Amanda Cook - Closer Lyrics

Your love has ravished my heart, and
Taken me over, taken me over
And all I want is to be
With You forever, with You forever

So pull me a little closer
Take me a little deeper
I want to know Your heart
I want to know Your heart
’Cause Your love is so much sweeter
Than anything I’ve tasted
I want to know Your heart
I want to know Your heart

Whoa, whoa, how great Your love is for me
Whoa, whoa, how great is Your love
I could never run from Your love
I could never hide from Your love
I could never run from Your love
Further than You’ll find me

So pull me a little closer
Take me a little deeper
I want to know Your heart
’Cause Your love is so much stronger
Than anything I’ve faced and
I want to know Your heart
I want to know Your heart

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Amanda Cook Closer Comments
  1. Sherie Twenter

    Now I want to look for Justin's story..... lol

  2. Connie Valles

    I recently was spending time with God and I had my eyes closed. It was so sweet and precious I couldn't stop thanking Him ❤️. I didn't want to open my eyes because I knew I would once again realize that I'm here on Earth and had to get back to my daily routine.

    Only a few days later I heard this song and it spoke to me so deeply. This one along with "nothing else" by Cody carnes

  3. Frank Butch

    I wanna fuck you like an animal

  4. Jack Morrison

    No love like the love of Christ

  5. Chirag Rajvaniya

    I m here just bcz of Justin Bieber Insta post

  6. Sirena petite

    How great your love is for me......

  7. Soe Yu Nandar

    Such a beautiful song for all Christians. And I truly admire this song even though I'm a Buddhist.

  8. Abrar Alnaqbi

    this version is better

  9. Ivy R.

    ' cause your love is so much sweeter than anything I've tasted' ❤

  10. Tobiah Tovijjah Goodness Of G-d

    Thy L-rd My G-d Behold
    I Know i am dying because of My Sins
    My Maker If You Are Willing I AM
    Forgive Mercy Protect Guide Redeem

  11. Lal Jobs

    A thousand likes...1st comment 2019

  12. Virosha Delile

    i had to sing this for worship, pls like, i actually wanna see how much likes i get lmao

  13. Nale 729

    God has made some some beautiful singers like her and me

  14. tembo 963

    This isnt about justin people. Its Jesus Christ. The truth.

  15. tembo 963

    Justin? Im here for Jesus Christ. The spotless Lamb of God. Our redeemer

  16. Susan Yanas

    This song is so beautiful!!!

  17. Zyrius Official

    Tropical House Cover Version of this song. Check it out. Available on all platforms.

  18. Simo Mxolisi

    seems as if everyone is here from justin bieber's IG

  19. bina nayak

    Raise A Hallelujah,!

  20. bina nayak

    Awesome !

  21. Paulo Leonardo

    Is very very good, but the music of Stefany Frizzel has best, equals in any things but more good

  22. Prince Prashanth

    I'm Hear because of Justin. ❤❤

  23. Myst Hamog

    Every one here saying they came because of Justin. I came here because of Jesus Christ.

  24. Maria Fernanda

    Seu amor tem arrebatado meu coração

    E me levado, me levado

    Tudo que eu quero é estar

    Contigo para sempre, Contigo para sempre

    Então me aproxime um pouco mais

    Me leve um pouco mais profundo

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Porque seu amor é muito mais doce

    Do que qualquer coisa que já provei

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Oh, Oh, como é grande o seu amor é para mim

    Oh, Oh, quão grande é o seu amor

    Então me aproxime um pouco mais

    Me leve um pouco mais profundo

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Porque seu amor é muito mais forte

    Do que qualquer coisa que já provei

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Eu quero conhecer Teu coração

    Você pode me amar mais em um momento

    Do que outros amantes poderiam, em uma vida inteira

  25. Flufkin pumpkin


  26. Ruth Pilo

    Your love has ravished my heart... Cause your love is soo much sweeter than anything v tasted 😊😍😋

  27. Kenzie & Chloe

    Everyone’s here because of Justin Bieber but I’m here because of Jesus

  28. Werner Esterhuizen

    Wow. People are here for Justin and not God. When even Justin was here because of God. 👏👏👏

  29. Levi Lemuel

    I'm here because Jesus died for me 💓😍

  30. M. T.

    Something about hearing this song that I like. I feel a sense of peace and assurance when I listen to this song. Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for us. I can't say thank you enough Lord for all that you do continually for us. Use me Lord for all of your honor and glory. #imyours

  31. Elizabeth

    I wanna know your heart ❤️

  32. Elizabeth

    Boo Justin beaber

  33. Evey Asada

    When I hear this song I feel like both me and God are having a conversation with other, that He wants to know my heart, that He wants to a little closer.

