Alyssa Reid - Talk Me Down Lyrics

Baby, baby driftin' away
Won't be such a bad thing
We'd both be better off anyway

And I've been packing up your suitcase
Full of all the mistakes
Burning through my mind and by the time

I find it's harder
As much as I try
You know I,
I can't put you behind me
(Put you behind me)

But everything you do
When you say
Makes it harder to stay
Just means you're without me
(Means you're without me)

No, you won't talk me down
I'm all the way up here now
What I'm looking for
Isn't back there on the ground
It's a long way to fall
When everything looks so small
I think I'll stay for awhile
You can watch me up high
But you can't talk me down

I've been running daily
I've been doing my thing
No time to stop and work this out
And I'm done
Wasting time with someone
The only time you need me
Is when you start to fall

I find it's harder
As much as I try
You know I,
I can't put you behind me
(Put you behind me)

But everything you do
When you say
Makes it harder to stay
Just means you're without me
(Means you're without me)

No, you won't talk me down
I'm all the way up here now
What I'm looking for
Isn't back there on the ground
It's a long way to fall
When everything looks so small
I think I'll stay for awhile
You can watch me up high
But you can't talk me down

I'm bound til I'm broken
Your words left unspoken
As long as you know
That I'm on my own way

And my wings have opened
I know where I'm going
Nothing you do will make me stay

No, you won't talk me down
I'm all the way up here now
What I'm looking for
Isn't back there on the ground
It's a long way to fall
When everything looks so small
I think I'll stay for awhile
You can watch me up high
But you can't talk me down

I'm bound til I'm broken
But you won't talk me down
As long as you know that I'm on my own way
But you won't talk me down

'Cause I'm all the way up here now
No, you won't talk me down

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Alyssa Reid Talk Me Down Comments
  1. kat Slater dirty old scrubber

    Best song and singer ever XXX Alyssa ried

  2. Robert Reid

    This song should be on the 📻 radio..its golden..hugs bobby

  3. Robert Reid

    In my eyes this girls friggin gold so underated its bloody robbery golden girl love ya hugs

  4. sanzok magar

    What a voice siso 🎶🎶

  5. Robert Reid

    Great song..goddam bullies karma always gets there ass hugs people stay strong...Bobby

  6. Robert Reid

    Superstar hugs ...god bless.

  7. Lynn Stone

    Ive been listening to this song for years and I still don't get the storyline with the guy. Is he being bullied? Was he a bully who was being bullied back? I'm not stupid, I swear. Someone please explain

  8. kajung hause

    segah tenga kairi

  9. Hisoka Mathafack

    C pour faire une dedicace pour anthony menghi de corse , et pour jericho quesqu on dis "Ettt OUIII"

  10. System 32


  11. nguyet Kim

    I love your voice, also your music. I am your fan

  12. Nilah Johnson


  13. stefan boonstra

    voel me verdrietig. ik weet niet meer wat ik moet doen . voel me niet goed in mijn hoofd.

  14. stefan boonstra

    ik ga voor haar bidden voor alyssa reid en dat is net gefixt. vriendelijke toekomstige groeten van Stefan,

  15. Mckenna Banya

    ayee they shot this at my school c

  16. Zeyaad1000

    damn alyssa is hot

  17. mansoor salam

    I just love this song

  18. __z_oe_y__

    To all the girls out there. Be the kind of woman that when your feet touch the ground each morning the devil says "Oh CRAP she's up"

  19. hsone m.s

    😢❤️️💕so beautiful girl

  20. Okokok

    Miss this school so much ❤️😔

  21. Amelia Bessell sister was in that song what the fuck this song is the weirdest

  22. Patty Han

    Thank y very much!!!

  23. Noifty Loves toasts

    Wait my friend Connor is there da faq?!

  24. hanaa mabrouk

    its a long way to fall when every thing looks so small

  25. stfuitsuzy

    A is the bully to all the victim in this music video. 😂😂

  26. Vanessa Leonard

    Hi Chancey here you are a very good singer I'm going to be using some of your songs in my videos that I don't have a YouTube count yet you're very happy I can tell

  27. Marpet Boman

    This song reminds me about how my life was going to move on... Love this song

  28. singed360noscopefling

    this song is to condescending

  29. Breanna Gravel

    0:55 same tho

  30. Rahi62

    dame she is hot pretty and nice voice

    Trinity Widmann

    I know right

  31. Scott Diário Gobett

    the best song that i heard today, i never heard a lyric awesome like that is. Simply Amazing #StopBullying

  32. CDNcovert

    first handjawb i ever got this song was playing on the radio.

