Amanda Marshall - Let It Rain Lyrics

I have given, I have given and got none
Still I'm driven by something I can't explain
It's not a cross, it is a choice
I cannot help but hear his voice
I only wish that I could listen without shame

Let it rain, let it rain on me
Let it rain, oh let it rain
Let it rain on me

I have been a witness to the perfect crime
I Wipe the grin off of my face to hide the blame
It isn't worth the tears you cry
To have a perfect alibi
Now I'm beaten at the hands of my own game

Let it rain, let it rain on me
Let it rain, oh let it rain
Let it rain on me

It isn't easy to be kind
With all these demons in my mind
I only hope one day I'll be free

I do my best not to complain
My face is dirty from the strain
I only hope one day I'll come clean

Rain, let it rain on me
Let it rain, oh let it rain
Let it rain on me

Come take my hand
We can walk to the light
And without fear
We can't see through the darkest night

Rain, rain on me
Let it rain, oh let it rain
Let it rain on me

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Amanda Marshall Let It Rain Comments
  1. Sharon Cust

    Awesome song 💜

  2. Stuart Limbrick

    Great for singing. crying, and screaming out to when the world just gets to be too much!!

  3. denny johnston

    I have been listening to this song since 1995, so about 24 years. I will never get sick of it, she is a talented singer, who definitely needs more recognition!!! Amazing!!!!

  4. Marco Harrer

    Amanda „The Voice!“ Marshall ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  5. bLackwolf 01

    İf year 1995

  6. Al Huggins

    i've loved Amanda since her very beginning and the heart she has in life and in her music even through all yhe BS she had to put up with with her record company and all that but..... i don't give a damn about the rain... let it cuz she always gave me a good feeling in my heart where it's always warm and never raining.

  7. Lala Lafayette

    This song is about a golden shower

    top secret

    Do you know ,
    what Frank Zappa
    meant with the
    golden shower ?

  8. The-Prophet

    i'm here 14-7-2019

  9. Cheryle Holleran

    2019. Amazing vocals and not a naked booty to be found. Class and talent.

    top secret

    I love this album ! ! !

    top secret

    Since come out :
    I love this album ! ! !

  10. S C

    Her voice reminds me of Lzzy hale from halestorm

  11. Warriors Son 1966

    Underrated ..remembered from days gone by..

    walk out of the party.
    look at the stars.
    Zone out.
    This played.

  12. Howard Peacock

    I love you my pearly its me lonnie i love wen you sing for me .....

  13. Karen Yates

    So so true

  14. detharp

    harmonica key A

  15. Ye Ye

    listening in 2019

  16. Kamel T

    Miss those days! first Amanda's "roar"...thx

  17. Tau Maihi

    This song makes me feel so awake with inspiration and have unconditional love for all my brother's and all my sister's all round the world, awesome song, thank you so much

  18. Shari Fess

    Fuck I love Amanda Marshall

  19. SCG Niagara

    Should have millions of views.

  20. ImaMonaKnight


  21. rural sheep dog Sheep

    Haven't heard this song in ages until now😁

  22. Karen Yates

    Man can this chick sing

  23. Sharon Fehr

    AMANDA Totally ROCKS🎶

  24. Curtis Braun

    Saw her in concert in the late 90's......she was amazing.

  25. Larry Smith

    Love Amanda's Songs.Such a Powerful Voice.

  26. sly guy

    Let it rain

  27. Dartanianswordsman

    She reminds me of Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Manchester

  28. WOLFWITCH 88

    GREAT RECORD!!! Played this CD into Oblivion!!

  29. Corbyn Payne

    Why was this removed from Spotify? I listened to this a thousand times and then it was gone.

  30. Karen Yates

    So true reminds me of myself

  31. Miyoshi Moore

    I so Wish there would be an Amanda Marshall come back! I Love, Love, Love This girls talent. Amanda come back!

  32. Stindels

    It touches the soul...

  33. loleeta irving

    I never thought this would turn into a classic but it s getting there //an old acquaintance friend of mine toured with her ...there was a cool house in Vancouver back in the day all Musicians I was recording my cd and we made it on the radio ..special time for everyone When it s happening you just roll with it someone else signed onto Netwerk and Tom Cochrane's Drummer was living there Sam the Bass Player Susie the Violinist good network of ppl ...dont know what happened to everyone ?Peace ...hope they have peace

  34. Cheryl L Bullock

    Amazing bro loved it and was the last song he heard before he passed

  35. Mamiegoodheart

    Incredible talent!!!!!!!!  One of the greats. :))

  36. Super Mario0004

    i was sure it was her in the early 80s on much music when she was younger! that Voice WOW!! Cant forget it!!

