Amanda Cook - Mercy Lyrics

My past embraced
My sin forgiven
I’m blameless in Your sight
My history rewritten

Cause You delight in showing mercy
And mercy triumphs over judgement

Oh Love, great Love
Fear cannot be found in You
And there will never be a day
You’re uncertain of the ones you choose

So I will awake
And spend my days
Loving the One who has raised me up
From death to life
From wrong to right
You’re making all things beautiful

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Amanda Cook Mercy Comments
  1. ILoveYou

    So beautiful wahhh :')

  2. Busisiwe Dube

    Cause you delight in showing mercy
    ; And mercy triumphs over judgment You know you delight in showing mercy And mercy triumphs judgment

  3. Kristy Candir

    God help me keep moving forward on this path and keep showing me the Way I love you Jesus and I’m truly grateful to you every time the blind fold comes off and I’m filled with peace and serenity and just being here in mind, body, and soul🙏 Forever GD❤️

  4. Cindy Kitchker Photography

    Can’t quite get my head around why anyone could press thumbs down for this song 🤔

  5. Khulekile Khoza

    Amen to our Father the king and ruler of all❤️👏😇😄

  6. Walker Bonwell

    This song has given me new insight. I can see that I am being raised by Father God likened to when I was raising my boys. I’m still growing & learning. All the way till God calls me home!

  7. Darren Chan

    Mercy doesn't triumph over judgment as the song suggests That's not the character of God. He's both - merciful and of holy judgment. That's why we need a Savior, Jesus Christ, who took the JUDGMENT FOR US, so that we could HAVE MERCY. The Cross is the intersection of mercy AND judgment; grace AND wrath. Not one over the other.

  8. SCG Crimson


  9. Радостин Станков

    My past embraced
    My sin forgiven
    I'm blameless in your sight
    My history rewritten
    'Cause you delight in showing mercy
    And mercy triumphs over judgment
    You delight in showing mercy
    And mercy triumphs over judgment
    Oh, love great love
    Fear cannot be found in you
    And there will never be a day
    You're uncertain of the ones you choose
    'Cause you delight in showing mercy
    And mercy triumphs over judgment
    You know you delight in showing mercy
    And mercy triumphs judgment
    So I will awake and spend my days
    Loving the one who has raised me up
    From death to life, from wrong to right
    You're making all things beautiful
    So I will awake and spend my days
    Loving the one who has raised me up
    From death to life, from wrong to right
    You're making all things beautiful
    So I will awake and spend my days
    Loving the one who has raised me up
    From death to life, from wrong to right
    You're making all things beautiful
    So I will awake and spend my days
    Loving the one who has raised me up
    From death to life, from wrong to right
    You're making all things beautiful
    And you delight in showing mercy
    And mercy triumphs over judgment
    And delight in showing mercy
    And mercy triumphs judgment

  10. Savannah n

    I cry sometimes

  11. Olga Flores

    This song has inspired me in ways only HE can understand! Beautiful 🙏🏻✝️😇🥰

  12. Benjamin Sztankovics

    The was a very first song when I became born again and... well that's it! BUT He delights in showing mercy Hallelujah

  13. bebrbu

    I can't BEEEELIeve - how beautiful this song is. Can't stop playing it. "And spend my days loving the one who has raised me up. AWESOMMMMMMMMMMME.

  14. Aj O

    This song is incrediblex10. One of my all time favorites

  15. Roger Kreil

    So the wicked can eventually die or be reconciled.

  16. Bryanne Knowlton

    “Fear cannot he found in you” Amen. Wow.
    For in the Lord you can not find any Fear but only the fruits of the spirit

  17. Francisprzy

    love this song💗

  18. L__VE To Worship

    I love this worship. How it makes me praise!

  19. Zayden Gestures

    God doesn't exist lol only chicken in a biscuit


    Jesus truly loves you, so please refrain for blaspheming. I will pray for you.

  20. Rosalinda Garza

    To hard for me!! This song....The day of his judgement I will rejoice!! But for now this season it's to hard. Mercy triumphs for sure just not in my season at this time.☺🌫🌩🌫🌩🌧🌫☔🌧🌫 Had never heard this song but I had not heard others as well and Some of Stephanie songs written by ?? Are great too. Album Confident. But JonathanDavid Helser writes good ones too.

