Alyson Stoner - Flying Forward Lyrics

This is my time
A send off to you
Separate lies from the truth
How I'd run to you
And believed I was safe in your hold
Now I see through you
As I let go

I'm flying forward
Above the past
Into who I am
Soar above the skies
Flying forward
I see the path
I know what lies ahead
And I'm never going back again

When the rain begins
I don't have to fall
And if the storm rolls in
I can dance through it all
The sweet surrender
Of a heart
Being set free
And I remember where
I want to be

Flying forward
Above the past
Into who I am
Soar above the skies
Flying forward
I see the path
I know what lies ahead
And I'm never going back again

And I won't look away
From where I've been
Cause I've learned from my mistakes
I am changed
I am changed

No I'm never holding back again
No I'm never going back again

Flying forward
Above the past into who I am
Soar above the skies
Flying forward
I see the path
I know what lies ahead
Flying forward
Flying forward
Oh I'm flying
Said I'm flying

And I'm never going back again
No I'm never going back again

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Alyson Stoner Flying Forward Comments
  1. Victor Campos

    2019! I love this song

  2. Grace Laura

    Alyson is talented 😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

  3. D.V.S.N Srikar

    i love this song

  4. Hannah Holdham

    I think Alyson stoner flying at stars of moon 💋🎤🎤💋

  5. Cherry Yang

    CAMP ROCK!!!

  6. Colin Sarff

    I remember from when she was in Mike's Super Short Show, Cheaper By The Dozen, and Drake & Josh!!! She has always been one of my favorite actresses of all time! :D But most recently was when I discovered that she sang. Trying to remember her name for years was a little frustrating. It was usually the question "Who is the girl that played Sally in 'Mike's Super Short Show?' Knowing that she sings makes me even happier. She has a beautiful singing voice!!

  7. Samantha Gatto

    She's awesome

  8. Matt Lane

    Does anyone else find her fucking sexy

  9. Canal Shion

    This music just changed my life. Made me grow. I'm really thankful to Alyson and her talent.
    Just to see the impact: I only like Heavy Metal Musics, but Alyon has something different, something special that make me just love her.

  10. Nat

    she's always smiling. other times she makes me smile on phineas and ferb. she still hasn't changed she's still little on the inside

  11. Aladeen Alhayek

    I gotta disagree, there are few artists who stay humble and positive and still be successful, for Example, Lupe Fiasco, he still makes great music and is always positive and just loves making it and hes successful, so yeah Alyson deserves success and i think she can stay her true self while being successful :)

  12. Susanna Marian Correya

    Demi, Alyson and the Jonas Brothers are pretty much the only people I still like on Disney. Disney's nothing without them!

  13. Purple Starlight

    She sings way better than a lot of other artisits, I just don't get why she;s not famous!

  14. MissLolliQ

    Her voice has really progressed.. Nice job!

  15. Liliana McDermott


  16. Elizabeth Garcia

    i like how she acts nd i just love her (nh) but the best i like wen she comes out in step up 2 nd 3 keep on going alyson <3 nd nd never give up......

  17. ithastobecatchy

    she's an ok singer...better actress and dancer but she's not bad

  18. James Beesley

    she is much bette than selena oder miley love you (: Alyson ♥

  19. Alexis Boyland

    She's a TRIPLE THREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Julia Woods

    @loisy96 i got it off iTunes :)

  21. Dalia Elena

    where i can download the album, i can't find it anywhere!!!! D::

  22. MsUnlimitedCuteness

    Please send me this song xx

  23. Lorrany Amorim

    ela é muito perfeita! Alyson ♥

  24. pommep0mme

    -_- .... lol

  25. alexa alexiades


  26. Hli Thoj

    i realli luv listening and singing to this song. thanks for sharing

  27. Tamera Edley

    i love this song

  28. forevermydream

    I love the lyrics to this song, I just wish it wasn't so popish.

  29. Mcpinkify

    Love this should be as famous as Michael Jackson because you can dance like him! I've seen her channel.

  30. Alegría Cuadra

    She's the best!!! OMG she deserves more credit!!! her voice's amazing!! i've been her fan since she was in Zack & Cody!!! just hope they give her the credit she deserves!!!!

