Amanda Cook - Look For The Light Lyrics

There're too many things to count I can't explain
And the more I figure out, the more I don't know anyway
Like the question why always remains the same
So I couldn't try to comprehend your pain

But just as the winter melts into springtime
The rest of the seasons will fall into line

And the snow will fall
This I know come autumn
And the sun will rise
After the longest night
After the longest night

Why is innocence a lost cause in our day?
Oh, and why are we so quick to give it away?
Though we take a snapshot of our childlike faith
Keepsakes and memories, in time, will fade, will fade

But the snow will fall
This I know come autumn
And the sun will rise
After the longest night
After the longest night

Look for the light
Look for the light
Look for the light
Look for the light

But the snow will fall
This I know come autumn
And the sun will rise
After the longest night
After the longest night
After the longest night
After the longest night

Look for the light
Look for the light
Look for the light
Look for the light

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Amanda Cook Look For The Light Comments
  1. Beatrice Lanting

    I wish this was on Spotify

  2. Bernard Anderson

    So this was just a spontaneous moment ? Not a actual song?

  3. Etchy Sketch

    Beautiful I watched this at 20 times I keep watching these videos and it gives me hope

  4. Lionel Mbeng

    Give me lyrics..please

  5. Manuel Vasquez

    righteousness never forgets.

  6. Manuel Vasquez

    burning lights, the 1th will be last and the last will inherits a crowns.

  7. wanlly alvarez

    🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 worship!!!

  8. Anthony Velez


  9. Bernard Anderson

    Please upload to Spotify!

  10. Ninon Thérèse

    « We are wide open Jesus » ! Amen 🙏🏾 💫 We’ll shine in the name of Jesus 🌟🌟

  11. Amber B

    The trifecta!!!!!!

  12. Alessandra Lima

    Awesome ! 💜

  13. 01jesusfrk

    I need this whole set!!!! Please someone post the whole set!

    Rafaela Pires


  14. Gilmar Costa

    Legendado esse momento por favor família 😭❤🔥

  15. Brenno 12

    Ainda existe uma geração que não se prosta diante de outros deuses.
    Mas que dá a adoração exclusivamente ao único DEUS que é digno de ser adorado.

  16. IKECH545

    This is one of the most cherished things I've experienced in Worship... singing something that makes my soul almost explode with a "YES!" When your voice shakes and you can hardly even get words out because your soul is taking over PRAISING the LORD and your physical body responds. SO GOOD.

  17. Carmen Cruz

    Amazing worship, being the light and Being a generation burning bright! Worship God!!

  18. Rhulani Augusto

    My revival begins now. Thankful for 2018 and it's challenges that made me strong. I threw in the towel one to many times but God remained right by my side. 2019 is my year of Revival!

  19. smile 123

    I was praying for revival a while ago..

  20. Chris JT

    Ohhh my my my beautiful love 💕 this i love you guys

  21. Babafemi Omosehin

    The best worship trio..thanks Andrew

  22. Mosibudi Edwina Letselane

    Three worship freaks on one stage!! Jesus...i can absolutly sense heaven on earth

  23. Segun Adekunle

    More Lord😅

  24. # beyond us

    My confidence is your faithfulness............😇

  25. Rob Callicotte

    "If anyone serves me, let him follow me; and where I am, there my servant will be also. If anyone serves me, him my Father will honor." - Jesus [edit - this is so like Heaven. Thanks for sharing with us.]

    angelina ikuzwe

    I love amanda

  26. Omid Skandarniya


  27. Roselyne Ayeola

    Christ in me the hope of glory, this is Revival!!!🔥

  28. Ariesa Bryant

    "There's a crack in everything that's how the light gets in." <3 -Steffany Gretzinger. YESSSSS, JESUS! We were created, the earth was created and everything in with the ability to be a vessel of Your Light.

  29. Kathleen N

    Hallelujah🙌🏼🔥 REVIVAL LIGHT INSIDE! The Light of Jesus!!!! 💗

  30. shagaiya Peace

    Wonderful song ministrations

  31. Namsayn


  32. Diana Sierra

    Gloria Dios, el idioma no es límite para Dios.

