Aly & AJ - Division Lyrics

You chose to surrender
the best thing that's happened to you
What were you missing?
Were you just tripping?
Running away from your fear
was the best you could do
You made this decision
You chose our division

And I have no regrets
I wish you the very best
In all that you do

Now you are free
You have earned your degree
Yeah, you graduated
This is your last separation from me
There'll be no more trying again
No more coming back
No more forgiving you
No more thinking that somehow the sum will be different
By using Division

Half of your friends would attend before they ever knew
Why they are going
To this party I'm throwing
They would be thinking that I would be pleading to you
To get back together
Well how about never?

You're gonna miss me, bad
So funny I had to laugh
You did this to you
Yeah you did

Now you are free
You have earned your degree
Yeah, you graduated
This is your last separation from me
There'll be no more trying again
No more coming back
No more forgiving you
No more thinking that somehow the sum will be different
By using Division

You've graduated
You finally got your degree
in your last separation from me
You've graduated
To being alone by yourself
Let me throw you a party, farewell
Farewell, farewell, farewell, farewell well well well ...

Congratulations, yeah yeah yeah

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Aly & AJ Division Comments
  1. Ed Somera

    I like this song so beautiful

  2. Sayaka See

    Running away from your fears was the best you could do.. you made this decision.
    You chose our division~

  3. sofia greaves

    Anyone possibly here from s hanes podcast

  4. miakellyii

    2018 and I’m Still in love with this song

  5. Samantha Faye

    Listening to in 2018

  6. nasyajade

    Shane and Friends brought me here! beautiful song <3

  7. Hi Lauren

    In 2017 this is still making me emotional 😂

  8. Hayden Harris

    This song would've been such a huge hit if it would've been released as a single. It's sad Hollywood Records invested more time in trying to make Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato big rather than appreciating these girls' incredible songwriting skills

  9. Neotoons

    almost 10 years old.

  10. vvonica m

    omfg i'm legit 13 and it's 2017( the generation that everyone hates) and i legit remember this song😭

  11. Sheneeta Jackson

    Love every single one of the movies

  12. Phoebe Thomason

    This song helped my big sister when she had her heart broken at 16. Years later I'm 16 and now it's my turn.

  13. Amber__

    Bring it on brought me here 😂

  14. Juan Raymundo Arriaga Morales

    What Ay Beutiful Song !! :3

  15. Valerina

    Still in love w this song in 2016, just as relevant as ever

  16. myranda lazier

    watching this in 2016 love it better than any other song on the radio

  17. Allie

    If you put this song on the radio right now under some hip new artist's name, it would be a huge hit. It's such a great underrated song. Aly & AJ are amazing artists.

    Lorelai Fogarty

    Ally very true, just give it another artist's name and people would love it. Probably wouldn't even realize its from the earlier 2000s lmao

  18. Belinda Breval

    BRING IT ON :IN IT TO IN IT thats how i found this song. love it love it love it

    Belinda Breval

    +Jess the part when they got kicked out of the competition I think I'm not sure sorry

    Perla Sanchez

    +Marie Breval yea it that part and there all packing

    Spiritual Mason

    Marie Breval me 2

    Matilda Leventhal

    Belinda Breval same

    Matilda Leventhal

    Belinda Breval yes that is the Sean

  19. Danger Daisy

    Shout out to all the people who remember when this song came out. Anyone feeling old yet?

  20. Marieee Lautner

    Bring it on in it to win it ❤✌

  21. PressCtrlG

    I heard this in bring it on, I didn't know this was ally's and aj's creation. :o

  22. Anny Lane

    Im pretty sure this one is dedicated to Joe as well.

  23. Abates_5

    nope just sisters

  24. kaylah lee

    bring it on: in it to win it
    is when i heard this song loved it ever since

  25. JellyS0916

    love this song sooooo much

  26. JellyS0916

    Seriously these two girls are epically amazing. really people they should come back. havent seen a band full of sisters, or a girl band at all. Wheres the girl power. The sister power! did it leave when these two did.

