Amanda Cook - The Voyage Lyrics

Speak, even if your voice is trembling
Please, you’ve been quiet for so long
Believe, it’ll be worth the risk you’re taking

You’re afraid, but you can hear adventure calling
There’s a rush of adrenaline to your bones
What you make of this moment changes everything

What if the path you choose becomes a road
The ground you take becomes a home
The wind is high, but the pressure’s off
I’ll send the rain wherever we end up, wherever we end up

Set your sights, sailing far beyond familiar
In the rising tide, you’ll find the rhythm of your heart
And lift your head, now the wind and waves don’t matter

I am the wind in your sails
I am the wind in your sails
I am the wind in your sails

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Amanda Cook The Voyage Comments
  1. Artur ILLE

    Through this song God changed my whole life, the direction i was going and one moment changed everything 180 degrees for the better. So thank you Amanda and Co. for doing what you are doing! May God bless your essence and stir up that passion inside of you guys, more and more!

  2. Heather Gladney

    I am about to preach for the first time. We just left everything to go where we felt God was calling. This speaks so strong to my life right now. Thank you

  3. Letícia Chacon

    I'm so thankful for this song. It really changed my perspective about my relashionship with God. I like to think that He wrote this song for me

  4. Arie Korpershoek

    wow what a powerful song, thank you Bethel!

  5. RPNDLEADERSD Africanuniondiasporadotorg 8.8M

  6. Adrienn Prepok

    I am the wind in your sailing ⛵️ wow this is powerful 🔥 thank you God that I can relax as you are the wind

  7. Ignatius Anayawa

    Wow.....goose pumps!!!

  8. AllofWe AllofOne

    such a beautiful song

  9. Anita Horvereid

    This song helped me with coming out and ending a relationship I knew needed to end. and it continues to help me with learning how to become alive again after numbing and disassociating to cope with complex childhood trauma. These words have so many different meanings to so many. She has blessed the world with this message.

  10. Anita Horvereid

    I don't believe in a God and yet I connect so deeply with this song. This is why I love her music. She is writing for everyone.

  11. Emily Grace

    I have always loved these lyrics from a parable standpoint, but now I love them because of their literal meaning. Here's a snippet of my story.
    I was on vacation, and doing a lot of soul searching. I was using the vacation time to find out who God truly made me to be. At this particular time, I was swimming in the ocean by myself. My dad had been with me for most of the day, but he decided to go back inside at that time. My mom was on the shore, looking at shells or something.
    So there I was, alone in the ocean, enjoying the waves. But somehow my mind started wandering to sin-- the same sin I had been struggling so hard to get rid of (I won't name the sin, for personal reasons). I started praying to the Lord to take the sin away, but my thoughts kept going back to it.
    After a while of this, I realized that the waves had gotten very big all of a sudden. I kept getting pushed under, which is pretty uncommon for me, as I'm a very experienced ocean-goer. I decided that it was best to head in to shore, lest I get pounded by the crashing waves. So I started to swim to shore.
    After a while, I realized that I wasn't going anywhere. And my feet could barely touch the bottom. I realized that I was stuck in the strongest riptide that I had ever seen. And it was pulling me out to sea. (Just to clarify, I am by no means a weak swimmer. I come to the ocean quite frequently, and even for a young teenage girl, I know my way around. And I had been in my fair share of normal riptides as well. This wasn't one of them. And for anyone who doesn't know, a riptide is basically an ocean current that pulls out to sea.)
    So I started doing everything I had been taught to get out of riptides. Nothing worked. I was stuck. Now, I had been praying quite a lot. So at this point I realized that the Lord had sent this current upon me to show me that my sinful thoughts had to end. It was loving, but firm. I immediately repented and asked Him for forgiveness.
    But I was still being pulled out to sea.
    I had been trying to keep my composure and not signal to the lifeguards for help-- if things had gotten any worse, I would have-- but at this point I gave up my pride and simply prayed for God to send someone to save me.
    Immediately, I looked up to see a surfer swimming towards me. When he got close, he asked, "Do you need some help?"
    I replied, "Yes please!!!" and thanked the Lord profusely.
    The guy was very nice and pulled me to shore on his surf board. I was alright (apart from being exhausted!).

