Alyssa Reid - Live To Tell Lyrics

On the road
Holding on to the end of the rope
Have you lost your mind?
Were you left behind to find your way home?

To cries and lie
Six feet deep in lies
Can you hold your "now"?
Where were you when the lights went down?
And I--I will be right beside you

You're not alone
There is more to this I know
You will live to tell
You will live to tell

Look inside
See the misery deep in your eyes
Have you lost yourself?
Are you out of tears for the times you cried?

A heart of stone
Cold and left alone
Can you hold me now?
Will you still be here when the lights go down?
And I--I will be right beside you


I'll do anything you want me to (Tell)
When you give it up I'll be with you (Tell)
When you feel afraid I'll pull you through (Tell)
I'll do anything you need me to (Tell)

Yeah yeah


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Alyssa Reid Live To Tell Comments
  1. Tyler Drainville

    Everybody listen to You’re Not Alone by Saosin, please. Thanks.

  2. Robert Reid

    Amazing singer songwriter ..she should be more famous..but her true fans know this ..a canadian gem ..hugs superstar in my eyes..more albums sexy sensation..Bobby Bristol Boy..

  3. Ahmad Elmayah

    The First Song Of My life That Really Made me cry 😭😭😭

  4. _Illona _

    Nice voice 😀😁

  5. Denis Malenfant

    Which voice. Wow!

  6. Curtis Chong

    peths c&c sent me here

  7. Badass Claire Redfield


  8. Sir.Muhammed-Hypnotik VEVO

    i love You Alyssa <3 Like if You Love Alyssa Too

  9. Live2Inspire

    Love It wow just amazing vocals her voice is haunting and Surreal. Love it.

  10. kaia kkb

    Nice voice...):):)

  11. Perry Smit

    She did ask permission for it, see it as a cover of some sort. She did it right, don't blame.

  12. James D. Bailey

    I encourage people to listen to Saosin's "Your not alone". It case you don't know, it's the band she ripped off the chorus from.


    Chill bro, sampling isn't a bad thing. If it weren't for this song, I wouldn't have known about the original.

    It's a technique for marketing and distribution.

    Robert Reid

    Idiot she didnt rip nobody off why you even listening you know nothing about music moron its not your fault ..your american too bad..

    Tyler Drainville

    beans This is not an example of sampling, it’s fucking plagiarism.

    Tyler Drainville

    Robert Reid This is plagiarism.

    CTMK Band

    @Tyler Drainville actually, it is sampling. She asked for permission before she made it. You clearly have no idea how the music industry works.

  13. Tillie Smith

    she is sooooooooo good but her songs are always so sad

  14. chloe marie chapman

    i can conncet with this song and it makes me cry it makes me think of ex boyfriend :'(

  15. allan salazar


  16. kaja J

    uwielbiam ♥

  17. Al_Fel

    wow how is it this is the first time i've heard of her. shes realy realy good

  18. krilaz

    She didnt stole it you moron. Get your facts straight before talking crap. She did ask saosin for permission to use the chorus in this song.

  19. Rehnuma

    I Love Her Songs!!
    Lots Of Love,
    Red AwesomeCakes

  20. selda öztürk

    ben u şarkıyı daha öncede biliyordum ama üye değildim şimdi ü yorum yapabiliyorum.ben bu şarkıyı çok seviyorum.

  21. Candytralala

    Wow nice song, I didn't know before, but i love it

  22. meblekolory

    Przy takiej muzyce chce się żyć.Szkoda ,że w PL brak takich artystów:/

  23. Relentless

    I love her music. She tells us a message. Saying that were here for a reason. That no one is alone because there's always that someone. That you shouldn't die but can tell what you went though and fight and to not give up.To be like a role model to other kids and help them through thee rough times to.

    Esca Nightshade

    That's deep but true. That's how I hear it anyway. I'm very happy to know that I'm not the only one to see the meanings behind the lyrics. Love the song and love your point of view . 😊

  24. Saida B

    i subbed because alyssa is just so amazing :D

  25. Saida B

    i love her music so much <3

  26. Anissa Rae

    she is sooo amazing

  27. Fillet1000

    hm yeah maybe just her and a piano but ... with her voice that´s enough ... :D
    really AWESOME VOICE ...

  28. Jeremy Asuncion

    the chorus such a ripoff to the rock band SAOSIN'S YO'RE NOT ALONE but this song ain't that bad watch?v=tj0PtMZaWss

  29. RobynSaintVeronika

    wow her version of a saosin song, this is awesome

  30. dreqsanborn

    Come on the girls got the looks and the pipes but... shes got to put down her OWN lyrics. Sholders of giants is has gotta get old for her.

  31. leah moncivais

    I realy like this song

  32. Jade Gilbert

    i love her voice, i really hope she makes another album, ive seen her twice in concert, she is really really nice

  33. MarikaLoveMusic

    jest super ! < 3

  34. Alicja Golinska

    amazing song!!! and when I listen I can able to empathize that song
    no one can sing that song like her, she is amazing =)

  35. Nurashima Abdul Rahman

    i love u alyssa reid....i love all ur songs its all so meaningful......

  36. Meelis Trelen

    good song :)

  37. hana zukanovic

    i'm crying how sad

  38. olyaurban

    omg she really good

  39. Lilly B

    isnt this already sung by sasoin as alone?
    good song tho <3

  40. KatelinDawn23

    this is kinda like the saosin song "you're not alone" but nonetheless this is a great song!!

  41. Sophie Smiths Music

    Nicest song ever.

  42. blake22soccer

    i feel like crying listening to this song :$

  43. Megan Bain-Henri

    This song...Beautiful. So adorably beautiful. <3 She is also one of my fave singers so...<3 love the song! :D

  44. De Mac

    so addicted to this tune!!