Amanda Palmer - Dear Old House That I Grew Up In Lyrics

Dear old house that i grew up in
I know they're gonna leave you any day
dear old house that i grew up in
can't you find a way to make them stay

and while the girls i went to school with
went downtown with all the cool kids
I was staked out in your cellar
making friends with dead umbrellas

and the creeks of every floorboard
tell the story of the girl i stuck inside
and if they move away
I'll have no place to hide

dear old house that i grew up in
i have never really been in love
you took my heart when i was a child
and your noises wrapped around my little body
like a winterglove

you're just a random set of objects
in a town that's full of sadness
in the armpit of the world
your cut downtrees and lousy soil

and if i wanted to i'd keep you
and i'd fill you up and heat you
with the market how it is, Amanda
well you know the price of oil

goodnight stairs and goodnight stars
on painted bedroom walls
attic door and banister
i'll miss you most of all

I was s'posed to keep you safe
this wasn't supposed to end
does it sound ridiculous
to call you my best friend

dear old house that i grew up in
I know i haven't visited that much
but every lifeless hotel and appartment i walk into
just reminds me of the doorknobs that i want to touch

and i won't miss you when they sell you
to some evil yuppie couple
with a child who'll put Miley Cyrus
posters in my bedroom

I am a native of the globe
I am a rockstar on the road
I am now centrally located
anywhere that i am known

but it doesn't feel like anywhere
when you can't go back home

dear old house i grew up in
I know it's not your fault that this went down
please don't take it personally
love, Amanda

ps tell the evil yuppie couple
when i'm rich, i'll buy them out

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Amanda Palmer Dear Old House That I Grew Up In Comments
  1. Nathalia Kinsey

    I had to move out of my childhood home a few months ago. This song had me sobbing.

  2. Dee Kennedy

    I hope that whoever buys it puts Amanda Palmer posters in thaeir bedroom.

  3. PyleanHedgehog

    She made me cry. AGAIN. :(

  4. Tinkerbelll89

    you always impress me, amanda...

  5. Rae Wild

    Amanda's just so amazing <3