Alyson Stoner - Someone To Call My Lover Lyrics

Back on the road again
Feeling kinda lonely
And looking for the right guy
To be mine
Friends say I'm crazy cause
Easily I fall in love
You gotta do it different A
This time

Maybe we'll meet at a bar
He'll drive a funky car
Maybe we'll meet at a club
And fall so deeply in love
He'll tell me I'm the one
And we'll have so much fun
I'll be the girl of his dreams

Alright maybe gonna find him today
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on
Alright baby come in, pass my way
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on

I spoil her when I'm in love
Given her what she dreams of
Sometimes it's not a good thing
But I'm blind
I love hard with everything
Giving my all more than they
I'll take my friends' advice this time
I'll do it differently

Maybe we'll meet at a bar
She'll drive a funky car
Maybe we'll meet at a club
And fall so deeply in love
She'll tell me I'm the one
And we'll have so much fun
I'll be the girl of her dreams

Alright maybe gonna find her today
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on
Alright baby come in, pass my way
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on

Looking for a guy
I don't want him too shy
Gotta have what I like in a man

Alright, find him today
Gotta, lover
Yeah baby come on
Alright, pass my way
Yeah baby come on

Alright maybe gonna find him today
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on
Alright baby come in, pass my way
I gotta get someone to call my lover
Yeah baby come on

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Alyson Stoner Someone To Call My Lover Comments
  1. Eduardo Ranielle

    Biiiiissssshhhhh yyyyyyaaaasssssss

  2. Joseph Wood

    I'm sorry but when she sings to the base tones I can't help but laugh

  3. helga pataki

    i feel blessed.

  4. Sierra NS

    Ok, I’m obsessed 😭😍

  5. kristin ellis

    marry me alyson

  6. Kay Duke

    Was anyone else completely mesmerized by this video?

  7. james hogan

    im fapping

  8. rainbow20112011

    WTF...She copied Janet Jackson.

  9. Margarita Diez

    so sexyyyyyy

  10. Tammie Downing

    I love the inclusion of both "his" and "her" as love interests. There's such little representation in music for bisexuality, and even something as simple as this is so empowering.

  11. Marie Williams


  12. nick heimberger

    I would literally steal kill and commit every sin in the book just to have 7 min with you

  13. Tamara Perry

    Perfection. Subtle. Sexy. ❤️

  14. Nexxus Plexus

    Okkk girl I'm late but bit anymore. Love this!

  15. lovemeornothing

    I'm shook

  16. BRYCE

    Saw the missy elliot videos when I was a toddler. Saw the Disney Channel days as a kid. Phineas and ferb ended. Checked back, and was welcomed to this....

    *_[cough... sniff]_*

  17. Christa Gardner

    This is giving me Janet Jackson vibe

  18. Shaunda Leer

    How am I JUST seeing this in 2019?! This cover, vocal, and visual are FIRE!!!

    Chaddy Boom

    Exactly! I was scrolling on IG and ran across a clip of her singing this live... it sounded really cute so had to come here!

  19. oreo love

    I love it

  20. oreo love

    She is so cute

  21. Romanian Shadow

    Shes scared to show off her body

  22. Chloë Howell

    I love her songs her voice is relaxing

  23. nicole zorniak

    Can you do a holiday album lmao I love your voice

    Maggie B

    nicole zorniak she really should lol


    Confidence over the fukin roof I feel ya girl

  25. alicia malicia

    I used to imitate her dancing when i was 10 and now at 26 im fully obsessed !! shes talented , smart, and so beautiful !!! ❤️💕❤️

  26. creed7779311

    She’s amazing.

  27. dede light

    So since no one is going to acknowledge that the original song is from JANET JACKSON then I Will! She did a great job remaking it. And also, Alyson stoners title should have been "Someone to call my lover- Janet Jackson, Alyson stoner cover" instead of trying to make it seem like it's her own song. She knows that majority of the people who watched/ commented on this video is probably too young to know this song, so she should have been the one to let the people know who ORIGINALLY did this song....IJS🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  28. Spoon Face

    Annnnnnd now I’m gay. Ugh she is sexy! Damn it 😩

  29. Amber Lockhart

    I never would have thought watching cheaper by the dozen that I would totally have a crush on her. She is so beautiful and her subtle sensuality. Pretty sure I am in love.

  30. SidneeSpeaks

    D’Angelo feel with the Janet flow. I like this.

  31. DearAbbiexo

    Love this !!

  32. T U R K - 1 8 2

    🙋‍♂️Quick point of personal privilege, can you please use non gendered pronouns

  33. james hogan

    when she was hot

  34. Jameson Oof

    The things i would do to her pussy

  35. Arpad Toth

    is this an audition for adult movie??

  36. Joseph Dorsey

    Damn you got a good voice!

