Aly & AJ - I Am One Of Them Lyrics

I get in the car
Another tragic disaster
But I'm safe where I am
Yet another is captured
The traffic is stopped
People just stare
Another alert does the kid have a prayer?
Life is not fair

Its hard to look outside my door
With all the news reports and more
Yet I will do my part and stay on alert
For all the kids out there who are getting hurt
It could have happened to me
Can you make me believe
This could have a happy end
'Cause I am one of them

I try to grow up
But I am chased by my fears
It could happen to me
And I worry in tears
Reports of the girl
Makin' me scared
Led off to die and why was I spared?
Life is not fair!

It's hard to look outside my door
With all the news reports and more
yet I will do my part and stay on alert
For all the kids out there who are getting hurt
It could have happened to me
Can you make me believe
This could have a happy end
'cause I am one of them

I am one of them
Am one of them
I am one of them
Am one of them
I am one of them
Am one of them
I wish I could bring back all of them

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Aly & AJ I Am One Of Them Comments
  1. Carolyn S

    Somehow this makes me think of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG)

  2. Lucía G

    This song makes me cry. It goes straight to the point.

  3. rosepuff321

    This song is one of the reasons why I love Aly & AJ, they write about a range of different topics.

  4. Ashley Kutcher

    The most underrated songwriters. I got the privilege of meeting them in 2006

  5. Lefty LPS

    Whos listening in 2018? 🙃🙄

  6. Cats Forever

    I remember listening to this when I was 11, and breaking down

  7. Summer J

    Oh dam ya

  8. pro proprince

    Try to find the f****** original dude

  9. CaroLouWho

    Thinking about Hannah Graham as I listen to this song. I wish I could bring her back, and all others like her.

  10. Kyla Turcott

    I think it means that they're people, so this (getting kidnapped) could have happened to them too.

  11. fairytalelife

    what is ths song supposed to mean wen they say one of them?

    Kathryn Braxton

    fairytalelife they wrote it about a girl that kidnapped a while back...this was on their first cd. I can't remember the girls name but the man kidnapped her as she walking from a car wash. It was one of the kidnapping stories that was all over world wide news. If you look up Aly and An explain I Am One Of Them they tell the story about them writing this song. ☺

    Kathryn Braxton

    fairytalelife just looked it up her name was Carlos Bruica. And when they say I Am One Of Them, it means they are someone who could have kidnapped as could happen to any of us. I have a son, and he does t leave my sight, never will unit he is 18. People are so mean these days, have no remorse and just don't care. This world is a messed up place. It needs a lot of peace and love...thats for sure!!

  12. iheartsjonas

    this song reminds me of all the women and children sold into human trafficking :(

  13. iheartsjonas


  14. iheartsjonas

    :( this makes me sad but i love this song

  15. summerlandmusic

    15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut, no one knows she was raped at 13. People call another Guy fat. No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight. People call an old man ugly. No one knew he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. People call a woman bald but they don't know she has cancer. Re-post this if you are against bullying and stereotyping. I bet 95% won't do it

  16. Marta Mei

    This gives me chills.
    <3 Aly & Aj

  17. Jena Reid

    @iceeiceebby1 yea me too!!! D: i wish i could bring her back!!! R.I.P Caylee Marie

  18. Lindsey Yes

    This song makes me think of little Caylee Marie Anthony

  19. Antha Devilme

    -wich btw suks ass-
    I LOVE YU GYZZ <3_XoXoxXx

    Audrey Justine

    Antha Devilme Hilary duff

  20. angel32272

    @Smileymely101 I don't think Aly And AJ exactly meant that they are one of US in this song, they were talking about children who get kidnapped and killed.

  21. madisoncass

    i lvoe this song so much, idk why. just like the beat & the words.. im obsessed

  22. Tenacious G

    @xxlauracurtisxx Haha yeah same here!

  23. natienat

    my little brother could have been ne of them :(

  24. Kaitlyn Thomson

    i love this song(:

  25. Carly Nicole

    This song still makes me tear up. I have loved aly and aj forever and I am sooo excited to see aly in a new show!! Anyways girls it is sooo true it could happen to anyone and if it happened to anyone you know my prayers for you. But life is also too short to not live and experiance all the world has to offer.

  26. Kayla W

    this song is awesome the lyrics are amazing

  27. Ruth K

    this song is so sad but true there are plenty of ppl missing and it could have happened 2 any of us, this song has so much meaning aly nd aj rock x

  28. alicejanejacob

    i got kidnapp once. but i love this song.

  29. rccherryexplosion27

    i'm sorry, that sucks. i hope you can grow from it and become a stronger person.

  30. augustblue10

    @lonestarbaby12 oh my gosh i am so sorry :( !!

  31. selin D

    there arent a lot of songs like that. people should write more songs like that. they show us how important it is to admit what happens. whe shouldnt look away.

  32. arockettobritt

    I LOVE THE LYRICS! but i kinda just don't get the music. i mean i like it but it should be like different.

  33. NotDeadJustYet

    This is only the second time I've heard the original even though I've loved this song for a long time. MeganandLiz's cover is great! Check it out on their channel! Subscribe if you like them!

  34. dancingloonies

    this song rock . i love it

  35. Susana Ramirez

    this song prove sthat aly and aj r 1 of us just a normal person. it also proves that they r down to earth,cuz they do care about what happens to other people
    aly and aj rock!

  36. selin D

    wow it makes me wanna cry

  37. Jacqueline

    Carlie Brucia was kidnapped from a car wash near her home in Sarasota, Florida on February 1, 2004.

  38. Mira Arevalo

    am i the only one writing now

  39. Mira Arevalo

    they wrother this song about an 11-year old girl who was raped and murded they felt so bad that they wrote this song

  40. Mira Arevalo

    this really ealtes to me the lyrics that does relate to me is i try to grow up but i am chased by my fears it could hapen to me and i worry in tears reports of the irl making me scared

  41. Destini

    love this song but its true.. mostly girls :[

  42. Debu Phartiyal

    love it!