Amanda Cook - Water Under The Bridge Lyrics

To the water under the bridge
I'll bring my heartache and my brokenness
There I'll let it go, watch it float out to the sea
To the water waiting for me

I'll bring my judgements, all my offense
I'll leave my weapons and walls of defense
I'll surrender now
I'm learning how to let love into the chaos inside of me

In the water under the bridge,
I will find my will to forgive
There is life and death in my breath, under my skin
Some have died here, but I choose to live

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Amanda Cook Water Under The Bridge Comments
  1. Avi Rabinowitz

    This is otherworldly.. Beautiful!

  2. IKECH545

    "Some have died here, but I choose to live." I am so thankful that God granted us the freedom of choice.

  3. Anu Madhubhashinie

    Oh Amanda... :(
    Bless you. Love to you so much!!

  4. lapyn jane

    I can feel her pain in this song. It's no wonder TD Jakes says "There is a cost to the anointing". Thankyou Amanda that you allowed yourself to feel the brokenness to minister healing to many broken people through this song and I'm one of them

  5. Maria Sekaja

    Wow,,,beautiful song

  6. Cloud Judah

    i think its not even a worship song


    Cloud Judah , anything written in poetry to the Lord is worship.

  7. Samael Gamanywa

    To let love in the Chaos inside of me...

  8. Bianca Sanchez

    To let love into the chaos inside of me💖

  9. Bianca Sanchez


  10. Bianca Sanchez

    Omg I been waiting for the full album

  11. Azazi-Lelei peremoboere

    She's been through so much and I'm so glad God has been her stay for He helped her through it all.. I can feel the outcry of her soul in this album.. Thank you Amanda. God bless you. Amen.

    Remedy Broken

    By through much what do you what happened to her?

    Lapyn Mawiong

    Remedy Broken divorce

  12. Teef Killer

    Cool ill use this song in my videos

    (Help me get 410+ subs please)

  13. Dimitar Dimitrov

    Amanda’s performance always has blessed me, big time! Great gift to the body of Christ!

  14. Josephine Dako

    Jesus I love you lord

  15. Andrea S.

    "Some have died here, but I choose to live"....that's the power of forgiveness. Thank you Jesus!!

    Zoe Guzman_22

    amen sister :))

    Lisa M

    When I heard that line I thought of the struggle with depression and anxiety. which she has talked about and which has been the literal death of some, but she declares that she will live. <3

  16. Irene Yerolemou

    this is so good, def. speaks to me

  17. Anonymous person

    " Though Water Is Under Bridge but his Love Is Over My Head "

  18. Grace Burns

    I really love the intro.

  19. Роксаламина Магамедова


  20. Raikkonen Sakzenian

    Oh my God, very good!

  21. Daniela Oliveira


  22. Jovem Cristão

    Que Deus abençoe vocês grandemente ❤️

  23. Delfina Ruggiero

    Wow, i love Jesus