Amanda Marshall - Sunday Morning After Lyrics

I woke up with a killer hangover
Hope it was worth all this pain
(I'd do it all over again)
By the time the party was over
Tequila was my claim to fame
(I couldn't remember my name)

I was dancing with Jake when I last saw my keys
That was my first mistake
'Cause, what happened to me?
I look down at my arm, baby
And something's lookin' back at me
And I cannot believe it

Oh my God!-- I woke up with a snake tattoo
Oh my God!-- and I think that my tongue's pierced, too
Oh my God!-- Oh my God!
It's the sunday morning after
And baby, who the hell are you?

I remember yelling, "Hey, DJ!"
"Jack the volume, I love this song!"
(And then it all gets hazy)
And my clothes are selling on e-bay (clickclick)
And I don't know what I'm gonna put on
(Where were my friends to save me?)

I blacked out I came to
And it's all such a blur
Had a blast, I assume
But I'm really not sure
Exactly where am I now, baby?
Wake up and tell me your name (Excuse Me?)
'Cause this is insane


Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
My alter ego took over and took me on a fantasy ride
You can take me anywhere twice
But the second time will be to apologize


Where am I...?, What am I...?, Who am I...?, How am I...?,
How did I...?...

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Amanda Marshall Sunday Morning After Comments
  1. Théodor McMallen

    Calling her at home:
    «Where are you?»

    Oh boy... you're hangover too lol

  2. LegzFallOffGirl

    This song was cool before Katy Perry's Last Friday Night

  3. Edward Bliss

    This reminds me of Netscape and message forums

  4. Ben Oltmanns

    My fav pop song :)

  5. 74Voyeur

    This girl's got an awesome set of pipes!

  6. Nonna MacDeah

    I'm a senior and I still LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song and Amanda Marshall!!!!

  7. BAYSTARS2019

    0:18 わ、渡辺さん🎵

  8. Bobby Burns

    "Boys Cheat" T-shirt.... Sexist. Girls don't cheat, too? Who do you think the guys are with? lol


    Single ladies? lol

  9. Rebecca Knox

    The lyrics remind me of being young and having mornings like that after a fun night, it is starting to worry me that soon mornings like that will just be a sign of alzheimer's.

    CatLady 493

    LOL! Me too. :)

  10. Lucas Martin

    Throwback to my childhood lol

  11. Amanda F

    ugh how much i love amanda marshall! come back into my life!!!

  12. sarah woolf

    I figured out the puzzle/mystery

  13. David Wright

    The 3rd album left me cold shouldn't have changed her style but I still dig her

    Thomas Donohue

    I agree

    Angelikka X

    Yep! Agreed.

  14. Missy Hudson


  15. Andrew Fraser

    Brilliant voice, brilliant song !

  16. Zorph 27

    On the Canadian ITunes, not sure if it's on the American one

  17. Kimberly Heys

    love this video - lol


    Emily Ryan

    She will be performing in North Bay this summer!

  18. Jim Somr

    she played at Caesars Windsor a couple of years ago...

  19. vampiriolli

    holy shit! I thought she fell off the face of the earth


    oh nevermind this is an old song

  20. Steve Berberovic

    She's retired, due to legal troubles, apparently. Sad, she was good.

    Jelena Milacic

    she's performing this summer

    Nikky W

    Steve Berberovic ya I'm seeing her this summer

  21. Milkshake24

    me hoping uploading this now is indication of a new album coming, missed this girl so much

    Kimberly Heys

    ME TOO!!!!

  22. Vilnis Krumins

    Yeah? Girls cheat, too!