Alyson Stoner - I'll Think Of You Lyrics

I'll think of you as I go
So when I leave, you're not alone
And no matter where we are, we will never be that far
'Cause I will think of you as I go

I'll think of you as I dream
So when it's dark, you'll be with me.
And no matter where we are, we can look up to the stars.
And I will think of you as I dream.

Oh, it's a long and winding road
But you don't have to walk alone.
'Cause no matter where we are, I will keep you in my heart
And I will think of you as I go.

I'll think of you when I'm down
When my heart is on the ground
And I will never lose my way even if the skies are grey
'Cause I will think of you when I'm down

Oh, it's a long and winding road
But you don't have to walk alone.
'Cause no matter where we are, I will keep you in my heart
And I will think of you as I go.


Oh, it's a long and winding road
But you don't have to walk alone.
'Cause no matter where we are, I will keep you in my heart
And I will think of you as I go.

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Alyson Stoner I'll Think Of You Comments
  1. Arien Freymuth

    The guy at 00:52 reminds me of a young Ice Truck Killer from Dexter. With that kind of voice, it would be no wonder Deb would have fallen in love haha.

  2. Maddy Edwards

    You guys should go on AGT this is amazing

  3. Mahbuba Metu

    How do they have these amazing vocals i sing like a donkey

  4. Aneeqa Moazzam

    Learned this with my sis like years ago, I’ve forgotten everything

  5. Burnzsall

    Just heard this in the Thursday night club podcast. It just made me want to listen to it again. Just as great as it was the first time I heard it.

  6. Toxic Gamer

    We make this in musique english you are !!!!!!!!

  7. 林芳菻


  8. Ana_nuka H


  9. Saftiges Huhn

    We have to sing this song at school and copy these hand movements. this song is so cool

  10. Chloe D

    Back in 2019 remembering when I learnt this 3 years ago and I tried to find it and it bought back so many memories


    Chloe D 2019?

  11. Soul_ RIP

    1:22 the sound I heard while trying to get out of bed

  12. Dark Rose

    Its been years, this is cool, i always do this with my friend,we just duet, its amazingg, ,

  13. Charline Girard-Duez

    j'apprend cette chanson en cours avec le jeu de mains c'est genial

    Lily G.L.

    Moi aussi en fait c'est facile

  14. Zipora Napoleon 18011248

    I've been searching this song like forever. I've fallen in love with it ever since the first time I've been listening of it. Absolutely love it. Love at the very first sight or first sound? Whatever but I think u guys made this song with ur heart.

  15. Endless Battle

    My friends and I learned this and we will always play this everytime we saw each other <333

  16. 우당탕탕 발가락TV김색시

    왜 음원사이트에 없나요ㅜㅜ

  17. David Suryahermawan

    Anyone listen this Epic song in SEPT 2019?

  18. Yt-.-Dylan

    What are you fucking gay

  19. Miryam•vtr

    Ils ont pas mal a la main

    Lily G.L.

    Nn ça fais rien

  20. Hanna Souza

    a lot of your work because you don't sing a song in Portuguese

  21. Ana Nguyen

    I like the song but the fact my my music teacher at my school showed this and said it was “Rad” has killed me

  22. Karaba La sorcière

    4 D on est là 😂

    Lily G.L.

    @Karaba La sorcière que je veux pas dire mon prénom on va dire que je suis la seule fille en 4C à avoir un prénom composé et toi c quoi ton nom ? '^-^

    Lily G.L.

    @Karaba La sorcière ça se trouve je te connais 😅

    Karaba La sorcière

    Lily G.L. Moi non plus j’ai pas très envie de dire mon prénom sur internet 😅 mais du coup si je connais quelqu’un en 4c je lui demanderais 😉

    Lily G.L.

    @Karaba La sorcière oki mais juste t'es bien un gars ?

    Lily G.L.

    @Karaba La sorcière et aussi il y a une Lily dans ma classe mais c'est pas moi hein 😅

  23. Clara Bartlett

    hand clap movement:

    grab right
    grab left
    right slap right thigh
    front swoosh
    back swoosh
    both hands up down


  24. Star uwu

    I want a secret-singing Handshake :(

  25. Aqua Fountain

    Where is this at

  26. Shauna Martinez

    Wow cuttee

  27. L'actu foot

    Qui est la grace à la prof de musique !?


    Moi mdr

    Lily G.L.

    Moi XD Debussy ?

  28. Bonnie Childress

    Are you going to be boyfriend and girlfriend

  29. Carissa Childress

    i love this vodeo

  30. Atoom Gurke Fan

    Naruto Finger Justus 😂

  31. Mackenzie Smith

    5 years later and I am still impressed that everyone's hands and knuckles are not bloody or at least red as all hell by the end of this. This is on top of the already impressive hand co-ordination, harmony, balance and ensemble-ship of course.

  32. Eric Mernieks

    So, the subtitles/closed caption translates "Never lose my way" as "never lose my legs" (among other things) and that just changed everything for me. X'D

  33. 千徳政氏


  34. Featherly Heather

    5 years ago???
    Dang I remember watching this as a child-

  35. Ksenia Surma

    This song is for you Grandma!!! Miss you way too much!!!! I'm always thinking of you everyday!!!

