Amanda Marshall - Love Is My Witness Lyrics

I've been thinking about us
I've been turning round and round
Even buried my head in the sand of the holy land
That claims my name
And I'm not a liar
When I say that I love you
I just take one look in those ruby eyes
And I see the light

So I raise my hand
Love is my witness
And I am guilty for a lot of things I've done
But if I'm the holy daughter, your the holy son
And my heart says
Love is my witness

Don't run away
Don't let 'em plant that seed in ya
Emotions are deeper than the empty stares
That disaprove
Life is a diamond
At first surrounded by the coal
It take more than words
More than words to make us whole


If you wanna make god laugh, tell him your plans
'Cause that won't take you to the promised land


Love is my witness

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Amanda Marshall Love Is My Witness Comments
  1. Christian Bosch

    I love her Voice!!!

  2. voldo230

    kid frovk