^^

  33. Sara

    bruh did she say the n word!?


    Alex Backer dude, you kinda proved his point.
    And the people who liked your comment are dumb too and don't realize it.

    It's the way you use the word, as in other words, the intent.

    He was right.
    Now stop being sensitive, that's not at all how she meant it.


    If you think the song is from her perspective, you need to read the lyrics lmao. It makes sense in the context of the song.

    Carl Chelsea

    It seems to me she said it in the character of the barbaric soldier.

    young neil

    because amanda is a fake edgy special snowflake :/

    Slightly Sleep Deprived

    @Sara A reference to the awful nickname "sand n*****" for middle easterners. The whole song is very sarcastic

  34. Elissa Barclay

    the best thing i ve seen in a long fucking time

  35. 24paljim

    Love it/her!! She's so wild!! :-))

  36. Mychael Helmz

    Good Morning Killer King You're A Star...

  37. amysacrifice

    it's a hit but are you actually sure? the targets in the crowd are a blur. the people screaming just like they should. and you don't even know if you're good.

  38. Morgan

    She says "stratocaster strap to your back" yet she's holding a telecasters. They're both made by Fender but they are two different types of guitars.

    Caleb McNevin

    She's talking about someone else I'm pretty sure, "... strapped to _your_ back."


    And the guitar is not even a fender. Look at the headstock, this is not a Fender headstock. My guess would be a haggstrom or something.


    She's not even referring to a guitar though, but a game controller. You're too focused on the details lol.

    X X

    And even more precisely: the guitar is just a metaphor for a gun, but yeah.

  39. ShutUpMirai Dx

    I feel really stupid asking this question is she a girl? Btw love her voice

    Natalie Parker

    ShutUpMirai Dx 😂Yes, she is.

  40. hist0ryrepeats

    isn't she young for a 'faces of death' reference, or did it make a comeback online? fod dates back to, like, vhs/videodrome-era pop culture. 

    Christopher Andrews

    @hist0ryrepeats Amanda is creeping up on forty. As one of her contemporaries, I can assure you she is not too young for it.

  41. Rhon When

    Is this song about a school shooting?

    Alaina McNeal

    I think I read that she said it was about kids tuning out reality and being desensitized to life because of it.


    Jesse Colton I believe that's where she got the inspiration for it, but there are waaaay too many references to guns, killing, and terrorism to not have more to the song than that. I think OP is on the money, a school shooting makes sense, or a hate crime or war.

    Catherine Knight

    It makes references to war, school shootings, Guitar Hero and violent video games. I don't think it's straightforwardly about one thing.

  42. Bon Qui Qui Jones

    Ugly bitch has no talent

    Lokeal Votaro

    It's not that she has no Talent, it's that you have no taste.

    It's not that she's ugly, she's a bit above average in fact...

    Your eyes must be blurred.

    Shall I interest you in some butt sex from your beloved Justin Bieber? 


    Claire Wood

    @Zwerewolf By connecting to people through art. By letting people tell their stories to her and through her. By joining thousands of people together and helping to create friendships among them. Don't knock Amanda till you've tried her fanbase! :^)

    Field Medic

    @Bon Qui Qui Jones Neat opinion.

    Ana Nagurnaja

    @Bon Qui Qui Jones C'mon, don't be so hard on yourself...


    +Bon Qui Qui Jones This makes me sad for you.

  43. Howl Cobain

    I love her

  44. Drew Kane

    Sounds a lot like late-era Clash.  Especially her skanking guitar.


    +Drew Kane Totally. I definitely hear The Clash, but I can hear it as early as "London Calling." It's a really creative use of that influence, though.

  45. Borbála Rumi

    I like her early Jack White-ish attitude here.

  46. KrissLucia

    Watch "Strength Through Music" before watching this one, it makes this song so much more powerful.

  47. eternalalien1

    WoW - - - you wouldn't belive how this ends.

  48. sami Selene

    like saying she should shave...

  49. Joseph Williams

    she looks really cute with longish hair

  50. Ashley Gates

    No, they are painted on... she paints them a little different every time. Check her other videos. You can also see her paint them on in Girl Anachronism's video from when she was part of the Dresden Dolls.

  51. Samuel Okoro

    If I ever sexual role-play later on, the girls wearing that outfit 1:33. Damn!

  52. Fernando Fiorini

    she is my guitar hero

  53. Agnes Agneau

    That's an excellent question.

  54. Remie Stronks

    Thats what I would like to know aswell!

