Aly & AJ - Shine Lyrics

When I've gone too far
When I've had enough
When I'm losin' ground
Feelin' out of touch
I don't run and hide
I just look inside
For a simple piece of mind
Like a neighborhood
On a city street
I know the path
It knows my feet
And when I feel afraid
Feel like checkin' out
You stand up and take a bow

You shine when others need you
You speak and I believe you
I know the light that guides you
I'll join the line that walks behind you

You shine, you shine
Like a window to your heart I see
All the possibilities
You shine, you shine
And everyday's another opportunity
To shine

The way you see the world
The way it sees you back
You're the photographer
You take the photograph
If you don't like the way
The way it looks at you
You've got all the power to choose
Turn right, turn left, turn the other way
Make it light, make it dark, make it go away
I love the way you write the script to your own life
You're the star, you're on tonight

And when I feel unnoticed
Just two steps back from hopeless
You turn my world around with a single smile
That's who you are, that's who you are


I know the light, the light that guides
I'll join the line that walks behind you
You shine, you shine
In my life I know you shine
You shine
Like a window to your heart I see
All the possibilities
You shine
And everyday's another opportunity
To shine

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Aly & AJ Shine Comments
  1. Loki

  2. Serralyn Hey


  3. Brittany McGregor

    I love you guys so much

  4. Harmony Luvs

    i wish they never stopped making new songs


    +Harmony Luvs they made stuff recently idk where youve been.

    Harmony Luvs

    +ShaneDawsonandme I guess I just haven't heard it


    lmfao this comment made me laugh

    Milena Acuna


    Otniel Romeo

    Harmony Luvs They released a new EP in 2017.

  5. jesslivelife

    Pretty sure this is my FAVORITE song by Aly & AJ. Their music was/is incredible!

  6. Ju Vang

    Still listening in 2015. (:

  7. Shine Loko gang

    nice :P

  8. krzysolja

    am I gay for liking this song? LOl

  9. Tasha Harris

    I haven't heard them in years

  10. Creepzza

    Happy song, love it

  11. Miłka Chromińska

    Oh my gosh I thought that before too ^.^, they look very alike.

  12. XItaSasux4ever12

    No it isn't. It was the 2nd track if memory serves.

  13. Alyssa Brooke

    Me n my friend r singin this 4 my schools talent show:)

  14. Sandy Kulchyski

    is sucj a pretty song.... i just love it

  15. izziescasey

    I love this song. Haven't listen to it since like 2 years. Still know all lyrics! :)

  16. Mary Christine

    i fucking loveeeeee this song.<3

  17. Meaghan Lautischer

    God this reminds me so much of one of my best friends in like the whole world! Such an awesome song!

  18. Kat Santiago


  19. RoAzula

    It's so beautiful it sends chills through you body.

  20. Camyy99

    One them wrote this about the other. I THINK it was AJ to Aly. Sweet (:

  21. buddies45

    why the heck are they not getting enough credit for their singing just like all the other singers out there?
    This is TALENT.
    I love this song and I rly miss their singing...

  22. truelove11698

    Really like this song. I know Jesus shines in my life and others. :D

  23. Nada Mohamed

    close ur eyes and focus on the lyrics i swear u'll feel that u r latterly shining in the inside and outside

  24. KelsEy Larck

    I <3 this song

  25. SillynSarcasticly

    luv this song :P

  26. Scout Curlee

    It sounds like she says "Your my life I know you shine."

  27. danielajbq

    i looove this song!!!

    This might sound a bit weird but it sounds like another song....... i duno but anyway.. i looove this!

  28. whiteasiangirl

    wait y?

  29. hopefullysinger

    This could probably be a good song to listen to when upset.

  30. lizswonderland Damaris

    one of there best songs!

  31. hopefullysinger

    My fave song is Shine by Aly and Aj

  32. spinnenrag

    Don't you mean Linkin Park? xD

  33. Nathalie Ponce

    there the same stop being judgemental

  34. adgirl121

    Love it !

  35. 11Louylou11

    Aly is a better singer than AJ

  36. Christina Erazo

    yes. you should.
    i'm trying to find a song for me to perform at our school's (Holy Trinity) talentshow...but i've got nothing and auditions ARE THIS WEEK! HELP!

  37. Megan Ryan

    this song is amazing.
    i love god!
    <3 megan

  38. Sascha Elisah

    i love the lyrics.. its true.. its how you see the world..:)

  39. Sonya C

    its on the deluxe edition of Into the Rush

  40. SugarRush95

    This is from the Chemicals React CD not Into the Rush.

  41. chelley64

    it doesn't sound like them o.0

  42. Sonya C

    okky dokky. i sent it. cya then. happy midautumn lol xP

  43. Tiffany Ma

    suree. my msn?? thx a lot.
    cya on tues anyway XD

  44. Sonya C

    nope they're sisters. xP

  45. Sonya C

    um...i forgot. i think it was on limewire...or maybe the web. i'll send it to u if u want.

  46. Tiffany Ma

    where did u even find this song lah? i cant find it on limewire X(

  47. Tiffany Ma

    :) i like it :)