Amanda Cook - Bitter / Sweet Lyrics

You make all things new, You
You make all things new, You

You turn the bitter into sweet
The bitter into sweet
The bitter into sweet
You turn the winter into spring
The winter into spring
The winter into spring

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Amanda Cook Bitter / Sweet Comments
  1. mags sekhu


  2. Arie Korpershoek

    how sweet is this song, thank you Bethel!!

  3. Carrie McKinney

    Not true. Keto cured my hormonal condition, and all multiple other diseases. Diabetes high blood pressure high bad cholesterol auto immune disease. All were cured. Also we were not meant to eat carbs and bananas and sweet potato and rice and bread and pasta etc. it’s all man made and none of it existed in the beginning. We were meant to eat nuts and seeds and berries and some veggies and God given cows. Yes he’s right too much protein kicks you out of ketosis that’s why you don’t have a lot. You have a limit. Healthy fat is the goal not high protein. It’s high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. Also you can eat lots of veggies and you don’t count those like dr Berg the expert says. This guy is not a doctor. Doing Keto without the veggies is the wrong way he says. So you can still have veggies just not the man derived junky starchy ones...

  4. maytc2011

    Somebody please make a video with this song and The Passion of the Christ...

  5. Salvatore Marotta

    hello, I hope not to disturb, someone knows where I can find the musical score of this song, thanks


    God shows him self in 10 million ways and proves himself to be real over and over again simply by manifesting who he is inside of us. We alone do not have the power to be godly and if we believe we do we are only fooling ourselves. A changed Godly man is proof.
    A restored family is proof.
    The human body is proof.
    There is nothing LOVE can't do.
    We just have to allow it to show us.


    Is some of this spontaneous worship ?

  8. Veasna Robert

    Jesus I love you and I believe in you 'Cause you is that I can trust you !

  9. florinel181

    Thank you Lord Jesus for turning my bitter heart into sweet . Your Kingdom come , Your will be done as in Heaven so here on earth !!!

  10. Veasna Robert

    I Love You Jésus

  11. Silke Wignanek

    Habe das Lied bei einer kirchlichen Trauung gehört, nun begleitet es mich...

  12. Brittany Hatcher

    I LOVE this song.

  13. Thayanne Macário de Araújo

    Amanda ❤️

  14. Rosalinda Garza

    The songs on voyage were written two years ago or longer than that so things were already happening who knew? Makes me quite pist off that's why I took things to right authorities. Not only departmental thru superintendents of USA and Mexico but also to a lawyer and sheriff's department in my town!! ☺So glad I emailed you (Bethel)guys thou. Please poor Jenn John. and Stephanie Gret. better eat something they look like they are going to faint somewhere.

  15. Vincent Angel

    This song got me through tough times. BUT, He turned my bitterness into sweetness!

  16. Lizz Lallo

    Who would dislike this beautiful song

  17. Veasna Robert

    Love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you guys!

  18. bella rose

    I love this song✝️🎶💕

  19. Isaiah Chavez


  20. Miguel Frota

    the winter into spring

  21. Manish Beesetti

    Your voice its magical ❤

  22. Kate Shkvar

    So so good! Wow, thank you Jesus!

  23. Shell Bell

    I plugged my earphones in yesterday and went for a walk to this album. What a beautiful experience - it felt like I was walking with God.

  24. Crown

    this song is meaningful to me because ive been through so much suffering and truama from a small child and I was born in April-springtime

  25. Vincent Angel

    He said in Isaiah 43:19 King James Version (KJV)

    Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert"

  26. Raya Brown

    GORGEOUS Xxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Rickus Kruger

    Just wanted to share, I first heard this song when I had an accident with my finger. The small part of the skin at the top got cut off in a biltong grinder. It was one of the worst days of my life, was so traumatic and painful. I then went to a Bethel concert the next day and when Amanda sang this song I thought of my finger and prayed over it. I am happy that my finger has finally grown back and healed after a period of 5 months and its almost been 8 months now and my finger looks normal now, even though its just a little bit out of shape. This song reminded me of it and made me cry, but thankfully I have been healed emotionally.

  28. Darya Hupp

    I pray this song over the whole Earth and everyone living, past, present, and future. He died for all.

  29. Darya Hupp

    Happy Biblical New Year!

  30. Alex Green

    One days these
    two scriptures ministered to me in a whole new way......both applied helped me so much in my walk with The Father, Praise God!

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

    For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

  31. S0N of G0D

    I love this song so much cause the holy spirit touches my heart through this song. :)

  32. Hau Za Cin Kipgen

    Does anyone knows what effect pedals are used in the guitar solo.? Sounds amazing..!