  21. Ricardo Jenkins

    #MinistryMusic , I love this song! - RHYTHM

  22. Carmen Gutierrez

    Amen! James 2:13 . Jesus Reigns!!

  23. Cathy Duran

    He is making ALL THINGS NEW. This Includes ALL PEOPLE. His Love never fails for anyone.

  24. Lizz Lallo

    Loveee you Jesus❤❤❤

  25. Vee

    There'll never be a day when You'll be uncertain of the ones You choose 🎵🎵💛💛...🙌 So I will awake and spend my days loving The One Who Has raised me up

  26. Ben Harris-Hayes

    Hi all.

    Just discovering Amanda's music...and I'm happy that the live version of this song was the first version I heard.
    It blew me away.

    I'm not Christian (and not that it matters either way), but I have always felt that one can love a song and it's message because it moves you and makes you feel something...and also simply because despite everything, LOVE is prevailing message here, no matter what you believe.

    This is a beautiful song.

    The live version is even more incredible (in my humble opinion), if you've not seen/heard it.

    All the best, everyone.

  27. Ashley Castleberry

    This song is not true. Mercy does not triumph over judgement. Mercy is a result of a judgment. God is the source of both, so one cannot triumph over another. There will always be judgement by God, and it’s eternal. Read your bibles, folks. It’s a pretty song, but it’s not written on truth. I saw a reference to James 2:13, but that’s talking about how we treat one another. The song speaks about God, not us. And there is judgement on all who are not in Christ Jesus.

  28. Michael Chihoko

    what a powerful song ......

  29. Cyber Alphacon

    this song is awesome!

  30. Ana Beatriz


    Meu passado abraçado
    Meu pecado perdoado
    Eu sou irrepreensível em Tua visão.
    Minha história reescrita

    Tens prazer em mostrar misericórdia
    E a misericórdia triunfa sobre o julgamento

    Oh, amor, grande amor
    O medo não pode ser encontrada em Ti
    E nunca haverá um dia
    Que tenhas incerteza daqueles que escolheste

    Então eu vou acordar
    E gastar meus dias
    Amando Àquele que me levantou
    Da morte para a vida
    De erro para o acerto
    Estás fazendo tudo lindo

  31. Noah Clemons

    Sing of the mercy that surpasses all.... Yes yes yes yes

  32. Beat Horst

    <3 <3 <3

  33. LexiCastranovo

    Mercy triumphs over judgment

  34. C Sisters

    I love this song

  35. Sara Filler

    Mercy triumphs over judgment. Thank God for his grace and mercy he pours out on us every second we are on this earth.

  36. Darya Hupp

    Christmas used to be illegal in America because Jeremiah 10 says not to do it. "They cut down the tree from the forest and decorate it with gold and silver." It was pagan then and it's still pagan now. We were first founded as a Christian nation. 1 John 3:4 says that sin is lawlessness so we need to keep His Sabbath holy on Saturday too, Mark 16:1. Celebrate the holidays that Jesus celebrated (Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles, John 7:2, Acts 2, Acts 20, 1 Cor. 5:7-8, and Lev. 23) instead of the pagan ones of the world like Easter and Christmas. Google it, they are all pagan. You'd would go to jail for celebrating Christmas in the early eighteen hundreds. Easter is the goddess of fertility. Jesus doesn't want to be worshipped like a pagan god. Luke 16:17 says that it's easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for one tittle of the law to fail. John 14:15 says that if you love Him, you'll obey His Commands. He teaches us how to love. His love is a lot like loyalty. Try it out. Love, always. God bless you and yours. Amen.

  37. Darya Hupp

    He promises BLESSINGS for those who know that 1 John 3:4 "Sin is LAWLESSNESS." Matthew 5, His law was NEVER done away with. Matthew 7, those who are LAWLESS will be separated from Him. Mark 16:17, It's EASIER for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for one little bit of His law to fail. Jeremiah 31, THE NEW COVENANT is that He writes His law on your mind and in on your heart, Ezekiel 36:27, His Holy Spirit teaches you His laws and makes you walk in them. The book of Rev. says it three times, you need to obey His commands to get into Heaven, Rev. 12:17, 14:12, and 22:14. Hebrews 10, Those who reject Moses's law DIE WITHOUT MERCY on the testimony of two or three witnesses, 1 Cor. 7:19, Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing but what matters is OBEYING THE COMMANDS OF GOD.