    What I learned from this experience will forever change me. I had been so desperately searching for my identity. I had been asking Him to tell me who I am. But after this, I realized that I already knew who I am.He didn't have to tell me who I am, He just had to slap me in the face hard enough to make me open my eyes to what had been there all along.
    I also saw a glimpse of the true power and authority of God; His power over the wind and waves of the ocean, and of the people surrounding me. He truly is the Almighty One.

    So, back to the song lyrics! (And I apologize that this story was so long. I wasn't planning to write this much!)
    Pretty much this entire song impacts me in some way, but since I've already written so much already, I'll just keep this to a few lines that are the most relevant to this story:
    "In a rising tide you'll find the rhythm of your heart. Lift your head; now the wind and waves don't matter."
    Wow. Through an ocean current I found the rhythm of my heart. Because of that, I can lift my head above the wind and waves.
    Thank You, Father!

  12. Samantha Morales

    Great beautiful song. ❤️

  13. Sarah Robbins

    Speak, even if your voice is trembling
    Please, you’ve been quiet for so long
    Believe, it’ll be worth the risk you’re taking

    You’re afraid, but you can hear adventure calling
    There’s a rush of adrenaline to your bones
    What you make of this moment changes everything

    What if the path you choose becomes a road
    The ground you take becomes a home
    The wind is high, but the pressure’s off
    I’ll send the rain wherever we end up, wherever we end up

    Set your sights, sailing far beyond familiar
    In the rising tide, you’ll find the rhythm of your heart
    And lift your head, now the wind and waves don’t matter

    I am the wind in your sails
    I am the wind in your sails
    I am the wind in your sails

  14. s n o w

    "Eu Sou o vento em suas Velas" ♥️

  15. Carter Prevatt

    it is just like a step away from reality to see the big picture.

  16. Dávid Révész

    Speak, even if your voice is trembling
    Please, you’ve been quiet for so long
    Believe, it’ll be worth the risk you’re taking

    You’re afraid, but you can hear adventure calling
    There’s a rush of adrenaline to your bones
    What you make of this moment changes everything

    What if the path you choose becomes a road
    The ground you take becomes a home
    The wind is high, but the pressure’s off
    I’ll send the rain wherever we end up, wherever we end up

    Set your sights, sailing far beyond familiar
    In the rising tide, you’ll find the rhythm of your heart
    And lift your head, now the wind and waves don’t matter

    I am the wind in your sails
    I am the wind in your sails
    I am the wind in your sails

  17. Yuvianna De Lellis

    In tears at my desk at work...

  18. Tom4fr

    Super vidéo ! Cela donne vraiment envie d'y aller !

  19. Livi

    This song helps me keep going spiritually <3

  20. Cobus Bekker

    Profoundly beautiful, sincere, I am overwhelmed..... thank You Hesus🙌🙌🙌

  21. Lazy Oliveira

    I'm on my road to my marriage restoration and you guys don't know how much this song have been helping me with these beautiful words from God.

  22. evicfinite

    Love this song...

  23. Ahed Alfeel


  24. Flern Flanstonsons

    Reminds me of "somebody's calling your name" by David Meece where he says "let that bitter wind keep blowing, let it sail you toward the light, the safe harbor of his arms where there's hope for the hopeless, rest for the weary, strength in your weakness" etc. Good stuff!

  25. Isabelly Rodrigues

    Vim pelo Justin Bieber...

  26. Ronald Hanics

    Beautiful Song

  27. David Razack

    Alone Time with God is made precious but more personal with your words..from our heart..back to our God.. Amanda.

