Amanda Cook - City Of Hope Lyrics

Once we were a barren land
Dry from disappointment
But Heaven like a heavy rain
Revealed Your heart for us

Now we’re dusting off our instruments
In You we found our will to live
What was once a wilderness
Is teeming with new life

Cause You are mending the brokenhearted
You are making all things new
You’re rebuilding out of the ruins
A city of hope, with the ones You love

Adoption is our heritage
Chosen from the orphanage
The Father’s great inheritance
Bestowed upon us all

And we’re the ones You love

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Amanda Cook City Of Hope Comments
  1. John Ortega

    "Now we're dusting off our instruments". That lyric is so awesome, so hopeful and so encouraging. What an awesome picture of restoration!

  2. Grace Coutts

    Powerful :)

  3. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God

    Galatians 5:22-26 In Jesus name in the power of the holy spirit AMEN

  4. Stefanny Gomez

    We're dusting off our instruments

  5. Brisa Mendoza

    thank you for creating this beautiful album !! God Bless

  6. Louise Abdull

    wow beautiful words meaning broken love 💖 this lady inspires 💖

  7. Carola Wingert

    Beautiful 🙏💕✝️💕

  8. H恵美子

    Could be the theme song to the City of Hope cancer research in CA.

  9. mellisa xulu

    you´re rebuilding out of the ruins,a city of hope with the ones you love......Bless you Amanda,Your worship songs are just uplifting

  10. MuserNumberOne

    "You are mending the broken-hearted,
    You are making all things new"
    Oh my Lord, please mend me now that my heart hurts so bad... and make my hope and happiness new again. Amen!

  11. Carina Patino

    Pure powerful song

  12. Amulya Sony

    I just love it .There's so much of insight in it.God bless Bethel Music and Amanda Cook and her family for bringing up such good music for the glory of the God.

  13. Tomáš Kurka


  14. Sharon Okai

    I am currently reading the book of Jeremiah and although Israel angered God so many times, He always pulled them back and restored them to what they were before or even better. This song reminds me of how based on His love He restored Israel and gave them hope. Today this side of Him is seen more on a personal level than on a national level.

  15. Combat Edits

    I see no city of hope in america today. Gay marriage, sexual immortality and ungodly lifestyles is all i see.

    Danneca Skandera

    Leslie that's the best way I've heard it put! Nice Job!!!

    Leslie Bruce

    America IS turning away from God - what are YOU doing to turn them back to HIM? That's all I;m asking - We MUST be doers of the Word \o/ the church has been preaching another gospel for so long that the world believes that Jesus is irrelevant - so what are we going to DO about it

    Don Schwellenbach

    they already turned from God and what is being preached is psychology, it already happened, indiiviual hearts must seek Him and hold ourselves accountable for seeking him

    Danneca Skandera

    @Leslie Bruce woo hoo Leslie

  16. Kimuri Jackson

    Truth communicated so beautifully yet powerfully! May Christ be praised.

  17. Police State

    So this song seeks to praise... God? It seems like it but I'm not entirely sure because Jesus is not mentioned, nor The Lord or some other characteristic that unqiuely identifies God as revealed in the Holy Bible. "The Father" is the closest we get, and it's a start but then what exactly are we praising The Father for? Mending broken hearts? Adoption? Revealing Himself to us?

    Okay... but HOW? No mention whatsoever of our sin, of Jesus taking our place and dying for our sin so we might gain eternal life, no mention of the resurrection...

    And this is why this song falls short, sure it's got a Christian theme for it, but it's not appropriate for worship because it is vague, neglects the Gospel, and the theology is so poor it's got holes in its turned-out pockets.

    This song in no way directs us to worship the Lord who graciously saves us from our sin through faith in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross as well as His resurrection.

    This is just a shame.

    Ana Valle

    Police State facts


    Police State listen to highest praises by Amanda cook if that's what you're looking for

  18. Sylvia Brooks

    Incredible!! Ty!

  19. Afia Agyeman-Andoh

    Sweet Holy Spirit, we love you <3

  20. Julio Calderon

    im in awe. i literally am speachless with this album. God is so great

  21. yeremy manzur

    Gracias a Dios por este grupo que se deja usar por El 🙂🙂🙂 sus canciones son aceite para el alma

  22. Catherine Kyalo

    This girl is a true worshipper

  23. Angie CJ

    Adoption is our heritage - love this

  24. sniper rifle

    i am really really REALLY curious.....what is there to dislike in the song ? its sooo beautifull and amazing ......i dont understand why dislike

  25. Andressa Oliveira

    todos louvores lindos!

    " all things new"

  26. Daniel Zambrano

    eu canciones son meu calidad DEUS bendiga meu amanda cook

  27. Gin tung making all things new.Amen.

  28. Get Bare Before God

    Gorgeous - theses songs are such a blessing to my life!! I play them over and over

  29. Davie Wilson Themu

    wow, absoluteness

  30. Sherice Higgs


  31. sunsetstormx S

    Father is raising up worshipers all over creation singing new songs from His heart! I am so honored He led me to this album!!!

  32. SelshoreH

    love the song! <3 Even through the broken He is able to fix it. Especially in this world, through all the brokenness and the ruins, He is able to come and comfort, even if it's there's only a little hope left. Btw, love the handwriting <3 <3 <3

  33. Hananya Naftali

    *Love it!! so talented! Love from ISRAEL! I'm also a Jewish Christian, see my channel*

  34. Akila

    This is a nice song. I am new to this songwriter/singer. "You are mending the broken-hearted..." God is mending my broken heart because it is so cool how every time I get back up feel this instance to get back up and to keep trying so I can live my life for God. So far I like her songs.

