Alyson Stoner - Almost Home Lyrics

Almost home, lay your head down
It's a grateful road like you showed me
There is comfort in what you know
But cannot see
Almost home just like you told me

This isn't the end, there's so much left
Beyond the edge of brokenness
Darling we are all fallen
And the ground can hold both sinner and saint
Why do you wanna wait, why do you want, why do you wanna wait?
The moment you break is the dawn of grace

Still you're clothed in scarlet stains
You try to wash them clean but it never fade
And I know you feel like you can barely walk
The savage wolves don't spare the flock
This will take, this will take more than your own strength

But this isn't the end, a second chance rests
Beyond the edge of brokenness
Even though we're all fallen
Love knows both sinner and saint
Why do you wanna wait, why do you want, why do you wanna wait?
The moment you break is the dawn of grace

This isn't the end, it's only the edge of courage, this isn't the end
This isn't the end, there's so much left beyond the edge of brokenness
Hang onto the only hope of the young and old, the sinner and saint
Hang onto grace and never run, never run away, yeah
The moment you break is the dawn, the moment you break is the dawn of grace
Almost home, lay your head down

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Alyson Stoner Almost Home Comments
  1. Hans Scream

    beatyfull voice keep going

  2. Hannah Holdham

    you are look like my girlfriend

  3. Bonnie Legion

    this was a nice find that you for this!  I invite you to come check out some of my music.  This girl is very talented. beautiful voice.  beautiful production

  4. who even

    Lovely and inspiring xo

  5. ThePsihopatul

    Damn such a beautiful song, by such a beautiful artist :) Damn it i have something in my eyes :')

  6. Anna Dec

    Wow she is amazing!

  7. BJuliannaB

    this is such an amazing song! it sounds like someting taylor swift would sing.

  8. Tyler Barreau

    She isn't signed to anyone, she's independent

  9. Aladeen Alhayek

    bascially she got that real music feel, you know what im sayin, it got substanc :) but yeah we need more real aritst like that :) Wish her the best :)

  10. Aladeen Alhayek

    she may work for a Disney Series but she is actually an independent artist :) meaning she don't work with no Hollywood Records(which is good meaning she wants to stay true to herself in music and has complete creative control) unlike most artists who are signed, and honestly she is very talented, in dancin, acting, and singing, her music is really good and it has that positive influence. we need more real artists like that, not only speaking as a fan, but an artist myself i hope she advances :)

  11. campton1234

    really good

  12. KevinyKarla Oficial

    Canciones como estas deberían ser Numero 1 en Itunes :D

  13. Cerandipati

    does anyone know the chords to this song?


  14. alysonstonerus

    @aliciastone101 @Mikespikekite shes not signed to any label.. it's even on her youtube page info

  15. Deborah Price

    Great tune! Sweet cello accompaniment!

  16. kani cello

    LOVE the cello solo! The rest of the song is good, too :-)

  17. KatiesCovers

    this is such a pretty song! her voice is beautiful!

  18. smartaleck05

    She's isn't signed on to any record label. She's an independent artist.

  19. Ellen Lembrechts

    @mikespikekite She isn't ... well i thought i heard her say she didn't wanna sign for hollywood records ... she wanted to be independent ... ♥

  20. Michael Cross

    @aliciastone101 yeah but that doesnt mean she is automaticly signed to hollywood records. ashley tisdale isnt, she is with Warner Brothers. and alyson isnt lol i just looked it up.

  21. kellywells11

    I think this the best song. :) Go Alyson.

  22. Michael Cross

    she is actually great... thats crazy. i hope she isnt signed to hollywood records. they suck ass

  23. Marcos Land

    I loved this song, so Sweet :-)

  24. Nea H

    Her voice is so beautiful