  28. Starr

    i feel such peace when i listen to this. she proclaims such beautiful truth.

  29. Leticia Amaral

    Que louvor incrível!

  30. Zuzetta Elisabeth Kacaribu

    thank you for the beautiful voice and lyrics. i love it so much Amanda. Thank You

  31. Brent Witkowski

    "The ground you take becomes your home."

    -Amen. I have seen this to be true personally in my own life. When we have the faith to believe for the things God wants us to believe for and fight the good fight of faith to take the promised land He has for each one of us, the ground we take becomes our home that we get to live in. The battles we fought last year can truly become the past as we overcome by faith when we obey God in everything just like Caleb did.

  32. Tyler Barbour

    great songs, i only wish her voice was a bit louder and the music a bit quieter.

  33. Raoul Van Heuverzwyn

    New discovery for me. I think I´m going to explore all her lyrics..

  34. Abigail McCoy

    oh my gosh, wow. this is exactly what I needed to hear today

  35. Melody Jackson


  36. Mia Harmin

    Using this in my wedding. The lyrics had a whole new meaning to me after going through a tough week with my fiancé. If God is the wind in our sails, there's no need to fear where we'll end up. Excited to voyage into a marriage knowing He's the one leading.

  37. Panda dong

    simplemente magnífica, te amo Dios 💚💚💚

  38. VStMelz

    ~ . . . So the evening and the morning were the 117th day. Good Morning, Blogger, FB, G+1, and Twitter! On this 118th day of 2017, and since my earthly desire is making you aware of what's waiting for you after this, I exhale just for you . . . ==> "For He says, “In the time of My favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.”I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” [2 Corinthians 6:2] [And as you RESPECT and LOVE one another as hard as you can, PLEASE play nice, PRAY for one another, Watch, Wait, and Anticipate the Blessing!]

  39. Margaret Choong

    Amanda is such an anointed sonwriter and singer! Lov it she allows herself to be used of the Lord is such a meaningful way! You go girl!

  40. Amulya Sony

    Yes,I think we should be ready for the unknown voyages in the midst of our great turns which just can make a great change or difference in our lives and it's all for our good sakes

  41. Tina Lauzon

    I needed to hear this - this very moment.

  42. Erin Tiffany

    Woah i just love Bethel music

  43. Evelyn Marrero

    Soy el viento en tus velas❤ ohh Díos cuan precioso eres😢

  44. Sunset28

    Beautiful! :-)

  45. Wescley Calaça

    Essa música é linda! Amanda tem um dom esplêndido!

  46. Diane Rich

    What is the name of the font you use in this breathtakingly beautiful video?
    Blessings 🙏💜

  47. Danneca Skandera

    This is my favorite on the album! #LoveJesus

  48. Jeremy Sylvester

    I came across this video and song as I was doing a random search and it caught my attention. Beautiful song, beautiful voice and a beautiful video altogether. This is what I like to hear.

  49. Star McFadden

    Thank you. This song is helping me through a small season in my life and I'm so thankful for Amanda and all of Bethel.

  50. Kara Wachowski

    I'm not religious, but this song is beautiful.

    Jasmine Samantha

    We Are The Meta Well sorry you're having such a bad day that you suddenly think it's okay to call someone in idiot. How rude.

    We Are The Meta - LoL

    How do you care so much about a word? Not even close to a cuss word.  I'm just defending the person who was called one.

    Jasmine Samantha

    We Are The Meta That is true. He shouldn't have said idiot, but I don't think it was very necessary to call him one back either. It would just cause more drama, and honestly won't solve anything. Sorry if I offended you.

    We Are The Meta - LoL

    Dw I wasn't offended mb for being rash.  I have a short temper.


    Alright, your right that its not a religion, but you should also realize that as Christians we should portray behavior that REFLECTS that. Maybe remember that next time. They don't always realize the difference.

