Amanda Marshall - Don't Let It Bring You Down Lyrics

Old man lying by the side of the road
With the lorries rolling by,
Blue moon sinking from the weight of the load
And the building scrape the sky,
Cold wind ripping down the allay at dawn
And the morning paper flies,
Dead man lying by the side of the road
With the daylight in his eyes,
Don't let it bring you down - it's only castles burning,
Find someone who's turning and you will come around.

Blind man running through the light of the night

With an answer in his hand,
Come on down to the river of sight
And you can really understand,
Red lights flashing through the window in the rain,
Can you hear the sirens moan?
White cane lying in a gutter in the lane,
If you're walking home alone,
Don't let it bring you down - it's only castles burning,
Just find someone who's turning and you will come around.

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Amanda Marshall Don't Let It Bring You Down Comments
  1. MVE

    Best female rock voice ever!

  2. Hugh Jardon

    Without a doubt, my favorite singer of all time! I've seen her 5 times in concert and I'd love to see her again. Love you always, Amanda! Thank you for your gift of song.

  3. 藤本修


  4. El Chupacabra

    Am I the only person who thinks she sounds like Kelly Clarkson???

    Hugh Jardon

    maybe on her best day, Kelly Clarkson might sound like Amanda!

  5. Hendrik Birke

    Thank you for share this video! Love it ♥

  6. HC3053

    01:40 I Can't Stand The Rain (cover of an Ann Peebles’ song)
    04:33 - 09:55 Let It Rain
    10:33 Introduction of her Band, Interview & Spectator's questions
    17:17 Fall From Grace
    22:40 Dark Horse
    28:30 Spectator's questions
    31:45 Let's Get Lost
    35:46 Sitting On Top Of The World
    41:08 Break & Spectator's questions
    44:31 Beautiful Goodbye
    50:25 Birmingham
    58:06 Spectator's questions
    1:00:58 Promises
    1:05:49 Don't Let It Bring You Down (cover of a Neil Young song)
    1:09:05 Spectator's questions
    1:15:50 Castles Made Of Sand (cover of a Jimi Hendrix song)

    @ liznyny: Thank you very much for uploading this great video (with very good sound quality) and you're of course welcome to copy my above tracklist into your above description of this video if you want.

  7. 2GoldensTosa

    Sweet Jesus - what an amazing voice and performer! Wow!

  8. Steven Guirao

    Just discovered watching Dawson's Creek in 2019 (1x06). By the way, I'm spanish and I'm glad to know that I'm the only spaniard that knows about this JEWEL. You Canadian people can feel SO SO SO proud of this amazing talented lady...It's...unbelievable...totally incredible. Loving her to bits.

  9. ImaMonaKnight


  10. ImaMonaKnight

    Your One Of A Kind💎💘

  11. ImaMonaKnight

    My Favourite 💎💘

  12. ImaMonaKnight


  13. Ludger Becker

    One of my great loves in music

  14. gdmccullough

    Thanks for posting this...she was and is just an amazing talent

  15. Jen Campbell

    Amanda's like this incredible music vortex...she pulls me right in and immediately I'm innately centered and harmonized. Everything about her is genuine and unique, I could listen and watch her perform all day...and her hair is pretty darn cool too! 🙂

  16. Jatoya .S

    Was she on drugs her body language and mannerisms was suspect to be so 🤔 neither less she had a strong beautiful voice

    Jen Campbell

    She deeply feels the music and it's manifested and expressed in and by her movements - as you can see when she speaks, she's very expressive with her hands. She's congruent, she's the real deal...and quite amazing! 🙂

    Treva Bondarenko

    What stupid thing to say. Can you that. I doubt it

    Loosemouth Cowboy

    She was a very dedicated person during that time as you can tell by raw talent. I got to go to a sound check and check out her tour bus and meet her in her change room after the show in North bay. My friend knew the guitarist Dameon very well. Amanda was very nice but tired after such a good show. I got to give her a hug and tell her she was amazing.

  17. Xach Mustel

    50:00 Fricking AMAZING song.

  18. Lisa McDonald

    My favorite all time artist.

  19. Stewart Atwood

    Thank you much for posting this!

  20. Tracey Devlin

    New Album Please !!!

  21. Maggie M

    Still love her.

  22. Christian Bosch

    Amanda is the Voice of the Universe!!! Greetz from Berlin!!

  23. Mark Larocque

    The best pure Canadian female voice of our time. Period.

  24. Isabelle Larabie

    I have this on video tape somewhere! Really nice to see it again. Thank you!

  25. Lisa Kennedy

    Thank you SO MUCH for putting this up! This episode made me fall in love with Amanda Marshall and defined high school years! THANK YOU!!!