Aly & AJ - Like Whoa Lyrics

Life is good I can't complain
I mean I could but no one's listening
Your image overwhelms my brain
And it feels good, good, good

Now I'm rolling my window down
I love the wind but I hate the sound
You're like a tattoo that I can't remove
And it feels good, it feels good, it feels good

Like a rollercoaster ride
Holdin' on white knuckles like
Whoa, whoa
Can't believe I'm like
Whoa, whoa
Got me feeling like
Up and down and side to side
Every inch of me is like
Whoa, whoa
Got me feeling like
Whoa, whoa
Got me feeling like

In the morning it begins again
Feels like I'm falling better strap me in
I think I'm running out of oxygen
And it feels good, it feels good, it feels good


My inhibitions are beginning to let go
This situation
I can't help but lose control
You're an affliction that I cannot seem to break
It feels good, it feels good
I'm holding on,
(holdin', holdin', holdin', holdin', holdin', holdin', holdin')
I'm holdin' on

Like a rollercoaster ride
Like I'm running a red light
Like a rocket ship in flight
There's nothing else that makes me feel like WHOA!

Like a roller coaster
Holding on white knuckles
Once you let your love in
Every inch of me is like
Whoa, whoa
Got me feeling like
Whoa, whoa

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Aly & AJ Like Whoa Comments
  1. Ren

    I really feel my age breathing down my neck when I listen to these songs. 🤧

  2. Carissa Burton

    Still a bop #2020

  3. Kelci S

    Looking back and remembering how obsessed I was now knowing I'm bi... Totally different

  4. Britney Bear

    On a nostalgic Disney spree right now (:


    *This songs about having an orgasm*

  6. Dem0nicH00die

    Schooled and IZombie anyone?

  7. ZeroFox75

    When you grew up listening to Aly and Aj but then as an adult you also blast Thy Art Is Murder and Architects 😂😂

  8. Jerryy

    I'm here after minutemen on Disney+

  9. TypicalTechLife TTL

    Minutemen anyone?

  10. Natacha teenager

    Yes Disney Channel cool😍

  11. Aidan Felice

    who's here from disney plus?

  12. Kelsey Jo

    Who else sang this on karaoke ??😂

  13. Sandy Cisneros

    I’m emotional listening to their music. Life seemed so much easier and there were good movies on Disney channel 😩💕

  14. sharon cynthia

    Oooohh IZOMBIE! 💥

  15. Sonia Pinedo

    Who's singing more? I love them❤❤❤

  16. James Scarborough

    Are these two still singing together?

  17. ChaoticDoll

    I remember being obsessed with this song when it first released.

  18. Bzdeh

    Omg finaly I find again this song😭❤️

  19. Asmodai & Charlie

    When you finally realize why Peyton Charles in iZombie looks so familiar - cos she's Aly.

  20. Ariel Valenzuela

    Now I am while can't not

  21. Ariel Valenzuela

    Yea back off can I famouse Selena Gomez aj

  22. Ariel Valenzuela

    I am can now

  23. Ariel Valenzuela

    Don't care

  24. Ariel Valenzuela

    I bo can you about

  25. Ariel Valenzuela

    Jusse can't I bo win can't need cAn win you still far could

  26. Ariel Valenzuela

    I can still win far

  27. Hunter Crain

    Just watched Minute Men on Disney + and reminded me what a banger this was.

  28. Marissa

    Disney+ brought me here

  29. Njessness

    I like it when they sing "whoa"

    really, it's stuck in my head ever since I was a kid, but I didn't even know the title

  30. Summer Baby

    Here the new Disney shows
    Sydney to the max
    Gabby and the unsittables
    Coop and cami
    I’m 15 i still watch Disney channel!
    There good but not good as shows like Jessie shake it up ant farm dog with a blog
    Austin and ally that’s so raven is

  31. Summer Baby

    There the female versions of Dylan and cole sprouse!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Lauren AnnMarie

    So when is Disney Channel gonna go back to when they required their stars to actually have talent and have shows that aren’t stupid and outrageously annoying??? Miss the old Disney Channel!!! 💔 the new Disney Channel SUCKS

  33. versacediva1

    Minutemen brought me here

  34. Kinga Kiss

    I know them from Stardoll, it was my childhood. 😄

  35. Sam

    Aly was my crush 😍

  36. Luke Garrington

    Best song in my life I love you both

  37. eighteen22s

    Where is black rob

  38. asamii __

    Childhood 😢💛

  39. Christina Falibota

    This is my fav song of theirs. Whose still watching in 2019!

  40. ShamelessStoner

    Peyton Charles before she got into law 🔥

  41. chungbiumg829

    I didn't know Aly was a singer. I watched her the movie Easy a. I thought she was a new actress in .

  42. Amber Hollandsworth

    To this day, Aly & AJ is the best part ofthe old Disney channel.