    Uncle Bryan

    +Naijha Coleman The only way we can loose is to not get back up and even then the King calls things that are not as though they are! Saints keep on praising ! The victory is ours. March on Army of Love with weapons of song!

  35. Boitsholo masalila

    Thanks for the music that humbles us and brings us to the feet of our saviour.. this music is so anointed its so refreshing... it strips me of my selfish tendencies and i find myself in unison with the Holy Sprit.. thank you for allowing yourself to be God's vessel.. May you be richly blessed.

  36. Boitsholo masalila

    Thanks for the music that humbles us and brings us to the feet of our saviour.. this music is so anointed its so refreshing... it strips me of my selfish tendencies and i find myself in unison with the Holy Sprit.. thank you for allowing yourself to be God's vessel.. May you be richly blessed.

  37. Mahawon Visuals

    How do I get video background like this?

  38. juleeanamelissa jasper

    This is amazing!!! City of hope with the ones you love 👼

  39. Tiffany Roney

    At 2:26-ish, anyone know what instrument that is? (the twinkly sound)

  40. Rose Thornitskiy

    Mindblown. I love it. :)))))))

  41. veronique auclair

    your music allows us to be so close to God !! thank you amanda

  42. Zanele Mahlangu

    I love this!

  43. India Sarai

    beautiful beautiful I know God is smiling

  44. Celebrate Recovery U.P. Michigan

    How sweet it is to be chosen and loved by the Creator.

    Delcia Evans

    yesss greatest feeling ever

  45. Frances Angeline Bañaga

    I personally think she's the Taya Smith of Bethel :)

    Stark Zwillig

    Thank God for both of them, but they are definately very different.

  46. Raíssa Mariane

    Jesus minha vidaaaaaa 😍😍

  47. Ivy Huang

    keep going!

  48. Gloria Miriam kawuma

    this song is so amazing,

  49. Jillian Riordan

    i get a christmas-y vibe from this song and I LOVE IT! :)

  50. Rodrick Gaseb

    this is so timely in my life... i couldn't ask for more intimacy with heaven than this... praise be to God

  51. Will Selander

    "You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
    you have loosed my sackcloth
    and clothed me with gladness,
    that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.
    O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!"

  52. Ruby Agate

    This is powerfull song.

  53. Christna Stubbs

    I love You, Jesus.

  54. Débora Donato

    Beautiful! 😍😭❤️

  55. Toya Missy

    Thank you God for this music! the one I have always wanted but vastly found among secular artist!

  56. somedaydoctor abby

    BEAUTIFUL in every way.

  57. Jeremy Wilson


  58. Megon Schutte

    Absolutely LOVE the new album!!!

  59. Johnson Das

    Wow.................. so mesmerizing, powerful worship ........ May God Bless U #TeamBethel

  60. Edelmira Yabes

    I am completely in love with this song.

  61. Al pianoxis

    waou ..😍

  62. Cristian Gomez


  63. Cherry Berry

    Incredible song. So powerful!

  64. Natalia

    Adoption is our heritage, chosen from the orphanage - this one really spoke to me. Felt like a little child taken from the dark scary place to Daddy's home.

    Andrew Rodriguez

    Wow... Amen :) praise God

    Jesus Lovesmedeeply

    Hey friend you have snapchat?

  65. 11teiko

    Love this so much. Thank you Amanda for being such a thoughtful lyricist and sincere worshipper.

  66. Tara Y

    Jesus, thank you for Amanda who is a beloved daughter that brings forth anointings of courage to praise and worship. Thank you God for this warrior princess that declares over your army with the songs of your promise and victory. We are blessed to have her creativity flow in our generation and lifetime!

  67. Karine Viana


  68. barryoutoob

    This song fills me with Hope, I can feel the Love of God. The video is beautiful.


    The mix and assortment of beautiful sounds is mind-boggling.

    Tiffany Palacios

    Yes!! Especially in the song ‘Heroes’

  70. Darlene Debolgado

    This song makes me cry because of its truthfulness. I remember when the Israelites were rebuilding their temple, many things and people tried to make it stop but because of God's faithfulness and goodness, they were able to rebuild their temple. This can also be us, when we rebuild ourselves, many things will hinder it and it won't be an instant but again, I reiterate, GOD is faithful..

    Evelyn Wijaya

    Amen :')

    Reconcile The Nations

    +Darlene Debolgado Haggai Chapter 1~~


    +Darlene Debolgado Very True Darlene.... Amen :) Bethel Music is so beautiful that I can't explain it.... it really touches my heart and soul

    Margie Lopez

    I am so grateful for His faithfulness.

  71. Miriã Lopez

    This song has so much depth!❤️😍

  72. Andrew Pearcy

    FINALLY!!!! You're going to do great things, Amanda Cook! Saw you and Bethel in Southaven, MS for Outcry and I've literally never experienced worship like I did there. Bless you!

  73. Gustavo Nascimento

    You are mending
    The broken-hearted
    You are making
    All things new
    We're the ones you love

  74. Taylor Reyes

    Love it so much

  75. Jonathan Wroughton

    This song has absolutely floored me

  76. Ethan Shephard