Aly & AJ - Never Far Behind Lyrics

I know this really isn't you
I Know Your Heart Is Somewhere Else
And I'll Do Anything I Can
To Help You Break Out Of This Spell
I See You Following your Crowd
I Know You're Trying To Fit In
But If Your Gonna Find Yourself
You Gotta Start From Deep, Deep Within

Hold On To What You Believe

I Will Always Be Your Friend
I Know Who You Are Inside
I Am With You Till The End
Never Far Behind
I am standing in the distance
You can take your time
And I will be there waiting
Never Far Behind
Never Far Behind

I Am Sending You A Message
Don't ever Think That It's Too Late
When You Care About Someone
There is always room for change
you're allowed to make mistakes
it's a part of every life
I Don't See you any different
The Truth Is Shining In Your Eyes

Hold On To What You Believe

I Will Always Be Your Friend
I Know Who You Are Inside
I Am With You Till The End
Never Far Behind
I am standing in the distance
You can take your time
and I will be there waiting
Never Far Behind
Never Far Behind

You Can Take Your Time
And I Know
From My Heart

I Will Always Be Your Friend
I Know Who You Are Inside
I Am With You Till The End
Never Far Behind
I am standing in the distance
You can take your time
and I will be here waiting
Waiting by my side
Is Never Far Behind

I Am Sending you a message

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Aly & AJ Never Far Behind Comments
  1. Manuel Castillo

    never far behind 2k18💜

  2. Victoria Celestial

    This song feels so personal to me. Like it is God actually sending me a message...every worry I have had has been addressed in the lyrics of this song. So powerful.


    Victoria Caviar Agreed.

    sherelle willis

    I Agree

  3. Stay Porras

    Who's here in 2017? I used to love this song so much and still!!! Great lyrics! Evendo i used to hate aj when she was dating joe jonas cause he was my biggest crush as a baby girl jajaja :)

  4. DB 326

    they actually played it on this one Christian station I listen to

  5. Emily

    THROWBACK LIKE WOW #literallymychildhood

  6. Carl Os

    i like the drums in this song and their lovely voices

  7. K S

    Came here from a Javannah video... tbt :(

  8. a somebody

    Guys don't get me wrong but I personally think than AJ is More prettier than Aly But you 2 are BOTH SUPPER PRETTY ! U GUYS ROCK KEEP THIS GOING

  9. Brandon Cedarleaf

    This one goes out to my friend Andreya Reiter. I think of you whenever I hear this song.

  10. Misskayseeluvsu

    reminds me of the dance moms girls because they are never far behind each other in good times and in bad times. Chloe, Maddie, Brooke, Paige, Mackenzie, Kendall, and Nia for life <3 :) 

  11. Laura C

    Reminds me of someone I used to know .... hmm people change :(

  12. Avery Howell Sims

    degrassi broght me here :)

  13. Nanci L

    aly and aj thank you for this song

    Nanci L

    @Pedro Casarrubia gate

  14. Tim Stout

    Even though this is technically a christian song because of the gods never far behind part, i still love it.

  15. Tim Stout

    Nope. Aly(left) is a bit older than AJ(right) is.

  16. gerry morante

    nice song! are they twin?

  17. Centauri Adams

    keep your head up and know that there are those thinking of you. you are going thru some fire to be refined like steel

  18. Brianne

    God is never far behind.

  19. azbaer123

    Wish I had a best true friend who does everything with me.

  20. Kacy Caroline

    This song is whatever you want it to be about. That's what music is.

  21. jkjkjk6312

    @missmonsi321 Its actually a christian saying God will never leave you

  22. Alexandra Marion

    Its weird how now that I'm hearing this, I realize its about how God is always right beside you. I love it! I never knew that when I was a kid.

  23. siegelvids

    this is a christian song :)

  24. KLB1995

    My best friend (who I am not allowed to see) sent me this video after a hard day, after a year and a half of depression, and finding out that my great grandfather died early this morning. It brought me to tears because I miss her so much.

  25. Miniseok

    @GablesStarlett I concede your point. But as you can see, I was only trying to make mine, so thanks! ^^

  26. GablesStarlett

    @missmonsi321 This song is about God always being there with you.

  27. Miniseok

    @EvolOlleh You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. This song is about supporting your friends no matter what they become. Something which I doubt you can do. -_-

  28. Vanilla.Creme

    This is like me and my old best friend. She left me to be popular in highschool. But, we're still friends.

  29. Ashley Rose

    <3 this got me threw alot

  30. Julianne T

    I must cry :"(

  31. Amy Elisa

    suites us

  32. Krolshi

    Thanks for uploading :) This song is so beautiful... makes me smile.