  37. susan wallace

    Sweet Jesus~

  38. Nici Maus

    Love thus Voice!!🤗

  39. Sharon Cust

    Powerful fantastic singer 💗

  40. LuzMa G

    Truly amazing, I wonder where she is now?

  41. Andre Haubrock

    Geile Stimme!

  42. Mariel Poret

    Le pied quand je la chante.en acoustique.

  43. Youth Seeker

    Omg i loved Amanda Marshall n the 90 I listen to this CD over and over

  44. Steven Golder

    Said goodbye to an old friend last week, this song was played following the awful news...LOUDLY!

  45. Spongerob0

    What a voice! I can listen to her sing all day.

  46. Robert Fredette

    She can sing and isn't she beautiful? YES .. BIG TIME. XXOO

  47. Анита Майорова

    Классная песня -90 -х на дискотеки медленный танец.

  48. Larry Smith

    After we clear this Hedley business I play.

  49. Larry Smith

    Shouda always promoted Canadian Females-4 free-Like i always do.

  50. polarman

    Salmon festival gfw.

  51. Phl0gist0n

    Does anybody know what Amanda Marshall is doing now? I read about a new album which was planned, but this happened some years ago ...

  52. susan wallace


  53. Linda Pettersson


  54. Wodgar Allace

    ne tolle nummer.

  55. Tilia Hernandez

    She's a living Saint.
    Her story is that it was her against the Jewish minoth @ Records Dot Com @ Canada....
    That was her crime....
    Realizing she was being ripped off by Satans' choice @ records dot come here, she tried to renegotiate her terms of recordment only to lose to the nearly indomitable god of money and worldly desires; Mammon....
    Yet she live here; like Christ, who was and IS always with her to prove that thou shall not harm your sisters and brothers here on Earth as you would not in Heaven.|
    Pray for her second coming; it CAN happen...With unrequited LOVE
    <3 <3 <3

  56. Uchiha Nyke

    who is still listening this in 2018? <3

    rex bradley

    i am in 2019

    Arnoud Klomp

    @rex bradley me toooo

    Hrvoje Vidos

    Meee . . . . 20.08.2019

    Mark Ingersoll

    Uchiha Nyke I’m still listening in 2019

  57. Kenneth C Fetters jr

    What is she doing between her legs? SKANKO ALERT! RAN she needs bleach

  58. Apicha P.

    Great to hear this song again from late 90s..

  59. things change

    Good song I want to cry

  60. Kiss my ring

    Oh my 20 s have gone
    But not this x💽

  61. Danielle Ethier

    hi love you from howard

  62. Mike 1807

    One of the best songs ever. Goes straight to the heart, very deep. Love the song, the voice and the girl behind🙏 ... and let it rain in my darkest hours.

  63. Tec

    And she's a very beautiful woman at that. What a combo lol !!

  64. Anita Panzine


  65. Daina Brower

    Got this on tape as soon as it came out. Played it over and over. When I heard her on My Best Friend's Wedding soundtrack, I was so excited! Love her voice and songs. 90's memories. Love them!

  66. Miss Ross

    So, so many underrated Canadian artists...

    Victoria Blom

    Miss Ross indeed...

    Uwe Helming

    My great favorites from Canada is SAGA, but there are many other.... Greats from Germany

  67. Patrick Doneld

    Pretty awesome actually

  68. chibi tomato

    love it

  69. Rinku Gurung

    let it rain is my 1st favorite song I singed it.

  70. MetismanInBC

    Oh My Lord...I cannot listen to this song without it raining, from my eyes. Such a talent, such an awesome voice, such a beautiful woman, such a great song!

  71. BlueBerryFairy1

    I'm crying like the freak that I am right now.

  72. Grateful One

    Plan on trying this out open mic soon. Hope I can hit those notes. Always loved this song.

  73. bigD5172

    This song reminds me of Quarterflash. Not an insult either.

  74. john Svida

    Concerts in Canada please!! Such talent ...

  75. MrRamyon74

    God's Grace is like rain.....

    Sei sha

    i was wondering what the rain meant

    Robin McAdam

    MrRamyon74 The holy spirit Falls like rain

    Robin McAdam

    goes backwards forwards upwards downwards sideway words in every direction it comes and it goes and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  76. Marlene Mccleery

    what a powerful soul of a voice, I LOVE this song!,

  77. John Francis

    anyone feel this song is a song about her relationship with God ?

    Derek Baker

    She definitely is a spiritual person with a beautiful soul, and - yes - I think that the song is (on one level) about a conversation with God... about her venting her frustration with life & revealing her shame to the Lord, then asking for His forgiveness & grace to rain down on her.

    I don't know if you have ever seen her perform, or get interviewed on TV, but if not, I will tell you that there is such a beautiful aura around her & one look in her eyes reveals that a higher power & greater purpose guides her in everything she does.