  36. Steffan Blanco

    A jugar al toca toca, tu me tocas y yo te toco

  37. 霈蓁歐


  38. eMarie Ro

    Where’s the tutorial?

  39. Paula Perez Gonzalez

    Que el camara deje de dar tantas vueltas que mareo

  40. Linda Bell

    No words but, "WOW" 😍

  41. Sofia viray

    Di nakakasawa

  42. Prair

    Wow I miss this

  43. Gabrianne Sky

    2019 and I still keep playing this one :)

  44. Aniket Bansal

    Can there be more cup songs like this on your chanel

  45. Rainbow Pizza

    Aren't they tired from hitting each others hands?!

  46. Avril lavigne

    How did they not mess up my god they got talent

  47. 友人A


  48. KittyKat143

    It must've been odd for people if they walked by. They must've been like "What the actual frick is going on? They're talented, but seriously. What is happening?"

  49. angelica

    how was this 5 years ago??? i remember listening to this when i saw it in my subscription box the day it was released. nothing has changed. i'm still in awe.


    Saaame. I just went into a nostalgia frenzy with watching KHS videos i watched when they first came out

    ophelia johnson



    Videos always get recommended late smh🤦🏾‍♀️

  50. Christian Lee

    someone teach me wtf

  51. Jessy Shiny Vaporeon Carroll

    You know I think they should use this song for an aziraphel/Crowley video.

  52. kocak _gaming gg


  53. Leyera Favela

    In 5th grade my music teacher made our class learn the hand clap and I still remember to this day; I'm in 8th grade now lol

  54. mimi winters

    I did this song in choir it brings back great memories

  55. Mislene Barbosa de Sousa

    I really want to make this clap. And I like this song.

  56. BTSfan4EVER !

    Wow......the Memories back in 3rd

  57. yuli rachmah wulandari

    Oalah Kurt Hugo suaranya merdu banget

  58. Animal Lover

    We used this for Music Assessment!!

  59. Maria Giuly


  60. Josefine Schloss Grarup

    i watched this one time some years ago and now i feel nostalgia lmao

  61. Johnny Sizemore

    Weird fact: Studies have shown that the better you are at Patty Cake,the better hand-eye coordination & reflexes you have.....

  62. singimg club


  63. Rafaela Santiago

    Okay, WHY PATTY CAKE? I really need to know this

  64. soyolmioo

    I learnt the hands claps (idk how to call it ok lmao) in my music classroom and after my teacher say that me and my duo were killers 😅 so she says ''do that but sing'' but we didn't know the lyrics (and we are french so it's harder) so we sang ''I'll think of you as I go euh NANANAAAAAANANANANAAAAAAA" lmao we do that all of the music 🤣 but we had all of the points (and sorry I don't speak English very well lmao but we don't care)

  65. ZA - 07BA - Fletchers Creek Sr PS (1574)

    good good i love it

  66. Msaprilconquest

    Love this

  67. sango higurashi

    Trop classe

  68. Mindy Baker

    You are so good at pattycake I would mess up a thousand times you are awesome

  69. すごく好き

  70. Rosie Crête

    Woww jadore trop

  71. Asia Jackson

    The harmony is perfect

  72. Maria Carreno

    You dos good Sir and mams

  73. Kiki Magic

    Qui fait sa en musique

    ToGa 78

    T'habite ou toi ?

    Kiki Magic


    Kiki Magic

    ToGa 78 pourquoi

    ToGa 78

    @Kiki Magic pour savoir si t dans mon college

  74. La'Niyah Barrett

    Always in an outdoors area.

  75. La'Niyah Barrett

    Always outside. Do other got these Pitch Perfect Vibes just the lyrics are diffrent? Or is this just me.

  76. Chris Ross

    It doesn't matter how often I watch this, I am amazed at this beautiful music, & the lovely atmosphere between all the singers ..

  77. Sarah Achieng

    I think Sam and Alex are in love

  78. Mar & Uni

    *i can barely do the actual paddy cake.*

  79. Musik Freakybookslove

    This is amazing!

  80. ash gacha life

    I love this song

  81. Niamh Perry

    i did this as my graduation song. (year 6)

  82. virolier l

    Ils chantent grave bien ❤️❤️

  83. Nusrat Choudhury

    I gotta ask, is that the girl off step up, the one with white jacket or am I seeing things?

  84. Kayla Smith0724


  85. Thomas Ivakovic

    You people are so shit

  86. Andrea L

    Haha it’s awesome song but try reading the captions haha funny

  87. Kristyna Kramarova

    Its so beautifull, just amazing 😄

  88. Shizu world

    My music teacher want us to learn this song. With the hand thing and stuff. I'm not sure I can do that. They're so awesome ! And they did it so well.

  89. Len's Lyrics

    Subs Me

  90. Lilou Splingard

    On fait ça en cours 😂