  51. Rickus Kruger

    Beautiful visuals used in this lyric video, wow!

  52. Amia Brave

    More than just lyrics but a fathers words to his children ❤️

  53. Sharon Okai

    God, I feel like You made her write this song just for me.

    Andrea Dragoni

    Sharon Okai egocentric

    Flern Flanstonsons

    Andrea Dragoni it's just a way of saying how impactful and relatable the song is

    Flern Flanstonsons

    Sharon Okai you may also like "somebody's calling your name" by David Meece :)

    AllofWe AllofOne

    its beautiful isnt it??

    Xendar WR

    Sharon Okai I think we all feel that way. God can somehow make us all feel like we are his favorite.

  54. New Creation

    Speak, even if your voice is trembling
    Please, you’ve been quiet for so long
    Believe, it’ll be worth the risk you’re taking

    You’re afraid, but you can hear adventure calling
    There’s a rush of adrenaline to your bones
    What you make of this moment changes everything

    What if the path you choose becomes a road
    The ground you take becomes a home
    The wind is high, but the pressure’s off
    I’ll send the rain wherever we end up, wherever we end up

    Set your sights, sailing far beyond familiar
    In the rising tide, you’ll find the rhythm of your heart
    And lift your head, now the wind and waves don’t matter

    I am the wind in your sails
    I am the wind in your sails
    I am the wind in your sails

  55. New Creation

    such an amazing song writer.

  56. Thompho Hardwin

    This song speaks of the season I am currently facing , in my life '' a voyage '' where, You need to just be still and sail along, whever you end up....yOU trust Him

  57. Mariana Ayala

    So thankful for this song. God spoke to me through it in a very crucial moment of my life :).

  58. Lisa Craig

    This song touches heart and beautiful...vocally and instrumentally...truly inspired. God bless The Voyage.

  59. marcoaurelio soares

    jesus i love

  60. Nile Whent

    SOOOO much heart and soul in this album!!!!!

  61. truskakwa

    this song melts me sooo

  62. Daryan Velasquez


  63. michelle180981

    Love this song..... So much....

  64. Ruthie

    Beautiful song! As a new college graduate, I am not sure where I am going but I know He is guiding me to a place that is for my good. Whatever path life takes me and wherever I'll send it, I know it will all be for the better.

  65. Nicolas Waldvogel

    Great song but why the title 'Brave New World'??

    Jeff Sorioso

    +Nicolas Waldvogel Brave New World is the Album Title.

    Nicolas Waldvogel

    +Jeff Sorioso I know thats what I meant. Why call the album that?

  66. VStMelz

    ~ . . . Just had to post this song and video again on social media. God is doing a great work in and through you guys! Please keep allowing Him to use you. Your group and your music are beautiful. Thank You . . . (vsm)

  67. Daniel

    Jesus is Beautiful !
    This song is Heaven !
    God bless <3

    I.S Blessing

    Jesus is beautiful ❤❤

  68. Lidya Solomon

    I'd like to hear more of the name of God ( JESUS, LORD, HOLY SPIRIT).... these songs irritate me... this album is too dramatic for my taste and most of things make me feel sick. Bethel annoys...when she sings it sounds like shes been drinking or something...

  69. Daniel


  70. Genn Tamez

    OoOoOoOoOoOOOOOoOoh the opening line!

    ''Speak, even if your voice is trembling
    Please, you've been quiet for so long.''

    Personally, I struggle with anxiety and self assurance in almost everything I'm faced with and this song encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and trust that his promises are true. These words were on my heart for Him recently

    ''Learn to live in the promises I've laid before you, instead of just knowing that they exist to keep you steady. Trust me with your next steps, though you may not know where you feet land. I am both in the certain and uncertain places of your journey.''

    We are meant to dwell in his promises. Because he is just, righteous, loving, gentle, fair, faithful, loyal, personal I can do all things.

