Alyson Stoner - Yellow Sidewalk Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
La la la la la la la!
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
La la la la la la la!

Well, the sky is blue and the breeze is mellow.
I'll tell you what to do: take the walkway that's yellow.
It'll get you where you want to go,
Just take that yellow sidewalk!

Ooh! La la la la la la la.

Just take the yellow one, not the one that's burnt umber.
And don't you take that purple one, it's covered with lumber.
A log truck overturned last Tuesday.
Take the yellow sidewalk!

Ooh! Ooh!

If you wanna bust your brothers put one foot after another.
There's a road that leads you out of this square!
And there's nothing really stopping us, so let us state the obvious
If you're standing here, baby,
You're going nowhere!

So if you're really in a busting mood.
Please don't think I'm being rude.
Just grab yourself some takeout food
And hit that yellow sidewalk!

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
La la la la la la la!
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
La la la la la la la!

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Alyson Stoner Yellow Sidewalk Comments
  1. caporal pistachio

    I thought she said not the one that for jumpers (the road lead to a ravin)

  2. שחר א.

    I wan wrong ruby-like red isn't the most enchanting color... bright yellow is.

  3. BurritoBurger

    Take the yellow sidewalk to the white van kiddies >:)

    Adam Kalb

    Lumberzacks: Windowless van! January 19, 2019, 5:17pm

  4. Adam Kalb

    Does anyone remember that episode back from Season 1 where Perry couldn't enter his lair and Candace got to see Agent P, Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz? That's how she knows all of them in this episode with her dream adventure. November 22, 2018, 9:19pm

  5. Adam Kalb

    I always felt there was a subliminal series-wide story arc of Candace learning Perry is a secret agent and keeping it to herself. She wanted to bust Phineas and Ferb, but ended up busting a much bigger secret. Did you know she got to interact with Agent P again in this episode since The Ballad of Badbeard? November 22, 2018, 11:41am

  6. Maria Magdalena Peralta


  7. weirdgaming 2.0 Hampton

    I love this song out of all Phineas and Ferb songs

  8. Asim Ali Khan

    Isabella tells everyone to take the " Yellow Sidewalk " So Good job Izzy

  9. JhopesMoans

    do not take the yellow side Candece but you did so what gives you needed to go  your brothers way it was called the fun way.

  10. Sparks

    no, they took the umber one. (it goes off the edge of a cliff)

  11. Aimee Jones

    Does Phineas sing in this song?

    Hudson Williams

    No, the Patchkins do...

  12. ThisIsKaluwa

    Made my Day! :'D

  13. TheSessy2011

    I don't have to subscribe.

  14. Winter Cielurie Jimencia

    i love her voice

  15. Rosie Hatchley

    Follow the yellow sidewalk

  16. mario98730


    gamingproAddict/gaming dude

    mario98730 shes a nut job too

  17. jason perez

    that explains the backround

  18. TheCrimsonSniper

    of a cliff

  19. Nanami Luchia

    best song EVER!!!

  20. Cami Darnell

    Just watched that on Disney

  21. Michelle aljfkaljflk

    So where does the red sidewalk go?


    Michelle aljfkaljflk A cliff

  22. SuperEPF

    3 people didn't take the yellow sidewalk

  23. DavidTenit

    i wish they sold more of there songs, i mean i dont want to illegally download them, but i want to listen to them.

  24. 08below

    @AntGurl6201 Well i got 2 main resons.....1. Becuase its Phineas and Ferb (love it!) and 2. Its one of Candace's yea...they sums it up X3 or I dont know



  26. Priya O.

    this song should be on billboard

  27. Michael McCoy

    @Kociak1222 I would gladly walk on any yellow sidewalk if this song would play every time I did.

  28. 08below

    I always think she says Lumper when she says Lumber

  29. LilCyco223

    @WFE46 it's actually 'square'

  30. Spycrab777

    Not a witch I'm a warlock.

  31. Bianca Denise Macasaet

    how do you make this?

  32. AmyWithawits

    @Doofenshmirtzlover thats because Alice Stoner does her voice.

  33. MrOmgfatty


    no they are a friends she met by the way

  34. ceciisgood

    Alyson Stone impress me when see can sing like that
    And that's Alyspn Stone , right ?

  35. chainsuperstar

    Isabella has a nice voice :)) and btw what is burnt umber ??


    chainsuperstar I think it means a cliff

  36. marifermusic

    @BR0KENST33L what i spelled everything in that right

  37. crafting987

    @CamoJunjen thx for telling :D

  38. crafting987

    whot does "burnt umber" mean?

    gamingproAddict/gaming dude

    crafting987 edge of a cliff

  39. marifermusic

    @spark12222 lol

  40. spark12222

    @marifermusic That makes two of us

  41. spark12222

    @kappagre But the sky is pink in the video! And there is no sign of a breeze at all!

  42. marifermusic

    @kylecoleman11 if u listen closely its says take out food i have a ear a good one i dont know why but i can here like and actual eagle

  43. purpleomg11

    i love this song!!!

  44. Cinedragon

    I always thought she said at the 'burnt umber' part something about 'that one is for jumper.' Thought they were referring to the movie Jumper. Since the road ended at a cliff and only a jumper could cross it......Yeah, I'm rambling now

  45. MasterLay

    She talked to candace is baby? :D

    gamingproAddict/gaming dude

    It made good sense

  46. Alyssa Mead

    Cool vid idont like the song its annoyin but the video is cool with th words moovin in da bg

  47. bart de moes

    @Doofenshmirtzlover there is one more its calt: the city of love

  48. Laura Morgan

    hehe her voice reminds me of my little singing voice when i was younger

  49. Stephanie Palacios

    @nfsdmax Wizard of odd.

  50. Megan Wu

    GOOD!! <33333

  51. Amour Shipper

    WOW shes an awsome singer

  52. sarah B


  53. ladyrae3

    @TheTruthCookie you know what your right!!!!!!XD

  54. Jess E

    isabella is so good at singing but she rarley sings! :[

  55. Jadon Benavidez


  56. Armando Diko

    isabella's voice is wonderful

  57. Taylor Lilly

    I love the ooo oooo parts I had that stuck in my head 4ever

  58. Wendy Lasser

    Just take the yellow one, not the one that's burnt umber. And don't you take that purple it's covered with lumber. What!! A log truck over turned last tuesday, take the yellow sidewalk. hahaha love it!!!!

  59. Devin Russel

    not way seems like 'world'

  60. MrComentarist

    @trjjak me too i dont like alyson stoner too much but she never is on t v so for me its ok but i love isabella

  61. MrComentarist

    i have hear this song today like 15 times is great!!

  62. MrComentarist

    @Doofenshmirtzlover yes i cant belive that Alyson Stoner plays Isabella

  63. Moiz Rafay

    When you listen to this song after watching the episode, it makes for a nice analogy.

  64. Japanese Novel

    the sky is blue and the breeze is mellow my favorite part awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Floris Castermans

    Isabella should sing much more songs, her voice is amazing! =D