Alyson Stoner - Baby It's You Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Can somebody explain to me
Why everybody is trying to be
Living like a celebrity
Doing what they see on MTV.
Ice is cool but I am looking for more, simple things is what my heart beats for.

Cause it's me
I don't ask for much
Having you is enough

You ain't got to buy nothing
It's not what I want
Baby it's You
We don't have to go nowhere
It's not what I want
Baby it's you
It's not for what you got
Cause I know you got alot
No matter what you do
You always gettin Hot
It's You,
It's You
Baby all I want is You Yeah

[Verse 2:]
It don't matter that your car is fly
And your rims are spinning on the side and
It don't matter where we go tonight
Cause if I'm with you I'll be alright.
That's cool but I'm lookin for more
It's your love that my heart beats for.

Cause that's me
Don't have to spend a dime
I just want your time.

[Musical Break]

Yeah Yeah Yeaey Yeahey Ye Ye Yeay... [Fades Out]

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Alyson Stoner Baby It's You Comments
  1. Armando Cervantes

    Did she really just take Jojo's song and act like its okay

  2. Dark Raven47

    Who else came here since she plays as Isabella in Phineas and Ferb?

  3. Summer Elmore

    Jojo song

  4. jeonghan x yoongi

    god i had the biggest crush on Alyson Stoner. I listened to this all the time. I guarantee 800 of the views are from me...i have seen every movie she's in, lol. I still follow her.

  5. Jaelyn Jade

    I used to love this song when I was little LMFAAAOAOO

  6. Kitten Weger

    it's cute besides she was 12 wasn't she

  7. im turnin' in one of those things

    I love Alyson Stoner

  8. programmed wrong

    Sounds like the chipmunks.

  9. Sarena Jackson

    I used to watch and listen to this all the time. Lol

  10. Michelle Marie

    Awww little alyson from pll

  11. Cederia Russell

    dosent sound like this now lol

  12. Amalia Bari

    I think it's cute! LOL

  13. Annastacha V.

    Alyson from PLL lol :D

  14. aira alyson mae antonio

    alyson and me have a same voice

  15. Yowza

    She recorded this in 2005, imagine her singing this now.

  16. bryant searcy

    she can sing

  17. OLYA NA

    eще ее называют гибрид танца

  18. Sage Lee

    her voice is so high. how old is she?

  19. sangam roka


  20. Malu Zinhaa

    so cute

  21. Sammy Sharp

    i <3 herrrrrrrrrrr :D

  22. adgato75

    alyson stoner is very talented, but this is a terrible song choice for her voice, and the production is just wretched. she needs a new producer or manager, or contract, or all three.

  23. Tomato-chan

    wow she is so beautiful! <3

  24. Max Havencrest

    @MultiMasterflash I actually have...JS

  25. theawesome123cool

    oh god me and my friend used to sing this song and i used to cry cuz i thought it was a beautiful? yeah i was weird.

  26. Max Havencrest

    Jojo > Her :| Gtfo Alyson

  27. EveyMusicR5

    @Jamaicancane which one blond or brown hair

  28. Raymond White

    She sounds like one of the chipmunks like if u agree

  29. princessdrama5

    gah i was so jealous of her when she was that girl in cheaper by the dozen 2, i was in love with taylor lautner even then :) to cute

  30. shwetadarshane


  31. Katy Hudson

    She was very pretty.

    No one would be able to tell from cheaper by the dozen. Except you could see it in "Apple Schmere"

  32. Katy Hudson

    She was 12

  33. Matt Perkin

    yo fuck nut shut the hell up have you heard how shse can sing now! she is fucking amazing!

  34. flubby

    @thebluebaboons dude just clam down dont say anything if u dont have anything good to say

  35. Karla Carteño

    i love thev the song so much

  36. Soph knaus

    @superfan0031 I wanted to say that too! :D ;P

  37. Raechel Anderson


  38. Ayla Silvertwist

    @thebluebaboons fuck you your can't tell talent for worm crap, bitch. and yo know yo jus' jealous of her shit

  39. Cat McPherson

    @badboyster yes, he worked with her in Cheaper By The Dozen 2

  40. Boyd Bugden

    Isn't that Taylor Lautner on the left?