    Yogesh Geetha


    Anonymous User

    I can definitely identify with some of the things you feel. It is wonderful to know that none of us are ever alone. I feel led to share with you a verse that has been my strength.
    1 Corinthians 10:13. I can't explain why but it just popped into my head and I immediately felt that I needed to say this. 😊

  71. Kristen McIlhargey

    Hi Bethel, is there anywhere I can see or read the story behind the song? I would love to know how the song was birthed.

  72. Kristen McIlhargey

    Beautiful. I love how the vocals are subtle and ethereal.

  73. shai.loves.tacos

    This song is so ridiculously good. Amanda Cook is a lyrical genius. I mean, I already knew that from watching her go forth in spontaneous worship, but man, these lyrics have a way of getting in your face & speaking directly to your fears (and I have a lot of those). If I am ever blessed to create and record music, I pray that it speaks to someone as strongly as this album has been speaking to me.

  74. Li Waz

    "I'll send the rain wherever WE end up."

  75. Jerz Chula

    Thank you... I have never heard this song till today and I just have been listening and hearing these lyrics in my spirit...

  76. Shepherd crew

    Thank you for going to the places you did to bring us this

  77. Just In Time Ministries

    Best album, best artist, best song.

  78. Tropical Jewel

    i dont like the weird noises at the end of these songs, please edit them out, it takes away from the whole beautiful experience in these songs.

    Emily Suarez

    +Sharika Summers YES! Why did they decided to put that in?
    I absolutely love this song but I am completely confused by their choice in the ending.


    I agree too, haha. I've been finding myself running to my phone to skip the ending & go to the next song 😂 but still, this song is so beautiful!

    Cate JM

    I love them..! Each to their own I guess : )

    Smoked Alive

    Well if you really listen to those noises. And watch the video it creates a vibe of going on a voyage. It's like we are rising up higher and higher. It's an anticipation for what's next. Courage. And strength. It completes the story! And editing those out would be a incomplete story us and for the writer <3

  79. Zoe Mitchell

    I've been unemployed for some months now and God has somehow provided for me financially.
    This season is one of the unknown. (as with most of my life).
    I could do anything, I could be anywhere.
    But step, by step He is showing me the path of life.

    This song just tells me everything right now.

    Moon Love

    Zoe Mitchell God is an awesome provider! He is with you. I pray He helps you find a good job:)

  80. Eliza Beth

    I can hear adventure calling!

  81. Get Bare Before God

    Amen xx

  82. Flawless Styles

    This is for you :)

  83. Isaac Pettigrew

    This song is great! Does anyone know where could just get the soundtrack and not the lyrics

  84. Natsuki Yuuki

    i like their concept of the lyric video. it helps me more to ponder.

  85. Dan

    Seriously? The ending sounds demonic.

  86. Abii Birkett


  87. Paulin Rivas Jr.

    Acts 27Names of God Bible (NOG)

    Paul Sails for Rome
    27 When it was decided that we should sail to Italy, Paul and some other prisoners were turned over to an army officer. His name was Julius, and he belonged to the emperor’s division. 2 We set sail on a ship from the city of Adramyttium. The ship was going to stop at ports on the coast of the province of Asia. Aristarchus, a Macedonian from the city of Thessalonica, went with us.

    3 The next day we arrived at the city of Sidon. Julius treated Paul kindly and allowed him to visit his friends and receive any care he needed. 4 Leaving Sidon, we sailed on the northern side of the island of Cyprus because we were traveling against the wind. 5 We sailed along the coast of the provinces of Cilicia and Pamphylia and arrived at the city of Myra in the province of Lycia. 6 In Myra the officer found a ship from Alexandria that was on its way to Italy and put us on it. 7 We were sailing slowly for a number of days. Our difficulties began along the coast of the city of Cnidus because the wind would not let us go further. So at Cape Salmone, we started to sail for the south side of the island of Crete. 8 We had difficulty sailing along the shore of Crete. We finally came to a port called Fair Harbors. The port was near the city of Lasea.