  38. 2cutesbabygal

    im so lonely there is no words to describe it

    Angela Fecteau

    2cutesbabygal praying for you today to be filled with the peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as Lord! Praying for grace and mercy, praying that you know how precious you are and how loved! You are not alone!


    This sounds like the spirit of loneliness in whom you wrote.
    Because of the self-pity.

    You can pray to God to give you people to your side and repent of the sins which could have caused a judgement.

  39. Motseki Seapi


  40. Laylaa 2308


  41. Ted Voogt

    So I will wake spend my days loving the one who raised me up from dead to life wrong to right your making all things beautiful

  42. Brittney Phillips

    "Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy." - Micah 7:18

    "....because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment." - James 2:18

  43. Sylvie Mangaza


  44. Shane Jacobson

    Wow what a Blessing from Heaven - Beautiful Song

  45. Jessica Dass

    such a beautiful a song 💖

  46. Andiswa Ntshewula

    Wow by his blood (Jesus) we have eternal life, loving full of grace He is!!!

  47. Andiswa Ntshewula

    Wow by his blood (Jesus) we have eternal life, loving full of grace He is!!!

  48. Arcennia rodriguez

    it's. very. sad

  49. Laney LeBlanc

    Mercy triumphs over judgment

  50. Andrew Walshe

    The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes: 'T is mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes The throned monarch better than his crown: His sceptre shows the force of temporal power, The attribute to awe and majesty, Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings; But mercy is above this sceptred sway; It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings, It is an attribute to God himself; And earthly power doth then show likest God's When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew, Though justice be thy plea, consider this, That, in the course of justice, none of us Should see salvation: we do pray for mercy; And that same prayer doth teach us all to render The deeds of mercy.

  51. Doreen Quelch

    Giving a thumbs down on this song could never and will never take away the power and beauty contained in this song! This sound originated from Heaven - I feel it every time I hear and sing it to One Who has raised me up.

  52. Vincent

    This song is so Beautiful, that literally want to marry Amanda Cook. 1 day I will meet her.

  53. Jackie Howard

    "Simply" beautiful!!

  54. Rodrigo Neves


  55. lovlym2c Lovely45C

    The cello piece makes me cry

  56. Lovet Christina

    Im in love with this song like with Jesus "

  57. Marquez23


  58. Savedthroughfaith praisegod

    This is a great song but I have to say that we do NOT "embrace our past", we learn from it and move closer to the Lord. Our past is only good for seeing what we were without Christ, it is not to be embraced.

    Estiee Udo

    But embracing your past helps you grow. Helps you realize that who you used to be is not who you are now.

  59. Inez Jimenez

    "There will never be a day you're uncertain of the ones you choose"......Ugh I FALL APART EVERYTIME when she sings those lyrics!!! This song in its entirety is just simply AMAZING!

  60. FarAwayDistance

    This song is soo beautiful.
    My heart is overwhelmed with His love.

  61. Megan D'Andrea


  62. bi Veronica

    so so beautiful and soothing. May God´s blessings be.

  63. Lucy Mae

    This song has freed me in unspeakable ways

  64. fleurma76

    I grew up in churches that were very legalistic. I couldn't really understand the "mercy" side of my faith. I could only focus on my failures. God gave me someone in my life that helped me understand we really are forgiven. "Go and sin no more." "My past rewritten." I found a better understanding of God's grace and love and this song reminds me ^_^

  65. Tim P

    Amen!! Lord Jesus....still watching in 2017!

  66. Ishmael

    when I hear this song I think of two people playing a card game about mercy is victorious over judgment

  67. Living On Purpose

    Peaceful assurance 😊

  68. magicberu

    "And there will never be a day You're uncertain of the ones You choose". Oh, definitely! John 6:35-40...

  69. Mollie Hoffman

    say salena 10 times
    clap 5 times
    post this on 2 videos
    check your voice

  70. Cindy May

    He never forgets the ones he chooses....and gloriously he chooses EVERYONE!!!!


    subscribe back?

  71. tobisogba

    This song is sooo legit! Well done Bethel Music!

  72. coldasice7x

    thank You

  73. April Tilden

    What a blessing.