  33. Hannah Masters

    I think the message of this song would be stronger if she didn't dress like a softcore porn star

    Jojo lu

    She's dressed like a beautiful young girl, what porn star? The only porn star here is you.

  34. chogiwhy

    0:43 Is it Cece Drake (i mean A?)??? 😂

  35. Princess Sparkle

    Isn't this supposed to be a break up song?

    Kyle Doroja

    +Princess Sparkle no it's about bullying and what could happen when u do it and that u should overcome it and forget what they said and stand up instead of falling down or being put down over and over again

  36. Kaori

    I love this song :)

  37. aakksshhaayy

    I never saw this shit happen at my school, where does this crap even happen?

    Anastacia T

    some schools have it bad with bullying


    kids are roughly the same everywhere, therefore it's a neighbourhood/culture problem or teacher problem.


    @aakksshhaayy I think if you're not the one who's getting rekt you just don't notice the pressure on those people. When you're bullied your whole life seems to be fucked, but if you're the bully you don't feel like you did anything wrong.

    Exxie the Writer

    @aakksshhaayy Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't happening. That's the problem with cyber-bullying. It isn't a physical thing that people can see.


    They things happened worse then what in this video for bullying

  38. NYTOC

    We didn't have this kind of bullying growing up in the 80's or even 90's during the middle school or high school days, not even into the late 90's.. where did this extreme form of bullying and need for attention come from? So glad I am part of Gen X, I do remember getting bullied and physically beaten up most days for 8 years. I never understood why the guys that did what they did, but their parents never seemed to care. And they always find a way to blame the victims? I never once thought the answer was ending my life, that wasn't an option in our days; the way I look at it I was essentially a thorn or prick in the side of those bullies ^_^ ahahahahahaha!


    I just graduated highschool , in the school that this was filmed in actually lol. and i wouldnt say its common to see that "extreme" kind of bullying. atleast i dont see it

  39. Sammi_Here

    i feel like her outfit degrades the video a bit.. 

    Your Favorite Song

    I thought the exact same thing. Contradiction at its finest.


    @King Dynasty @Sammi_Here I knew girls like her back in the 80's and 90's... dressed the same way, walked the same way.. even liked guys that were "their" type.. lol. But the funny thing is, it doesn't matter what she is wearing. That means if someone like her saw this happening in school she shouldn't help or say anything to the victim because "she or they" are too degrading to lower themselves to be human enough to stop someone from being hurt even further? BS! The same girls I knew growing up always stood up for me and always had my back, I never cared how they dressed or what message they were sending by wearing short-tops or whatever, bottom line is, they stood up for others!  


    i dont see a problem with her outfit lmao

    always alone

    Sammi_Here it's called a crop top it's not that bad compared to some people

    Jojo lu

    The outfit has nothing to do with it. Shut up

  40. Aisyer iggy official

    Your hair,face and voice is similar to Britney spears!

  41. J-Yo

    She's Playing A Piano, But theirs none in the song -_- plus i love this song!

    Emma The Mountain

    you obviously don't know what a piano sounds like. There isn't much, but there is some in the background. I think that the piano i supposed to represent her sanctuary though :)

  42. elizabeth67654_ gaming

    So sad :(

  43. FahimaB

    Love her. 

    Morgan Couch

    MissBehaviour buytfl bith yuo ko grill esxce

  44. Aimee Leigh


    Skittzz _

    Which central? (There are lots) :)

    Aimee Leigh

    Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton

    Buckles H

    @Unicorn Lovers Got to say, Central didn't look as good when I went there as it does in the video.

  45. darren chung

    It a good song

    Analisa Kainth


    darren chung


    Analisa Kainth


    Analisa Kainth

    Why r u not answering my text?

  46. Raven Hollywood

    We need more songs like this made. It can really be the strength for people that have or are currently going through bullying. Back when I was going through public school and high school, there were no songs like this to give me any kind of strength. I am happy that now songs like this are being produced. Bullying is a HUGE global issue and the more people that have the strength to stand up to their bully's, the more bulling will come to an end. Bullies feed on your fear of them. If you don't fear them, they lose interest.

  47. TVDFanInfinity

    I think this is a song every victim of bullying needs to hear, including myself. To be honest, I'm a victim of bullying as well, and currently still am. And the reason for that being is because I'm a guy and I'm openly and proudly gay. And to all the homophobic close minded ignoramuses who are gonna comment saying "faggot" or "queer" or anything of the sort, go ahead. Lmao, I'm so used to being criticized my whole life that all it does is just makes me stronger. But real talk, everyone needs to realize it does get better. And you shouldn't give people the power to bring you down because all you're doing is wasting your life on something stupid. So stay strong, and me myself I've realized you've only got one life to live, so why the hell should you care? Life's to short to even care at all. #staystrong  


    I feel ya man, it was 8 years too long for me with it always being 15 against 1.. after working with the Police during and after High School, I realized those guys will need even more help when they have kids.

