Alyssa Reid - The Game Lyrics

Everywhere I Go
When everyone who knows me
Knows that I would stand alone
It's all part of the game
The game, the game, the game

When you said I could move on and go
You said I'm weak and it shows
I couldn't go on without you
Now you're sitting in your house alone
Wondering why I left home
And I'm hoping that you know

Had to fake it till I made it
And you try to break it
Now you try to take it back
But you know that
I've been doing my thing
I've been running my game
And you know I won't look back

Everywhere I go
When everyone who knows me
Knows that I would stand alone
It's all part of the game
The game, the game, the game

I'm standing on my toes
To the sky I go
And you know you're the one to think
It's all part of the game
The game, the game, the game
We all play it the same

As you looked, you saw me walking out
You tried to knock me down
I would go on without you
Now you're sitting in the mess you made
Now you're feeling my pain
And I'm hoping that you know that

I'm stronger cause you made me
You will never faze me
You can never take me down
Cause you know that
I've been doing my thing
I've been running my game
And you know I won't look back
You know that...

Everywhere I go
When everyone who knows me
Knows that I would stand alone
It's all part of the game
The game, the game, the game

I'm standing on my toes
To the sky I go
And you know you're the one to think
It's all part of the game
The game, the game, the game
We all play it the same [x2]

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Alyssa Reid The Game Comments
  1. Hamim Prodhan

    I've been searching this song and asking everyone that "there was a song started with ""Everywhere i go"" line " but nobody recognized the song.........but suddenly i remembered the name from no where <3 <3 <3

    loved it <3

  2. Juleanna Jimena Gamez Riera

    2019?... 👋

  3. Aleks

    This version was removed from spotify I don't understand why?! much prefer this then . With the Snoop dog

  4. Ayla Rawling

    you guys just lost the title of this song

  5. Fury Production

    03/07/2019.............4:09 am


    16/12/2019 17:59

  6. awesome world

    My crash 😭😂😂😂

  7. Savant Crystian

    Bgc8 anyone??

  8. Sebastian Żurnia

    Zuzia. i Julka. zespół 😻😼😺💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🙉🙈😻😹

  9. Sebastian Żurnia


  10. Patty Sayyeau


  11. Li anne

    I still think this is actually a great pop song

  12. The element of fire Rules

    Oh! My! Gosh! She is amazing!

  13. Lightskin Legends

    Who here after callima bgc ?

  14. Hello Hannah

    Haha forgot about this

  15. carlos flesh

    ever heard a k loop or stead of collegen

  16. Mohammed Jihad Bawati -Jay Jay

    Great song

  17. Mohammed Jihad Bawati -Jay Jay


  18. Cokex St-Pier


  19. fraum fraum

    like no!

  20. fraum fraum

    alisa I'm the only guy that knows u listenin...mishellel and all them birches are not real jews you know what I mean you want the losers killed unless do better I'm still not alrite wit dat bro

  21. Rio FanSo


  22. Tomasz Chmielewski

    From Kanada

  23. Giovanni Lugos

    Que bonita canta esta morra

  24. Chathuranga Jayasinghe

    2k18 people 💖🔥

  25. lorel ndroqi


  26. JenG593

    The Bad Girls Club brought me here.:) Glad I found this song.Love it.

  27. Eleni Happy Sunshine Motivation

    I remember when I was 13 this was my don't listen to the bullies be tough motivation song! 💞💞💞

  28. Patty Sayyeau

    I LOST THE GAME !!!!

  29. Alyssa Linda

    Hello Alyssa💜

  30. Gargulec TV

    O yea! ,me poland

  31. the tee room with laughinjack davis crawford

    Who else came from progress wrestling

    Paul SZ

    And that's why I said "one of, " because Jinny is my favourite currently. (Sorry, Millie)

    the tee room with laughinjack davis crawford

    Paul SZ I know she's just such a pure heel

    Paul SZ

    She's like the female Jimmy Havoc and I fucking love her for that. I hope WWE UK will feature her (and all of the other PROGRESS wrestlers in general) more often.

    the tee room with laughinjack davis crawford

    Paul SZ ikr I actually find some of her promos more unsettling than Jimmy havoc

    Paul SZ

    I'm downright a Havoc fan boy, so nope. lol
    But she is great, and she has much potential in the future. Hope the best for her.

  32. 알레이나

    I forgot the name of this song and I was trying to find it by searching “girl singing in crowd with green background music video” and that didn’t work. I’m glad that I remembered another song of Alyssa.

  33. Naxafa

    This song was so epic xD

  34. Armando Barajas

    Bgc8 Camilla brought me here

  35. Cenk Bütünley

    Underrated song

  36. Sam Holman

    Who all lost "the game?"

  37. crownedking_cj

    Bad girls club sent me here, anyone else

  38. Rizoo Raza

    I swear I heard this on bad girls club season 8

  39. Miira Najwa

    Baru denger lagU ini ternyata bagus banget

  40. Jared Vlogs

    The bad girls club brought me here camila

  41. Karakkim sangma Sangma

    so very nice song

  42. raul tudor filip

    Anyone listen this song beautiful in the year 2018👍👆💓💗????