  31. Karina Holt

    she has been my role model since the first cheaper by dozen and she always will be <3

  32. Nathalie Blokhuis

    I love her. I didn't knew she was this good....

  33. Terrance Payne

    This is Amazing!!!!!

  34. Sean Smith

    lost me at the chorus....

  35. ourgreatescape

    @cayleaa1 totally!! shes soooo pretty too!!

  36. cayleaa1

    Love Alyson Stoner. She's good at everything - singing, dancing and acting . She is definitely underrated and people should really see her talent ..

  37. Thamires Mattos

    oh this song is awesome.

  38. Coraline Jones

    This is a really cute, catchy song. I like it. :D

  39. Jo L

    Alyson is so pretty

  40. Pauline C

    I love her voice. I think it's sweet. I understand she's undergoing vocal training and her aim is to have a more soulful voice. So watch out! This is just the beginning.

  41. Jess .Ling

    i wish has an album

  42. Carikels

    how come i've never heard this song before, it should be on the radio. alyson's freakin' AMAZING!

  43. Kim Reyes

    @myidolALILARTER lmao true

  44. Nate Novo

    i feel so relaxed whenever i hear her beautiful voice ♥ you need to be more famous aly ;)

  45. CheshireCatSmile

    okeyy she can't sing like demi ... but she can sing like selena and selena is very famous... i think she deserve more succes

  46. cupcake1

    I think she is pretty good and i like her voice

  47. Melissa Perez

    I don't understand y theres ppl that cnt even sing or dance or act out there (ahem Selena Gomez) when theres talent like this out there. Alyson Stoner is VERY talented y dnt find someone that can sing dance n act n do all three if them very well just anywhere

  48. Claire Keraudren

    @Ignorium I'll tell you why I thumbed down. I think she is amazing and deserves to be recognised for who she is. But she definitely doesn't deserve more success. She doesn't deserve for fame to go to her head. I believe in her and know she'll stay positive and possibly humble but we've seen what success does to people... Take Justin Bieber

  49. annie k

    I love the begginig but the chorus not so much

  50. honey bunches of oats

    she is a very talented and intelligent young lady
    a great role model to everyone really ^.^

  51. Belén Casanova

    OMG She´s so talented I love her voice !! You are awesome :) I love you <3

  52. JoGeniuse

    Wow awesome You are a great singer and actress

  53. animeash

    why is it that generally the people that deserve more fame don't get it? you deserve it alyson you are very talented

  54. amomentinmusic

    it doesnt sound like her. i didnt even know she could sing but she sounds great

  55. Teddy Rakotomanana

    really much better than other fucking girls in disney!!!

  56. EuphoriaMusicSession

    @Ignorium holy crap yes. this is really good stuff. screw all the big stars. all the best stuff is usually underrated.

  57. CrazyyMonkeyy12

    i've loved her since she was like ten... she's a great actress, singer, and dancer. much better than miley cyrus or selena gomez...

  58. cannedlight

    very happy, light and summery. it made me smile and relive happy memories. great job. I like how you chose an original style rather than follow the typical pop of other Disney Actor-singers.

  59. GeraldineVxx

    aww, this is beautiful!
    i never thought id like an alyson stoner song.. (no offense)
    its a little bit colbie calliat-ish!

  60. CreativeLouise45

    A really pretty picture of her. she's amazing at singing!

  61. CrazyLittleTeapot

    this is a great song, she has definitely improved her singing skills! Keep it Up Alyson!

  62. Stephanie Lalancette

    She's a really good actress, dancer and singner, she deserves more success of course, i'm agree with you! Just the way she are is pretty nice, she send on youtube many little part of her life on her acount *Therealalysonstoner* and it's very funny|

  63. Yosshi Caro

    she's the only girl that I like from Camp Rock.. and plus , she can dance

  64. Yuri Strife

    i love alyson since the suite life she's really amazing her voice is so good
    she should get more success :)

  65. maria kristina herrera

    alyson has a cute voice that makes me laugh hahaha love it

  66. drkweb

    I really think Alyson is born with excellent talent!She is like the best teen celeb that makes good personal videos and she always talks out of her heart/the truth on her videos its just so amazing!!!!!!!!
    Your fan,
    Jason. 1 day ago

  67. Tiff

    Cute song and she sings very well! Always liked Alyson.

