Aly & AJ - Sticks And Stones Lyrics

Sitting in my room
Feeling sorry for myself
I can't feel worse
Well what else?
I wonder what I could say

To stop the voices, taunting and laughing
The way they're acting I wish they'd just disappear
The joke is always on me
It's always on me

Why don't they understand
That we are all the same
We all feel lost at times
Why don't they understand
That someone else's pain
Is not for gain

Sticks and stones won't break my soul
Get out of the way, I'm invincible
Throw them down
'Cause the one you hurts not around
Not around
It's not your place

In the end
You'll be the victim
You're the one who has to live with yourself
And when you're reaching for help
There'll be no one
There's no one

Why don't you understand
That we are all the same
And we all feel lost at times
Why don't you understand
That someone else's pain
Is not for gain

Sticks and stones won't break my soul
Get out of the way; I'm invincible
Throw them down
'Cause the one you hurts not around (not around)
Not around (not around)
It's not your place

I won't live in chains
I've got something to give
I won't play these games
Yeah, I'd rather live
You know I've come too far
To be like you are

Why don't you understand
That we are all the same

Sticks and stones won't break my soul
Get out of the way, I'm invincible
Throw them down...

La la la la
La la la la
La la la la la la la

Throw them down 'cause the one you hurts not around (not around)
Not around (not around)
Not around anymore
It's not your place

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Aly & AJ Sticks And Stones Comments
  1. Thaynara Goulart

    2019 and I'm here!

  2. Emma Coates

    Love this song!Great job Aly and AJ!!❤️

  3. God Girl

    I love this song so much, Being a victim of Emotional abuse since 2012 and i was bullied from 2010ish until 2014

  4. Rayna Maxwe

    This one was my fav honestly.

  5. Adri95

    This song meant so much when I was in middle school and high school :-). Loved it!

  6. Diana Morales

    Anyone listening to this in 2016? No, just me. Okay then.

    Harley Quinn

    Diana Morales 2018

  7. aliison Hydr

    bullies need to hear it

  8. Kelly Rowbotham

    disney font lol cool like it

  9. Kelly Rowbotham

    me and my school did a vid of antibullying with this song lol

  10. Tiffany Thomas

    Really need help

  11. Thee Bee

    Still listening to this in 2014 !!

  12. Kyra Storm

    This song meant so much to me when I was ending middle school and starting high school. (2007ish) I was having a rough time making friends and, I didnt realize it at the time, but I was being emotionally manipulated and bullied.Listening to this song now really helps me reflect on how far I've come. A lot has changed. Things seemed so rough back then, but I am a totally different person now! 

  13. Avery Wilson

    I'm doing a dance choreography project to this song. I love it so much-Perfect.

  14. Ash Loves Kpop

    it good to sing the song sticks and stones

  15. RB_Phoebe

    Me too, I heard this song in the past when I was bullied and it helped me more than any other!!!! Now It helps me to get strength, this song is amazing.

  16. wizardwarrior713

    just discovered this song and instantly love it. the lyrics are so true.

  17. xx Shelbea Peters xx

    I love this I was bullied before and this song helped me everyone in the world should listen to this song,it may stop bullying or help the people who are being bullied

  18. Sophia Stratton

    I love there voices

  19. Veronique Ferraris

    this was my favorite song off their album

  20. littlebit080780

    Beautiful!!! :)

  21. Aysia Holfeltz

    I <3 Aly and Aj they are my faves...

  22. may lee

    prove it to them. and tell them what jerks they are don't waste what you have been given a gift like that

  23. Kayla Styles

    Stop bullying. This song is helping me so much, but I wish bullying (including cyberbullying) would all just stop. You never know how it could effect someone..

  24. FreakyFennec

    This song should be a pledge to stop bullying

  25. sophie hunter

    Including me :P

  26. sophie hunter

    This is sooo much like me. I get made fun of.

  27. Ms2Cool2Talk2You

    5 years ago i knew the lyrics from all high school musical songs, ashley tisdale, vanessa hudgens and aly and aj songs. oh and hannah montana. but i totally forgot them i just remembered them cause i heard potential breakup song in a movie :) this so reminds me of my childhood

  28. kattaria

    omg im 16 and now i feel old listening aly and aj i don't know why though. theyre music is awesome don't get me wrong! but i jus feel old.

