Aly & AJ - Silence Lyrics

I'll bet two years I'll bet one year
I'll bet those years you won't be here
I guess I'll keep, I guess you'll keep
Every memory
Sadly we may never be
I'll bet my tears I'll bet your tears
I'll bet those tears over time could disappear

Wait a minute I have more to say
and I care if you're listening to me
I need you more than you'll ever know
I still do, willing to let it show

I need a minute just to get to you
I feel like I might be getting through
Come over and say nothing
Silence is everything (oh)

I know, I know (I know, I know)
Feelings can show
If you let go-oh-oh-oh
It must be told (it must be told)
I've got a hold
On what we used to have

I will forgive if you forget
All the things we said
Let's accept it
I need you, more than you'll ever know
I still do, willing to let it show

I need a minute just to get to you
I feel like I might be getting through
Come over and say nothing
Silence is everything

(shh, silence)

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Aly & AJ Silence Comments
  1. Azaria Darneaud

    Still love it 🥰🥰

  2. Azaria Darneaud

    Still here

  3. Elizabeth Reyes

    2019 💓

  4. David Ramirez

    2019. Still relevant ♥️💙

  5. Katherina Bennett

    October 2019, still my jam.

  6. Victor Amirabile

    2019. still relevant.

  7. sierra elizabeth

    2019 still relevant.

  8. Kay Dlg

    Going on 12 YEARS. Insane. Still remember listening to this album on a CD player.

  9. Lina Zhu

    It is January 13th 2019. Still relevant.

    Kay Dlg

    Lina Zhu yas

  10. Renee Valtierra

    THIS PLAYED ON A DRAMIONE LOVE STORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY btw if you dont know what dramione is, its drao malfoy and hermione granger from harry potter ship

  11. João Meneses

    2018. still relevant

  12. Kaliya Skye

    After all this time, this album still has so much power over my emotions.

  13. Catherine White

    2018. Still relevant

  14. Larissa Yasin

    2018. Still relevant

  15. Cristian B. Tabor

    10 years, omg. forever relevant.

  16. kevinames09

    2017. still relevant.


    kevinames09 2018*

  17. Nik Ruff

    this song is for my sis

  18. Michael Jenkins

    So much memories

  19. Jahbarrhi O'Sullivan

    shoutout to all the 90's babies who still go back to the real teen angst and made it out alive

  20. Michelle Kaiser

    2016. Still relevant.

  21. Joey King

    Still a bop

  22. Karla

    wait a minute i have more to say and i care if your listening to me

  23. Luísa Araújo

    Love this song 

  24. SoSBxo

    I don't know how I ended up here.. but so glad I did. All the memories are rushing back <3

  25. Brianna Moore

    Haven't heard this in a while. This was a good album

  26. César Vargas

    Beautiful Memories, this song it's very romantic, kinda sad and so emotional oh and also very magical.
    That's talent and not like the s.... today.

  27. DeeDreams

    Oh wait...I'm crying over it now too.

  28. DeeDreams

    Man, it's amazing what memories these songs bring back. I cried over this song in middle school lol

  29. Hailey Caylen

    I'm killing the replay button.

  30. Forest the Writer

    This was my first album I ever bought! Wow. I don't care for music like this anymore, but I'll always drop by for a quick listen, because childhood.

  31. Paigerly Broadworth

    I know! I'm sooosososo excited for it!

  32. BrinaBug49

    I bet most of you know that they regrouped and are now called 78Violet. They already have a new album ready to be released this year.

  33. Marley Daniels

    The best Disney Stars that didn't have any drama :D

  34. Marie •

    god i just love the part at 1:03

  35. Marie •

    wow this brings back memories, this was one of my favourite songs about 4 years ago

  36. Thai Hoang Nguyen

    my lullaby..

    Thai Hoang Nguyen

    OMG I came back after 6 years, 2019 and still relevant

  37. Tina D

    Underrated artists

  38. LilW drew

    Magnifique cette musique ! :)

  39. Emily Bellomo

    This honestly just makes me cry because they really were SO GOOD, they really need to release their new album that is apparently suppose to be released THIS year 2012! Let's all just keeping hoping it follows through, I WILL LOVE THEM FOREVER <3 5years later and Istill remember all the words and love all the songs from this album just as much as their last!

  40. mybookBurrow

    loooove the piano

  41. Presh S

    @TheLehAya same here what type of name is that

  42. Presh S

    @EilisLornaWalsh2 that is stupid no they do not

  43. Natalia Digiosia

    Brings me back..