  34. pedro ruan

    Vim pelo justin gostei muinto !!

  35. Velis

    Lmao I'm only here because of my church 👍👍

  36. Elexter Jr

    Justin Bieber always helps and make others known with their music, thanks to him though..

  37. Ariane

    Vim pelo Justin

  38. Sumi Mashi

    wow I love this song

  39. david levy

    I'm in tears

  40. Katelynn Carroll

    What an amazing God we serve! 😊 ✞

  41. Betsy Genesis


  42. Just someone

    Love this song!! Best friend recommended this for me.

  43. gg55

    It will be my funeral song

  44. Victoria Roux

    I could never run from your love further than you'll find me ♡♡♡♡

  45. Mylove Bieber

    Literally becuz of Justin.😉

  46. Aastha Bharill

    Bless Justin’s soul for introducing me to this song

  47. Joanna Serrano

    LORD touch ever one that has been on this page and that will visit may they encounter you in a special way Love u Father!💝

  48. Muhamad Rifaldi

    Here because amanda cook

  49. Chandreshan

    I'm here coz of Jesus, only Jesus


    Justin you got the love of your life.......SELENA!:)

  51. Karolista MR

    Justin Bieber que buen gusto tienes😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😃

  52. chloe !

    When everyone is here because of Bieber but you are here because you love God! 💜🙌🏻

  53. Rikho Christian

    Its ok, all of the coment on this video came from justin's post his instagram

  54. Marlies JD

    Thankyouu Justin for sending this song to the world ❤️

  55. kim petersen

    Love 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  56. azie zizah

    I like all your post beliebers haha :-D

  57. Geny Torres

    Estoy aquí por Justin mi bebe Bieber!

  58. Brenda Cova

    Let me get this straight: People come onto a worship song video... for a celebrity..

    chloe !

    Brenda Cova I mean whatever draws people to the lord...💜

  59. Catalina Lopez

    Beautiful song, so amazing!

  60. Karina Wentland Dias

    Does anyone know what keyboard song is this?


    for justin💜

  62. Truth King

    Awesome lyrics, loving it

  63. iamdugnas7

    Like si viniste por el instagram de Justin Bieber!!

  64. Daniel Neuhoff

    Not here for Justin but for Jesus

  65. Victoria Roux

    Thank you Justin for let me know this beautiful song♡

  66. Marie Chavez


  67. Adam

    Fuck Justin and fuck this song:-)

  68. JoJo Faithh

    It’s like Justin promoted this song. Cause that’s how I got here 😭 and I’m happy I am here because I loved it♥️

  69. kathy pozo

    JB 🙋

  70. photological

    JB said so!

  71. Nurcan Berk

    For justin 😂

  72. Nurcan Berk

    For justin 😂

  73. Nurcan Berk

    for justin 😂

  74. Nurcan Berk

    for justin 😂

  75. Tragiopi Papauoma

    Here because justin thank you

  76. Tragiopi Papauoma

    Thanks justin to saw the song i love ittt

  77. Melian Elloissa

    Amanda Cook is a christian singer and it's so sad that no one understands that this song is about to be close to God. It's not about jelena, be more respectful.

  78. Ssisiee Sisue

    This song takes me away from the world this is too beautiful thank you Justin.

  79. Shafiq Ahmed

    Justin brought me here

  80. RN *

    i have it from justin biebs

  81. Hannah Duchannes

    Justin Bieber se converteu mesmo hein ❤❤❤

  82. Sam Puth

    I'm here after Justin post

  83. Glitterliss

    Todos llegamos por Justin bieber

  84. Yae Hoo

    Bieber's IG :)

  85. I'ma Freakbitch Baby!

    Bieber brought me here 😍

  86. miguel angel rosales rojas

    Justin 👌😯

  87. Dnyaneshwari Kudale

    lisn bcz f justin❤

  88. Purely Equine

    Love it!!!

  89. Pedro Augusto

    Cristã? Vim pelo Justin ❤

  90. Sofyan

    Thank u Justin for let me know this GREAT SONG

  91. Aris blackdevile

    Justin 😂😂❤

  92. Juweria KALIM

    we should all be thanking Justin for introducing us to this genius of an artist. The traffic has increased after his IG story+post.

  93. Emah cuisine

    Here bcz of Bassma boussil's post

  94. Edna Lopez

    Its great the justin led everyone to this song and i think that all those who came here should think about what the song is saying and let God speak to their hearts through this song. Just really meditate on this song and on God.

  95. Facts Bro

    Master piece

  96. RÆ G

    Any one not hear from justin post can i get a like... joke hear from JB IG 😂🌊

  97. meher umrao

    Justin bought me here