  48. Jamie Doucette

    its hard.... I wanna help those who need it but I never see people who need it

  49. Tom Dunnington

    I was getting some shit real bad back a couple months ago, still happens a bit now, but my best mate turned on me, and got him and all his mates to fully rip on me, and completely tear me apart, bringing my brother's aspergers autism into it, and making my life seem a joke.. one thing that helped me get through this was all the music i could find (including this) and now it's mainly sorted.. but it still kills me to know they used to be my best mate, now I'm pretty lonely.. but I do have others there for me, and I respect that!


    friends no matter how long you've had them means nothing when they were fake the whole time.

    better knowing now then even later down the road. so fuck him and his friends

    krystal ferweda

    sticks and stones may break my bones but words will not hurt me is what I think of every time someone tries to put me down. I was bullied from 5th to the beginning of 8th grade. It sucks being bullied and the thoughts that are thought are worse then it all. Suicide is not worth it cause I almost committed it but I stopped. Ignore them and know u are the bigger person. The worst part is that im only 13


    @***** cant get to know whos really your real friends without losing all the ones who aren't. shit times let the real ones shine  

    Sarah Davis

    Stay strong forget the haters I have been bullied also it will get better

    Nick Calderwood

    Believe it or not most people thing there best friend are there but I have meet a lot of good friend about 2000 miles away are the true friends you just keep your head up it will get better your see

  50. Michaela Preston

    this song has such a good meaning

  51. Paden Gabriel

    Hey that was filmed at my school. Never realize until our teacher talked about it. Didn't believe her until now.

  52. missing weave

    I need to hear this on radio ._.

  53. Sarah Yuen

    I love this song ^-^

  54. Sarah Yuen

    I try to forgive but it's hard.  I'm not happy with the people who made me feel so alone and unworthy.  Sigh.  

    Robert Reid

    It is so hard but we have to forgive to heal it sucks but thats life..hugs

  55. Miriam Farkas

    I hate how they kept focusing on her stomach

  56. Sara Daley

    love this song. and Alyssa reid is beautiful. I wish I had a body like hers.

  57. Celine Do

    Wow she's gone a long way since The Next Star! lool 

    Ally D

    ikr? remember that season!

    Ally D

    ah huh! shown so much as an artist and a person! she was so young during TNS and now she is so grown up!!!

    Ally D

    @Angie Zhou i think so it's #TNS7  now so yeah 6 yrs later! 

  58. Jacques Anoff

    I wonder what her her head would look like on a stick?

  59. unoriginaloriginals

    The revealing outfits and the fact that everyone in the video was relatively flawless weight and appearance-wise kind of ruined the message...

    Jamie Doucette

    I highly think they dident mean to do that but yes u have a point

  60. Sydney Sikorski

    i love this song its so good

  61. Isabel Chavez

    I believe everyone has been bullied but luckily there is good people who come into your life and accept us for who we r and bond ourselves around good influence you learn to forgive but never forget

  62. Isabel Chavez

    Good song for people who've been through this outstanding song

  63. Luna Kagétora

    3 years ago, I lost my best friend to Bullying, and suicide. She was relentlessly bullied for 2 years, and it really wore on her, and the day finally came when she decided she had finally had enough. She died a week before my birthday, and the day before my birthday, I spent at her funeral. The teachers, the counselors, and even the principle, and vice principle all turned a blind eye to it. They did nothing to help her. She would come to them in tears, because, of some of the things those kids were saying, and doing to her, and each time, the school staff threw it back in her face. Even after her death, nothing was done, and that spineless principle tried to throw the blame at her parents, and made examples out of myself, and her many friends. As if losing her wasn't enough, I myself was bullied by 4 different people, 3 of which, were guys, much bigger than myself. I will never forget the fear, the tears, and how worthless I was made to feel. No one deserves to be treated like that. Words can hurt, and words are just as violent as actions. Always remember to watch what you say to others, because, you never truly know what that person is going through, and for all you know, you could just be making it worse, or adding onto, and reinforcing how they already feel. You never want to be that person who pushes someone over the edge, because, when they are no longer here, you have to live with that for the rest of your life, and you will have no one to blame, but, yourself. Sometimes, what keeps a person going can be something as small as a simple, "Hello."

