Amanda Cook - Pieces Lyrics

Unreserved, unrestrained
Your love is wild, Your love is wild for me
It isn't shy, it's unashamed
Your love is proud to be seen with me

You don't give Your heart in pieces
You don't hide Yourself to tease us

Uncontrolled, un-contained
Your love is a fire burning bright for me
It's not just a spark, it's not just a flame
Your love is a light, that all the world will see

You don't give Your heart in pieces
You don't hide Yourself to tease us
You don't give Your heart in pieces
You don't hide Yourself to tease us

Your love's not fractured
It's not a troubled mind
It isn't anxious, it's not the restless kind
Your love's not passive
It's never disengaged
It's always present
It hangs on every word we say
Love keeps its promises, it keeps its word
It honors what's sacred, cause its vows are good
Your love's not broken
It's not insecure
Your love's not selfish, Your love is pure

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Amanda Cook Pieces Comments
  1. The Life Of Me In Poetry!

    Slice and rice

  2. Hannah

    Jesus is love <3 this song is so emotionally powerful and moving

  3. A- BLove

    I don’t even have words for how much this song means to me ... thank you Jesus and thank you Amanda for your beautiful spirit your beautiful out of this world voice , your amazing talent with lyrics and on the piano - I wish I could meet you. Please don’t stop making music I listen to you every single morning. 💕

  4. Kelsie Pate

    Now I'm an atheist. But I love this song. You can apply this to your god. But I like this song because this is how love should be everywhere in every relationship. I may not believe in god. But I believe in love. My boyfriend has been deployed for 3 months and this is how I want to love him. Recklessly.

  5. Franky B

    Didn’t know about this song till Slice&Rice’s wedding video

  6. B P

    I had never heard this song till Slice and Rice's wedding video.

  7. Bekezela Hadunka

    Slice and rice brought me here!😢😢😢

  8. PurpleManiac 892

    Slice n Rice Wedding!

  9. Iggy Brows

    You know what’s crazy? I heard this song and was like “Where have I heard that lyric from?” It was “you don’t give your heart in pieces, you don’t hide yourself to tease us.” I heard it from History Maker-the opening to Yuri on Ice lol.

  10. You need Holy water

    Slice N’ Rice’s wedding video got me here 🥺❤️

  11. its anari jones


  12. ariel k

    this is beautiful beyond words. something only God is can take credit for🥺💗

  13. Elise Langseth

    I'm an athiest, so I choose to see this song being about my significant other, rather than God.

    Jessie Villa

    Don't put all that weight in your SO's shoulders by expecting this kind of love from them! The Only One that has this kind of never-failing love is the King of Kings :) I hope you realize how much He loves you.

    Elise Langseth

    Jessie Villa I really don’t 😇 Used to as a kid, but grew out of the fairytale stuff.

  14. Nesha Nord

    Thank you & congratulations to Slice & Rice 2019!!!!😍😍😍💌💗💋❤💘💚💞💜💖💙💕💓💛❤💚💜💙💛

  15. Suryavanshirajput Thakur

    I just Love this song..
    Specially Lyrics 🤗🤗🤗
    Beautiful and emotional...
    Your voice is magic girl😇😇😇

  16. Kimone Williams

    Slice n Rice send me over here, big up this song. Beautiful

  17. Lexie02 Jones

    This song makes me want to have a Christian wedding!

  18. Candace Jordan

    Thia song makes me fall in love with God all over again ❤

  19. amery barnes

    who came from slice and rices video ? and who cried with me🥺🥺.

  20. Lyric Jefferson

    Okay, as amazing as this song is and this cover is great’s just not actually in the same key that Amanda sings. If you try to sing in the key that it’s originally written it clashes with this instrumental ☹️

  21. muskaan miha

    Who else came here after slice and rices wedding video :)

  22. Stacy Rose

    Who else came here from Slice and Rice’s wedding video🥺


    Omg! Me😭

    Queen Carmiee

    Stacy Rose yessss❤️😢

    Karla Perez

    Stacy Rose me 🥺😫❤️

  23. Ashley Megie

    I am here because of matt and glory wedding

  24. King Satan The Dysphoric

    Slice N' Rice's wedding video got me here😭😭

    Mashilo Mashalane

    Same here☺️

    Lexie02 Jones

    you know you're username is a bit weird for you that love this song. are you Christian?

    King Satan The Dysphoric

    @Lexie02 Jones Enjoy the song man and dont worry about my username😂

  25. Nabiha T.

    Here from slice n rice’s wedding video. Their wedding videographers have amazing taste

  26. Yelila Reyes

    Hep us jesus

  27. Victor Garza

    My 9 year old daughter loves to sing this song, I love to hear her sing it.

  28. Michelle Maison

    i'm not crying, you are :,( Thank you Lord for bringing me back to you

  29. Lylia-Jean Carsten

    one of my favourites

  30. Life of Haven

    We did this in church today and I'm only 9.
    God bless.

