Amanda Marshall - Double Agent Lyrics

What do you see when you see me?
You see my long blonde hair and the particular way
that my lips are shaped
That my body takes, When you talk to me
What do you know when you know me?
Don't file me under catagories, Your deceived
You don't know me
I'm not only a surface, a country
What you don't know about me is


I'm a double agent on my momma's side
The shit I hear you say just blows my mind
Every time, recognize
Though who I am to you is not a lie
I don't have to volunteer and say
That I was born a particular way
I got not uniform, I'm camouflaged in any light
Obviously you can't tell
I'm a double agent on my momma's side

What do you hear when you hear me?
I hear you crank up Jay-Z, it's your favorite jam
And you talk with your hands like an MC
Betcha never get stopped by the police
You never ask me about me (no,no,no)
About how I feel when you call all your white friends
"Homeboy", "nigga" and "homie"
Oh please
It hurts me
And you don't see
What you don't know about me is
(I told you everybody's got a story.)


I am invisible (I am)
Am I responsible? (I am)
I'm in between it all
Who is the enemy?
I am part of no plan
My honesty is contraband
My blood is thicker than any man's

What do you like when you like me?
I am ingredients far beyond flour and molecules
Calluses, family jewels
I'm no fool
We went to the same school
Some of your best friends are just like me
But when they're not around, you make jokes and conspire
The fire gets higher and I feel the heat
Rising underneath
Who is more deceived?
What you don't know about me is


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Amanda Marshall Double Agent Comments
  1. Robert Michael Todd


  2. Ontario Andrews

    Amanda Marshall is such an amazing talent. I wonder why (it appears) that she's stop recording. I think I have all of her CDs. Come back Amanda. Come back! :)

  3. Harden Thicke

    She kind of looks like Kym Whitley when she makes certain faces.

  4. Melinda .Melinda

    Wow, what a song! ... neither being white enough or black enough or confused for as white cause it's hard for some people to believe that, though part black, bi-racial people can look white - well they can and do. Great lyrics, great sound - Love you Amanda Marshall!! <3 

  5. OKzs

    Love this

  6. Marina

    @cherryberryblossom People have thought I was hispanic lol

  7. Marina

    @cherryberryblossom Just like she says in the song 'you see my long blonde hair & the particular way that my lips are shaped' If you see a photo of her mother her mother looks like an african-american woman but Amanda doesn't. One of my best friends father is african-canadian & her mother is white, she looks like her mother. I am mixed race as well, although not by much I still look like my mother's side of the family + my father's forehead.

  8. Daisy Duke

    Finally someone was brave enough to put mixed race out there and not be afraid to sing about it. And the song is amazing you can dance to it she performed it like a champ she's amazing I think she's got alot of confidence in her identity and it's good for biracial kids to see someone just like them out there proud of both parts of them she is. They need to see that both parts are equally amazing!

  9. surfango1

    She is just brilliant! nuf said

  10. Marina

    @CaptOsage no problem :) (I agree though.. It does remind me of Alias :) )

  11. CaptOsage

    @marinasvoice Ah, I didn't know that. Just always compared it to Alias, but thanks for letting me know though ^_^

  12. Marina

    @CaptOsage The song is about an ex bf of hers that was racist & he didn't know that she was half black..

  13. TheMultiGunMan


  14. TheMultiGunMan

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. TheMultiGunMan

    I love this song!

  16. david wright

    @jms980 i agree too radical a change it turned a few fans away im surs love the first two albums and i hope to get to see her although i usually find out she is close by after its over...

  17. CaptOsage

    This song reminds me of Alias the TV show, because Sydney's situation is exactly what the lyrics describe.

  18. jms980

    this cd has some good songs but it for one went in a new direcyion which is not too my liking, but sometimes that happens, but the problem lies in the fact that it was such a drmatic departure from the first 2 cd's. This song is amazing howvere! I want to see "Out Of Bounds" posted on here.

  19. RhiannanAR1

    TY so much for posting this! I love this track so much!! I love all her stuff actually, there is definitely not enough of her stuff up on YT!! We gotta change that!! :_)

  20. Vegan Deterioration

    and u talk with your hands like an mc
    bet ya never get stopped by the police :D

  21. Gwennogirl

    after that came in 2003 intermission the sinles collection.

  22. vanessacherrelle

    love this song!!!!

  23. pcressma

    What makes you say that?

  24. pcressma

    Awesome song.