  43. Esca Nightshade

    Ever notice that the videos with like dancing and stuff always have more views.

  44. Madaline


  45. James Grundy

    uh buh?

  46. kxye

    I’ve always loved this song.

  47. Marquaè Ramirez

    Bgc8 bought me here😭

    Lightskin Legends

    Marquaè Ramirez omg same. Callima fits this song

    Nathan 1234

    Same 😂

    Imagine That

    Marquaè Ramirez same

  48. By Yalda

    Some parts remind me of Rihanna's "Hard".

  49. koen477


  50. Hania Poniewiera

    Oh God I was looking for this song trought the years

  51. Alana Kennings

    Love this song

  52. Thomas Neufeld

    I remember when I listened to this way back when along with Hello by Karmin

  53. Gyanendra Pradhan

    blows my mind

  54. Jerro Jerro

    Still love this after 6 years.

  55. Lps SilverLight

    I love Alyssa reid best singer ever the song is breath taking and out standingly wonderful I luv u Alyssa reid keep making music u r the best <3 <3 : ) : )

  56. Love Make

    #this #is #epic

  57. stefan boonstra

    ik heb gebeden voor Alyssa Reid en gevraagd of ze het nog beter gaat voelen en dat ze alle geluk heeft.

  58. John Nguyen

    this so amazing

  59. Keru

    who's here from hearing this in the background of a bad girls episode years ago?

  60. Görkem Aykutalp

    I see Daryl killed to zombies --L--

  61. Israt Jahan Isa

    Guys can you help me find a song??? I need it really bad... I believe the song was from 2011.... I don't know the name of the song or singer's name... I just know what happend in the video... 😖😖😖 plz anyone... I am writing down what I remember... if anyone remember the song name plz comment

    Israt Jahan Isa

    In the video, it shows a black man (which can be the singer, I ain't sure...) was sitting in his car in a parking lot.... suddenly a sexy girl comes to her car... but she is stopped by another sexy cop for some reason... while she checks the girl, they get horny and starts to dance in the song... they start to act like lesbs... and the black guy enjoys.this hot show from his car... at a point, the dance gets so hot that the fire alarm of the parking lot is triggered and water comes from the machine in the ceiling... it makes the car shield wet and the guy can't see the dance anymore... he gets disappointed... bt then he sees that 2 sexy girls are right outside his window, calling him...

  62. Alayssa Bino

    My name is alyssa too

  63. sᴀᴍɪ ғᴀʜᴀᴅ

    wow! ❤❤❤

  64. Yohojane Msp

    Am I the only one who thinks this should've been in pretty little liars.

  65. ALi Muhammad Hamoudeh

    I Love you Alyssa Ride

  66. Arun kumaran

    wow awesome and cute and super song.. I very like Alyssa Reid

  67. Babar Heera


  68. Babar Heera

    So nice song dear
    I ❤ like❤it

  69. Humza Hasan

    jasmines British.

  70. Łukasz Miaz

    veryyy good ;)

  71. joao victor menez de sousa

    q merda em


    Laura Di Matteo's PROGRESS Wrestling theme

  73. 4 mana 7/7

    I lost the game

  74. Matt Sr.

    All of her songs sound somewhat similar?

  75. daniyawakir

    i really love it..😍❤️

  76. joao paulo

    I'm feeling old listening to this song.

  77. Rico Saparino

    nice song 😀

  78. joost18JK

    6 years ago!!! wow, i was so joung back then! (im 14 now)

  79. Reese Pieces

    This song is so good I remember this!!!

  80. Gerard Morgali

    Why have never heard of this Artist ? Good Stuff/music !!

  81. Charlotte Bailey

    i dunu were to start this song is like a rip off off 5 different better songs

  82. Anastasia K

    why are some lyrics the same as those of "alone again"?

    Kyler Chernenkoff

    Anastasia K when musicians/bands/rappers or writers
    Have extra, unused, cut out, or just versatile written material
    It usually ends up being used for another song/album or project..
    Pop culture is full of recycled material

  83. Alyssa McCracken

    Why am I just finding this??? 😍


    Probably because it's Canadian. We keep the really good stuff to ourselves.

    Alyssa McCracken

    Oh man :/ i guess i better make some Canadian friends then lol


    woitis It's true, we do.


    Virgin Radio 96 brought me here


    woitis, yeah, we should change that. It's one thing I hate about this country; so hard to succeed massively abroad

  84. SaltyMari

    oh this takes me back

  85. Rachel Leonard


  86. Unknown Species

    The Gay, The Gay, The Gay

    Unknown Species

    @Melodie B ?

    Melodie B

    I'm gay. I was making a gay joke.

    Unknown Species

    @Melodie B k. She sounds like she is saying the gay In the song

    Unknown Species

    Jun Hu oh fuck off 🐋

  87. corina Canevari

    son mis videos gustado geniales

  88. mansoor salam

    I just love this song😊 💕👌

  89. Mrs.Angela 3510

    The Game :)

  90. l33th0b0

    Everyone JUST LOST !!

  91. Bert Watson

    still serious voice I like it