    9 We had lost so much time that the day of fasting had already past. Sailing was now dangerous, so Paul advised them, 10 “Men, we’re going to face a disaster and heavy losses on this voyage. This disaster will cause damage to the cargo and the ship, and it will affect our lives.” 11 However, the officer was persuaded by what the pilot and the owner of the ship said and not by what Paul said. 12 Since the harbor was not a good place to spend the winter, most of the men decided to sail from there. They hoped to reach the city of Phoenix somehow and spend the winter there. (Phoenix is a harbor that faces the southwest and northwest winds and is located on the island of Crete.)

    13 When a gentle breeze began to blow from the south, the men thought their plan would work. They raised the anchor and sailed close to the shore of Crete.

    14 Soon a powerful wind (called a northeaster) blew from the island. 15 The wind carried the ship away, and we couldn’t sail against the wind. We couldn’t do anything, so we were carried along by the wind. 16 As we drifted to the sheltered side of a small island called Cauda, we barely got control of the ship’s lifeboat. 17 The men pulled it up on deck. Then they passed ropes under the ship to reinforce it. Fearing that they would hit the large sandbank off the shores of Libya, they lowered the sail and were carried along by the wind. 18 We continued to be tossed so violently by the storm that the next day the men began to throw the cargo overboard. 19 On the third day they threw the ship’s equipment overboard. 20 For a number of days we couldn’t see the sun or the stars. The storm wouldn’t let up. It was so severe that we finally began to lose any hope of coming out of it alive.

    21 Since hardly anyone wanted to eat, Paul stood among them and said, “Men, you should have followed my advice not to sail from Crete. You would have avoided this disaster and loss. 22 Now I advise you to have courage. No one will lose his life. Only the ship will be destroyed. 23 I know this because an angel from the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood by me last night. 24 The angel told me, ‘Don’t be afraid, Paul! You must present your case to the emperor. God has granted safety to everyone who is sailing with you.’ 25 So have courage, men! I trust God that everything will turn out as he told me. 26 However, we will run aground on some island.”

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    30 The sailors tried to escape from the ship. They let the lifeboat down into the sea and pretended they were going to lay out the anchors from the front of the ship. 31 Paul told the officer and the soldiers, “If these sailors don’t stay on the ship, you have no hope of staying alive.” 32 Then the soldiers cut the ropes that held the lifeboat and let it drift away.

    33 Just before daybreak Paul was encouraging everyone to have something to eat. “This is the fourteenth day you have waited and have had nothing to eat. 34 So I’m encouraging you to eat something. Eating will help you survive, since not a hair from anyone’s head will be lost.” 35 After Paul said this, he took some bread, thanked God in front of everyone, broke it, and began to eat. 36 Everyone was encouraged and had something to eat. 37 (There were 276 of us on the ship.) 38 After the people had eaten all they wanted, they lightened the ship by dumping the wheat into the sea.

    39 In the morning they couldn’t recognize the land, but they could see a bay with a beach. So they decided to try to run the ship ashore. 40 They cut the anchors free and left them in the sea. At the same time they untied the ropes that held the steering oars. Then they raised the top sail to catch the wind and steered the ship to the shore. 41 They struck a sandbar in the water and ran the ship aground. The front of the ship stuck and couldn’t be moved, while the back of the ship was broken to pieces by the force of the waves.

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  88. Jill Nico

    I can envision someone who does not know Christ on the brink of surrendering to Him in this song. The fear, the adrenaline, the looking back (the ground that has been taken and the road that has been walked on their own strength)....then the wind comes (the Spirit) and they decide to let go, look up to Jesus, the pressure is off (no more holding back), they trust the wind and then just follow where Jesus takes them! Beautiful!