  33. DieBlutroteKurenai

    Good Quality!
    I liove this song.I have so much memories to this song...:)

  34. Rachel Davies

    The only real friend I have is two hours away from me which is tough. But it's reassuring that I have someone to talk to when I'm down and she knows she can do the same if she needs a "virtual" shoulder to cry on xD

  35. narutosgirl20

    @AvatarFreak741 Thats Exacly how i am :(

  36. 131313pie

    @AvatarFreak741 same here

  37. aznprde4eva

    @AvatarFreak741 they shouldn't have done that... did you know you are real person?
    i really love anime too... but i have never told any of my friends.

    they don't even really know what it is. you should be happy you don't pretend you're any different than who you are, life's to short to not be happy, so from this day forward i will accept myself whether my friend care or not!!!!! yay!

  38. Zaida

    This song shows that there is no 'groups' . Just fakes trying to fit in to the populars , cheerleaders , && jocks . Thumbs up if you won't stop holding onto what you believe .

  39. Hopefulwriterr

    He doesnt see me as the close friend i am trying so hard to be. i wil always be his friend and i see who he is inside. if only he could see that She doesnt.... yet thats where he puts his energy im an after thot... and its breaking me. but i will never give up on him <3

  40. Emily Fekete

    @greekdeva7 me too like my friend who changed when she went to middel school and trie to say that it wasnt happenin g and all this othe boll shit i tried to be freinds but then she strated being a bitch like all of her other so called friends

  41. niiary789

    @AvatarFreak741 Don't worry :) You're not weird...In fact, I like anime and I still watch cartoon shows, as one of my best friends do :D

  42. Lissi Leuterio

    I got close enough to crying.

  43. 1luvnarnia

    @xForeverAnimeLuverx They're working on their new album :D.

  44. Stephanie Ngo

    I love this song its so GREAT it makes me think of all my friends <3

  45. Bethany Gore

    @AvatarFreak741 heyy smae here,cept im not a anime lover. but i know whatcha mean...

  46. UsGodLuvs

    If i may? alot of comments suggest that people feel they don't belong here on earth. Well i know for a fact that i am not. I am a co-heir of Christ, meant for a heavenly home. So if you don't feel you belong, you don't. You were meant to be in the father's arms. So go to him!! This song even says that God's the one waiting by your side at 3:06. Listen to him!!!! he's the best friend in the world!!!!

  47. pammelaa

    favorite song that actully makes you think and is about something important!(:

  48. iPaintonSilence


  49. Katie

    i'm bawling.

  50. HANNA J

    what happened to these 2, they're good!!!

  51. Irma Aganovic

    @AvatarFreak741 awwh its ok many people feel that best friend wants me to die so stupid and sad ;( but yea i understand wut ur going through and also u belongi n this world just like anyone else!!!!!! ;)

  52. tyler beyl

    @AvatarFreak741 awwwwwwwww thats sooooooooo sad i feel for u i mean i know i dont know u but everyone belongs in the world and NO ONE is a freak

  53. hopefullysinger

    This song just makes me feel that I do have a friend that really does understand me and I hope everyone does too!!

  54. Masada's Girl

    @AvatarFreak741 If you love Anime then that is part of who you are. My sister also loves reading the comics and the movies as well. It's good that you are strong and are not caring what others say. Don't let them bring you down. Also, random your name referring to the air bender? or james cameron's Avatar? I love both but the last air bender is by far my favorite show! I use to watch with it with my sisters every day after school =)

  55. countryguitarist2005

    So this is a good song, let's talk about that instead of bashing each other. Ok? good.

  56. tiamat100

    @AotearoaSoldier17 I don't mean to be rude (which probably means this will be) but surely if someone is telling people about their own experiences it won't always be because they are attention-seeking or weak? I personally keep a lot of things private and I wish I was strong enough to tell other people, even if those people were complete strangers. Also, if those experiences relate to the song, surely it is perfectly valid (and touching) to mention them? I enjoy sharing experiences, personally.

  57. xgameb01x

    u talking about a sob story you have, isnt much different. you calling out all the people who post bad moments is very attention seeking. I dont know what you have been through or what you know someone has been through before, and i honestly cant say i understand, but that still doesnt justify you acting like you kno people or judge them because u assume ur life is worse.
    dont turn this into an argument.

  58. Klayster

    I totally love this song and the message behind it!! ;-p

  59. Fashion In Revolt

    love this song

  60. Theedoek07

    @NikkieB100 cool story bro

  61. Nikkie Bakker

    this suits my life INCREDIBLY
    I've had the exact same with my old best friend..
    She started to change for reputation,
    She wanted to fit in the group so started smoking, shoplifting, sneaking out and stuff,
    I slowly saw her fall while she was doing it, she was about to break.
    She changed ALOT that year.
    I could just tell that she was unhappy by just looking in her eyes..
    I always told myself that she'll be alright,
    And that I'll always be there for her.
    She's fine now.. But I'm out of her life.

