Alyssa Reid - Letting Go Lyrics

I can tell that he wants you
I can see in his eyes
But he's trying play his games on you
And you don't see through his lies

But I know he really needs you
And I know you can tell
'Cause he's with his boys right now
Acting all big
So you know he's putting you through hell

So tell him to go,
If he's too good for you
Let him know,
If he thinks he's too cool
Move on,
'Cause it won't be long
'Til his game is done
The crowd is gone

I know you're thinking it's a quarter to ten,
And you wonder why you did it again
Remember what you're fighting for,
As you're walking out that door

It took a minute but I'm starting to doubt,
That you're ever gonna figure it out
I won't be the last to know

You took a chance,
Now I'm letting go.

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Alyssa Reid Letting Go Comments
  1. MacKenzie Wright

    I'm here because of Wattpad. Anyone else?

  2. BlueberriesAtDawn

    Why the fuck did you have to end it with that, this is like the 2nd best song on your album!!! Whyyyy


    oh on the album there is like this weird ending... it's not on this one

  3. april smallwood

    this is my new favorite song for this week the replay button may be broken

  4. annu789

    Why is it so frikkin short???

  5. annu789

    I'm loving this song and I keep replaying it

  6. Ryan mcdermott

    love this song really good :) samantha comiskey

  7. lena seghers

    beautiful song xxxxxxxx :)

  8. sharelle_v

    damn, why is this song so short? i love this so much

  9. Elien Spruyt

    love it

  10. Titanic Watson

    omg this song is so about my ex he moved away just to go hang out with this girl and she is a slut she broke us up because she's wanted him im done with boys that lie all the time im letting go of him and she wants him so much that she made him broke up with me and he told me that he don't even go out with ugly girls and yet he's sleeping over at her place all the time hanging out with her and making out with her yeah thanks for all the lies i can see right through all them so go party with her

  11. Titanic Watson

    all i got to add to the end is. i look at you and you look at me i see the lies that you can't see

  12. Channa Bos

    Ik hooooooooouuuuuu van dit nummer <3 #Hollandhoudvanmusic

  13. Alice Woodward

    Love this song sssoooo much wish it was longer tho!-3 :P xxx

  14. TheMusicFlowChannel

    Sounds like Euphoria in the chorus? Am I the only one who thinks it?

  15. LoveLife509

    I would love for it to be longer, but it would ruin the effect it gives being short.

  16. Ana Freitas

    Ughhhhhh, this song needs to be longer! love it so much. im gonna try to finish it!

  17. oneaznshorty

    OMFG! love the lyrics!

  18. Moira garlisi

    Bestaat hier ook een lange versie van?

  19. Anna Soth

    at around 0:16 its can't. It makes more sense that way lol . Atleast in my opinion :D

  20. tyrza mulder

    this is a very good song, i love this song. but where's the end ? it is so short. :(

  21. Snowyh2o

    Don't compare Alyssa with Justin beaver! She is way better than him! Come to think of it... Anyone's better than him and I've only heard a few of Alyssa's songsXD

  22. Jasmine D

    Ok I officially love this song and Alyssa has an amazing voice I wonder why people with real talent don't get recognized more if you ask me she's just as good as Justin bieber or Cody simpson

  23. Aliyah K

    Why does it have to be so short:(

  24. Samantha Deverick

    It almost mad me cry i wish it was abit longer but its really good

  25. Janna Bridges

    what is this an intro for?

  26. BrokenBitch2011


  27. S Lund

    Where did you get the background

  28. S Lund

    it is till his game is done
    not so let's get this done
    just saying and i dont mean to be rude

  29. Kirstie Martin

    This song pretty much sums up my situation at the moment!! xx

  30. Jileyseriesfan

    I wish this was continued...I can relate so much to this song. <3

  31. LauraxNeven

    So sad :(

  32. Theresa Nelson

    <3 this song suits me ....

  33. ThePerfectMusicNote

    this song needs 2 be longer.....

  34. ThePerfectMusicNote

    free reset buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00

  35. ThePerfectMusicNote

    is that the full song?o-o

  36. Gillian Brown

    @mandykidman Hah sure thing ! :)

  37. mandykidman

    @gibr00246 share your lyrics when you're done will ya? =D

  38. erica nichols

    I wish it Would have been longer but I loved it!!!!!!!!

  39. luvme4ever486

    @naturefreak95 ahha, we're neighbours and best friends ever since we were like in gr.1, we've havent been close around in gr.4-6 and then starting gr.7 to now we've been really reallly close, i've asked my other friends, and they told me that, maybe he's jelousbcuz i keep askin him bout this guy i think i like but i dont like that guy anymore, i likeHIM,1 time i asked him for advice bout the guy, and he was like 'what,idont care bout YOUR guy' he sounded so mad! thx anyways (;

  40. naturefreak95

    @luvme4ever486 You should ask what you did? It's not always about right and wrong, or what you think would bother him or not. It might just be that you didn't notice something, or commented on something personal to him.
    Try you best to talk to him, but also know when to give him some time because if you try to hard it may just cause more issues.. I'm sorry if this isn't really helpful.

  41. Nokomis Michelle

    Oh Alyssa, Thank you.

  42. Courtney C

    @luvme4ever486 has he been ignoring you in person too?

  43. luvme4ever486

    I know you guys probalby wont care, but i think soemthings wrong with me and my best guy friend .... he's ignoring me, not talking to me ...... did i do something? which i KNOW I DIDNT..... help, and advice please! :'(

  44. Gillian Brown

    i am gonna attempt to finish this song :) cause im talented ..noo jk but i gonna inish it :D

  45. Breanna S.

    i really wanna try to continue the song . <3 this is really good .

  46. kamryn macdougall

    i absolutley love the song, but i wish it was longer ... :):/