    Jesse Andrews

    Wow my dad and uncle died from suicide :'( :'( :'(

    Luna Kagétora

    @Jesse Andrews

    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you peace of mind, healing of heart. It's never easy having to bear that pain.

    Jesse Andrews

    God bless I love hearing people caring I am a orpan and I am 14 and I love my life and I love this world but if someone needs my help I will help no questions asked


    sorry to hear that my dream job is child and youth worker to work with kids too get thrue mental health issues <3

    Luna Kagétora


    Thankyou so much for all of your kindness, and support.

  64. angelasings24

    I can't take her seriously after satisfaction guaranteed


    She's such a funny person irl though, and she gives great hugs ;]

  65. المتيم المنسي

    ayu tenan cah iki

  66. Ghislain Leblanc

    good singer.. and she's freaking HOT

  67. Kamara Pierre

    This made really emotional.... Okay. Yeah. I cried

  68. mhauck99

    funny its a video about bullying but they are they zooming in on her physique in the beginning? lol

  69. 16nwb1

    Nearly 6 years on, the scars have gone, I have forgiven them but the pain is still there...

  70. mhauck99

    Went to the same highschool as her, never seen her lol. wtf 

  71. Andrew Ford

    her outfit kind of ruined the vibe

    Jamie Doucette

    that is true

  72. MrPhilipK2012

    20 years old and getting called mean names still and a good friend of mine saw and sent me this song thank u so much eden!!!! i love this song!


    what are they saying to you?

    Jamie Doucette

    where do you get called names, work? school?

  73. Badass Claire Redfield

    lol. it seems like 91 people don't have a heart!

  74. Nicole Winters

    Love this song so meaningful

  75. sabrina chan

    She's so beautiful!

  76. harriet marcilla

    I'm seriously crying very inspiring and just wow.

  77. Rinsuki

    It is called bully when children and teenagers do it to each other, but when adults do it to each other it is assault. Everyone is vulnerable to this kind of thing especially the emotional aspect as it is self inflicted. The thought gets implanted and the person starts believing that is why bullying is torturous long after the hits. Everyone should be responsible for their actions and words.

  78. WhiteTiger1014

    Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton!

  79. lara suliman

    Ammmazing words sooo meaningful

  80. Issa Queen

    She is So Right, This song Means so much, And this is the Truth, She is Beautiful

  81. melissa larade

    this song reminds me what I went threw in elementary.. ive been bullyed so much I had to changed schools

    Robert Reid

    I hear ya myself as well...those wounds heal but we never forget...

  82. Badass Claire Redfield

    First Off! I'm Not Trying To Diss Or Piss Off Anybody Being Bullied In School I Feel Bad For You Really. But For Me! This Is The Best Song To Listen Too When I'm Down. Especially Since It's Nice To Know That I'm Not The Only One Going Through Hell. (Again NOT Dissing)

  83. Alan G M

    Beautiful <3

  84. Badass Claire Redfield

    I Love This F***ing Song! So Emotional.

  85. Will Patton

    Anyone reading this.....I went through bullying in school for many reasons,I cut I even tried to killing myself.....does get better, Mabey not now but it will get better. And most of all remember to love yourself don't let others break you.....stay strong love all of you and wish the best for u guys

  86. Riedy

    Yeah it's awful, I've been bullied for 10 years now, it's just awful to know that I'll never have friends because I'm ugly.

    Robert Reid

    Your not ugly...everyone is beautiful..your heart is the beauty..

  87. Haley Cheng

    Words can really hurt and I got bulled for few years and I cried

  88. JBanez

    Hey you! yes you watching this video feeling depressed and crying your eyes out. I just want you to know that you're awesome! and never give up! So put that Razor down, put those pills away, and wipes those tears. I know it's hard but i know you'll win this fight! I believe in you! :)

    Nazifa Tabassum

    Awww you are so sweet 😍

  89. Seth Linderbeck

    They Called Me Names,And Told Me I Was Worthless
    -Seth Linderbeck 14

  90. Rashmi Prakash

    Central Peel Secondary School Pride <3

  91. Richard Sadkowy

    It's a beautiful and powerful song I love it

  92. Will Patton

    Never give up.....when I went to school I was made fun of for being different but now I know I know who I am and I'm happy so like I said don't give me it gets better...your not alone

  93. FreeSpiritAVC

    idk when you graduated but no one plays anything there anymore

  94. Douglas Wears

    You know it's a selected group of students when you see that many white kids at Central Peel and you can't hear a game of Dominos going on in the back corner of the Caf.

  95. Milo Wassvik

    Never Give Up.