  29. Olivia Little

    2013 and still awesome...

  30. Olivia Little


  31. deputyseal409

    Hey, it's the disney logo font

  32. ShadowMonster

    ?????... No clue and why aren't you responding 2 me i mean do i haft 2 call u??

  33. steve dowdy

    The Lord Jesus Christ understands everyone's pain, he'll help you, if you let him... For all those getting bullied, tonight, pray that God will help you and finish those bully's doings once and for all!

  34. Lydia Yost

    It up so.... Its life!!! And it seriously sucks but nobody cares. So just try to get over it

  35. Lydia Yost

    Ok i am NOT supporting bullying an ANY way, i was bullied, my parents dont ever belive me... But its life and i lerened to sucki

  36. Lydia Yost

    Love this song

  37. Kat !

    Today in gym my friend forgot tennis shoes and had to be barefoot in gym. We played kickball and when she kicked the ball she like touched it with her toe every time. Well these people start like yelling at her and making her cry. I was like shut up and leave her alone! Its not her fault her feet hurt. And you know when we told the coach what happend he said it was her fault for not whereing shoes! Then he went over to that girl and says Good game Abi!

  38. NewYork aka Nicki Maxwell

    who would dislike this?!

  39. may

    I love this song

  40. Cheyenne Howard

    "Id rather live" pfft yea..

  41. Cheyenne Howard

    oh jeez..

  42. Makaria Hill

    I love this song!!!

  43. Danicakes102

    this song helped realize i couldnt be put down by my bullies anymore.i love this song so much now

  44. Kimmie Nguyen

    thumbs up if your listenin to this in 2012 and still LOVE it!!! ^-^

  45. Alexis

    thanks aly and aj ur songs always pick me up when im feelin down

  46. Alexis

    People should choose their words carefully but some people like to taunt and tease others because maybe they just have problems with themselves and they dont know how to release it in a way that doesnt hurt others.Ive felt this before and i have done this to other people and when i read someone elses comment on here it made me think who am i to tease other people when im not that perfect either so just think about what your gonna say to the new kids or other kids in your school or neighboorhood

  47. TigerX Girl906

    you know what i love about their songs they have meaning to them <3

  48. lindsey woffard

    i gey bulled all time i love this song its butifull

  49. Livia Fonseca

    I really miss Aly & Aj

  50. vfjs

    yupp and chris columbus, we just chillin

  51. klarebear7211

    this is why i loved aly and aj when they first came out and still do today, their pop music sure, but they sing about real stuff and their songs speak to people. i love aly and aj!!!!!


    ¬¬ i thought it was a cover of sticks and stones by Jonsi

  53. Mayra Medina

    yes guys it's obviously a Disney font e_e ....

  54. princess19893

    I can relate to this song. I love my mom but she keeps on hurting me.

  55. Kayla W

    @bibliotheek357 99% of people use percents wrong.

  56. Kimberlie Divine

    wow alexis the bicth you are is going to be alone because i was alone for yoers because of you..

  57. princess19893

    love this song

  58. honneybuns10

    10 facts about you 1.You're reading my comment 2.You're realizing that's a stupid fact 4. You didn't notice I skipped three 5.You're checking now 6.You're smiling 7.You're still reading my comment 9.You didn't realize I skipped eight 10.You're checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again. 11.You are enjoying this 12.You didn't realize there's only supposed to be ten facts Copy and paste this to ONE video. And tomorrow will be great! :)

  59. Jessica Sydney

    Like if your watching this in 2O11 :D

  60. Marta Mei

    Omg... I remember singing this in 5th grade for "talent day" in choir class.

  61. Kimberly Bin

    i still like it in 2011!!! my fav song from them!!!!!!!

  62. Sel_bby

    2011 and still obsessed

  63. Dildo Baggins

    This is causing people to go insane, some people even started cutting themselves just because their thrown down at school or anywhere else.Do you really want to make someone else go through what you will, or have been throguh?If your the one being thrown down, ignore them, don't give them the pleasure.If your watching, stand up for the bullied person.If your the bullier, I bet either you'll be bullied some day or you have been bullied, don't make others go through what you've suffered in.