  31. Hannah Oommen

    I have to sing this song tonight and I just love the love of God through this song, it’s so beautiful and I’m just in love

  32. Marcela Zaparierep

    Amanda Cook ❤️ Perfect

  33. Melissa Mejia

    She performed this song at the Hillsong concert and it was the most powerful performance ever!! <3

  34. The Skam Family

    I’ve decided this is going to be the song I walk down the aisle to

  35. Aida Maigua

    ami si me gusto mucho😁😁😁😁

  36. Joanne Jonker

    ‘Your love is proud to be seen with me’
    ....Jesus... I am SO sorry that I am afraid to be seen with You sometimes, around judging people of the world.
    No more!!!! I pray this over all of y’all as well! In His mighty name, Amen.

    Ashlee Rogers

    Yes! AMEN

  37. J Brown

    My friend lost his father to this world a few moments ago. However, heaven had gain as he had given his life to Jesus. This song is now comforting me. I will be sending him this. May his father R.I.P.


    Everytime I hear this Jesus is on my mind

  39. ken kayonjo

    Give me the grace to love you back with everything that I am

  40. Adam Jacobs

    Thank you...

  41. Jess Enchanted

    His love pulls me out of the darkness. Everything happens for a reason.

  42. William McEldowney

    Holy spirit goose bumps for daaaaays

  43. Well watered wife

    This song makes me cry tears of joy 😧

  44. Dylan Huber

    This song makes me feel so unworthy, so undeserving, so unfaithful, but it also makes me feel so happy, happy that God loves me through my unfaithfulness; even though I’m unworthy and undeserving; even though I’m shattered, broken beyond recognition. He loving holds my weak, pitiful, broken heart and whispers, ‘I love you’.

  45. Valance Bohm

    What's up with the album title. Aldous huxley fans?

  46. Andrea Cadena

    I know God has my back regardless

  47. Solomon Ofiani

    2019 anybody?

  48. Guiiih Marinho

    Alguém Br 🇧🇷❤

  49. Chris Francis

    You don't hide yourself to tease us
    Glory to king of GLORY

  50. Janet Eaton

    ?? God’s love is wild ??? I don’t think so ....

  51. Michaela Popiel

    Such a powerful song

  52. Raphael Singh

    "Your love is proud to be seen with me." Love that line so much.

  53. joe doe

    The accompanying music is suppose to compliment the singer, not be the main thing. The lyrics can't be recognized most of the time just by listening, and frequently taper off completely before the ends of phrases to where the listener wouldn't know words were suppose to be there without watching them go by on the video. How did this get past the producer, mixer, and everyone else responsible for signing off on the master? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to learn about the recording philosophy of talented people and what their objective was. What were they thinking? As of now, I don't get it.

  54. Find Truth

    Wow! We are children of such an incredible loving & caring Father...He has so much compassion for those troubled in their minds and those filled with anxiety not able to enjoy the present moment. He cares more than we can ever comprehend. He is the only one constant in our lives....never changing & keeping to His promises. It’s so worth it surrendering to such a loving Father of Truth!

  55. Gundamwing 7

    I think Stephany shouldve sang this one. This song is more alto

  56. Eduarda Lima

    Pedaços Sem reservas, irrestrito. Selvagem é Teu amor por mim Sem timidez, Não se envergonha, Mas tem orgulho de me chamar de seu Se oferecer por completo, Não se esconde, mas se entrega Sem controle, incontido É como um fogo queimando sem parar Não só uma brasa, Não só uma chama. Teu amor é luz que todos podem ver Se oferecer por completo, não se esconde, mas se entrega (2x) Teu amor não é frágil, Não é indeciso, Não ansioso, é paciente Não é passivo, Sem compromisso , sempre presente Disposto a ouvir minha voz, cumpre promessas , Pois é fiel Amor sagrado , Jurou ser sempre meu É inquebrável , não é inseguro Nem egoísta Quão puro amor Se oferece por completo, não se esconde, mas se entrega (2x) Teu amor não é frágil, Não é indeciso, Não ansioso, é paciente Não é passivo, Sem compromisso, sempre presente Disposto a ouvir minha voz, cumpre promessas, Pois é fiel Amor sagrado, Jurou ser sempre meu É inquebrável, não é inseguro Nem egoísta Quão puro amor Se oferece por completo, Não se esconde, mas se entrega

  57. 6Beers&1Waitress

    Suck a beautiful song. Thank you for this.

  58. Gracie Hornsby

    Your love is a fire, burning bright for me.... What a beautful thing to think about. God's love burns for us.

  59. marvlousthings

    So blessed by your music 😍👏🏼

  60. Brady welsh

    Such a good song it’s my favourite song

  61. Valente O. Morales

    Heven can't wait

  62. Ellie Joy

    My best friend thinks she needs to be thin to be pretty and I really hope she knows that god made her the way she is and that she does not need to change the way she looks just for people to think good about her.

