Alyson Stoner - Stripped Bare Lyrics

I can't believe family could be so savage
Swore to me I was free then took advantage

I know you thought it was a sad song
But this shit is an anthem
Had me doin' tricks like a side show

It's clear to me now that I was your survival
All your excuses are dead on arrival
You say it's the truth but my blood is my Bible
And I'm finally cuttin' the strings, yeah

'Cause I'm stripped bare, I got nothin' left
Stripped bare, I got nothin' left
Stripped bare, I got nothin' left
And I'm finally cuttin' the strings, yeah

Born a slave to the rhythm
But I'll never be a victim
Get rich quick like an outlaw
Then blindside with a southpaw

Stay, stay, how could I stay, day after day
Steal my story with a straight face
Oh, how's that taste?

It's clear to me now that I was your survival
All your excuses are dead on arrival
You say it's the truth but my blood is my Bible
And I'm finally cuttin' the strings, yeah

'Cause I'm stripped bare, I got nothin' left
Stripped bare, I got nothin' left
Stripped bare, I got nothin' left
And I'm finally cuttin' the strings, yeah

I've heard that it happens
You feed the young to the wolf like nothin' else matters
Well I ain't got nothin' left
And I'm finally cuttin' the strings, yeah

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Alyson Stoner Stripped Bare Comments
  1. Grewvy Tesha


    Fucking bald se fucked up


    She fucked up

  4. DrGalazkiewicz

    Why torch the camcorder? Even if you have a digital camera now, you could autograph and auction it on eBay.

  5. maria_9355

    I know You since Camp rock You make me cry with that song 😭😭😭😭💞

  6. Idontknowvictor

    Oh god Disney really fucked up all the the kids. Don’t let your kids work for Disney

  7. Dria Woods

    I remember cutting all my hair in 2018 after going through some shit...and it felt really good for whatever reason.

  8. Different Colours

    I feel sooo sad when i watch old memory my hart is week in this situations but the song was amazing i like it ❤

  9. K Razy

    “Jesus answered and said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.””
    ‭‭John‬ ‭4:13-14‬ ‭
    He died for YOU so that we could have peace with God & wants to show you real life with eternal meaning-receive His gift

  10. Jasmin Jasmin

    Why did she cut her hair off?? I hope nothing bad happened 🙄

  11. Reckless Hoax

    Way to go Alyson

  12. Ashley Kutcher

    Yess queen

  13. The Principled Hypocrite B

    I dont know how many times I fall for you Aly.. You unfolded as I knew your wings would.. You came out cooler than the water that washed you down.. Always have believed in you to since day one. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Christina Koch

    This song resonates with the times I’ve had toxic relationships and when I was bullied I love you so much ❤️

  15. Christina Koch

    You are amazing! ❤️ we are rooting for you!

  16. rico martin

    Ms.Alyson I Love You Videos, your dancing and your music, YOU ARE FABULOUS 👊🏽😎😇

  17. Nurse Momma

    This is amazing Alyson...I searched for you after seeing the sweet little girl I saw dance with Missy, but fell in love with your messages and positive vibes. Thank you for using your gift and your experiences to help others ❤️

  18. Karla Diaz

    Beautiful woman and voice❤🥰

  19. Isaiah Ruiz

    Can’t believe she did that to her home movies my mom would have killed me . The song is Beautiful

  20. Simone Callaway


  21. Fredy Rojas

    Britney shaved her head and nothing changed. I think the change has to be deeper than a hair cut statement. Sincerely your anger

  22. Neoagegirl The Maverick

    This song is beautiful and I am glad you cut your hair and kept it that way even at the MTV awards, it really suits your face :)

  23. krisy's life

    I'm so jealous of women that can rock a shaved head. I don't have the face for it or the ears. an it sucks.

  24. C.K.Y

    i guess Izzy don't got the frizzies no more.

    great video btw :)

  25. Justin

    2:28 Wahl 💇🏻‍♀️✂️

  26. shanice braxton vlogs

    This is one of my favorite some recently I herd it when it first came out and now I love it again even more

  27. miss M

    Damn, thats savage. Hope it leads to clarity, relief and freedom. 💜


    Phineas be like:
    Whoa, that escalated quickly. That went from 0 to 100 in no time flat.

  29. Misz_Mary

    0:15 when she’s playing the piano ummm what is that noise in the background.....?