    Justin Young

    Just sounds like a ton a reverb and mod delay, and there's a minimum of 3 different guitar tracks playing.

    Hau Za Cin Kipgen

    Justin Young ohh thank you !!

  33. Bob

    A lot of people are saying 'this is exactly what I needed to hear' God often tells us what we need to hear through a lot of things like songs, the bible, through other people, or just simple putting the words we need to hear into our heart ❤️

  34. Boho456

    God bless you Amanda cook may the lord be with you <33333

  35. Shannon Hannig

    Redemption ❤

  36. Black Blades

    Beautiful song and music. But the ending cracking music on the right -it's disturbing.. Is it just me?

    Jaylin Flanigan

    What do you mean?

    Black Blades

    Jaylin Flanigan 5:20 to 5:42 Hear with headphones.

    Ron Régnier

    haha :)) the cracking sound at the end, had to artistic touch, doesn't bother me, to me a very good song. Be well

  37. Hailey Hudson

    when He shakes His mane, we shall have spring again

    Mason Williams

    Hailey Hudson classic book with more than a measure of truth

  38. 張佩儀

    You make all things new, You
    You make all things new, You

    You turn the bitter into sweet
    The bitter into sweet
    The bitter into sweet
    You turn the winter into spring
    The winter into spring
    The winter into spring

  39. Bruno Ballesteros

    You, my God, saved me from depression. I can't thank you enough.

    rebecca britus

    Bruno Dos santos He saved me from depression too☺

    Bruno Ballesteros

    Depression is nothing but a cry of the soul. Our soul needs the Word of God as much as our body needs water.
    The Lord Jesus said that:
    "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." Mathew 4.4
    To deal with depression you must treat the SOUL The only way to treat the SOUL is: TO HEAR the Word of God, MEDITATE on the Holy Scriptures, and ABSORVE the Spirit of the Bible.

    Ryan Bacchus

    Bruno Dos santos thanks for this word. I have been hurt so badly that sometimes I don't know what to do. Mainly by my parents.

    Moon Love

    Ryan Bacchus Are you okay?

    Carolyn Swain

    Amen! Me too! God is good and so faithful!

  40. Jay Siwelo

    I'm getting this album

  41. Sarai Jaramillo Egaña

    i needed hear this song!!!!

  42. Angela M

    Love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you guys!

    Jasmine Samantha

    Angela M Me too :)

  43. Tomasz Stajkowski

    Here is the masterpiece of worship.
    So deep ,so pure.Wooow!!!If i were a God i would listen to this song all the time.Can you imagine God on the headphones listen about himself and thinking proud : My children!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Emma Expilo

    Tomasz Stajkowski

    Anna Stajkowska

    Tomasz Stajkowski

    The Cause of Christ-Children Of God

    Tomasz Stajkowski the greatness of our father in heaven is when we are screaming crying and broken he loves that more because then we are looking for him that's where we find him is in our brokenness in Jesus name AMEN

  44. Feliciano Thorpe

    Simply beautifully new....

  45. Joan Asenwa

    i love all the songs in the album God bless you Amanda Cook

  46. John F. Lands III

    AMEN! and thank you JESUS!!!!!!! YOU truly do, make ALL things NEW! glory to The MOST HIGH GOD!!!!!!!

    Isaac Hernandez

    thank you for making this song Amanda cook it really helped me think to make new things in my life thanks

  47. ilovepeaches400


  48. Erica Bisset

    This is beautiful

  49. Jorge S.

    Sometimes it's the simplest of songs that God uses to break through the darkness!

  50. Nichole Hobson


  51. Amy- Letitia

    I love this! Jesus makes all things new!! :) :)

  52. Rey SantibaÑez

    he's the only one that can make a new heart!

    Rey SantibaÑez

    +Sara Gull are you kidding?

    Rey SantibaÑez

    +Sara Gull give your heart to the maker and if you do that successfully you will fall in love! and he will catch you forever!

    Brey Eastin

    Sara Gull

    Brey Eastin

    Sara Gull Jesus came into the world to set you free from the bondage of sin. we all sin. he came to give you life abundantly if you truly wish to know how read these verses and don't stop searching till you find Him. let me know how I can help you ( romans 3:23, romans 6:23, romans 10:9,13. ) blessings.

    Don Schwellenbach

    by renewing her mind and spirit, it cant be explained how, but He does it

  53. Elias de Oliveira Junior

    Betel, you have inspired me. Thanks. God Bless You

  54. Dr Carls Jr

    Retarded af.

  55. Get Bare Before God

    Breathes in and out. So gorgeous xx

  56. Tshegofatso Tsiang

    this song has just made a difference iny life..I feel like this song just gives me the confidence to just go-ahead and it just made me strong and willing to do God's work..after I heard this song I burst out of tears bitter into sweet made me realize that even though we are bitter we can still become sweet.