    Amanda should have been a mega-superstar, but Sony Records screwed her over & basically prevented her from putting out more albums, and cutting her off from the record distribution/publicity/marketing system. However, one can tell in interviews that she is a peace with all of the crap that happened & very grateful for the life she has. She does perform once in a while, but only when she feels like doing so (eg. for a good cause, or special event).

  78. MaereMaid

    I had read that she would be working on a new album, but that just fizzled fast. She's so talented; I wish she'd get back in the public eye.

  79. Peter Albert

    Love this song and her first album 👍👍👍

  80. Tyler Adam

    so much love for this chick and her music

    Robert Fredette

    Hopefully it washes the pain away. Beautiful song .

  81. Joe Moore

    Love this Song!

    Jan Bad Melničuk

    Me too...

  82. Christee Palace

    Check out my cover of "Let It Rain"!! :D

  83. jamuga60

    Man this chick can sing!!!!!! Not telling anyone anything there. I can't believe that this song wasn't a monster hit all over the world. It has it all word and music combined with the voice of an angel to make a masterpiece in my opinion.

    susan wallace

    It was!

    mr. finley

    Listen to "beautiful goodbye" by of the best song I've ever heard.

    Mike Heath

    This song was huge in Canada and still gets played...volume goes up 😜

    Tina Martin

    Tina ...
    Beautiful voice ❤️❤️❤️

    Ana Felix

    it was huge in Portugal ;)

  84. ImaMonaKnight

    Oh Gorgeous..

  85. Paul Buckle

    fresh canadian talant got her career found in a pub in Richmond hill ont what ever happened to her.

    Derek Baker

    She was discovered by the late, great guitarist/bluesman Jeff Healey. He was so blown away by her singing that he took her on his next tour to be the opening act. I think she was still in high school at the time! That was the first time I saw Amanda Marshall perform, and it was a moment I will never forget. Her voice gave me goosebumps on top of goosebumps!

  86. Rebecca cantu

    saw her 20 years ago in San Diego.. love her..

  87. Justin Kaomi-Mamakwa

    I grew up to this song I would listen to this song when I was younger

  88. Ian Toomer

    A pure and awesome talent. Wonder what happened.....I love your work Amanda. Thank you.

  89. Craig Barclay

    i almost cry when I hear this song

  90. Jason Minshull

    I bought this album when it came out back when I was 12. I used to play Doom II while listening to it.

  91. Teacher Wilna

    This song was introduced by a good friend of mine.


    Ready for another song.

  93. Farina

    Mein absolutes Lieblingslied von ihr !❤️

  94. Gianni Rocky

    a canadian legenddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd from our canada

  95. Ron Giesen

    Damn so good

  96. Al Huggins

    a true gift this canadian girl to real music. i remember first seeing her playing in clubs in Toronto when she wasn't even old enough to get in clubs....not to mention drinking a few beers with her in her dressing room. she's a lady with attitude and always liked her as a friend.


    Great. Like it.

  97. Missditabomb

    Two things:  I remember Bob McAdorey, an entertainment reporter for Global News in Canada, introducing Amanda Marshal and this song in 1995.  He was blown away by her and couldn't say enough about her talent.  I felt the same way and bought her album the very next day.  This woman should have been wildly successful internationally.  I don't know why she wasn't.  Her voice is STRONG and her songwriting is impeccable.  I will get down arrowed for this, but I don't care, Shania Twain does not have a 1/4 of this woman's vocal range and ability, yet she is renowned and wealthy beyond what she should be, in my opinion.  Shania's looks got her where she is along with the promotional savvy of her former husband, Mutt Lange.  Amanda is beautiful, but not classically so and did not have the push behind her from her record company that Shania had behind her with her powerful husband.  I find this a terrible shame. Shania is a wreck performing, because she knows she really isn't as talented as all the hoopla around her insinuated. She says she "lost her confidence" and that is why she didn't release anything for years. Um, no.  She knew, deep down, she is not what she was built up to be.  Amanda is the singer and woman we should have been seeing and hearing more of all along.  A shame, as Amanda is authentic.

    Keetah Brough

    why bother comparing? Shania is and was great..and i'll believe her when she says she isn't inspired to write or sing anymore.. i wouldn't be either when humanity compares everyone as opposed to appreciating diverse talents. It's cut throat bullshit, the industry..and its fans. Imagine someone cutting you up like that. Buncha assholes. :3

    Tim Ingraham

    Missditabomb WOW this is my very " own" personal growth redemption song! Always play it when coming back to remember Ing who we truly are!! Many I cry and pray and sing)

    Tim Ingraham


    Tim Ingraham

    Missditabomb Yes she is my HERO for this song " gives me wings! as I fly SOARING hang gliding.. Namaste..You ain't never lied lol My friend


    Keetah Brough
    We are all allowed to have our preference and to express it.