  74. Errol Flynn

    I love this song soo much and i'm a guy.

  75. Stephen Lawal

    This is flawless ! Praise Jesus

  76. Pheonixia Gal

    I love this song so much. It reminds me f everything God has given me.

  77. Sarah Gutierrez

    just beautiful

  78. Aisha Omi

    God bless you for this song! The lyrics are so powerful, God is such a merciful Father and it's only His grace that is keeping us everyday 😭❤️🔥🙏🏿

  79. Kim D

    Yes He does!!! Praise You Jesus. He saved my husband for eternity!!! Before cancer took my husband, he put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ. He died with NO FEAR!!!

    Elizabeth Chavez

    Kim D bless you sister! God is good all the time Jesus loves you!♡♡♡

    John Embry

    Amen. so sorry for your loss. roman's 8.28

  80. Shaneikiya Z

    Love love love ❤❤💕

  81. LC Myfld

    Love these words.. The way, the truth, & the life... MERCY OVER JUDGEMENT!

  82. fourjz13

    This song blesses my soul.Jesus Christ Saves From Sin- Acts 2:38

  83. Natalie Gonzales

    I sing this song everyday... So loud, thinking about all the things God as done for us.. Absolutely beautiful song.. ❤️❤️

    I get complaints that I'm loud.. 😂😂

    Shell Bell

    Same here - nothing I love more than belting this song out - although I don't quite bring it like Amanda Cook. My cats look unimpressed.

    kylie hay

    YES! I belt it in the morning

    Lifes Light

    Amen.... God is GOOD, He has been so faithful to us all. Bless the name of the living GOD! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

    Anonymous person

    Um_Its_ Natalie me 2

    Ty Fitzpatrick

    Um_Its_ Natalie i love what this song shares about God's 💓 Was listening to it again this morning and saw your comment and i Totally Agree!!! Keep Singing LOUD!!! You have a call to wake people up to the reality of things in God's heart!!!!!!! Glory!!! God will take you higher and farther than you think to be able to accomplish this for His Glory... Grace Cageless Birds 💓

  84. Daniel j

    musically boring. no harmony line. excessively repetitive. sounds depressing. tune leaves me feeling frustrated and unresolved.

    LC Myfld

    Its full of The Holy Spirit & TRUTH... ITS REAL

  85. Lynnette Jenkins

    Amanda Cook <333333

  86. Desmond Kent

    mercy triumphs over judgement!

  87. Vincent Izquierdo

    were is the is one from Willow Crystal lake sounds a whole lot bweyer than the original

  88. Erica Sue

    I love this song! It's so beautiful 😍

  89. Titus

    Is the best song ever made. Blast this song all over the world with giant speakers and we will all be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  90. Devon Mckenzie

    Glory be to God , such a wonderful song , continue to do songs of praise Amanda.

  91. Supra Man

    Thanks God.I:m really touched and blessed.

  92. Natosha Banks

    One of my most favorite songs.When I think about God and his great love for me. I am overwhelmed ! Thank you Abba for your grace and Mercy.

  93. Luu F


  94. Toomuchlaffing

    they'll be playing this soon on klove if they aren't already

  95. Amy- Letitia

    Cover version of Mercy uploaded on my channel. Check it out guys and subscribe if you enjoy. Much love xx

  96. mimi bubble

    love this music God bless amanda cook amen 😊👌👏

  97. Matt Kramer

    Soar heartland in Winnipeg does an absolutely spectacular live version of this song. Literally brought tears to my eyes

  98. Patty

    These works have been impacting my heart . healing and birthing life. Thank you.

    As a visual artist who creates live during worship and community events and happenings -- I am wondering if you are going to utilize live creators during your tour.

    I would love to create amidst the contemplative flow of this collection. Happy to provide creds, examples and references. I resides within an hour of the Atwell location.

  99. kallene Smith

    amazing album.

    kallene Smith

    i want to know how to get it

  100. Cora Ines

    My heart so touched on this worship song ! Jesus made a lot of encounter of sinner in the bible and one of them a woman who is a prostitute and Jesus showed mercy and not judgement or condemantion he forgive her and told her to sin no more. God rewrite the story of the life of that woman, indeed God delight in showing mercy over judgement. What an amazing God we have !