Aly & AJ - Speak For Myself Lyrics

Do you see me
Do you care
You talk about me
Like I'm not there

Don't get a word in
When you're around
I bet you don't know
What I'm about

Cos I will, I will
Speak for myself
What you see
Isn't all I am
I need a place to stand
I will, I will speak for myself
There's so much you're missing
If you cared you'd listen

You suffocate me
You drown me out
I'm tired of waiting
Without a doubt

I feel I'm fading
I flicker out
My heart is screaming
Without a sound

Cos I will, I will
Speak for myself
What you see
Isn't all I am
I need a place to stand
I will, I will speak for myself
There's so much you're missing
If you cared you'd listen

I'm not sorry for who I am
Take it or leave it
It's my time to take a stand
Throw it or keep it
Know that I don't need to understand
Won't say it again

(I will)
(I will)
(I will)
(I will)
You know I will

Cos I will, I will
Speak for myself
What you see
Isn't all I am
I need a place to stand
I will, you know I will
I will speak for myself
There's so much you're missing
If you cared you'd listen
If you cared you'd listen

I will, I will
Speak for myself

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Aly & AJ Speak For Myself Comments
  1. Freeman On

    I love them both. They both are really really beautiful, awesome and talented. I love there song's alot.

  2. Blake J


  3. Mary Grace McMillan

    comment who is prettier Ally or AJ?

    Blake J

    mmxix AJ

  4. Jess Louisee

    2016 and still loving these girls your both amazing love ya both xx

  5. feeding fish [aggressive]

    I loved them so much when I was younger <3 Still do.

  6. ayla wonderland

    My favorite song from them!

  7. lalalaux3

    =/ i hope things got better for you

  8. iheartsjonas

    omg same

  9. Samantha Imbembo

    Then this came out I was in 5th grade.... I was still using a CD player.

    Blake J

    Samantha Imbembo Anti-Skip? Lol

  10. marinelife4eva

    I was i think...12 or 13 years old when that comment was made :P. Now i am the loudest laughing girl actually! just took a few years to come out of my shell!

  11. Guitargasm17

    Try socializing. I can see your awkwardness through my screen.

  12. Jestie Fox

    I fucking love your username.

  13. musicfanfeva

    my friends all moved away all were the same as the others....

  14. Tylar Welch

    That is the same as me :( Sometimes I wish I was different.

  15. CuntriGurl95

    @marinelife4eva i know how ya feel. i get back stabbed all the time at school. i moved outta my hometown to live with my dad, and hoping the people would be different, but they aren't....i have one friend and she lives in a different town...

  16. Okilydokily

    what i really like about aly and aj is;
    1. they still have a good reputation
    2. their songs have GOOD messages and not just ones about boys and love
    3. All of their songs sound great
    4. and their both beautiful~

  17. Fashionbabe06

    @marinelife4eva same thing i dont care what people say about anymore cuz im who i am and nobodys gonna change that people judge so much anymore and im trying to be more outgoing next year cuz im going to the high school

  18. Fashionbabe06

    @littleariahay1 people are somean sometimes thats why im trying to learn dont trust anybody with anything just your family and just talk to people at schoo labout random things

  19. Shelby Wilis

    @marinelife4eva Just like me... I know how you feel

  20. GreyWarden

    @CourtCourtChaos Lol wow.

  21. Ashlynn Honey

    just found all these songs and started to cry , all of them are incredibly touching and relate to me almost as if theyre written to me...

  22. Stacey

    I love this song soo much! This is relatable. I know it is for me. In my opinion it is hard to believe they came from disney....they did didn't they? You can't tell when you listen to them. They are really tallented with relatable music. Ok. Now i'm questioning it..Did they really start on disney?

    David Bobowski

    Stacey I think it was just RadioDisney. They weren't flat-out on their own show in the spotlight all of the time.

  23. Fashionbabe06

    @marinelife4eva im feeling the sam not alone im shy at first than when i get to no u im outgoing

  24. AnnaMKW

    @marinelife4eva Wiem co czujesz, mam tak samo...

  25. Joyce A

    This is SO true! Dad........If only you knew what your missing out on.......... :( Its sad for a grown man like you to be acting like this, its stupid and childish....Have a nice life.

  26. Joyce A

    @CourtCourtChaos :)

  27. simymonna

    A song so powerfull that is what I needed when I was younger... but I still need it these days.. People only look at the outside and never at the inside.. That's a people's mind.. Which can be cruell sometimes! I wished people would except someone for who they are.. and not for what they are not!

  28. lizzirez

    @marinelife4eva ttly agree with u,u show those bitches whose boss1

  29. Lindsay Bukowski

    this is the story of my life. my friends, family ,everyone, they all try and take advantage of me and make fun of me cause they think its ok. they say its just a joke but its not funny && they dont even hear me say it. i love this song it makes feel like im not alone :]

  30. Kiwi

    I loved this song since forever. I'm a jr. in high school and i still love it!

  31. Mira Arevalo

    i can speak for myself i feellike saying it to my dad hes always like when i dont do my chores hes like go to your room i dont wanna see ur face and hes all like you think im dumb and stupid ill treat u like im dumb and stupid i can speak for myself

  32. blasiangrl563

    when u listen to this song u think of u and soo many ppl

  33. Courtney Akers

    there's so much you're missing,
    if you cared, you'd listen.

  34. Debu Phartiyal

    i totally agree i can speak 4 myself and this song is so inspiring!

  35. Diana Havířová

    Best song!!Best best best!!I like it!

  36. Isabella Shores

    Awesome Video!

  37. AlishaaHh

    Love it (L)