  33. sirlei neves

    Lindo !!
    Amo demais!!
    Saudades demais!!
    Triste demais sem você meu amor!;

  34. Felipe L.L

    Esses três juntos ....owww

  35. Andrea

    Amanda Cook🙌💖 Prophecy girl!

  36. Malehu Paulah

    This is REVIVAL! This is the MAIN EVENT! Yesssss Father! These are the very last days He spoke of when He said I'll pour out my spirit on all flesh!!! THIS IS REVIVAL ! THIS IS REVIVAL! Thank You for REVIVAL Lord! 😭😭😭

  37. Doris Amollo

    Halllelujah This is Revival 😃😃😃

  38. Noeh Piedad

    Amanda is back!!!!

    Bruce Lee

    Humayo Music How long has she been gone for? And do you know the reason why?

    Noeh Piedad

    @Bruce Lee i guees its been a month since July or August. I dont know too the reason why she leaves Bethel. I guess she rested and back to Canada. Theres no official post why she left. But she will be back and i saw her post that she will be joining Hillsong tour in USA as a guest worship leader.


    She’s in the middle of getting divorced:(

  39. Matthew Vanderhider

    Yes!!! Learning to rest!!! Yes!!

  40. G JC

    Luke 11:33 🕯🔥

  41. Margaret Kasozi

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😃😃 I can rest in Your promises, my confidence is in Your faithfulness❤️

  42. True Rebels Go Raw

    What a great Trio, God is good!!!

  43. KainzMusic

    Amanda Cook is one of my favorites!

  44. Tina Mitchell


  45. Mukwenda Kandole

    Name a better worship trio? I'll wait...

    Idowu Olamipeju

    @Sean Ravenscroft but the Father will never worship Himself

    Cilla E

    They are a force! Called and manifesting.

    Melvin Njoroge

    Glory to God for such worshippers

    Bek Mitchell

    I agree 100% so powerfully annointed

    Jonathan Roberts

    I’ll never forget those beautiful days in Orlando!!!

  46. Marfren M

    My heart burns..

  47. Suzanne Longmire

    Yess 😭🙌🏾 JESUS CHRIST

  48. deno Njoka

    I Say I Feel God's Prescence, Light and Greatness Thru Steffanie Gretzinger, Amanda Cook and Jeremy Riddles Thru This Great, Praiseful, Worshipful Spontaneous Song "Light" As Indeed God's Revival and Presence Was in This Concert/Conference and May His Great Name Be Praised as He is Our Great Almighty God.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  49. Matthew Vanderhider


  50. Sergio Ocampo

    This is a new song??

    Davi Mendes


  51. Johnathan Costa

    Eita Deus, quando junta esses três. O fogo de Deus é esperado ❤️🔥

    Eloilsa Amorim


  52. Olivia Lauth

    Does anyone know what conference or service this is from? Need more! Thanks

    Christin Haas

    Olivia Lauth it is from Jesus18 . Should be on Jesus image YouTube page

    Janeliz Rodriguez

    This is a clip from the Jesus 18' event on Dec 12th, 2018. This was a spontaneous moment from one of the first sessions 👐
    Link to the first day of the Jesus 18' event;

    Olivia Lauth

    Thank you guys so much!


    Olivia Lauth Jesus 18


    Olivia Lauth The band is from bethel Church

  53. Gracy James

    We gonna be generation burning bright

  54. Fervent Heart

    I yearn for You Jesus and I yearn and long to sing to You

  55. Hannah Bailey

    I soooo appreciate Steffany’s vulnerability. Simply her yielding to the spirit, and allowing herself to just cry out to God without worrying about how she sounded, because God doesn’t care, it’s about the yearning in our hearts for him that he wants to see! thank you for sharing!!!!

    Shebin Mj

    That's a beautiful understanding, you have a good heart dear , God bless you

    Carmen Cruz

    Amazing worship, being the light and Being a generation burning bright !

    Bernard Anderson

    Couldn’t agree more

  56. Cristiane Martins Lima de Souza


  57. Nicholas Clinton

    So good

  58. Mhae Minq

    Transformation ☺️😊💕
    Thank You for the revival Abba Father ☺️💕💕

  59. Hannah Eduarda

    In love 😍

  60. Mhae Minq

    God bless all 💕💕