    Kristine Plange

    That's so lovely, I'd love for so many people, non believers especially, to have an experience like that ☺

    Flern Flanstonsons

    Jill Nico that's so right. If we look at what we're letting go then we'll be afraid but if we look to him, we'll run to him

    suzanne littler

    Amen and amen!

    Flern Flanstonsons

    suzanne littler and amen :)

    M Muss

    Wow that was so beautiful. do you write poetry???

  89. Linda Viozzi

    Ah. The refreshing rain to wash the impurities off of us. Such a peaceful song.

  90. Débora Oliveira

    meu Deus como tu és maravilho 😍

  91. Eliza Beth

    I'll send the rain wherever we end up!

  92. martin murphy

    A great message of God enclosed in a beautiful worship song. Every aspect of this video speaks volumes to me. well done to all involved.

  93. Luv_Imprintz

    It is so important for us to speak up , in The Lord for there is certain words that only could have been released by your testimony , experience and voice alone' in The Lord that is going to touch the world & no one else could have spoke it quite the same because we each are different ; every story unique , every testimony important for the next souls nourishment. I am thankful for Amanda sharing! & have been blessed tremendously by and through her songs & worship of/in The Lord ! I have battled & continue to battle with fear and anxiety so when I heard those words "I'll send the rain wherever we end up" it was the most kindest thing The Lord could have given to me through this song and allowed me to hear! I cried for awhile. I always delt with fear but when your in The Lord that's a huge giant that must be overcome. In order to grow in him so often times I felt defeated and like I have failed. So when I become lethargic about missing out on The Lord and all he have called me to be I remember these words and take heart and courage to know it's the journey it's the relationship that matters most, whether I remain in the pews or advance to the pulpit , the lords blessings will be there his grace, his love, and his peace that surpasses all understanding shall follow me all the days of my life. He'll send his presence no matter where we end up even if I perceive the place to be a good one or not . My thoughts on success in The Lord is not the same as his. He will never leave me or forsake me even if my feet fail to carry me on or my heart fail to weather the passing storms. He will always be found. Long ago before motors existed and we had anything to propel the boat forward besides paddles there was the sails and we turned the ship & got far based on the winds hitting the sails & if the winds was low we simply coasted . This song is powerful and reassuring , that The Lord wants us to take steps in him and keep advancing but even when we can't or we have ended up somewhere far out to where we shouldn't have , he have ultimate control over our lives and no matter where we may find ourselves , he's always been right there and if we could see that and reach out for him , he'll send the rain , no matter where we end up. His blessings , his grace, his great love & kindness & peace that surpasseth all understanding will be found there., because once you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior he is the wind in your sails. You can get no where apart from him, destination only found & reached through and in him.!


    Amen ,it touched you because it belong to you,. be blessed! & remember you were created for Gods Glory Trust in him always! :)

    mm 25

    Glass_Prints beautiful❤

    Flern Flanstonsons

    Glass_Prints this is amazing it's everything God's been showing me the last few months. Dealt with anxiety and panic especially when I step out to follow him but he always brings the rain and brings me to the place where I'm like a baby held in his arms. I feel his love. He wants me to continue in him and affirm the truth that he's shown me and to affirm that he's bringing me to that sweet place in him someday. He encourages us in the journey when we step out.

    Flern Flanstonsons

    Glass_Prints listen to a song called "somebody's calling your name" by David meece, I believe you will really like it :)

  94. Matheus Coutinho

    Why isn't this album available on Google Play?

  95. Becky kim

    the voyage...
    the voyage.......

    The Voyage.

    what in the brave new world...
    im gonna cry.. :'D

  96. Ruth-Angela Patten

    <3<3<3 Beautiful! Thank you for this amazing word and song! Blessed be the name of the Lord! <3<3<3

  97. David B

    I wish the words would appear half a second faster, it would make it A LOT better. The words only begin to fade in as she's singing them. :(

  98. Natalie Martinez

    This song is absolutely beautiful. <3