  27. Angelina Kgopa

    I always thought this song was called Congradulations. That explains why I couldnt find it any where

  28. Mimi Turner

    I heard this on Bring it on: in it to win it

  29. Anna Bieber

    thumbs up if bring it on: in it to win it brought you here!

  30. Butters Luv

    If i get 10 likes, ill tell my dog hes beautiful.

  31. hiiii.itscheyy

    Apparently 8 people didnt graduate.

  32. xXxFrOzENXRoSExXx

    i love this song no matter how old it is .. :D

  33. Melissa Covarrubias

    i really love this song, i love this movie and #alyandaj

  34. Nathalie M

    my friend left her cd of ally and aj in her car when i was 3rd grade im in 8th grade now and she still jhasnt gotten it back cuz I LOVE THIS SONG!but i have to give it to her tomorrow cuz schools over

  35. Ashley

    watching in it to win it right now on MTV and thats how i just found this great song :) <3

  36. EternallySincere

    Just watched Bring It On on MTV :)

  37. Emily Fekete

    i love this song my ex should listen to it and stop trying to get me back

  38. Chloé Williams

    They are so pretty and talented yet they don't get shown on music channels and don't get played on the radio? It doesnt make any sense to me :|

  39. Carly Hitchens

    8 people dont know how to divide.

  40. TheFoxFan

    love this song x

  41. vorovski mir

    @musicalangelgoddess r they?...

  42. Kendra Karge

    this is me and my exs song lol i hate him

  43. Neema Kamala

    i like the way you spell congratulations

  44. loves2sing13

    this literally is my life at the moment. wowo. i love this song

  45. SophiaPatience

    @malfoylover456 Look AJ up on IMDB, she's in that new horse movie that's coming out, Secretariat. There are a few more things listed for her.

  46. Littlekelt95

    thumbs up if you looked this song up coz of bring it on in it to win it :D

  47. Ashley Holmes

    @taybabby96 That is my movie!!!

  48. choklitreighn

    it's spelled with a t, not a d.

  49. Cinderella Rockey

    WHOOO!! i sang dis for mah graduation :P *glad i know how to play guitar*

  50. Colleen

    <3 to the maxxxx

  51. Cindy Munoz

    best song

  52. Banana B

    fav part
    "to get back together, WELL HOW ABOUT NEVER":)

  53. crazythang1515

    @sam149714. yes, it was. it was in Bring It on In It to Win It

  54. Julie Cates

    ur the dumbass who cant even spell dumb!!!

  55. abcdefghijkellyy

    @jerrysaen whos that??

  56. Juliana H.

    one of my favorites songs by them <3

  57. Juliana H.

    ah. awesome!

  58. Vic Toms

    i love the bit at 2:45! that's my fave part!

  59. Victoria Elizabeth

    i lerv dis song!!!!!!!!!!

  60. miryam foozailov

    i love thiss song =]

  61. Aieshb

    yh anyway if ur not deaf its hw they say it 8-)

  62. Allie!

    I loveit

  63. shaynababy1235

    omg!!!!! i loveee this song!!!!!!!

  64. chelley64

    um no.
    there's only one way to spell congratulations.. congradulations isn't a word. look it up.

  65. Lorraine Onalik

    congraDulations isn't wrong, theres two ways to spell it ..

  66. Sarah Croke


  67. RawCarrot

    p.s i feel werid about just saying
    this but i feel like i have to
    i readed tons of chain leters
    and nothing happend to me
    only once but it`s all good
    you dont have to make chain
    leters there just messges
    to get spred accros youtube

  68. RawCarrot

    wow you kinda messed up the words
    but whos loooking!!!

  69. Abates_5

    haha whatever emily. i bet you do love it though

  70. Emily Kleinhenz

    OMG OMG OMG!! omg.... this is like my most fav song ever

  71. Anh Tran

    'Cos if it was quotient, it wouldn't fit in the song .
    Seriously, this has nothing to do w/ math .
    Why would you care anyway ? .

  72. SOFunnyBFs

    i love this song aly and aj

  73. Abates_5

    thanks :)

  74. Abates_5

    yes about sum but difference is subtraction but i guess that was the whole point of putting that in the song saying that the guy wont find a different outlook by using division

  75. Abates_5

    woah i was watching that movie today