  55. Alice Liddell

    Fantastic name: look it up. (seriously, I'm not being a bitch).

  56. slender slenderr

    Does anybody know what's the name of the guitar they use in this video? It's amazing.

  57. MelegantMe

    She's more fucking alive than anyone I've ever witnessed. She sees this world, and dives into it, she breathes it, she knows it, and I fucking love her.

  58. CWZ Guitar

    Howdy! I've recently built a TV/Guitar invention I call the "Guitelevision" and would like some other guitarist's feedback. My demo video is called "Guitelevision" (should be first up if you search it) and I'd love to hear some thoughts. Many thanks! - cwzvideo

  59. J Sharp

    So takes me back to my teens in the early 80s. Awesome.

  60. volcanic tuff

    in her armpits.

  61. Tyler Blundo

    I've seen her sweat them off at concerts. They're draw on, also she does them differently sometimes.

  62. PenJLane

    Nope. It's eyeliner. Go watch Girl Anachronism music video if you still honestly think they're tattoos.

  63. Karin Antal

    Nope. She draws them in.

  64. Karin Antal

    Biggest. Lady boner. EVER. <3

  65. Tomguild1

    I think those are tatoos

  66. AzimuthElectronic

    Brilliant. give this man a medal.

  67. Joseph Allison


  68. Philip Shaw

    How to appeal to those with high musical taste:
    1. Shave your eyebrows off and paint them back on.
    2. Make a song that sounds like London Calling.
    3. Make more songs that sound like London Calling.

    I'm taking notes. I want to sell records to hipsters too!!


    I can't unhear it now, thank you. XD

  69. Nanda

    She has a nice shape to her skull. I think she could pull off a shaved look, especially with those brows. :v

  70. XArcane

    Engorged clitoris? That's cool, lets fuck.

  71. Katerina Louloudi

    But look how pretty and awesome they are. They are worth the fuss!

  72. Nanda

    Oh. People were making it sound as if there was some significant meaning behind it. But it's "just because?" Huh!

  73. Katerina Louloudi

    She has painted eyebrows. And they are fucking awesome.

  74. Mt Bkr

    Wow! Who are these hot chicks ?

  75. bloodymack15

    can you play Amanda Palmers "Guitar Hero" on Guitar Hero?.....

  76. Normeiskey

    This music video must have cost a fucking fortune.

  77. Sara Taylor

    You must be new here.

  78. Nanda

    Quality over quantity, friend.

  79. Nanda

    I am. Mind explaining to me? :)

  80. Eric McFadden

    did anyone else notice there's a guitar in this video, or is it just me?

  81. Eric McFadden

    i think it's supposed to get progressively messier throughout the song.

  82. xXShrinkWrapXx

    Amanda Palmer videos = Feminist porn.

  83. Alice Liddell

    She gives me a huge lady boner too!! <3 (Lady boners unite?) lmao

  84. Mt Bkr

    Amanda Fucking Palmer!

    Oi Oi Oi

    Can't wait to see you again Sept 11


  85. snail viXen

    the song that describes this generation

  86. Maty As

    she is amazing, so versatile, the world need artists like this

  87. eVOLVeProductionCo

    One of my favorites off her solo album.

  88. skipdv

    ill inject something even better...

  89. Raven Dodd

    Amanda Fucking Palmer gives me the biggest lady boner <3

  90. toribjork10

    ....and that's why i say it sucks.

  91. Sandra Von Ruin

    I dont think that you should so easily say that evelyn evelyn sucks, the music is slightly different than that of amanda palmer or of the dresden dolls, its just another exploration of the dark cabaret genre she wanted to do something odd and different that expressed herself through a character in a different way. Evelyn Evelyn does not suck you just dont enjoy the concept of it or the sound they produce

  92. Jaz G-E

    Didnt think I liked this when I first heard it must have had something wrong with me at the time!

  93. Cera Thomason

    People are fucking stupid giving you thumbs down. Evelyn Evelyn is awesome!!

  94. toribjork10

    ugh... evelyn evelyn sucks man... lol sorry to say.

  95. TheMattholland

    This should have more zeroes at the end of the view number. You disappoint me, world!

  96. Elisabeth Cox

    This is my favourite WKAP video.

  97. Valeria Evans

    I've loved Amanda since 'A is for Accident', and only because I had a penpal from Boston. I even shaved off my eyebrows when I was fifteen... But I realized only she can really pull it off.
    My love for her is now more for her music. Much less creepy.
    Maybe a little creepy.