  43. Ohlong Johnson

    I was still in the closet when this came out. I can't believe this was so long ago. Feels like a different lifetime

  44. Black & White

    This song was my childhood for Disney channel

  45. HannaLynn Howe

    still love these girls

  46. ThisisSheldon

    I blame Aly and AJ for my dating record of Blonds 🤣

  47. Maissavely Matuscsak

    This song is so fucking amazing. My childhood bruh 😂😂 gives me a lot of flashbacks

  48. Shaikira Kira

    Childhood song. Never forget 2000 best year where all the good shows was on disney chanel. 2000 babies. Do you remember.? 😊💖

  49. xkiller wolfdonx

    I miss minute men

  50. RichMusic

    Like Whoa give me a MinuteMen

  51. Ajhai Mitchell


  52. minnie mouse

    Wasn’t this in Minute Man ?

  53. Jesus Rodriguez

    This song makes me "feel good"!! Good vibes. Good memories. Good everything! I'ma put this is my alarm lol

  54. Melina


  55. Cassandra Tafolla

    I just realized this is the song that is played at the wildcat backyard party in HSM 3 lol

  56. azchspop

    This needs to be re-released remastered in 4K UHD

  57. Batmanx 99

    The lips look so fake! Like look at how they are speaking, with extrem lip movements

  58. Amy Mitchell

    Okay everyone’s talking about Disney.. but does anyone remember this song on rock band on the wii??

  59. Gacha Juliana

    i used to sing this in that karaoke game with the microphone 😂 good times.

  60. James Howell

    I remember singing this on the Disney Karaoke Wii game!!!!

  61. Ye Yu

    tube BSC Fans europäische Sinne 414335533 wieder geboren richtig Ziel zufällig wo alles Gewinner jeder glaube andererseits verändert wie Dauer 30003 Online spielt speziell ich unendlich

  62. Lyra Rosie

    This is a friking bop, try to fight me

  63. Anonymous Sargent

    October 10th 2019 anyone?

  64. Rea

    I can’t believe I remember every word but then again I used to listen to this song religiously, lmao it’s still a bop

  65. Kaitlynn Orr

    Was this for a movie

  66. Queen of Planets

    Omg I remember this and my little self was too innocent to understand the lyrics 😅b🤫😳

  67. everything beebs

    Am I the only one that used to sit in front of a fan or something blowing air just to sing this song 😂? No just me? Ok

  68. Travis Cummings

    Who else is reminded of Minute Men??

  69. Zaiho

    minutemen? :)

  70. Naturally Jeremy

    The fact that they weren’t on a rollercoaster for this video sets the bar low. Still slaps and I listen to this on a constant loop.

  71. Hindou Elf

    anyone 2019

  72. MsDominicana

    2007 High School Days

  73. janet snakehole


  74. bee

    holy shit I thought I wouldn't remember any lines, but I do

  75. B Willzzz

    minutemen anyone? that movie slapped

  76. Malec Fanatic

    Wait this one in High School Musical-
    Like a snippet of it when they're getting to the school? Or something.

    Hatty Bee

    Malec Fanatic its not lol

    Malec Fanatic

    @Hatty Bee the "Like a Rollercoaster Ride".

    Sydney Quinones

    it was in troys backyard after they won the big game

  77. ariel thanks

    I forgot what Aly and Aj even did but this song is a BOP

  78. Ellie

    now i understand the meaning of this song, i can’t believe this was played on disney and is in disney movies lmao

  79. Katelyn Cason

    i grew up with this song and then saw izombie i never put 2 and 2 together till now

  80. SPCDetroit5431

    Who remembers this when Minutemen came out?🤣

  81. Dahlia Lizbeth


  82. Samira Haddad

    Oh.My.God. i forgot about this song and it makes me sad ;-; glad i found it again!!! <333

  83. Mister Real

    The time where you wished you could see the year 2121 and have a wizard device, have visions like Raven, have a double life like Hannah Montana, had friends like Lizzie had, thanked god you never had a family like the Stevens and wanted a school like Boy meets much simpler

  84. Cierra_ B

    Emily Osmet could of been one of their sister based off looks

  85. F C

    They were really poorly marketed. No one outside of the US knew them and I only found out after they were no longer performing. The make up is on point


    They are again though! Their new music is really awesome.

  86. nabila chavia aurellita


  87. Bunkgirl alicee

    2019 😭💛😍

  88. Ms. R

    Was this more popular than *Chemicals React??*

  89. Iron Ballz

    All of my Bluetooth have been turned off motherfuckers... You think I am that stupid????

  90. Five Nine

    august 2019?

  91. Uncle Creepy

    Who told these girls they have talent?

  92. MissMusicLover573

    Woah, I didn't know Stevonnie had a sister!

  93. HeartBreak-Kid_Lel

    Minutemen brought me here 🔥

  94. lynn m

    ok i cant stand how wide they open their mouths when they sing... try to mimic the way they sing and just feel how awkward it is

  95. Diana Suciu

    2019 someone???? 😂