  68. Lizzytjee

    @dominican0bory the lyrics are in the description, stupid

  69. Deepak

    @Ignorium Totally agree with u.She's one of the best that disney has.And the big names of disney can learn a lot from her.With her talent and attitude she can make it big out there.

  70. Deepak

    She looks gorgeous.And this is a beautiful song with awesome lyrics.

  71. drkweb

    I really think Alyson is born with excellent talent!She is like the best teen celeb that makes good personal videos and she always talks out of here heart/the truth on her videos its just so amazing!Thumbs up if you agree with me!
    Your fan,

  72. Siw Rasmussen

    wow! GREAT song:)

  73. Rory580

    she is soooooooo beatiful

  74. Kelsey Thomas

    @JonasLvr4life the truth hurts my friend.

  75. AllisonFulk2

    I knew Alyson could sing from the moment I saw her on an eminem video

  76. Maya St. Germain

    listen up haters
    im not OBSESSSEDD with alyson
    but atleast shes better than you
    and her voice doesnt tottaly suck
    this is her first single !
    give her a break
    and if she wants to pursue her career in a different direction she can
    it aint the public's desicion
    not yours or mine .
    so shutt yo mouth .

  77. Maira Shabbeer

    omfg i love this song

  78. Kelsey Thomas

    MY EARSSS!!! why does every disney star think they can sing? because not every disney star is a triple threat at all. She cannot sing at all.

  79. Otty DM

    <3 alyson is super!!! xD

  80. Liyana Platos

    @aej00 If you read my comment again, i never dissed her singing..
    obviously alyson was a dancer first, and then an actress

    all i meant was that lately, i feel like every star, usually actresses, fell the need to start a singing career
    (hayden panetiere, miranda cosgrove, selena gomez, alyson stoner, etc.)
    when they're not originally singers
    i am NOT a joke, just stating the truth honey

    there are LOTS of undiscovered talent out there (on youtube, etc.) who deserve a record deal more than aly

  81. lillllover8778

    I never knew she could sing ! :O

  82. Kristina Sammut

    i think if she has a good voice she might as well show it off!!
    shes so lucky shes so talented.. i mean shes an amazing dancer singer and actor and it would be a HUGEEEEE pity if she would just stick to one! flaunt it girrrl :)

  83. Ariyanna Pretorius

    she is amazing at singing!!!!!

  84. Sabrina Huynh

    This song is AMAZING(; like her.

  85. Liyana Platos

    @footygal247 i see what you mean :)
    and i searched google after u told me it was "triple thread", cuz i've been saying "threat" all my life
    that term doesnt exist, "triple threat" was right

  86. xheartstruck

    i like the song , upset i missed her livechat thing . D:

  87. Mavs101101

    She has such an amazing voice, I'm jealous :P

  88. KristinaGrant179117

    ur awesome! love ya alyson!

  89. Diem Nguyen

    Just one word, wonderful.

  90. Kristen Olson

    I really like Alysons voice a lot. It's really clear and unique.

  91. Sharlyn Zhang

    The lyrics and the tune is nice. But maybe you should try other genres since you have such a sweet voice..

  92. Naoloves2sing

    the song's pretty gd but it doesn't reli suit her voice. Overall it's still a nice song :)

  93. chardolph

    oh my gosh! this is beautiful. [:

  94. Mary H

    @theofficefan731 i agree.

  95. ladida94611

    wow her song is beautiful! I love her voice... magnificent!

  96. Tiara II Young Adulting

    She has a nice graceful voice, but I don't necessarily think that she should have a whole cd...
    However it is a soothing song... :) wouldnt buy the whole album, just probably this song

  97. Dee


  98. Liyana Platos

    why does everyone always have to do the whole "Triple Threat" thing?
    her voice isnt bad, but i mean

    stick to dancing, YOU'RE AMAZING AT THAT
    and then acting next, which you're pretty good at

  99. Emmiiee21

    Love her voice. Falling in love with this song. :D

  100. Kara G

    She has a really nice tone to her voice. Love the Song