AmaLee - Sorairo Days (Gurren Lagann) Lyrics

Tell me if - If you can hear
Even just the sound of my voice
Loud and clear, free from the void
That once consumed it whole

If this world retains some worth
Then there may still be some hope left
To unearth my destiny and give these feelings a role

I was crushed by the weight of my impatient dreams
And so, I just surrendered
Without even knowing the color or the road to the endless sky

My mind, in overdrive
And so at last, I feel alive
Let the feeling, slowly taking over
Drive the beat of my heart

The me I am today
She will surely carve a way
And continue on in search of finding
Who we're meant to be

The answer that I seek
It always will exist in me

Here and now - no looking back
On the seasons that have all passed
And I vow, no matter what, that I will hold my ground
Small regrets - they pile high
Slowly make their way to the sky
But I'll bear all of their weight - cause they're a part of me now

I've come too far to quit
While following the path your silhouette's created
I've realized the truth
That I'm the only one who can make a change

Those words you gave me
They have a meaning finally
Even now I hear your voice
It's calling once more to my heart

I'm far from knowing why
But there's a reason I'm alive
And I get little closer to it every single day

The answer that I seek
It always will exist in me

It's like it was meant to be
Everything had fallen perfectly in place
Those precious days remain
And we'll live it all again, my friend - till then

My mind's in overdrive
And so at last, I feel alive
Let the feeling, slowly taking over
Drive the beat of my heart

The me I am today
She will surely carve a way
And continue on in search of finding
Who we're meant to be

The answer that I seek
It always will exist in me

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AmaLee Sorairo Days (Gurren Lagann) Comments
  1. pyro226

    Has everyone seen the TM Revolution version (Japanese). He totally nailed it.

  2. Arbiter451

    Who the hell do you think I am!!!!

  3. Jeremy Truckey

    I'd like to say I heard the song and saw the video on youtube music to voice two opinions. 1 her Simon outfit is the best one, 2 cosplaying as kamina is sacrilege but is forgiven simply because you have your version of a large assortment of people making not cosplaying as kamina far more sacrilegious.

  4. k 5

    this anime is hot and wild story.
    i listen to never give up.
    from Japan KEIGO

  5. Swag B

    This is just my favorite

  6. Yoshiro Senpai

    Gurenn Lagan has the same song with Saekano

  7. Fantastic_ Deku

    Why does it sound so much like super mario odyssey

  8. King Dez

    That guitar part at 2:30 always gives me chills 😖

  9. Kingstin Jackson

    1 subscribe one prayer for kamina

  10. Dimensionaljester24

    I love all of this shit and yet people find ways to make the translated Lyrics sound good but this is fucking perfect so I'm sticking with leeandlie

  11. Drake

    My drill is my soul!

  12. Mystical Mango

    She really needs to stop making personal avatars of herself from the characters of the anime


    Does it affect you in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER? if not then just let her do it and fuck off

  13. TadeQ


  14. Hans Cool

    Ypu must love Kamina very much, and so do I.


  15. Mlpfanboy

    I cant believe it took me this long to find this.

  16. HeatxSoul

    Damn looks like she is in LOVE with herself xD

  17. クリレンKURIREN


  18. Ayden Bacchus


  19. EJ Leg

    This brings tears to my eyes and it's one of the only things that helps me get through a day.

  20. Lan SJ

    More than 10yrs and I still get goosebumps... <3

  21. David Williams

    Gods, not going to lie reading some of the inspirational lines from this show from the comments really hit home xD I first watched this show during a really rough time and with something similar happenening again I find it poetic that I find the inspirational statements again ahh... either i need to watch this show again or just spam this cover but things suddenly feel like they might be alright

  22. chilfang

    2:02 Yup that hit me right in the feelz....

  23. 恥辱最後の

    I cried like a bitch.

  24. Mike-Daddy

    Just finished this, one of my favorite animes now

  25. JustAnotherWeeb

    This anime raised my expectations of Mecha anime too far No mecha has outmatched Gurren Lagann for me.

