Aly & AJ - Greatest Time Of Year Lyrics

There's a special kind of feeling in the air
It only happens at this time of year
When everyone is filled with love and cheer
'Cause that's what matters

Pretty paper boxes tied with bows
Walking in the sun or in the snow
We can feel the excitement growing, knowing

It's the greatest time of year, and it's here
Help me celebrate it
With everybody here, friends so dear
Let me simply state it
Joy to the world and everyone
Lift up your hearts and feel the love
It's our favourite way, to spend the holiday

We can get all cozy by the fire
Turn the music up a little higher
I don't think that I could ever tire
Of being together

Decorate the tree, hang mistletoe
And stand by me

It's a picture perfect moment captured
Memories that we'll have after


Spend the holidays...

It's the greatest time

It's the greatest time of year, and it's here
Help me celebrate it
With everybody here, friends so dear
Let me simply state it
Joy to the world
Joy to the world
Joy to the world
It's the greatest time of year
It's the greatest time


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Aly & AJ Greatest Time Of Year Comments
  1. Maria Di Mascio

    From 2006 The ESCAPE CLAUSE - at the Closing Credits. Merry Christmas!

  2. David Brady

    Me & it’s mine 2😃

  3. Letting Go

    I uploaded DVD quality to my channel!

  4. holly s.


  5. Angela marchese

    This is my favorite old Christmas song by them. and Christmas 2019 is coming up in like 17 days I can't wait. I can't believe it will be 2020 soon.

  6. Billie Hewlett

    Omg in 2019

  7. Amber Marie

    Pushing 2020 and still a fav! ❤ Merry Christmas everyone!🎁

  8. eddie kaspbrack

    2019 anyone?


    Yasss! This is my Christmas anthem! Mariah Carey? We don't know her.

  9. Sara Brown

    Best Performance Ever Made By Mutiltalented Aly & AJ Both Are Extremely Talented Singers Of All Time And Both Are Extremely Perfect Together in This Duo I have Ever Seen?

  10. Horace Gold

    If you’re here in 2019 follow my channel cause I’m covering this song this VLOGMAS

  11. David Brady

    U can hear 👂 this song in Beethoven’s Christmas 🎄 adventure

  12. Jason Castro-Revoredo

    This > all I want for Christmas is you
    *try to change my mind*

  13. a a


  14. David Brady

    They are good 😃

  15. Christina Perry

    This my Christmas song I will listen to it from November till Christmas Day every year

  16. DeinaVM

    I come here every christmas season!! My fav disney christmas song

  17. TheOopsEdaisy

    November 2019... Christmas around the corner!

  18. Rebecca Gonzalez

    2019 who here !?!? Still my fav Christmas song !

    mook martin

    Hellz yeah

  19. Princess Kitty

    I remember begging my mom for this album my sister and I would play this album nonstop even performed at our church Christmas concert one year I love this album so many memories ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Tonetwisters

    Unabashedly LOVE this song and these girls!!

  21. Zachary S. Marsh

    Anyone else wanna point out that these old Disney music videos just showed the entire movie within the span of three minutes?

  22. T O

    Still one of theee best songs ever . What a time to be alive . Disney channel was so lit and everybody was so childish back then. Now everybody wanna shoot a gun and be popular .

  23. Befour Four

    How can 49 people hate this beautiful song it spreads such a good message
    If people are disliking this song the world it’s really in his last years

  24. DeeJay Queen

    Who is listening right now on June 14 2019 and it’s not Xmas ?

  25. Kevaun Mitchell

    I remember watching this on Disney channel in 2006

  26. howie lam

    The Santa Claus

  27. SimplyChinaa


  28. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    still listen to this every christmas

  29. Dave Burton

    Dave 14

  30. ♡츄♡

    Omg the memories

  31. Mobbu

    Merry Christmas 2018 everyone!

  32. alanis cuffey

    makes me cry and smile whenever I watch them. My whole childhood. Merry Christmas

  33. Aesthetics ED

    2018 crew where u at

  34. Leeroy Weasley

    It's almost 2019. And it's yuletide season. Hahahaha!

  35. Andy Kachalin

    nice song

  36. Vivien Ballard

    11 years later, it’s still a phenomenal song

  37. Travis Gayle

    Who’s hearing this in 2018?

  38. random hooman

    Wow anyone 2018 it's almost 12!