  37. jiahb

    Amazing cover!! Love your hair!!! And your body is so fluid in its motion <3 <3

  38. S S

    You are incredible!

  39. Affanso Anglin


  40. Lightoad 2006

    yo have banned from vevo music from innapropatte stuff

  41. Roscko 562

    This was Janet Jackson’s song!!! It’s a remake

  42. Lauren Linger

    Wow I’m gay

  43. Hectic Von kaos

    You are smokin hot !!!😍

  44. SpaceGlitter

    Alyson making me more gay like

  45. Carely M

    She’s got to meet me, and all her songs after will be of “her/she” 😂 😉

  46. Krissy Lee

    Still in love with this ❤️

  47. A H

    I think I’m in love 😍

  48. Kathleen Bragas

    Am I the only one that fell in love with her in cheaper by the dozen?

  49. Lexi Kramer

    This is Janet Jackson's song. This should be a cover but she blew my mind.

  50. Brandy Denton

    Gorgeous as always. YOU KILLED it girl. Much ❤

  51. Anailuj C

    sz sz sz sz I love you!

  52. April Hay-Scott

    Brings me back. Thank you Alyson for this!

  53. Raspberries For Amélie

    Is this a dove commercial?

  54. ninjagirl702

    Alyson Stoner is so damn FINE
    Ugh my poor nerdy HEART
    She just went and gave me the heartshakes
    I'd date and marry her anyday

  55. Miss Blonde Ambition

    That eye brow raise 😍

  56. Multiyapples

    Great song.

  57. Morgan

    She's beautiful

  58. BrianaLynn7

    i have a girl crush on her omg. or i just wish i was her lol

  59. Samantha Nix

    Just fell in love with you....

  60. theonlyone1313

    this is my favorite song by janet.... IM DYINGFGGGGG

  61. Film Random

    I'm in love 😍😍😍 truly inspiring! You do you boo boo! #cantstopwontstop

  62. Alexandra

    😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I’m so gay

  63. Riah Jane

    Was this video inspired by Panic At the Discos: girls girls boys????

  64. Jogil Rivera

    I feel like i've sinned watching this video.

  65. Aminathius

    Girl, you are just so sexy in a girl next door kinda way and I love it. <3 Your voice has matured so beautifully since your days with Disney and I have such mad respect for you for really working at your voice. This is by far my favorite song of yours!

  66. vicky Rodriguez


  67. Justin Time

    Alyson,you could've been reading Nursery Rhymes and I'd still be captivated! Wow,just WOW!

  68. Jecll Carlee Rae

    Could have talent if she tried to put any sort of originality into it

  69. Meum Johnson

    Why am I just now hearing this? 🙌🏽😩

  70. Misty Campbell

    YOU ARE THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS!!!!! you are the one!

  71. Optimistic Writer

    So sensual and beautiful, I couldn't look away. What a work of art.

  72. terminator dragon

    I have seen all your movie and I am in love with you. You are the girl of my dreams. You are the one for me

  73. Susie Cheong


  74. Ever James


  75. Olivia

    bisexual icon

  76. Ladii Keii

    She has a nice voice. But she looks so much like the Olsen twins now.

  77. Indira Alonso

    I'm obsessed!!!!!!!

  78. Indira Alonso

    Love this song and her version even more than the original I can't stop listening and I love Alyson!!!!!

  79. spayce junkiie

    i’m so glad to have discovered this. ♡

  80. Tiffany Chin

    Literally forever my childhood crush

  81. Antonio Pedro

    b g d p e c e t n c m l s e n f da p d cg i l c e

  82. Victoria Gonzalez

    She is so pretty!

  83. omomoification

    I think it's incredible that she can command the camera like that, just her....shoot, girl fran, I gotta watch this again!

  84. i wouldn't show mom

    I love this tonality! Work

  85. Rick Grimes

    I'm only here because of Drake and Josh.

  86. Top50Reviews

    Can't believe this is the same girl from Cheaper by the Dozen... She grew up WELL

  87. MintWorker

    Glad to see you've come into your own and out from the shadows of others such as Demi Lovato. Your talent has been apparent for some time. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  88. Kristi Time

    How are there less than 200k views on here? I feel like they're all me.. lol

  89. pedrofredo

    If Janet has listened to this cover she'll definitely be proud 😁

  90. Canadian Nick

    Can I volunteer??

  91. Ktip Bomb

    Dare I say I like this rendition better than the original and god knows I LOVE me some Janet Jackson 😆

  92. brumbrum987654321

    Her and Nina Dobrev could be twins though 👀

  93. Gloria Domingo Cristobal

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    -Twitter /VIKTORIAMODESTA -Facebook /ViktoriaModesta -Instagram /viktoriamodesta

  94. unknown liberal

    The guitar riff was sampled from the song "Ventura Highway"...and I just dated myself.....oops

  95. Sammy Girlx1234