  62. shiroki-yuutsu

    I can't stop listening to this song.

  63. vietmauzzzy1

    @1011awesomeness no,he actually didn't say that but it's pretty obvious that we aren't really friends anymore.if we meet again we might be like hi what's up but that's it.unfortunately,you can't change the past :(

  64. shiroki-yuutsu

    @vietmauzzzy1 aww how could he do that? Just saying yo're not friends anymore like that? that is sad

  65. shiroki-yuutsu

    @The8241995 haha your friends would never do that, right? as long as you have your friends who think you're great there's no way anything that girl says is true. Don't worry just don't listen to her! Some demented people are just like that.

  66. shiroki-yuutsu

    @The8241995 does she hate you? why does she pick on you? Don't listen to her! she must be the bitch if she picks on you and has no reason to do that! Just be who you are! Don't pay attention to what she says!

  67. Tessa Emily

    I love this song so much .

  68. vietmauzzzy1

    i love this song!!!my ex best-friend changed so much and it freaked me out so much and everytime we texted (he was my neighbor,but he moved away) i was like:what happened to you?why are you like this? and he was like:i'm sorry,i can't help it,the new people here changed me...unfortunately,we're not really friends anymore,that makes me so sad :((

  69. John

    I remember the first time I heard this song. I had to pull my car over because I was crying too hard to see the road. At the time, I was exactly like the person the song speaks to and it was a wake up call. In college, I let my faith go in order to fit in and make friends and lost myself in the process, and this song caught my attention. It reminded me that God didn't leave me — I left God — and He was "never far behind".

  70. iamfaithie

    @avatarkairi it's called the next worst thing :)

  71. Zuffy Marshall

    i dedicate this sonq 2 my ex boyfriend cuzz evrytime i hear this sonq.. i think about him !!

  72. Linnet K

    if its like a desktop, then press cntrl and 3, but if its a laptop, then press the < that thing, and a 3 right next to it<3


  73. iamfaithie

    @MeganlovesJB92 they aren't hiding, they're getting out of disney. Their new name is 78violet. At the moment, they only have one song out, it discribes how they feel about disney, check it out

  74. scencecutie28

    i love them~ <3 love thier music

  75. Im Tong

    i love this song!! warmhearted song..^..^

  76. Erica Paige

    this used to be me and my bestiess song

  77. boo.19

    arr i hope u r ok now tho i ahve had that done to me and it made me cry for 11 days and not eat enethink

  78. DistantDreamer93

    Ahh awesome! Me too! =)
    I am not a massive fan either, but I do own 2 of their albums =) The first, I think it was, album I ever bought was Into the Rush actually. ^_^
    I'm not religious either but this song is nice, cause you can interpret it differentley, if that makes sense ;)

  79. CoconutSurf44

    this song is great, I;m not a big Aly and AJ fan, but this song is sooo. powerful

  80. tigerqueen1112

    ok im goin 2 die if i dnt no
    how do u get those harts on da comuter

  81. Mikachu

    its 4 me and my lil friends forever!!!! wuw chu till the end!!!!!

  82. Puking Dino

    This is a song about God. These girls are very open about there faith too. So let's enjoy the song, and be thankful for it. No more bad language, gossip, and being cruel. Follow their example if you like their music so much.

  83. jacharia

    this is my song omg i will always maybe remember this song

  84. frostygalerina

    I love this song, but whats with everyone thinking they need to tell their entire sob story to everyone? We don't care

  85. brideofthewind

    I don't usually like this kind of music, but the lyrics to this song really remind me of my feelings towards the person I love most out of my family and how I've always wanted to show her that I was always ready to help her, though I was in a lot of problems too.
    Sorry for the bad english.

  86. Aieshb

    people change its part of what happens
    u may b chnging too

  87. garyforeverxxx

    i luv this my sis lost her best friend by going to highskool

  88. ScarrletXPaine

    i don't no the whole story but maybe try being friends again but don't trust them again for a while

  89. itscarolinebetch

    I love this song.
    Has a big and good meaning. :]

  90. Wbiddle

    i love this song...

  91. Mike Pencil Pusher

    i love everybody

  92. boo.19

    poor u i hope u make up with your freind

  93. Birdboy029

    That's the best part. The first time I heard this song, that part gave me shivers--such a deep message to this song! :)

  94. Lola-Lou Robson

    i used to lyk dis boy Adam n dis reminds me of him wen he became popular i was invisible to him i no longer exsist in his world

  95. JaakkoAA

    well to me he sounds like somebody not worth your time =) unless he is just for some reason being shy

  96. Karina N

    i love this song!!!