Aly & AJ - Slow Burn Lyrics

Born in a hurry, always late
Haven't been early since '88
Texas is hot, I can be cold
Grandma cried when I pierced my nose
Good in a glass, good on green
Good when you're putting your hands all over me

'Cause I'm alright with a slow burn
Taking my time, let the world turn
I'm gonna do it my way, it'll be alright
If we burn it down and it takes all night
It's a slow burn

In Tennessee, the sun's goin' down
In Beijing, they're heading out to work
There's a bar on the street don't close for an hour
We should take a walk and look at all the flowers

'Cause I'm alright with a slow burn
And taking my time, let the world turn
I'm gonna do it my way, it'll be alright
If we burn it down and it takes all night
It's a slow burn
It's a slow burn
It's a slow burn

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Aly & AJ Slow Burn Comments
  1. mak su

    Oh my god yessss

  2. Cody Fletcher

    Still great voices been fan ever since Disney years

  3. Rita Marie


  4. hans shoo

    Love it

  5. Subway Underground

    Loved you two ladies since the first album!!!!! Keep going we’re here for y’all!!!!!!!!!

  6. J Edwards

    Ok...when Aly said “Pierced my nose” it sounded like “Pissed my nose” lol

  7. Ilaisaane Grace

    Beautiful 😍

  8. Vallie Productions

    Love it love it love it. You two are unstoppable. So happy that you're releasing new music!!

  9. emzi_5

    anyone know the chords??

    Hatty Bee

    emzi_5 it was originally sung by kacey musgraves, if you search for the song chords under her name i’m sure they’ll come up :)

  10. Lisa Janine

    I love this song!!!!

  11. Natalie Colon

    One in a lifetime experience watching these two in concert in Houston on my birthday June 9, 2019 I had been waiting since 2008 to see them... just an amazing feeling of closure and nostalgia and pure love 💖

  12. Vitiligo Magician

    Dude the woman are so good how I wish I could see them live

  13. avacado !

    Their voices sound so 2006 to me...probably because they narrated my life back then. This is a cool experience

  14. LivingwithLeslie

    They are sooo good! Ima watch them a second time on tour

  15. Alison Nelson

    They did it better!!!

  16. Andressa Prato

    why is this the best song I've ever heard and why I've said that about every Aly & Aj song?????

  17. juliem_1986

    Wow this is so beautiful

  18. ADanieltoRemember

    Just rediscovered aly & aj after reminiscing on childhood days aka Disney channel jams 😂 wow, they have really evolved— this song gave me chills.

  19. Amanda

    Ready for a country album 🙏🏻

  20. Keishla Peters

    This is beautiful!
    Are they not 78violet anymore? Are they going by their names now?

    Dont mean to come off as disrespectful, I just haven't heard their music in awhile. I should get back <3 Their music is breathtaking.

  21. Hillary Kaitlyn Walsh

    I want to buy a recording of this!!!

  22. Lola Lolita

    o mundo é de vcs <3

  23. Peter Gabrielson

    Poster on the wall with Elvis and... ?

    Peter Gabrielson

    Scotty Moore?

  24. backURgoonz

    Holy shit! I don’t know who these 2 are, and I don’t listen to this kinda music, but I was in absolute awe from their vocals. An absolutely fucking beautiful song.

  25. alexandra

    I love that this made me feel like I was back in 2007 ❤

  26. **Cosmicdramer*** Starz4ever

    omg I love this song

  27. Ruby Melody

    Didn't know I wanted this and yet here it is.

  28. Erin O'Malley

    3 people got burned

  29. Vade1313

    Sounds awesome ladies !!!

  30. gGadget

    This was succchhh a treat to hear live during your summer tour 🥰

  31. TheGirlInTheRain

    This is beautiful 😍

  32. Whore 4Bass

    Omfg they're both legends!!!

  33. Kosmatova


  34. Stogrum Schnogrum

    Nostalgic feels ooooh so nice 😩♥️

  35. Miguel Mercier

    You two have the best vocals i love you❤️😍😊😘

  36. Aryah Harrison

    Those harmonies are beautiful!

  37. Santanna Brantley

    I swear their blend just melts in your ears like hot butter on warm toast 😍🎶

  38. LuckyMe98

    I am so happy that Aly and AJ are making music again!!!!

  39. DanyFdz

    The audio is flipped, so i flipped my headphones 🎧 and THAT was a great experience 👌🏼
    Love their voices! they are so talented!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😃😃😃

  40. Brittany A

    Ugh this is so amazing

  41. Sara Laird

    Beautiful cover! Underrated singers in my opinion, made me miss the concert, can’t wait to go again in the future ❤️

  42. mtailgator

    Just in time for an Autumn Campfire

  43. mothertothemoon7

    beautiful cover! loved the harmony!