  41. Harr-Ison Synclair Gates

    @xxLastTimeAroundxx lol...HAD... haha

  42. brionna

    @xxLastTimeAroundxx she still does

  43. brionna

    she is from toledo ohio and that is a small town i m so happy a good star is from toledo oh and so am i

  44. Nicole Meruelo

    i met her in this tour thing a got a picture with her and me she is sooo nice

  45. Lindsee Scott

    She needs to screw Disney and move on!
    She's beautiful and talented.
    She's my idol! :D

  46. Elisha Sarah Shenstone

    @Jigglypuffcutie11 yeh she made a song aswell called make history its new listen to it :D

  47. Elle FYI

    @TheGleekfully yeah that's sasha :) she plays alison :) xx

  48. Justine Cardenas

    Ok, this is definitely JoJo's version with the pitch turned up a whole bunch.

  49. Kamil Kira

    Zajebiste ;)

  50. xChrisMiSsx

    This sounds like the pitch was messed with on some program. It doesn't sound realistic.

  51. TRASHoftheTITANS

    she looks like emma watson at 0:19

  52. grace moore

    this is sooo high i cant sing w it! lol

  53. sarah-jine Bienvenu

    So cuuuuute,i love you So mush alyson,you're my idol;d

  54. fgd31

    She is such a good actor

  55. fgd31

    This calms me down.I cry when i hear this song .

  56. fgd31

    I love her! She has such a good voice!

  57. SWEETNESSanti

    it is so adorable

  58. Laught3rIsLovabl3

    is tyhis seriously her voice when she was little? or was this sped up to have like a chipmunk sound to it? no hate on alyson i was just wondering cause if this is really her she has come a longg way cause her voice sounds ammmazing now! (:

  59. Terry Wells

    mini jojo

  60. maribelurie

    She's WAY more talented than any other Disney star right now. (my opinion) She started so young dancing. I remember watching her for the first time in Missy Elliot's music vid. Lol.

  61. Robin McGrath

    Sounds like IsabellA!!! :)

  62. indy kerns

    at 1:06 there is allison from you no pretty kllitytle liarss she is stading next to the dude from twilightt

  63. Loice Kere

    Awhhh! soo cute

  64. LexieGinnyLiam

    Aww! <3

  65. Samantha Blyth

    @arlinemalmanger75 thats just sad..

  66. Cathy Pham

    sooooo cute!!!!

  67. frouto poto

    poor kid....why the hell her parents let her do this?she was sooo young then....its pitty

  68. grace317

    [email protected] description, she does sound like a chipmunk! A cute one obviously (: Always think it's so inappropriate for young kids to sing love songs though...Can't believe it's her real voice, untouched? So cute!

  69. xxLastTimeAroundxx

    Awwww. She had an adorable voice.

  70. Basil Pale

    OMG She looks sooooo cute when she was young!!!

  71. Danni .Evans

    i love this song so so much dont you

  72. PSwizz J

    ur so cute awww

  73. Lisa Row

    1:05 who else is in the pic?

  74. Maddie Bullion

    Gosh she is SOOOOOOO pretty!!! I invy her SO much

  75. mawar musfirah

    She looks like paris jackson when she's little. ALyson sure has talents.. first time i saw her was in the just lose it video by eminem. :D

  76. Brittney Lowey

    Awee she sounds so cute!!

  77. TheTooawesome1

    1:07 taylor lol!

  78. Davidaa K

    love this song abouslutely

  79. Reiss capone

    shes a good singer lol but hse sounds funny cus hse so young singing a big girls song lool but bless her lol

  80. Laven da

    JoJo is better ^^

  81. Tara Craig

    awee. she sounds soo youngg!! (:

  82. shayroxs

    obviously she would sound like that she was yonger but she can stll sing stop critisizing i dont see u up there

  83. 95seadragon

    @NeverForgotenStory its funny cause she plays the voice for isabella now!! Lol

  84. Sam Derp

    She sound like isabella from phineas and ferb i mean the songs sining

  85. Caren Vonsay

    thats not her voice they sped it up

  86. lalomaniaka

    @Divine4LifeOK cierto! ella suena como una ardillita ja es gracioso!

  87. lexanator1000

    she sounds adorable

  88. britseaful

    she does sound like a chip munk lolzzzz!!!!!

  89. Davidaa K

    shes great but she sounds like a chipmunk

  90. BitchGiveMeABreak

    sounds lke she speed up the orignal song...

  91. Jayde Allison

    @tinker2401 Totally agree :)

  92. Bonnie Bennett

    Sounds like the voice she uses for isabella.

  93. Qtkitty36

    sorry, but i still think jojo is better

  94. Musicismylife1711111

    I'm 12 and my voice is not that low , holy shit !

  95. MsSpoiled101

    aaawww she sounds sooo super cutee and rreeeal small ! i love her