  64. L.J. Riordan

    @scheerleaderd yeah i've lost A LOT of really good friends that way, but most of the time we make up, and i hope that you and ur friends can get through this! some times talking to them bout that helps, and trust me i no it hurts if they take it the wrong way but at least they'll no!

  65. GlamGirl


  66. Kimberly Duarte

    sometime dnt we all feel this way bcuz i do and every 1 thinks im pefect but im NOT im Human like all of us

  67. Shelby Dixon

    @KayKayThing2 I feel the same im always the victim when me and my friends r in fighrts they all gang up and b mean

  68. Chelsea

    i love dis song

  69. L.J. Riordan

    this song is so inspiring,cuz i'vebeen gettin picked an teased a lot lately, and every time they do i just scream in their face "GET OUT OF MY WAY IM INVINCABLE!!!!!" i dont care if they think im weird cuz those word give me courage!

  70. Anayume

    This was done reeaallly nicely (:

  71. Chelsea

    i can relate to thsis [the "popular kids" treat me like dirt

  72. Lola Green

    I used to listen to this song alllllll the time! And now I've finally come back to it and realized how much I've missed it <3

  73. Julie V

    Is that the disney font?

  74. Hannah Nazarek

    @tornbetweenmusic - Not all popular people are like that.. I am popular (not trying to sound/be cocky) cause i moved to this new school and all the guys say im way nicer than all the other popular girls there. I know what its like to be treated like shit and i for one can not say i would ever want to make someone else feel that way. I try to comment people on whatever i can because everyone deserves to feel loved at some point.

  75. Phillicity Uriarte-Jones

    whats up with the diney font???? I LOVE IT!!

  76. FerociousApples

    walt disney fonts i love them so much i use them all the time nice choice

  77. Louice

    Could you tell me what front you are using?

  78. KingOfSpeed100

    This song is oo truee to me :-/ But i love itt :)

  79. marinelife4eva

    all the girls at my school are bullies all they can do is roll their eyes at you. and then i think i have a friend and she turns out shes just like the other ones! cant wait until this year ends than i get a break from them. im finally standing up for myself now though =)

  80. Mikey King

    some of the lyrics are

  81. Devon Howard

    yeah that's what i thought it looked like too

  82. Zobia Alvi

    I love this song & the video is awesome! I really like the way the lyrics show up!

  83. Amanda Ramirez

    aly and aj are really good singers too bad they dnt gett enough attention

  84. Amanda Ramirez

    this song makes me sad! and happy at the same time. im serious girls are getting meaner and meaner these days!

  85. Priti Brar

    Don't you have school uniform though?

  86. RawCarrot

    at my school i was diferent so everone was
    mean to me
    so i wonder
    everyones diferent whats wrong with me?
    im myself and i cant be someone else
    i have my own uniqe
    personality? why do you want me to change that?

  87. 100PureAndLovable

    I can totally relate to this song..

  88. claire h

    What Amazing Lyrics

    I Can Really Relate To This Song Right Now

  89. Florence Yeung

    awesome vid

  90. fichui

    well the others seem to be able to

  91. Sonya C

    this song rocks!!! love it. can't stop listening to it. the lyrics are fab! =]

  92. fichui

    dude, that girl is totally racist. anyway next time she buggs you, just think, the only reason why she says that stuff is cuz she's jealous

  93. Sarahbelle2494

    This song relates to me so much!My best friend in the whole world and I are always getting picked on and called lesbians just because we hang out so much!I'm sick of it!Why can't we all just get along?!I don't even know what I did to them,but for some reason,they hate me!You know what,I'm just gonna say from now on, that they're just jealous of the fact that I have a true best friend and they only have their fake popular friends!

  94. Sonia Lee

    I get picked on alot cos i'm small and my name sounds like "Sony Ericsson" and "Sonic-X"
    its irratating
    but my bro trained me to be independent
    and this song rawks me

  95. Cordelia P

    yeah that sux tho

  96. Bg Nanny

    I love this song I listen to it a lot, and it reminds me of myself when I went to middle school.:(

  97. Cordelia P

    me 2 now i'm moving schools!

  98. skittlemcwiddles

    Good Job!