  30. MrAxeamus

    I Loved That!!!! If you gave this a thumbs down, i feel sorry for you.

  31. Daylee Joy

    Beautiful💓 and so relatable

  32. KAE Official

    I'd love to do that one day. Hit the road in a road worthy vehicle & just go. (not cut my locs (shiiiiit) but just let go) awesome vid!

  33. TheBeardedSun

    Love you keep making music you're good at it

  34. G. Douglas

    Always Put Your Fires Out Before You Leave, Please !!!

  35. Katie G

    I’ve had this song stuck in my head since I first listened the other day! I love it, Alyson. It’s actually really funny... I was so enormously jealous of you as a kid because you were “a year younger than me and an actress who got to work with Hilary duff”. ... you were “Alyson Stonehead”. Sounds like a 10 year old’s insult, doesn’t it? It was!

    Anyway, proud of you girl. You’re definitely someone for the younger generation to look up to.

  36. Emily W

    I love her shaved head. It's sooo beautiful!

    Amber Medellin

    And it's growing.

  37. Tammie Downing

    This is everything. I've spent the last month talking to my bestfriend about how I've never done anything for myself... I've always given my everything to the people I care about.. I decided I need to change the way I live my life, and put myself and my happiness first. This song makes me want it more. So, I'm going to listen to it everytime I forget. Thank you, and you are so amazing. So much love to you!

  38. 1evonvielen

    holy shit, this is SO GOOD.

  39. Rebecca Jones

    I cannot believe I'm just NOW seeing this?!?!?!?!?!?! I was wondering where u went a few years back!!! You're so strong and beautiful and that's what I admire about u Alyson! You give me hope!

  40. 95netta

    I like how when Brittany Spears shaved her head she was called crazy and needed mental health help and now a days when girls do it it's "brave and liberating"

  41. Mitchell Robinson

    All I can say Alison is “damn guuurrrl you should be so fucking proud of yourself” much love ❤️

  42. Jamie Bennett

    Beautiful Alyson! Go get it! Whatever you're after GO GET IT...

  43. Pæx Rosa Rangel

    So beautifil with short hair...😍

  44. Yanike Mann

    Brilliant! Awesome video and music.

  45. Aliya Tamarin

    The only problem with super short hair is... You have to keep trimming it or go through that awkward grow out phase!

  46. matt burgess

    Ur Awesome in everything u do Alyson I love all ur work

  47. Cynthia Vanegas

    Not sure if you will get to this any time soon. I don't really use social media anymore, but I am just finding out about your personal journey with mental health. I want to thank you for speaking out and becoming active in the community to normalize what is truly a normal and common thing. I suffered with post partum depression and other forms of depression myself. It wasn't until me talking openly about it with family and friends that I was able to start healing. Of course medication was recommended, but I was scared to lose myself even more. I fortunately got a lot of support from my loved ones so I was able to skip the meds. Again thank you for using your platform to spread love to this world. Sending you all the good vibes! 💚💚💚

  48. Music Fan

    Such a cool girl 💜 I wish you the best 🙏

  49. ItsCandle

    I just saw her on the vmas and to see she’s doing YouTube and consistently uploading while living her life and I grew up watching this girl. My childhood man. This is crazy.

  50. Egla Oh

    You are so awesome!! First time listening to your music. ❤

  51. JR Booker

    Beautiful. I'm here for it.

  52. Noé

    Love the song love the haircut and more important love the lovely message 🙏🙏

  53. Mike Smarro

    Great video! Glad to see you made it! I’m a fan!

  54. bachillerette

    I'm getting Billie Jean vibes here! It was one of my favorite movies in the 80's... rebelling, running away, cutting hair off. I love this video so much <3

  55. Megan Perney

    I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  56. Shelby Kerby

    Absolutely loved watching you grow up between disney and step up and have always loved your dancing. this is a super great video and song. Keep it up :)

  57. Delon Randon

    Truly amazing!

  58. Jodi Owen

    Short hair suits you best. A beautiful person inside and out. 🌻

  59. Hannah Alexis

    You amaze me in so many way Alyson. You’re such an inspirational person and this video is literally your best one yet. You’re so beautiful on the inside and out. I’ve been watching you for years and you’ve always amazed me, not to mention I’ve had the biggest crush on you for years now lol. I love you girl😘💕

  60. DeckSta 073

    This song is soo deeep 😭

  61. Kathryn Holmes

    I've been reading about Alyson for a few days now and I am amazed by her strength and openness. You went through things as a child that you shouldn't have and I'm glad you've created a platform for yourself where you feel comfortable to share. Especially, in this age of family vloggers and child YouTubers who are making millions of dollars allowing them to support their families are ridiculously young ages. People need to hear the consequences that lifestyle could potentially lead to from someone who experienced it. You are an artist!