  39. Master Thief Veppo

    2018 reporting in

  40. C Hopkins Hickman

    Yeah my 7th grade Christmas was never better. This song is historical to me lbs 😭

  41. secondone1000

    Who’s hearing this in 2018

  42. Sarynwasnothere _

    A classic

  43. Louie Neira

    Christmas 2018

  44. Felice Sibilano

    this was such a great Christmas song! And for a very great (my fav) Christmas movie! :) also brings back many memories from like 10ish years ago

  45. julie mitchell

    This should of been an Xmas number 1 there hasn’t been an Xmas song this good for over 20 years early 90’s, should of had more air play and caught peoples attention when it was released.

  46. Tai Kean Wah Wesley

    December 2018!

  47. CameraMan66

    Christmas 2018?????

  48. Courtney C.

    2018 XMas! <3

  49. Hunter G


  50. Jordan Murphy


  51. Derek Malik

    Jack Frost is that nigga

  52. Vivian P

    2018 😭😭😭

  53. Sagittarius

    It's 2018 and I still listen to this song every year....I really miss the songs and the shows of the way Disney used to be.

  54. Lene Moscot

    November 1, 2018 ♥️

  55. I have to sing this song for chorus I love it

  56. Zy MH

    wow 11 years😩

  57. Muslim For life

    Memories 😭😭😭 our childhood was amazing kids these days will never know.

  58. Tonya Tidwell

    2018? Anyone?

    Aarius Sutherland

    God is the reason why

  59. Jade Baldwin 101

    I like this song from the Santa Clause 3 movie and I have all 3 movies on dvd in a box set :)

  60. Megan Hurd

    This was my SHIIIIITTT

  61. Angelo Reyes

    I love this song.

  62. Ginger Carco

    I watch this every day and night Listening in 1/14/2018 😘😍

  63. Junior E&V

    This song is 11years old now since it's 2018

  64. isabella

    best christmas song i love this



  65. Chris Envy

    I watch this every year

  66. Season Le bébé

    This was awesome!!!! ❄️

  67. FlixCreEightR

    Finally watched this 3rd one all the way through. It wasn't that bad. But the first one. Will always be the most "magical" one to me. I would always watch it with my grandmother as a kid.

  68. erica roman

    still love it december 2017

  69. Yasmine.

    Going into 2018 !

  70. Francesca Stragapede

    Still watching this in 2017

  71. D.J. Davis

    I got the Disney CD on my 6th birthday on December 19th I was thinking about this song and I realized that it was almost 10 years since I last heard this song.

  72. Fred- AKA MY LEG GUY

    If you work at big Lots this song plays over and over again and drives you insane


    Fred- AKA MY LEG GUY Walmart lol

  73. Doy Amaya

    I loveeeee this song

  74. Mike

    Still here for Christmas 2017!!

  75. Not Today

    Who’s hearing in 2017

    Billie Martinez

    I was also here 2015

    Juls Marabe

    Me after watching the 'Santa Clause Trilogy'

    Hariansyah Hari

    I'm in 2018

    Davide Passaia

    October 2018 and waiting for Christmas!!

    Marcela Santiago

    First day of December 2018 WOOO! 🥳

  76. ItzMae


  77. Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty!

    I will always listen to this until I die every Christmas season =) is a great song

  78. AddieKatMeow

    still one of my favorite xmas songs November 2017

  79. Allison Reyna

    Halloween of 2017 just ended and I’m already blasting this all around my house 💕

  80. Aarius Sutherland

    I love this song

  81. Candylushusify

    the perfect song for a christmas commercial!

  82. Mia Solanje

    what movie is that?

  83. Daniel Leong

    100min repeat please

  84. Violet Phoenix

    OHMYGOD!! Nostalgia

  85. Jikook Sailing On A Rainbow Unicorn

    This is a Christmas Classic

  86. Jasmine Fuller

    I Love Aly & Aj song Rush Like whoa and The Greatest time if year and the movie Cow Bells

  87. Nathan Beaven

    santa claus 3 brought me here

  88. Michael Dixon

    Are these guitars even plugged in? :P

  89. Portia Jones

    I always thought aly was so beautiful they're both beautiful but i always admired aly I knew of aly before I knew she even had a sister and even before her sister came into the picture they're both so talented love them

  90. Bunyi

    This is still my favorite Christmas Song!

    Nerd Goddess

    Awkotaco This song, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song, and My Only Wish this Year are my all time favorite Christmas Songs!

    Nerd Goddess

    *My Only wish this Year by Britney Spears


    Last Christmas is a great song

  91. Dora The Explorer

    still my fav song! before Disney got weird..

  92. Rafael Ayuste


  93. Cory Richardson

    Detroit's thanksgiving parade brought me here.

  94. Amy O'Callaghan

    one my fav christmas songs still watching it November 2016

  95. lavada brumfield

    this shit