  44. j3w3Lry

    I love how she says "Wait a minute i have more to say..." ♥

  45. Bear89Theory

    i love this song it's just the best :)

  46. izziescasey

    @cliquegirlz05 there is going to be a new album

  47. izziescasey

    imagine this beautiful song is written and performed by a 15 or 16 year old and an 17 or 18 year old. Weird right? How good is this song?!

  48. ElegantExcalibur

    @abearhug4every1 They're sort of back now, but as 78Violet

  49. Maksym parkour

    or will a new album?

  50. Maksym parkour

    @digiruler01 or will a new album?

  51. Maksym parkour

    whether girls record a new album?

    what do they do?
    I love it!

  52. RanKudou1

    From 0:51 -1:55 is my favorite.

  53. Musical Writer

    Silence could mean anything to nothing. I know that this song means something, and that something is beautiful. Good job guys. :)

  54. felicianunezz

    i wish they would make another album <3

    Lina Zhu

    Yeah I wish it too. Maybe both twin sisters stopped singing a long time ago. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Grace Doran

    This song is something special! Don't know why, ever since the first time i've heard it, it has never gottan old! I could listen to it all day, every day!

  56. mebecnc

    @leafninja247 same here!! except i'm a 17 year old girl. and today i was like i haven't listened to them in so long...and here i am!

  57. 798bribri

    My favorite part is...

    Wait a minute I have more to say...
    And I care if you're listening to me
    I need you, more than you'll ever know
    Still do, willing to let it show
    I need a minute just to get to you
    I feel like I might be getting through
    Come over and say nothing
    Silence is everythingg<3

  58. FQSilencia

    @GoodbyeOswald and those twelve are all just people accidentally clicking on the wrong button ^^

  59. moonmelify

    I miss aly and aj so much

  60. Delilah Williams

    Exactly what im feeling..its so much to get from music

  61. Maksym parkour

    i love it all!!!

  62. Hannah Meadows

    @2010theraver what? whats that supposed to mean?

  63. Whovianaforlife

    OMG I<3ALY&AJ'S MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. ZeldaGirl5

    This song brings me back to the saddest time in my life because I always used to listen to it then while pondering the future. Well here I am and this song is STILL bringing me to tears!

  65. Veronica Luman

    this reminds me of sally's song from the nightmare before christmas 4 some odd reason..

  66. QueenShaBen0504

    @leafninja247 wow that's deep my friend lol i have to agree :) but i'm a 17 year old girl :)

  67. chellekoryn

    Awesome song! I only had to listen to the first 30 sec. and I knew it was the best song, then the last minute shows up and it gets even better!!!

  68. artsymjackson

    this song is soo kewll i like it. i wish they still made music and albums! : (

  69. Apocalyptical789

    they are the only disney products with talent. nuff said.

  70. Alan Scott

    this song makes u think about everything in life

  71. muckleberry29

    this song makes me cry lol
    its depressing and helpful
    brought out all my emotions
    this song will be forever in my heart

  72. Mariana Hernández

    i know!!!
    i was looking for the right word
    and u r so right!

    this song is so soft!
    i love it

  73. PrizeRebel000

    Unfortunately :/
    These girls are overly underrated

  74. Luv2sing40

    <3 more than you'll ever know

  75. Findingmelissa

    i listened to this song when my dog died :(
    just on replay the whole day

  76. mengume

    its so beautiful. i just dont understand when they say i'll bet 1 yr ill bet 3 yrs.... what is that areference to?

  77. Livvi N

    Love the soft tone to this song,its lovely <3

  78. tuts333


  79. Maksym parkour

    tepa dziewczyno

  80. Arina

    this song half matches my life. this song ROCKS!!! ^_^

  81. crazygirlsmallworld

    *sigh* this song brings back memmories lol I remember 2 years ago when I first heard this song <3 lol it made me cry because it described what I was going through lol.... but yes this song is very beautiful I love the violen in it!

  82. leafninja247 yeet

    wow.....this song is soooooo unique. i love them sooo much, ever since 7th grade!!! and here i am, being a 17 year old guy and their music STILL rocks. That's talent!

  83. itsNika

    so beautiful!

  84. Alyssa Reagan

    i love this song soo much!!

  85. Jeronda Scott

    agreed !

  86. itschello

    theres something cold and lifeless about their music.... ghostly.

    i love it.

  87. warriorcatgirls


  88. xhelloxhoneyx

    this song is absalutly brilliant
    cant any1 tell me where i can see the music video?

  89. Viktor Møller

    <3i love this song<3

  90. Zobia Alvi

    I really liked this song! They really could have made a music video for this song! LOL!

  91. Maksym parkour

    ♥♥LOVE IT♥♥

  92. Lilyellowbirdlover08

    Great Music

  93. ceiba tkachyk

    i luv the intro