  62. Brie Vincent

    While other girls are making thot songs with their actual asses out. We need more art like this please

  63. Lydia Martin

    I'm sorry you felt under such distress.

  64. xgfhsds sgfhs

    Can someone explain to me why did she cut her hair and burns her VHS?


    xgfhsds sgfhs Her childhood is her trauma. She’s burning it to erase it and cutting her hair is signaling she is starting brand new.

  65. bigffernando

    Love and Faith. Obedience to prosper.
    Fake attachments conjure depression.

  66. Cassy So Sassy

    Powerful and real. 💔♥️

  67. shirito shiro

    nice video

  68. Natsuki Senpai

    I came here expecting to hate this... and I don't? What a powerful voice, powerful song. You're doing amazing.

  69. Victoria B

    This video made me cry at the end.. it’s very touching, you are amazing

  70. Lauren Q

    Honestly this song could mean she was always in the spotlight and her family wouldn't understand she didnt want to for years or it could mean diseny. I know Disney has alot of rules and makes you do things you don't want to and that's why many many old Disney channel stars go crazy and do drugs cause of their childhood. Maybe instead of drugs for her she shaved her head which could mean the same. Not sure but that's what I get out of it family or Disney lol

  71. Christopher Bacon

    This video, wow. why isn't she as big as Taylor or Ariana? Not knocking them but she's at least as good.

  72. Alice Hu

    The more you believe you have, the more you have to lose. People fear loss more than they're greedy for gain. No one can take anything with them when they go, except the memory of what it was like to live the life that they did.

  73. Leslie Wilburn

    Wow..... this was very powerful. Thank you for this amazing message. I grew up watching you. Always wondered what happened. You’re an amazing woman.

  74. Kevin Rollins

    You are so beautiful ❤️

  75. T D.I

    She's got the perfect face and head for a shaved head

  76. Salar Khan

    This was the one of the most moving and powerful music videos I have ever seen and I can't beleive it hasn't even hit a million yet.. I wish I'd seen it sooner.

  77. alexis tetreault

    this is how wild fires start

  78. Aerys Targaryen

    She’s so so so so beautiful

  79. Chronic Mom

    OMG Alyson!!. you look so much like Helen Slater in the Legend of Billie Jean after you shave your head. So beautiful! (that reference totally shows my age lol)

  80. Ann Marie Aguilar

    I am going to be listening to this song on high when I finally move out of my parents place.

  81. Carissa Wyles

    Wow, that was beautiful ❤ raw and honest

  82. Teresa Rowe

    This is amazing!

  83. Vanessa Juliet

    This is beautiful 😍

  84. Drop City

    pretty cool to see you moving beyond your childhood roles keep growing I'm glad to see you doing your own thing

  85. Sharna Shields

    The original van girl

  86. 3ThirtyƎ Entertainment

    Did her parents treat her bad ?? I don’t get it

  87. Vane Pii

    tienes mucho potencial !!! Tienes demasiado talento 😊 Muchos éxitos . Espero que llegues a ser reconocida

  88. Kato Rodriguez

    The message ❤️

  89. Albert Moore

    i understand u

  90. Srija Reddy

    "My blood is my bible" ❤️

  91. YouLoveAndromeda


  92. Jocelyn Davis

    This made me feel so sad 🙁

  93. Alyson Stoner

    I cherish these messages from you all. Please keep sharing your stories. Let this be a small oasis where you can feel seen, heard and accepted. Your best and brightest days are ahead. Much love! ❤️

    Krystan Garza

    You have a beautiful voice Alyson ❤️❤️

    Gali Barkel

    Alyson Stoner I love you sm


    I was a victim too in so many ways, in so many levels... The worst part is that anybody can't understand you at least that it happen to them too!!!
    I got depressed, tried to kill myself, I lost family, friends, jobs, and I lost my way, my own LOVE...
    Now..... I'm just here... surviving!
    Thanks for your words Alyson ❤️


    Did Missy Elliott help get you in touch with people for the song to sound as good as it is?

    John Giddens

    Good! 💓