  44. Ken Jolly

    That was Fantastic!!!

  45. Mary Fesliyan

    wow this was so damn good

  46. Lily Rojas

    I’m gonna see kacey this Friday!!!

  47. Robert Perales

    Aly’s voice is beautiful... but AJ has such a unique sound. She easily has one of my favorite voices. They’re killing it 🔥

  48. Zack Tremblay

    This is incredible! I hope we get tour videos like last time. Congrats on another amazing year! xo

  49. Amanda L.

    Come to Brazil ❤️

  50. Sergio X

    I’d love to see blow your house down get the release it deserves!!!

  51. Brittany Reyes


  52. firewordsparkler

    My favorite artists singing one of my favorite songs i'm crying

  53. Lara Nole

    Love it!!!!

  54. In fame

    im honestly shook! this is amazing

  55. Cassidy Skillman

    Yes give me that Dixie Chick vibe love it

  56. D M

    I know each and every one of us are out here promoting these sister singer slayers like it's our actual profession. Society's sleeping on them, and Aly & AJ fans are the alarm clock.

  57. gina x

    God this is amazing ❤️

  58. Cedric Mathew Hudson

    One of my fav songs being covered by my all time fav artists. This is life right here.

  59. Jess Turner

    Love 🤗❤

  60. Noora

    Oh my gosh, this one is amazing. I love the Kacey Musgraves version too😍

  61. Julieta Larpin


  62. Selah Harmon

    Beautiful voices beautiful version of slow burn kacey Musgraves and
    I truly adore this song💜🎶
    Aly and aj have always had incredible talent.🎵🎶👍👍

  63. Qwerty

    Been listening to you guys since back in the Disney days. Loved you then and love you guys even more now ❤️

  64. Luke M

    destroy me ugh

  65. melkichristie

    This is so beautiful that it made me cry. Thank you. 💗💗💗

  66. nervous girl


  67. Walter R.

    When will you two play guitar again? Love this!

  68. 102ihateyou

    I love this so much!

  69. nomeaknat

    You ladies are so amazing.

  70. StabletoCity

    GOD DAMN. More acoustics please!!

  71. Hatty Bee

    ahhh this is so lovely

  72. Marie French-Gold

    I'm in love

  73. quincywho

    can you guys please just cover the whole album already

  74. Ian

    México aquí.

  75. Raven Project

    legends supporting legends ❤️❤️❤️

  76. Ri Ranjo

    this is what an underrated talent looks like

  77. John-Phillip Saayman

    I like this version, but if it could be produced similar to some of the other songs that could be awesome as well.

  78. Anthony Tan

    I didn't know they came to Memphis. I wish I knew. I would of love to meet them.

  79. ʜᴀɴᴢō

    Imagine not stanning these queens

  80. April sue Aka ape,

    Happy early Halloween Aly & AJ

  81. Skirmante Krikstanyte

    Next level amazing

  82. bruthr

    please more of the 4K footage! it is music to my ears and candy for my eyes :D

  83. itscellycel

    The harmonies ✨✨💕

  84. Ilona

    This is so soothing 😌

  85. Brandee Thomas

    Music for the soul, so ethereal ❤❤ Aly & AJ you never disappoint!


    Aly & AJ + Kacey Musgraves ⚡️🔝🔥🎸⚡️🌹🔥🔝



  87. Emma Claire

    Incredible 😍😍😍

  88. Avarus Surava

    love her genuinely y'all make music

  89. Otniel Romeo

    Aly & AJ's voices fit very well for acoustic songs. I've noticed it since I heard "No One" and other songs from "Into The Rush".
    Excellent work, my queens!

    Lola Lolita


  90. Amardeep Riyat

    I love this cover it just so cute and 🔥💗 the bond between them both it shows in this song 💕

  91. Sarah Fogg

    I miss the sanctuary tour 😢

  92. Violet Phoenix

    Why don't you guys sign with a big recording company and go big with your new music? I'm tired of seeing all these new crappy singers and my old faves far away from the spotlight or no longer making music.

  93. Joz

    Uuuugh I love them singing to just a acoustic guitar it takes me back

  94. Laura Galbraith

    Your voices always make me happy. ^_^

  95. Kelli Ray

    Never clicked so fast! I’ve loved them since 2005 and I can’t believe they were that close to where I live 😍 I’ve stood where Aj is sitting!! Ah so cool and love this perfect timing

  96. emmamuuusic

    love it girls <3

  97. healthymadness

    More, please and thank you!

  98. Jonathan Sarni

    I want an acoustic album! These voices are gorgeous


    Jonathan Sarni YES

    Jesse Chao

    I've been asking for years! Hope we'll get it one day

  99. cindymoolah

    Miss your voices!! Lovely as always!