Amanda Cook - The New Country Lyrics

I've lived my life in the old country
Though not finding peace, my roots have grown deep
I've lived my life in the old country
It's joys and it's pain, don't want me to leave

The place I have lived is not what it seems
The praises of man have put me to sleep
I want to know how it feels to be free
I'm not good at goodbyes, but I have to leave

Invited unto death, till all that I have left
Is everything I need, and I begin to breathe
In the new country, in the new country

I want to live in this sacred space
Be present each moment each breath that I take,
I want a love with nothing to gain
I've heard my beloved, calling my name

Invited unto death, till all that I have left
Is everything I need, and I begin to breathe
Invited unto death, till all that I have left
Is everything I need, and I begin to breathe
In the new country, in the new country
In the new country, in the new country

So I will let go and take another step
Crossing the borderline till I find what's next

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Amanda Cook The New Country Comments
  1. Sweet clouds

    is this like Narnia? cause lit

  2. Lourdes Rodriguez

    This is awesome it's confirmation God is doing a new thing in me old has passed away different mindset I'm in a new countru

  3. Moses Dale

    I don't care what anybody have being saying or writing about this modern worship songs, once you have holy spirit living inside of you very easy to recognise an anointed and inspirational songs keep up Bethel.keep it up you all

  4. ladyuh_thelight

    I've needed this. But, I realize I couldn't have it until I was at the border of the new country God is leading me into. Hallelujah. This will be an anthem and I am building an altar here acknowledging my gratitude for God's providence. This song and album is on HEAVY ROTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anna Davydova

    Come to Awakening Vienna please please please~~~~

  6. Jahnelsa Logue

    "I want to love with nothing to gain" 🔥

  7. James G

    2 hours ago
    --Grace under fire in the world is defensive and looking for protection; grace under fire in the believer's life is the faith to move forward...knowing...He will protect and gives spiritual power in the Holy Spirit.
    -Looking forward to accomplishing His goodwill graciously...lovingly in true humility.
    The believer knows that faith 'leads' into eternity and has no fear within the present...because they stand within the Kingdom of God which leads from here into forever and ever in Christ: this is our true relationship with Yahweh God: knowing within the mystery of Christ the eternal measure of heaven in perfect love !

  8. Gustavo Nascimento


  9. Karl Marcx

    Can I say this? She sounded like AVRIL LAVIGNE esp. in the PreChorus.
    Difference: The million times more of anointing. 😂


    Avril Lavigne doesn't have any anointing at all.

    Karl Marcx

    @vicciais i think i would agree. She tried to sing 'Head Above Water' though.


    @Karl Marcx Just because the text is nice doesn't mean that it's anointed. She actually throws herself into the ocean. That's not something a christian would do, as if she's hoping God will save her.

  10. Joel

    Who is here before the first 1000 view. Hit like. Amen!

  11. Mad Max

    If the focus is Jesus, then it’s worth it all.

  12. Peter Whalen


  13. Manal s

    Love it. Thanks Bethel. Different score ❤️🙌

  14. Pads Teclado

    Very nice lock my chanel please...

  15. Apio Jesse

    Oh yes in the new country God bless you

  16. stormm Pensulo

    everytime i hear your music its a good day and the music bring me closer to God

  17. DeogratiusJR vlogs

    Hey you scroll down the comment..
    God bless you always ..❤❤❤❤❤❤

    My dreams is to become a Big African Youtuber..
    Thank you..❤❤❤❤

    Michelle MacNeill


  18. Nino Essenmacher

    I lovet♥️♥️

  19. Zildelice Plácida

    Que música amo demais vocês 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Jenna Minnaar


  21. Paul Cieza

    First coment . Love bethel music and Amanda Cook

  22. Zildelice Plácida

    Que Maravilhosoo

  23. Jeremiah 27 Foss

    First one