Amador, Ryan - (In) A Time with No Phones... Lyrics

Can we go back
Can we go back to
Can we go back to no words
When sound traveled farther
When your hands did the work
Can we go back to
Drawing gods in the earth and
Markets trended with nature's work
I want to be a caveman
Want to be caveman
Strip it down, strip it down
Want to be caveman
Want to be a caveman
Strip it down, strip it down

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Amador, Ryan (In) A Time with No Phones... Comments
  1. Shyamala Gopinath

    I have the tractor

  2. Daniel B


  3. Jaseem Koroma

    He getting his phone

  4. Yolanda Rodriguez

    Winning winning the challenge Alana

    Peter O Reilly

    5hn kk cathedral ?

  5. Geroan Sotero

    Opps.. i did it again!

  6. Julie Ranola

    Where's ryan

  7. Miracle Elerby

    He's grabbing his phone

    Afria Africa

    Miracle Elerby’kklkkkmmmmmmkmyj.:")(((;)))))))))))[email protected] mm,,kkk,k,kll

  8. Ariella’s Channel

    Ariella’s was a really fun

  9. Raymund Benamer

    I Love Combo Panda

  10. jeri marler marler

    Happy birthday momther f

  11. stephen plagenza


  12. Maria Garcia


  13. R Paul

    She is lying

  14. jefferson lomboy

    i love this

  15. jefferson lomboy

    is combo gona go home leytar

  16. kj gaming

    Wow 🤩

  17. deirdre colgan

    His watch is still on

  18. kylie rose

    my little brother hates 📱

  19. lindsey bowles

    so so much of devastating

  20. Nyla Omera

    Please come to Singapore Ryan

  21. Andrea Otero Fadul

    He's idea is working

  22. Andrea Otero Fadul

    Omg 😲

  23. Ruibin Zhu

    I Agree With Galile

  24. H O N E Y C R O S E -_-

    *wait the camera is electronic ._.*

  25. Mike Spector


  26. Ivo Georgiev


  27. Galilea Aguilera

    He is getting his phone

  28. Jon Colquhoun

    I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯👍

  29. Sarahplazrobloxandminecraft

    Paul still has a Apple Watch

    Ruby Diano

    Sarahplazrobloxandminecraft I realized that too

    Kids vids

    Paul wasn’t even in the video

  30. Bolt :/

    Lil Wayne and David are trying to eliminated people

  31. joelle chehade

    I love. you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Emmanuel Saldana

    joelle chehade 💓🍉

  32. Ian Pearce

    Son is cheeting

  33. Christina Saldana

    You are cheater

  34. eleen zhang

    I have Ryan world merch and combo panda plane

  35. Lynell West


  36. Gian Abinales

    He has iPhone

    #Roblox Gamer

    Sean or Joan or deaven

    peter le

    What do you mean

  37. Mark Cumpian

    You can just get it other day

    Teresa Chau

    Mark Cumpian 💅🏼🧚🏿‍♂️🐈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💏💃🏼👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦💋🦄🐩🐷😻💄🌲🖤🐾🦅

    Antoinette Hakim

    Teresa Chau f

  38. Mia Moreno

    You need Roblox is ei_ndo_sthi__ there now you can

  39. Mia Moreno

    Shawn lm so what the hack is this but is cool

  40. Mia Moreno


  41. Mia Moreno

    Is real 😈😈😈😈😈👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👁👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦

  42. Mia Moreno


  43. Jing jing Huang

    The hoodie person is such a numb off and is so mean.

  44. Jing jing Huang

    There is 2 cheaters

  45. Jing jing Huang

    Sean is so tricked.

  46. Obafemi Famuyiwa

    David still has his watch.

  47. John Currid

    Ryan is the best

  48. Odessa Fairbanks

    thats cold

  49. D Padukka


  50. polar bear gacha

    Pup pup pup pup

  51. Amit Mantri

    MY gmail acc was hacked yesterday

  52. Sau Lan Wai

    I watched Avengers endgame

  53. Kenny Dunn

    Ryan a


  54. JJ Roblox


  55. arissa zara

    Dad i what my ipad and iphone

  56. S for Savana

    We’re on the way in Carmel’s giving you a scam

    reddwoodard redd Woodard

    You a scam

  57. Brian Litvack

    L. You can be my friends and I 📲📱📱📱📱📱📱🖨🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜🗜💽💽

  58. Dinosaur gaming

    I have that lock box to!

  59. Tuan Ngo

    Ryan’s dad lost

  60. Taylor Richey


  61. Taylor Richey

    I love ❤️ your veos

    Kim Penney

    Taylor Richey it’s video duhhhh xD

  62. DeAndre Bruce

    Shon was on his phone

  63. DeAndre Bruce

    We love ryan

  64. Madeleine Mendoza

    More Ryan's Toys reveal

  65. CrazyGachalover62000 Gacha!

    1:26 pause it at that time That’s a Watch

  66. Aaron Robinson

    Hey dad I’m off at three I’ll get to get you get to get dad I’m coming to get dad and I cannot you I

  67. Kelsey Jones

    Corrie is amazing

  68. Carmen Hernandez

    i.e. iooooooolllkmk.p¿0.

  69. Blayisvel Cortorreal

    Sonn is going to win

  70. Bry'lee Malone

    Bry’lee zorgo

    Bry'lee Malone

    Bry’lee zorgo

  71. SofiaAmber Twins

    I love your vibs

  72. Aifton Coleman

    It’s a trick


    Aifton Coleman 🤝🤛🏿🤖👣🗣

  73. Waseem Akhtar

    David was wearing a smart watch

    Redem Bernales

    We love ryan

  74. Angela Manalang

    I sin avengers endgame

  75. Sale Hoddin

    David have the apple watch

  76. Rosshell Enriquez Santos

    ah ah ah thats it there ah ah ah ah ah yeah ah ah ah ah

  77. Little Thunder


  78. Sweetie Guys