  63. Kennedy Hicks

    I played this for my niece who is not religious at all, and it moved her to tears. So beautifully put she felt love, and moved her to have faith and believe.

  64. Ben and Chelsea Gonzalez

    Please Pray for me! TIA

  65. TheRealAkaRai

    A religious person played this in front of a group of people earlier. Several of us started crying. I was surprised I started tearing up too, though not for religious reasons, it hit me personally. I was so proud of someone once. I felt this love for someone, and now I'm just ashamed of them because of things they've done. I can't forgive. Does that mean my love wasn't what I thought it was?

    Fabian Zac

    Well nobody's love for anyone's a constant. But everyone needs an anchor and a Love to love them forever and always to the maximum - that's why you and i and everyone around you teared up . . . Sounds unreasonable ? - yes
    Sounds impractical ? - yes
    But your soul was once attached to this kind of Love and hence yearns for it . . .
    God Bless ;D

  66. Wena Cronje

    I can't explain the peace in my heart after listening to this song!

  67. Ruth Ann Aviles


  68. Esther Namirembe

    Balen what a miracle may GOD uphold you and be blessed my dear

  69. Debbie Zamora

    My Jesus, thank you so much.

  70. JOSELYN or joshy. espinoza


  71. Skylinn Quinn

    I thought this was a good song but it's for straight Christians... BYE

  72. Eduarda Lima

    Sem reservas Irrestrito Selvagem é teu amor por mim Sem timidez sem vergonha Mas tem orgulho de me chamar de seu Se oferece por completo Não se esconde mas se entrega Sem controle Incontido É como o fogo que queimando sem parar Não só uma brasa Não só uma chama Teu amor é luz Que todos podem ver Se oferece por completo Não se esconde mas se entrega (2x) Teu amor não é frágil Não é indeciso Não é ansioso É paciente Não é pasivo Sem compromisso Sempre presente Disposto a ouvir a minha voz Cumpre promessas pois é fiel Amor sagrado jurou ser sempre meu É inquebrável Não é inseguro Nem é egoísta Tão puro amor Se oferece por completo Não se esconde mas se entrega (2x) Teu amor não é frágil Não é indeciso Não é ansioso É paciente Não é pasivo Sem compromisso Sempre presente Disposto a ouvir a minha voz Cumpre promessas Pois é fiel Amor sagrado jurou ser sempre meu É inquebrável Não é inseguro Nem é egoísta Tão puro amor Não se esconde mas se entrega

  73. Stoltz Tiffany

    This is one of the most precious beautiful songs I have ever heard

  74. J Noble

    so true - thank you for the message - as God's love is much higher than what we see around us in the world

  75. Pius Panmei


  76. Chloe Joann

    How could anyone dislike this

  77. Chelsea Finley

    This song fires me up!!

  78. Chris Evans

    God, you are my source of love in my life. You always have been.

  79. Will_price Wastaken

    This speaks the true love of my God

  80. FR FR

    Thank You, JESUS! <3

  81. Edel Weiss

    You don't give your heart in pieces ❤😭😭😭you give it all...every part of it💝😭
    Thats God for us!

  82. Laura Katie Photography

    One of the best songs I've heard in ages. So powerful.

  83. Unique New York

    I just got home from listening to the Indiana Wesleyan Worship Band perform this for a week, and I’m so grateful that they introduced me to this song. When Brooke sang that bridge, I felt the Holy Spirit moving in the room, and I wasn’t the only one.

  84. Kristi Sommerfeld

    "You don't hide yourself to tease us". Always such a great reminder HE does not leave us, we leave HIM

  85. SaffreBlue

    This brings me back to that place of mindless devotion.

  86. Gabrielle McPherson

    I don’t believe the song works as a wedding song. You see, God’s love doesn’t fit the confines of human love. Human love will disappoint, but God’s Love does not.. this song is helping me through marital betrayal.. it is so beautiful.

  87. Secret Place

    Newly betrayed, battered and broken, this song encourages me. God IS love. He is not insecure and he will never leave us.

  88. Deedee CL

    Tuve un concepto propio de quien era.Dios y de su amor, un amor a mi manera, fue todo un fracaso. Dios es amor y él es puro y santo todo el tiempo.
    Esta canción me recuerda su interminable amor por mi todo el tiempo.
    Cada día deseo encontrar su amor en la vida

  89. D J

    These lyrics speaks volumes of God's love. It s perfect. It speaks truth.

  90. Lovi Kappo

    So good 😊

  91. Chris O

    Some songs stay in your head forever. This is one of such.

  92. Chedali Mshanga

    You don't hide yourself to tease us...😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  93. Sam Vad

    This song was played when my sister walked down the aisle...such a beautiful song

  94. Rivka Z

    So beautiful!