  57. Esther Yenga

    such a spirit fill song , it just beautiful

  58. Remington Hill

    What was the point f adding distracting static noises at the end of multiple tracks? I'm in such awe, and then all of a sudden its like a Harley revving up in my ear.?


    i really enjoy that part

  59. Sunset28

    Amen! I definitely needed to hear this song tonight. :-) yes God turns the bitter into sweet the darkness into light thank you Jesus for everything! :-)
    I have been feeling down at times. But I know that I am NOT alone. I thought of some other quotes when I heard this song:" there is a God, how much proof do you need? " the pain that you've been feeling is just the dark before the morning." " whenever one door closes another one opens."
    Such a beautiful song! I cannot wait to get this album!

  60. Justin Brown

    how could anyone Thumbs Down this song? out of 228,948 views 6 ppl.....low percentage but STILL! c'mon this song is awesome!

  61. Tom Bouwer

    Bitter/Sweet and Highest Praise just knocks me for a 6. It helps me calm my spirit, then I long for the Holy Spirit!

    Queen Quasia

    You cant forget about Shepherd

  62. Débora Queiroz

    I need this album on spotify!!!

  63. Syllas Lucas De Oliveira

    muito bom !!!!

  64. Endry Gonzalez

    Amo demasiado esta canción desde la primera vez que la escuché. Es tan sencilla en palabras, pero tan ancha y basta en lo que me hace sentir. I LOVE U LORD!

  65. Talitha Minnaar

    LOVE IT !

  66. Nora P I am listening to this I have been reflecting how God has been making all things beautiful in my he is renewing me and how he created all things and all things are held together in him and find purpose in him. Thank you +BethelMusic you are touching hearts and changing lives more than you can possibly imagine, #bravenewworld

  67. Jec Guzman


  68. Christian C

    Beautiful Song. Jesus you are beautiful.

  69. Micheline Humble

    God makes all new....very refreshing song

  70. 1BlueStarRising

    Awesome & moving sharing !!!
    Five Thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍👍
    Golden Dove Awards🐥🐥🐥🐥
    Hallelujah & Amen ✨😇✨🙏🎵🎵🎀🎀🎵🎵🎵🎵🎀🎀🎵🎵

  71. Joseph david

    love it

    Joseph david

    HE surely gona turn everything to the good of those who trust in HIM

  72. victorius41ify

    My FAV!!

  73. Sarah Eurit

    Amazing 🙌

  74. Jesus Girl

    It's so difficult trying to pick my favorite song; they're all so great!

    Mateusz Michalak

    +Jesus Girl I agree with you! The songs from the album "Brave New World" are very uplifting (I hope it's the right word, sorry for my English :) I haven't listened to all of them yet but I can already say that they are good or maybe I shall say beautiful... God bless you!

    Jarell Reloj

    +Jesus Girl With over 5 minutes of only 11 different words and 4 chords it's hard for me to say this song is my favorite.

    Mateusz Michalak

    I like it :) I like the lyrics also. It touches my soul, there is some truth in it ...

    S0N of G0D

    Jarell Reloj Worship is a spiritual act. Your spirit communicate with the spirit Of God, our good father in heaven.
    It does not matter how many words are in a song. What counts, is the relationship between you and Jesus. That's why we are worshipping.
    Worship is more than words (1. Cor. 13:1) - it is a lovely relationship between you and your father. :D
    Keep going.

    Mat and Est

    loving this one right now! simple but it works. bless you guys :)

  75. Michel Medeiros


  76. Jessica Manning

    Turning the pain I feel from bitter to sweet even in the dark and even through this season of life when it seems to be dark and winter but you turn it into spring - you make me new daily even when it feels like I can't even take care of me. Thanks be to God for one who loves us and takes care of us and is able to guide us on this journey of life. Praise God for artists who genuinely can write and make me feel alive even just for five minutes- can I get an Amen?!?

    Sandra Morcos

    Amen dear .

    mm 25

    Jessica Manning Amen!

    The Cause of Christ-Children Of God

    Jessica Manning God's in every season in suffering and joy. Our purpose I believe is to draw close to him and let them holy spirit guide us,says in Galatians 5:22-26 you are his beloved in Jesus name AMEN

  77. Carla Murillo

    I have been waiting. and it finally happened. #bravenewworld. :)

  78. Ka Wai Ng

    Bitter into sweet :), winter into spring. Can't help but feel the contrast while I was just finishing my cup of tea! :) Love the song!

  79. Ethan Shephard

    I Love It👍🏼