  26. つね



  27. björne och company

    Simon:my drill is the drill that WILL PIERSE THE HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!

  28. 十六夜月下

    いろんな曲聞いてるけど惹かれます。  I listen to various songs but i am attracted

  29. ZombiePenguin

    Respects from *Getter Emperor* for reaching multi-universal status and from *Getter 2* for drills...

  30. つね


  31. Weird _Vulpix

    I've watched Gurren Lagann at least 3 times over and this is the best English version I've ever seen. Thank you for this!(:

  32. Naruto Nanadaime

    Super Tagg Toppa Gurren Laguen | Sorairo Days ♡

  33. ぐんしょー



    Please keep doing your best!👏

  34. Killla Krocc

    Rose's are red
    Violets are blue


  35. 122yotam

    Go now, Simon, just don't be distracted by the what ifs, should haves and if onlys. The one thing you choose for yourself, that is the truth of your universe!

  36. Mr. Seal

    i think that person dies in the anime #temporarywinners

  37. ChampagneNovas

    After I listened to this, I turned into a man. Simple as Simon.

  38. gavin kerr

    LeeandLie can i have that picture off yoko and your yoko together i want it as my wallpaper

  39. Red Rabbit

    I haven't watched but this song gets my heart racing. I wanna watch it.

  40. Meddy


  41. Bean 25

    Perfect cover, and I love the video but the orange of the glasses bugs me because THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RED!!!!

  42. Danni Is Tired


  43. Wolf Rider

    Kick logic out and do the impossible!

  44. $EXY n H♥️MELE$$

    Another great song. Also another bad video.... Overall I respect her as a singer... But I wish she would just add the real characters into it instead trying so hard to add so much extra into it.... Either way. I'm still a huge fan of her. She has some great talent... Tbh I'll never stop being a fan cause her music is that good.

  45. Nathan Verzella

    Absolutely love your work LeeandLie!!! I discovered this cover last week and was blown away. 1st because you're voice is incredible and 2ndly by the fact that something i always wanted; anime intros redone in English, exists! Amd youre making my dreams come true literally!! All my favorite anime openings in English with your Heavenly voice! I'd love to see u perform live and maybe one day I'll get to meet and or work with you! Please keep up the amazing work, it's going to pay off tremendously for your talents! I'd love to know how u translate each classic opening??

  46. Toblerone Boi

    Great job, this is amazing

  47. iNSTiNCT

    your voice gave me flash backs from the anime

  48. Splayharmony

    Kamina's glasses are red you uncultured swine.

  49. wade cardinal

    Dammit I cannot stop listening to this song. This one. Everytime I listen to it I lose myself in such a stupor I can see myself fighting a good fight, coming out victorious and inviting the dude for drinks later. I would use this song for Motivational vids and speeches. Thank you for the song Amalee.

  50. Michael

    The fact that your voice gave me goosebumps throughout the entire song should tell you just how perfectly you *nailed this.* I also love what you did with the lyrics.

    11/10. A++. Perfect. Flawless victory. Fatality.

  51. Jonathan Sawyer

    Iron Man: *LET'S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH!* (punches Spider-Man)

  52. Zonik Beta z

    My soul are a drill!!!

  53. Misa Pheonix

    Wtttfff, I hate english dub. But this is the best. Even the lyric translation is perfect :O

    Moisesezequiel Gutierrez

    Welcome to LeeandLie's channel.

    Misa Pheonix

    @Moisesezequiel Gutierrez well I had a look at her other song rehashes, this one's defo her best heh

  54. Thomas Collins

    This cover has one clear point of superiority over the original: at least the artist isn't a creepy Jotaro fangirl.

  55. jdzencelowcz

    Not bad.

  56. Poopy Butt Films

    This makes me actually want to try in my boring life

  57. Nichlas Santana

    Let's argue, adult Simon is better than kamina

  58. Kazuto Kirigaya

    The dreams of those have fallen, The hopes of those who will follow, They weave into a double helix, drilling a path towards tomorrow! THAT'S TENGEN TOPPA THAT'S GURREN LAGANN!!!!

  59. ítѕ ӀմςɑՏ

    She makes all the anime creators jealous because her models are better looking then the real thing, gg

  60. FreakyFresh1984

    Who the Hell do you think I am? 👍

  61. Edgar Bass

    This is beautifull, i love it <3 <3 <3

  62. Nicole Bae

    Even though I haven’t watched this show in a bit I still quote it whenEver people try and be logical

  63. Theodore Na

    roses are red violets are blue...

    Believe in the me that belives in you


    Simply you stay beautiful cover thank you for saving this theme

  65. Bwguy25

    "Remember always believe in yourself, not the you that I believe in, but in the u that believes in yourself"

  66. Son Ukog

    ... thoes times... when the the songs have to be amazing and arts have to pierce the hearts... 2:32-3:13... just kill me or make me stop fell pls...

  67. Earlyroki


  68. Xzide

    This song alone makes me wanna watch it is it on Funimation

    Krista G


  69. ONYX


  70. Rampaging Dolphin

    I think Y. Chang and amalee should sing this together

  71. kaizers channel

    Put on a shirt!

  72. rex flame vermillion

    Who the hell do you think I am !

  73. Lucas Guedin

    Gurren Lagann: Anime meets Nietzsche

  74. Angelo Santos

    I've finally entered the realm of manliness after listening to this song just once

  75. 小田海斗Bot


  76. Le Minh Van

    Lee looks over aged for those outfits.

  77. El Jefe

    Yoko best girl

  78. Dylan Punter

    Kinda wish the animation was more than some characters posing
    ...... Oh wait, that's just a backdrop to the amazing music. So silly of me

  79. Jamaree Glass


  80. Exciya

    Kamina's shades are RED. Otherwise I love it.

  81. pootrick yeet

    where was i when this was made?

  82. Slender Uncut


  83. Dustbelief Papyrus

    2019 anyone?

  84. Dustbelief Papyrus

    The art confuses me

  85. EUnicorn


  86. Son Ukog

    Still ultimate cover so far... i wonder how many time i will come back here just to wrote it....

  87. Shane Bjerke

    ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. TotalSiction

    this anime hit me hard in the feels

  89. Blueblur1991

    Quality replays here! Only costs one like or a reply.

  90. Navak

    It's very good but I think her voice is a bit too "sultry" for this song. The seductive tone doesn't really suit the song.

  91. Joshua Barcomb

    Keep up the good work your voice is amazing your songs helps me get through my shit that's going on in my life.

  92. Tacokatgalaxy

    Watched this when I was little with my dad. I fell in love with this anime! I am now 19 and still watch it to this day

  93. Lucax Corporations

    Ok now you’re just toying with my heart.

  94. J.dave30

    still the best "zero to hero" anime of all time !!!

    and to all who says BNHA is the best zero to hero anime??

    😈😈F.U peasants 😎😎😎😎

  95. União Otaku

    Amazing! Look at the AMV I made of Gurren Lagann:

  96. Elehk

    I swear, that guitar at the beginning will always give me more nostalgia than anything

  97. Feline mage

    I feel like its kinda late to say this but could you the second part of gurren lagans ending credits?

  98. Just Trying

    WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK LEE IS? Of course she made this cover amazing!

  99. LeeandLie

    LET'S PIERCE THE HEAVENS, LEEGION! This song is track #4 on my recent Nostalgia album! Get the entire album RIGHT NOW on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play AND Spotify for even more nostalgic memories! :)

    Chocolate Explosion

    Nice 👌

    Kingpin Monroe

    Can you do an English cover of J stars Victory Vs Fighting Stars?

    Kazuto Kirigaya

    OMG YOU SAID IT *tears up*

    I will believe! I will believe in the me that believes in us, humans and the future! This drill is... my soul!

    Kazuto Kirigaya

    @MasterTHEIF35 no she pierced the heavens

    Anthony Kafka

    Google play link is errored
    So I'll put it here